I was in a blissful heaven, then sad as dan pulled his cock out of me. He stepped over to the bar, Brooke appearing next to him to pour drinks. I jumped in the pool to cool off and Cam (Brookes' boytoy) jumped in as well. "I can't believe I just did that" "I didn't even cum, how did you?" he asked quietly. I replied "it feels great, he hits my g-spot and I cum" wanting to help turn him I added "i luv it it's amazing! I cum two or three times a lot". Somehow he knew I was telling the truth and smiled at me devilishly, then suggesting we go to the bar where our gay tops were. I followed in quick order, dan grabbing my ass through the towel and giving me a shot.

Cami, as Brooke called him was new to this, but like me he his body would crave it, and he learned that during the Friday and Saturday Brooke screwed him silly in front of us. We did shots and laughed, told stories and eventually put on a porn, when brooke and dan dared me and cami to give a better blowjob then the girls on screen. We did, they both came in minutes. The girls later came on the cocks, and that's when it was revealed that cami hadn't cum from his boypussy yet; which made both our guys hard.

"we have all weekend to try" brooke said "don't you worry sweetie, you're boypussy is gonna cum so much you'll be in panties for me by monday". Cami was sort of shocked, but ready to find out if he was right and they giggled their way onto the couch into a 69 kind of, brooke eating camis' boypussy like a last meal. Dan was getting hard and I was jealous of the happy sounds cami was amking as he sucked brookes' cock (the kid was a fast learner). I pulled a blow up raft out of the pool and tossed it on the grass, all the while wiggling my ass at dan. He got the message and we were soon in a 69 on the makeshift airbed, his tongue swirling around my boypussy getting me hot and ready. "make me cum with your cock" cami moaned out, surprising all of us. Brooke wasted no time and in seconds cami was ass up on all fours, where I had been minutes earlier. He lubed up and had his balls touching camis' balls in two seconds, ("yes oooohhh" they both moaned out) his top dick buried deep in camis' boypussy. The neighborhood would have thought a woman was coming right then as cami slowly moaned "oooooooohhh yeeessss, oooohhh cock yyeeess keeeep goooiing please yes!". Dan pushed me on my back and stuck his dick in me "ooohh yes baby" I quietly whispered into his ear. Brooke was preaching to cami: "i'm gonna make you cum sweetie your gonna love my cock in your boypussy you will want it" brooke was trying to convince cami, like dan did to me. Talking us into their beds, wonderful gay cocks, sweet boypussy orgasms. I fell for it and cami was falling for it now. He was all smiles, I was too and dan screwed me good for two orgasms. I played it up a little to help brooke fem out cami, and cami came, a lot!

Brooke was jacking cami off, and started hitting the boys' g-spot. He is a screamer too and more girlie than me, the neighborhood heard a girl - girley boy cum that day. Dan slowed his fucking and we looked over as cami began maoning and bucking back into brooke, for eight or nine minutes they screwed frantically like lovers finally getting a rhythym. Cami moaned out strings of words "yes god yes don't stop" "keep going brooke, fuck me" and finally he came "uuuuh oooohh brooke yyyeeeeesssss god i'm cumming baby do not stop" brooke did stop. "you're boypussy is gonna cum from my cock cami? you're my girlie boytoy cami?" Dan and I knew the answer, so did brooke and cami.

"yes I need your cock to cum brooke don't stop". He started and didn't stop, five minutes later they both came; cami thanking brooke and his cock and brooke thanking cami and his girlie parts. They collapsed on the couch and the new boytoy kept grinding his hips back into brooke. As the scene unfolded dan and increase our fucking accordingly, his hips slapping against my ass harder then ever and we cum too as I alternately beg for and thank god for dans' cock!

by now it's only 7pm at night and by sunday cami and I will be exposed as twinks.

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