Brooke and cami were in the pool as dan and I came together on the raft. They quietly cheered us on as we looked up, spent and in a sexual daze. Dan and I went swimming too, and then someone suggested dinner. I went to put clothes on, a tank top and some short shorts and I saw dan take another boner pill. It sort of turned me on, knowing he wanted to be hard for me and I texted my friend amy " it's so easy to want this cock! ". She texted back "enjoy it while it lasts girlieboy, your so gay for him it's too cute". An hour later, after Chinese food and more drinks we paired up on couches in the living room.

Dan whispering in my ear and tickled my legs " you are so cute sweetie, I want to fuck you again cori, you're boypussy is amazing; use your mouth to get me hard, suck my cock and get it hard to fuck you, sexy girl". The words and the drinks made me slide to the floor and pull his shorts down. I heard broke and cami giggle, but I closed my eyes and leaned forward, using my hand to guide that sweet cock in to my mouth. I rolled my tongue around the shaft and head, sucking and kissing as I bobbed my head up and down in his lap, my mouth and lips going up and down over his cock. He was moaning and groaning, urging me on with his approval of my blowjob. "that's good baby, you are a good cocksucker sweetie keep going, get me hard for your boypussy". I murmured ok and I like it somewhere in there, his cock deep in my throat.

By now I could hear brooke and cami sucking each others' cocks and that made me go faster. It was liberating to see another twinkie love cock, and that night I lost all my inhibitions about falling for dans' cock, I would promise to be his girlieboy for the summer, and I was so good to his gay cock he gave me that convertible a week later.

He pulled me off his dick and had me go to the tv, put in a disc of him and brooke doing this with last summers' boytoys. They were cute and fem like cami and I, and they took to being gay for these mens' cocks like we did. A few minutes later dan pulled my head off of his cock again and bent me over the coffee table, I was too excited, hoping he would screw me like he was screwing the boy in the video, he would! He nibbled on my ear as he circled his cockhead around my pussylips and sensing my need for his top dick he whispered "feel that cock cori? it's for you girlieboy, we're gonna make each other cum again. do you want my cock sweetie?" "yes I want your cock" I blurted out; stopping the 69 on the other couch, causing them to giggle and stare and I eagerly awaited the cock at my pussylips. "Give it to her" brooke said, and dan did, shoving all the way in, surprising me, hitting my g-spot and making me yell out; "oh god yes, yyyeeeeessssss dan don't stop oh I love your cock". He did stop, and they all giggled "i'm glad you love it sweetie, are you gonna be my girlieboy all summer? "yes i'm your girlieboy" I blurted out again, overeager by the feel of his cock deep inside me.

We settled into a good rhythm and a few minutes later we watched brooke maneuver cami onto his stomach, ass up over the end of the couch. I was watching them and the video, and cami winked at me, then brooke slammed his cock all the way into cami and he smiled the started raving "uuuu oooooooohhh yeah, oh god brooke go, yeeessss yeessss". I was starting to lose my concentration and all I could focus on was the wonderful feeling of dans' gay cock fucking me. I was giggling and moaning and asking for more, he was fucking me silly, and I was loving it! He screwed me through two orgasms when again I promised to be his girlieboy for the summer. Cami was making the same promise as brooke fucked him through an orgasm for the first time, "oh wow, god yeeesssss yeesssss cock oh god it's so good" he screamed ad brooke jacked him off. Brooke then stopped, his cock against camis' g-spot and asked the question; "are you going to be my girlieboy for the summer cami? dan stopped, and we both looked over, giggling; "yes I want to be your boytoy brooke, fuck me again please", and brooke did, fucking him to two more orgasms before I fell asleep, happily tired from my gay sex with dan that day and night. I fell asleep in dans bed, but not before checking my phone, and I couldn't resist the urge to text amy, "I think I love cock? how horny do you get??. She texted back, "very, don't be afraid girlieboy, enjoy it you definitely want it".

It was around 7 when I woke up the next morning. Dan and brooke were cooking breakfast and having mimosas, I gulped one down and had an omelette, followed by more of the great tasting "orange juice" and a Viagra pill; they both took them and I wanted to try. Cami wandered out, slightly confused but smiling shyly at brooke. He ate too and enjoyed a few glasses of "the best orange juice ever" he didn't know there was champagne in it, he'd never had a drink before. Buzzing very nicely dan took me into the living room and I laid across the couch, head in his lap sucking his cock. Brooke was slightly shocked, forgetting all that happened last night, and he started asking if he had done that, swearing he wasn't gay and all that. Dan went and played the video from his homes' security cameras and sat back down to give me his cock again. We sort of watched as cami realized what he was and what he like doing. Minutes later brooke had talked him onto the couch and was ready to stuff his cock into camis' mouth.

I was hungry for cock snd I sucked dans dick like there was no tomorrow, trying to urge cami on and just being drunk horny for gay top dick. I especially enjoyed sucking him as he came, my lips halfway up his cock, pulling on it with my hand and sucking for minutes as he shot cum into my girlieboy mouth "oh cori yeeeeeaaaah baby, suck it all out now sweetie" he begged. Put of the corner of my eye I could see cami watching and I knew he would soon remember last night, and he did when brookes cock hit his throat. His eyes rolled up, his tongue lached onto that cock and he moaned out "oooohhhh so good". Dan and I rested for a minute, watched the tape and cami give brooke a good blowjob, then brooke wanted to fuck. Once again I was bent over the couch end, and dan was hungrily squeezing my ass, rubbing his cock all over it, turning me on and tryong to help out brooke. "stop teasing me, screw my boypussy dan" I asked a couple of times, and then he did! I came once, pretty quickly and that convinced cami to try, and they fucked for two hours, with cami once again promising to be brookes' girlieboy for the summer. That summer he too would ask amy for help to be more feminine, those top guys were good, and we both lusted for it!

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