I walked home wed morning, it was 4am and I felt so satisfied and embarrassed I had just been gay for 12 hours. Just so long as no one knew I told myself, letting my dick think for me. Dan had been texting amy with my phone, but she already knew and I could ask her for advice now so I dismissed that thought of apprehension. I still wasn't sure about this, but my body was and by the time I got home the rest of me wanted to go back to dans house! My tongue was wanting to slide along his sweet cock, my eyes wanted to see his sexy muscled body, my hips were screaming to feel his hands on each side which always meant a stiff dick sliding against my boy-pussy lips. I left a message on my boss' voice mail, I was taking a sick day; then I fell asleep with my panties on, still reluctant to accept my girlie needs, but tired and satisfied so much.

It was hours later, Wednesday afternoon when my cell woke me up. Amy was calling, wanting to know why " my man" was texting her, asking her to make me more girlie. Apparently dan had texted her again during yesterdays sex fest, asking her to help me be more girlie. She was angry and jealous, but surprisingly accepting that I liked cock ( of course she understood that feeling ). After a little convincing I started to believe her as she told me to enjoy it. She teased me and even got a friend to help, and an hour later I was convinced to be dans' girlie boytoy.

It was Thursday, here I was in dans office setting up a tv/dvd cart for a presentation. I still seemed like an outsider in my brain; I had on tight pants to accent my booty and it wiggled itself every time I thought he was looking! As I left, sort of sad we hadn't talked I heard dan say " cori, I want you for lunch tomorrow". I turned and smiled, "ok". That sent my body off, my boypussy started tingling, my tongue suddenly feeling his cock on it and it was all I could do to not wiggle my ass as I left his office with all the people watching.

I woke up Friday, primped up and went to work, surprised at how excited I was to be a gay boy again. Amy said this would happen, and I texted her to rub it in. "my man" as amy called him took us to lunch at 11, he gave the whole office Friday afternoon off. We stopped at our gay bar spot, ate lunch with Brooke and his boytoy and got buzzed. Again we took boner pills, the all weekend kind and my sex parts were very excited at the thought of what was to come. Brookes' boytoy was a lot like me, smooth, very cute and fem and he had just turned 18; you could feel that Brooke had won today in the twinks I've screwed competition between Brooke and Dan.

One hour later dan and I were in his backyard, naked, again. Brooke and his boytoy were in the house somewhere, I was hanging on to dans body, half in the pool, blowing him as he sat on the edge. I looked up and Brooke and his lover were watching us through the window. I didn't care, the cock in my mouth and throat had cast it's gay spell on me and I was sucking it like a pro. Amy had given me tips; roll the tongue, swallow when you deep throat and I was doing that, driving dan crazy, and me too. He pulled me off his cock, his sexy long thick cock, I was just staring at it as he pushed me to the stairs "get your sweet ass up on that couch cori" I smiled and my ass did the wiggle as I left the pool. Putting my sexy ass up in the air I crouched on all fours on the loveseat, my body beating out my brain again by eagerly wanting what would come next. Through a window I could see Brooke and his boytoy in a 69, that was hot; the boy was like me when I started, lips and tongue all over the dick, a smile on his face.

I was smiling too as dan rubbed his hard dick against my boypussy lips, "sweetie you are so good to me, cori I want your sexy boypussy that ass is amazing" he nibbled my ear and I pushed back knowing what he wanted... " I need your cock dan, please fuck my girlie boypussy all night baby" I pushed back a little more and the tip of his dick popped in "yes! that's it baby" I moaned, reaching back and squeezing his ass to show my acceptance, my want. "oooh, uuh" he moaned, pushing completely in, puliing my hips back into his. He stopped there, all the way in, his cockhead bumping my g-spot; "it's perfect you sexy girlie slut cori I luv your boypussy". My ass wiggled that wiggle as I looked in the window, locking eyes with Brookes' boytoy. I was smiling, so happy to be on dans' hard top cock,

"i love your cock dan, my boypussy needs it you make it sooo fucking good!!! yeah, yeah keep gping", he had started fucking me and Brookes' boytoy was staring in wonder, I think it was his first time that day. Dan must have been able to see through the window too, maybe we were putting on a show for them, I didn't know but I didn't care either. I had fallen for this mans cock, his amazing brand of gay sex had me hooked as amy had said good dick would do. We bumped our hips together in wonderful gay sex, his cock deep in my boypussy hitting my g-spot and bringing out the girlie bottom in me. I begged for it, asked for it, praised it, thanked god for dans' cock; even after twenty minutes in, when he screwed me through one orgasm as I thanked god for dans hot sexy gay cock. In the window we could see Brooke and his boytoy were slowly screwing, the boys eyes locked on us, his face in a big smile! ( I would find out later he had been a virgin until that day, he gave it up watching dan screw me happy silly; and when I saw him 3 months later he thanked me four times).

Dan was beginning to cum, I was on the brink too. He nibbled my ear and slammed his cock deep into my boypussy, hitting my g-spot and I came; he did too "thank you sexy cori you're perfect for my cock you girlie boy I luv your boypussy babygirl", my lips were smiling, my boypussy happier than ever and my body answered him " I luv your cock" "oh my god it's amazing I want to do that again baby". We fell onto the couch, his cock still inside me, him nibbling on my ear and me watching the new boy cum on Brookes' cock. The kid was cute, and he liked it, you could tell just like I liked it. It turned me on, thiking maybe I had taught him how; so I squirmed out from under dan, flipped him over and went to work on that sexy cock, seconds later my nose was buried in the skin above his cock and I was happy, feeling his dick growing stiff in my throat.

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