When I woke up sunday morning I was angry at my body for the night before and at the same time I would have gladly taken that gay top dick again. As I thought about the night before my boypussy tingled and I had to jerk off to get rid of the feeling. I had texts from amy, my girl friend that been texting during dan and i's gay sex date. I tolf her all we did, she was jealous I was taking another good fucker off the market for women. I went about my day after that and forgot about the night before, until Monday morning at work. I wasn't sure what to say or how to act, and about noon I was standing in dan's office, stocking the printer with paper. He was once again just watching me work, staring at my ass as we made small talk. He asked if I had fun Saturday and the decision was made for me; my ass did the wiggle, he grabbed it and whispered in my ear "just say it baby, you are so hot i'd take your sweet ass now if I could" he nibbled on my ear and I answered "yes, but it's embarrassing, not here at work". He pulled away, smiled and told me that tomorrow we were going to leave early and he wanted to have my boypussy again. My cock started to get stiff and I felt lightheaded for a moment, trying to concentrate on work.

Tuesday morning I primped my body up, put on a cute pair of panties and painted my toes, half in a daze as I thought about my gay date later that day, unsure if I should go through with it.

It was about 3pm when we left for the day. Dan took me to a bar, i'm pretty sure it was a gay bar and we had a few drinks; he also took a boner pill; I did too, everyone says they are fun. The waitress brought another round and dan asked for the check " it's time for us to go home and he's my girlfriend tonight", the waitress giggled as dan pulled back the waistband of my pants, showing her my sexy pink panties; "he's a cutie" she replied, then left. I was nervous about someone else knowing our secret, but it sort of made me want it more, especially when the Viagra started to make my cock tingle, then my boypussy started tingling too as I thought about what we would do together.

Outside in his car he had me put a cockring on his cock, and mine too then we left for his house. "You want be girlieboy for my dick today cori?". "Yes dan" I murmured as my fingers worked the ring around the base of his sexy cock. As we pulled out of the lot and headed home he told me how much fun he had that last Saturday night and how he wanted to screw me silly tonight. Something had made him super horny and I was about to benefit from that. He me pull my pants off and lustfully ogled my smooth legs, I turned around and wiggled my ass for him, he spanked it "that's what I need" he yelled out. I hated that ass wiggle, my ass did it not me; if not for that wiggle I could be at home studying, not gay.

The garage door closed and we went in the house, dan stripping down just inside the door. He poured us drinks and checked his email; I went outside to the pool and sat on a lounge chair. He brought me a drink and I finished it, turning back to face his hard cock poking out at me. I pulled off my shirt and then his hands grabbed my head and pulled me to his cock; my mouth opened and in a second it was full of cock, I was going gay again. My brain wasn't saying anything but my mouth, lips and tongue were working hard, sucking that cock like a pro. "i'm just drunk I promised myself".... seconds later I was thinking differently; "this cock is great, lick it cori, bob your neck and enjoy this cock" my brain was now telling my body. I remembered Saturday night, how fun it was, and dan calling me sexy was helping. I sucked, licked and kissed his cock like a great girlieboy and he told me how good I was, encouraging me. I must have deep throated him for ten minutes (in my mind thanking my sister for telling me to breathe through my nose), just swirling my tongue around his cock.

My teeth had been imprinted in the leather of his cock ring (mostly from me just trying to hang on during that deep throating episode) and we both giggled as he called me a sexy twink and thanked me for a great blowjob. He led me to a couch near the hot tub and put me on all fours, there was a tube of lube in his hand a huge smile on his face. I started smiling too as he grabbed my ass and kissed my thighs, working his way up. "So pretty, cute and tight you're ass is so fuckably pretty cori, I want your boypussy tonight!" He had pulled the panties aside and started to lick my hole as I surprised myself again and replied "yes dan please screw me silly". His tongue shot deep into me and my ass wiggled again, I could hear him giggling as he pulled away. Then I felt that stiff gay cock rubbing up and down my ass, teasing my soon-to -be pussy lips. Cold lube came next, just a little bit and my legs split for him, shaking slightly.

His hands held my hips still "are you mad I told that girl you were my boytoy?" he asked me, holding his cock at my opening. I replied no, "did it turn you on, someone else knowing I want you?"; "sort of and thinking of what we are doing" ia answered. He smiled and I suddenly moaned "ooooooooo yes yes", we were screwing now and starting to moan loudly, I couldn't stop repeating yes, and oh god. He had stated with the long slow strokes "I love your ass baby, it's perfect" he would tell me and I would push back harder (my body was turning me into a bottom).

I crushed my head into the cushion as he sped up, hitting my g-gspot and driving both of us crazy. At one point I started asking for his dick as he stroked mine, my cum shooting onto the plastic covered cushion. He fucked me through the orgasm (I liked that) and I screamed into the cushion in pleasure! He slowed and nibbled my ear, pushing me flat onto the cushion. I arched my back and he slipped back into my boypussy and started screwing me again. He smacked my ass and called me some sexy names as he came deep inside me, putting a hickey on my back to let anyone know he had been there I guess.

He leaned forward and kissed me, his half-hard cock still inside me. "You're so sexy, so good to me sweetie, I like that you need my gay cock", I was wiggling my ass around on his cock as we spoke, proving to us I needed it. "It feels so good, I must have a boypussy", he shoved his tongue down my throat, then he went back in the house. I pulled off my panties and jumped in the pool, toweled off and went inside. Wee had another drink and I was starting to get hard again. He made a phone call and said a fiend of his would be stopping by for a second and might invite us to a party. This was brooke, and he did stop by right after I started sucking dan's cock again, and dan was eating me out. He liked me and did invite us to a party. Dan put on a sex tape he had made with a twink like me and it turned us on. Once again I greedily sucked that cock, moans and groans of pleasure escaping our lips. He finally stood up and grabbed a pillow. On the couch, pillow under my back, ass up for dan; he smiled down at me and promised to give me his dick again, which made me smile. He shoved his cock all the way in and I moaned out "oh god yes baby" in my girlie voice, then I started asking for it again.



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