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This Chapter is from Rob's perspective (the husband of Megan; brother-in-law of Trevor, who is also his lover).


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I arrived home late.

I hated business meetings.

Trevor had met me for lunch ... what a wonderful time. He had a dance audition, late, then a friend was taking him out to this new club.

I stood in the kitchen. Oliver's art decorated the fridge. Kellie had sticky  notes on her lunchbox, reminding her of 'things' she needed for tomorrow. I looked over at Ethan's high chair ... he was growing so fast. I looked at Megan's chair, mine, and then Trevor's. I couldn't believe all that had happened over the last few months. I loved Megan, more than I could put into words most of the time. I loved Trevor, a part of my life now. I loved my kids ... each one was a different person ... all a piece of Megan and me.

I stood by the kitchen window, looking at the fullest moon. The whole back yard as though a spotlight was on.

I made my way upstairs. Kellie, curled up with her bear, Mr. Tubbs. I kissed her ... mmm, such softness, so beautiful. I walked across the hall. Oliver, on his tummy, his butt arched up, snuggling with his stuffed Rabbit, Ms. Sniffles. I tasted his boyishness, kissing his beautiful curls. Then I walked down the hall, stopping at Ethan. Sprawled out, his stuffed animals on the shelves, his diaper, pleasantly dry. He smelled of baby oil and burps. I kissed his fat cheeks. My family, my priceless treasure. I walked down to the master bedroom.

Megan was in bed. I could smell her sweet scent ... it was like the freshest flower on a warm summer's day. She was so incredibly beautiful. 5'6", natural blond hair with streaks of sunlight, her eyes, the most beautiful blue ... like you were looking at the most perfect ocean on the clearest day ... her breasts a pert 'B' cup, nipples that stood, waiting ... her skin like a newborn baby, soft, supple, against her athletic shapely form. Her buttocks, with just the right amount of wiggle, soft, with firmness beneath ... her legs firm, smooth, all woman ... and her pussy ... mmmmm ... her soft pubes trimmed, leading the way in ... the lips, edible ... her inlet sweet, so very sweet ... inside, like the warmest smoothest nest you could imagine.

Every part of Megan I have mapped in the innermost space of my mind. I could never imagine life without her. Our children ... well, I can't imagine how any of them chose to leave the warmth of her body ... absolute ... mmmmmm.

I could hear her breathing. Soft, just like her body. I smiled. Whoa to anyone who didn't know what a beautiful soul she had ... what a determined mind, incredible; left and right, equal forces. She amazed me, every time I thought of her. How could I have been such a fool to cheat on Megan? I smiled again, she knew me ... I needed her, like one needs breath. I also needed Trevor like one needs pleasure. You need both. Breathing is pleasurable. Pleasure is pleasurable.

My cock was so fucking hard. Dripping. I could feel it pulse as I looked at her. I needed her. I wanted her. I wanted my wife. I needed my wife. I slowly made my way over to the bed, the moonlight glowing around her. I lightly touched her hair ... silky ... soft ... shimmering in the bluish luna hues. I stroked her ear ... delicate ... soft. Her lips, perfect. She stirred ... her eyes slowly opened ... she looked up at me ... her pupils registering. Her smile ... art.

"Rob", she whispered, sleep leaving her.

"Sweetheart", I whispered.

My hand touched her cheek, my fingers explored.

I leaned down, and her soft lips met mine. I could smell her wonderful scent ... gently caressing me. Her lips responded ... sucking me to her. Her hand rested against mine, her cheek under us.

"I love you sweetheart", breath in her mouth, "so very much".

"I love you baby", she whispered. I could feel the wetness in my boxers, my cock throbbed for her.

Megan sat up, her fingers exploring my neck then my chest. Her softness, delicateness, causing me to spit prejizz. Her lips, locked in mine. My tongue, slipping in to explore her ... familiar ... sexy ... hot! Her fingers worked down to my pack, playing in my navel ... sending electricity through me.

"aaaaaagggghhhhh", I moaned into her mouth, her tongue responding to mine.

Her fingers slipped to my cock ... slipping inside my boxers ... feeling my wetness. She drew it up toward her mouth, as our lips parted. She placed my juices on her tongue then slipped her finger into her mouth, tasting me. My cock ... HARD ... THROBBING ... pulsing more juice ... needing her so much.

I stood, losing my boxers. My cock hard ... arching ... throbbing with my heart ... the moon, revealing, dancing around me. Megan's eyes twinkled ... her finger boding me toward her ... drawing me into her bed, our bed. She raised her night gown, the tightness of her nipples, wanting me.

I drew the covers back, exposing her ... mound, wetness ... validating me.  A drop of nectar dripping from her delicate folds.    I crawled onto her, my cock head brushing against her wetness, causing me to spasm, spitting prejizz over her entrance. My lips locking onto the tautness of her nipple, causing her legs to seize me.

"Ohhhhh baby", she moaned, as I gently sucked her nipple, her tenderness causing my cock to throb.

I took her nipple, my tongue making love to her, her writhing under me ... then her other nipple, making love, letting Meg know how much I missed her ... how much I needed her. I let my tongue play in between her breasts ... a valley I knew ... one I had mapped over and over in my head. Her sweet smell, all through me ... causing me to moan, low, graveled, deep.

"Baby", I moaned into her, "I need you ... so fucking bad".

"Mmmmm", she moaned in reply, her wetness against me, "I want you".

My head slipped down, my lips kissing the beauty of her belly ... her tender navel greeting my tongue ... her wetness rubbing against my chest.

My head, slipped down ... my nose, inhaling her bush ... deep sweetness ... her flower below me, its wetness seeping onto my chin causing my manhood to throb ... ache ... need.

My tongue slipped along the sides, gently ... fingers exploring the inner space of her legs; then, tongue slipped in ... her cunt, contracting, milking me. Her wetness surrounding me ... sweet nectar ... her legs encircled my head, my hands gripping them; she knew I needed her ... wanted her ... was incomplete without her. My whole mouth was filled with her, my tongue thrashing ... her clitoris, hard, throbbing, squirting as she climaxed ... legs shivered, letting me know how good I felt.

I slowly continued, causing her to thrash on the bed, her legs grasping my head, rolling from side to side ... my tongue, gripped; teasing the rim of her hardness.

Slowly, I left her heat, lapping along her lips.  My meat, throbbing, longing to be inside her.

I rose, holding Meg's legs in my hands, separating her. Meg looking into my eyes, the moon a witness casting its light approvingly. My cock head at her wetness, spitting my prenut ... more wetness. Pussy lips, quivering, anticipating our oneness. My cock head, entered her hot ingress ... the walls wet, grasping me, drawing me into her depths. My cock throbbed, my slit spitting juice into her. Her walls closing around me, lovingly drawing me into her. My balls against her ... moistness, my cock head nibbling her cervix; it jumped, needing me too.

Megan began to contract, pulsating surges of tingles enveloped my cock ... my groin aching, the pressure so great. My lips met hers; slipping my tongue in, hers swirling around.  Our kisses, deep, passionate ... our bodies covered in the sheen of bliss. I couldn't hold back, I had to drive into her. I slowly backed out, her cunt lapping at me, then I plunged into her depths, pushing her breath out into my mouth.

"Ahhhhhhhh", she grunted as I plunged deep into her. The wetness of our union bouncing off the walls.

'SLAPPP' ..ssssshhhh as I plunged into her. Her eyes, rolling back.

'SLAPPP' .. ssshhhh as I plunged again, my eyes rolling in reply.

'SLAP' 'SLAP' 'SLAP' 'SLAP' 'SLAP' ... 'Ugggghhhhh", my moan filling her ... 'SLAP' 'SLAP' 'SLAP' 'SLAP' 'SLAP' 'SLAP' 'SLAP' sshhhhh ... our tongues violently thrashed over and over ....

'SLAP' 'SLAP' 'SLAP' 'SLAP' 'SLAP' 'SLAP' 'SLAP' 'SLAP' ssshhh  as I made love to my beautiful wife ...

'SLAP' 'SLAP' 'SLAP' 'SLAP' 'SLAP' 'SLAP' 'SLAP' 'SLAP' 'SLAP' 'SLAP" sshhh ... her legs gripping my ass ...

'SLAP' 'SLAP' 'SLAP' as she violently contracted around my manhood ... her essence flooding us ....

"Ahhh", "Ahhh",  "ohhmygod", "Ahhh", her waves of pleasure milking me as her orgasm, exploded!!!

'SLAP' 'SLAP' 'SLAP' 'SLLAAAAPPPPPP'. 'SLLAAAAPPPPPP'  ... it felt like water surging through a dam's breach.

SWOOOOOSSSHHHH    my slit violently pushed aside as ONE huge surge of seed rumbled into her ...  

SWOOOOOSSSHHHH    another surge of virility

SWWOOOOSSSSSSSH   violently propelled from my shaft ...  Megan's orgasm ran out between us,

SWOOOOOOOSSHHH    my swimmer's spraying into her, ...

SWOOOOOOSSHHH   pleasure swept over me, every sense awake ... my skin tingling,

SWOOOOSHH   SWOOSH   SWooshhh    as I pumped the rest of my essence into her ... my prostate squeezed, rippling with satisfaction ... millions of my boys now swam inside making themselves a part of my baby.  Cock, jumping,  as the tight hotness of her cunt pulled on me. Legs, flaccid around my hips.  Her sweet breath on me ... lips touching each others.  I slowly let my weight rest on her ... arms surrounding her ... my lover ... my best friend ... the mother of our children ... my namesake.

Megan's looked into me, I into her. We were ONE. Our smiles, competing.

"I love you Robert Jameson Young", her words inside my mouth.

"I love you Megan Catherine Young", I whispered into hers. My cock jerking inside her, she responding.

Slowly I slipped out, her pussy lips kissing my head. I lay on my back,  my beautiful Megan slipped in, snuggling into me, her head in my chest hair; my strong arm around her.

The moon winked, satisfied, as we drifted off to sleep.


Tyler Waggoner

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