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I couldn't believe what I was reading. I scanned the email headings.

"MWM, Need guy pussy (7)"

"MWM, Hung, You ... bi bottom boy (10)"

"re: MWM, Need guy pussy (15)"

"re: re: MWM, Need guy pussy (22)"

"re: MWM, Hung, You ... bi bottom boy (11)"

"Hey, Bryan here ... tight and willing (2)"

"re: Hey, Bryan here ... tight and willing (14)

"Hey, Philip here ... DDF/Neg ... Wet (4)

What the fuck! Ethan was crying down the hall, he needed feeding. Oliver was taking way too long in the bathroom. Kellie, our daughter, was playing quietly in her room. I was dusting, just straightening Rob's desk ... what the fuck ... i brushed against the keyboard and this screen appeared.

I clicked on #4:

"Hey stud, like your pics ... nice piece of Daddy meat there".

I clicked up and found them. Rob fully splayed out on the bed, his cock hard, dripping, in his hand ... his smile, sexy, his eyes looking directly in the camera. Holy shit. My husband was having trysts ... exposing us to ... God knows what. I felt my jaw clench ... Ethan's cry, louder, in my ear.

I clicked down.

"Yeah, lets meet at Marriott, Magnificent Mile ... 6:30p ... horny as hell buddy ... need your tight pussy around my cock"

"k. DDF/Neg (2-20). u bb?"

"yeah, buddy, if ur clean ... like planting my swimmer's in a tight boi pussy"

"k. ur on!"

"like to make out too"

"yeah, opens me up ... yeah, so fuckin hot"

"k. need DISCRETE ... mean it, have family at home"

"k. got it"

"312-500-1000, Jeremy here"

"k. got it, Rob here ... saved up a few days ... gonna flood u :-)"

"fuck ... i'm so horny ... ultra clean here ... will bring lube"


Shit, so much for the business meeting ... yeah, entertaining clients ... my fuckin ass. Ethan screaming at the top of his lungs ... my heart beating so fast I couldn't breathe ... my chest tight ... my husband was fucking a guy ... sharing his seed with this Jeremy. Now.

I clicked off, terminating the email connection. Rob would never suspect. I quickly left the room, picking Ethan up and quieting him. We then went downstairs, hearing the bathroom door open and Oliver bounding down the stairs behind us. Kellie was already at the table, helping to set it for dinner. I quieted Ethan then began to feed him dinner. My mind was swimming ... my husband was inside of a guy, right now, probably groaning as he climaxed. It was almost 7:15p ... dinner should have been an hour ago, but ....

Kellie took Oliver upstairs, drawing his bath. She was such a big girl at 8 years old. Oliver, 5 years old, looked up to her ... so much. Ethan, the baby, was 14 months.

I cleaned the dishes ... slowly drying each one and putting it away ... one at a time. It was now 8:30p.

I went upstairs, and read Kellie a bedtime story, then went over to Oliver's room.

"Hi baby, how was your bath", I asked.

"Nice mommy ... I feel so clean", he said, snuggling up to me. His freshness, wafting, into my nostrils. We read our bedtime story, then as I left, "snug as a bug in a rug", I cooed, he responded, "Snug as a bug mommy".

I then went into Ethan's room. His steady breathing, gently gurgling ... I wiped his mouth, and he curled his little fingers ... sighing ... I closed the door until only a few inches remained opened.

I went into our bedroom. Rob's smell was everywhere. My jock husband, 32 years old, lean muscle at 6'2", 185#, black hair, blue eyes, just the right amount of hair on his chest, leading to a wispy treasure trail into a full forest ... his manhood, thick, meaty, with a cut head, a good 8" ... he leaked copious amounts when he was aroused ... my pussy tensed, thinking of him. I used to let him fuck me for hours and hours ... over and over ... I couldn't contain him at times; I would just leak. He doesn't understand how our lives have changed. I am just too tired at the end of the day ... too many things with the kids ... home.

Shit, what the fuck. We had a family. He could bring home disease or, worse, could tear our family apart. I was smart, resourceful, I could survive ... we would survive ... my kids and me.

I took a long, hot, shower, washing off the day ... my mind electrified ... searching for any answer. I slowly made my way to bed, the clock now read 10:20p. I pulled the sheets aside and crawled in. I could smell Rob everywhere ... his thick, dark pubic hair, sprinkling the bed ... reminding me of him. I hadn't been offering any, lately, the stress of the kids, the Alzheimer's that plagued my mom, all of it drowned me ... now, my baby brother Trevor was coming to live with us ... his boyfriend had left, suddenly, leaving him holding the bag in San Francisco ... he had lost his job a month before ... his bank was foreclosing on their loan ... he had nowhere to go. I had sent him a plane ticket, and told him I'd pick him up at the airport ... he could stay with us, while we sorted things out.

Trev is a stunning blond, like me, with a delicate curvaceous figure (a dancer by training), with high ass cheeks and a baby face with intense blue eyes, long eyelashes, and the most sensuous lips ... brilliant white teeth that 'melted' you ... a slight upturn on his nose, not quite a button but damn cute. At 24 years old, he is a strikingly pretty man; moving with fluidity ... quietly taking a room, and LOTS of hearts.

I heard the quiet door chime sound ... Rob was home. I turned off the light, putting my book on the night stand. I could hear him stop in the kitchen, the sound of the cold water as he filled his glass, then a pause. I could hear the bedside Big Ben alarm clock, 'tic' 'tic' 'tic' 'tic' 'tic' 'tic' ... the phosphorescent lines marking time. I heard Rob come up the stairs, then the almost imperceptible sound of doors opening ... Rob, kissing each child. Then I felt his presence in the room.

I could smell the foreign scent of sex on him ... Jesus, he didn't have the decency to shower before he comes home to his family. I could smell the pleasant fragrance of a subtle cologne ... I couldn't place it ... as he bent over me, gently kissing me on the cheek.

As I heard him head for the bathroom, I said, "hey", quietly.

"Hey, sweetheart, sorry I woke you", he whispered. I could feel my heart beating in my throat.

"How was the client?", I said.

"Oh, usual", he said quietly, "same 'ol same 'ol".

"Well, glad your home honey", I whispered as I put my face into my pillow.

I could hear the rustling of clothes as Rob undressed, then his powerful stream as he peed. I heard the shower engage, water rushing onto the marble ... the sound of him as he stepped in ... the glass door closing. I heard the low, pleasant hum of his voice, as he soaped up, washing Jeremy from him. Then, the water stopped. The sound of him drying off, brushing his teeth, then slowly making his way to our bed. The warmth of his skin, as I felt him slide in next to me.

"Night, Megan", he whispered, "glad I'm home".

"Love you", I breathed.

"You too", he said as he rolled onto his side.

Within minutes, his low snore filled the room. Rob always fell asleep, hard, after good sex ... always.

In the morning, after I got the kids together, I went up to our room. I found his clothes, deep in the hamper. I looked into the crotch of his briefs ... against the black I saw splashes of white ... crusted ... I took them to my nose ... yeah, that strange cologne and his seed!

The weekend came all too quickly. Rob had another client on Friday night ... same 'ol same 'ol ... the cologne was definitely Jeremy's.

On Saturday afternoon, I went to O'Hare. After waiting in the arrivals parking lot, I pulled up to Terminal 1. There was Trevor. I stopped, jumping out. Trevor's strong arms were around me in seconds ... his toothy smile, brilliantly illuminated in the stark lights.

"Megan .... it is SO good to be here", he said into my ear, the smell of jet fuel thick in the cold air, and the rumble of jets off to each side.

"I'm glad you arrived in ONE piece", I smiled, "the kids are simply mad that you're coming!!".

We drove outside of the crowded terminals. The heat, gently blowing, warmed us. The cold, damp air, drawing against the windows; frost forming on the side windows.

"What's up, Megan, you're awfully quiet", Trev broke the silence.

"Rob's having an affair", I blurted out.

Icy quiet surrounded us. Trevor turned to me.

"I am so sorry baby ... so very sorry", his hand was on my left, gently squeezing, assuaging my trembling.

"When?", he finally asked.

"I found out this morning", I monotoned.

"Who is she? do you know her?", he asked, his concern, dense.

"No", I slowly replied, "I don't know him". The words hanging, then the cognizant change in Trevor's eyes.

"Him?", Travor asked, "Rob's gay??!"

"Well, I don't think gay is the word ... I think your world refers to it as BI !", I stabbed.

"Hey, Megan, whoa!", he protested, "there is no MY world and YOUR world ... it's OUR world, baby, our world".

"Yeah", my voice barely perceptible, "so I've heard", I said a little too sarcastically.

"Hey, whatever floats your boat, baby", he softly replied.

"I'm sorry", turning to Trev, "really, really sorry".

"No problem Megan, I'm here, whatever I can do, just ask", Trev replied sweetly.

"Trev, I'm worried about DISEASE", I hit the steering wheel with my hand, "our MARRIAGE", I hit the wheel again, "the KIDS!!".

Silence swallowed us. Trevor's hand still on my leg, his thumb gently rubbing my thigh, assuring me that all would be OK.

Finally, Trevor, his smile enlarging, said, "well, baby, I've always had the HOTS for your hunk of a husband".

I laughed, Trevor was Trevor, plain and simple.

Silence again enveloped us.

Finally, I said, "Well, go after him".

"Pursue him"

"Have him"

"I", tears rolling down my face, "just want our family to be together".

The low moan of the cold air hitting the car filled the cab.

"Megan", Trevor said, turning fully to me, "maybe I can save your marriage".

I slowed the car, pulling off onto the shoulder. I looked into Trevor's eyes, those beautiful deep blue eyes. His head slowly started nodding 'yes?'.

I nodded, 'yes'. I felt his hand surround my cheek, his thumb brushing over my nose.

"Trust me baby", he paused, "we will keep all of this in the family". I know I heard a low gutteral 'mmmm', but I couldn't swear it.

Trevor moved in. The kids and him had a blast ... entertainment all day long. I noticed that Rob was spending more time at home in the evenings ... often disappearing down to the basement, where the spare room was. I could hear the boyish laugh of Trev and the more hardy laugh of Rob. Hmmm, this might work.

Three weeks to the day that I picked Trevor up, Rob woke up early ... bed was cold by the time I got up at 8.00a.

I walked through the kitchen and heard, very softly, moans ... a slight rattling of the latch on the basement door. I slowly undid the latch, hugging my housecoat close to me, stepping onto the first step, closing the door. I could hear the moans, louder, with the bouncing of springs ... I quietly made my way down. When I reached the landing, I could hear voices.

"Oh fuck ... you are so sweet Trev ... so fuckin tight", I heard Rob moan as the spring action got louder.

"Baby, you are so fucking huge .... fuck me .... fuck me", I heard the low, raspy voice of Trevor.

'SLAP' 'squeak' 'SLAP' 'squeak' 'SLAP SLAP SLAP SLAP SLAP SLAP', 'squeak' reverberating.

"Oh fuck Trev, you are so fuckin tight", I could hear Rob panting.

"Uhhh" "Uhhh" "Uhhh" , the breath being forced from Trevor's lungs as my husband plowed him.

'SLAP' 'SLAP' 'SLAP' 'SLAP' 'SLAP' 'SLAP' 'SLAP' 'SLAP' 'SLAP', followed by the distant sound of springs.

"I love looking into your eyes, Trev", Rob was panting, "your pussy tight around me", he panted, "makes this so special".

'SLAP' 'SLAP' 'SLAP' 'SLAP' 'SLAP' 'SLAP' 'SLAP' 'SLAP' 'SLAP', the wetness of their union echoing.

"Holy Fuck", I heard my husband's voice raise, "Sweet mother", 'SLAP' 'SLAP' 'SLAP' 'SLAP' 'SLAP 'SLAAAPPPPPP"

"UGGGGHHHHHH", the very familiar groan filling the room, "UUUUUGGGGHHHHH' as Rob unloaded into my brother.

I could hear the jerks of his body, the sounds of wet sloppiness, filling the room, knowing that sound ... the feeling of Rob exploding deep inside ... the huge volume ... the distension ... his jerks timed to every surge. I could hear Trev moaning quietly, beneath him, panting as he moaned,

"YEAH, fill me baby .... fucking BREED me ....", his voice falling into unidentifiable babblings. The wet, sloppiness slowly subsiding.

I could hear the shift, as the bed springs relaxed.

I could hear small whispers. I put my ear to the door.

"Baby, that was fucking awesome", I heard my brother coo.

"Sweetheart, I could get used to this", Rob whispered.

I could hear them kissing.

"Yeah, me too", I heard Trev's voice as I slowly and quietly backed up the stairs, and entered the kitchen .....


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