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This story is from Rob's perspective (the husband of Megan, and brother-in-law of Trevor).


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I sat in my office, and I simply couldn't concentrate. Trevor and I had been sleeping together now for almost two months. I would get up, help Megan with the kids, and then have breakfast with her, as though we were just an average couple with three beautiful children. We would hold hands in the kitchen, talk, and then we would linger at the door kissing like two high school sweethearts before I left for work. Trevor and I would meet for lunch, or steal away for an hour (or two) in the afternoon; he meeting me downtown. We would go shopping, or sit in a cafe sipping coffee, his legs entwined with mine under the table. Once a week, Trevor and I would go out to dinner usually followed by an art gallery, a show, or just a stroll through Millennium Park ... I had never been so satisfied in my life!

It was a Friday night, and Trev and I had been out to a club, dancing. He walked back to the car with me, his arm around my waist. We drove back to the house. Megan had taken care of the kids and it was around 11pm. She had left the back porch lights on. We entered the kitchen and Megan had left a little note by the basement door:

'I know you two had a wonderful evening. Jealous Trev :-)), Meg. Love you Rob!"

Wow, that was a super turn on. I still couldn't believe how much I was enjoying life. I looked at Trevor as he glowed in the light from the basement ... what a super hot babe he was ... delicate like Megan but man ... I felt my junk shift; he made me leak. I entered our bedroom. We had bought a new mattress together about one week after we started sleeping together; he had picked out sheets and new comforter. Half of my things were now in the closet and every morning I woke with his unbelievable lips, sucking my meat. Every night, we made love.

I took off my shoes and lay down while I heard the water running in the bathroom. Trev would 'clean up' as he called it and then would take a long shower. I can't count the number of times I have washed every part of him ... learning every part. I listened as he hummed, enjoying the shower. I was so fucking hard hearing him. The water stopped and I could hear him continue humming as he brushed his teeth, primped about, and then the sound of the door as his beautiful form appeared. My balls ached as I watched him glide across the room ... his muscles, a dancer, his soft skin glowed ... yeah, just the right amount of curves, just the right amount of delicate, yeah ... just right.

I saw him look at me like, 'well, your turn baby', so I slowly got up. My balls simply ached thinking about sleeping with him. I went into the bathroom and pissed like a horse then peeled off my clothes and started the shower. The heat felt so good. I had been working out every day before work ... I had too ... I had to be the jock; it paid off in bed! I worked up a good lather all over, paying particular attention to my junk ... my cock throbbed in my hand ... God, what Trev did to me ... washing every trace off. I dried off slowly. I could hear music in the bedroom ... Trev had picked out Ella Fitzgerald and I could hear her voice. I brushed my teeth, making sure every part of me was squeaky clean.

I entered the bedroom. The lights were low; the light gently hugging his body. Trevor was on his stomach, on top of the sheets. He was beautiful from his head to his gorgeous toes. His skin was like a baby. He was smooth and hairless except for his bush and his underarms. His definition, softened by his baby skin and delicate curves. His ass arched, like only a dancer's can ... his soft pink feet so delicate.

I crawled over him. His smell was boyish with a hint of Bvlgari au blanc ... the fragrance we picked out together. His hair, silky, sexily wet. I snuggled my nose into his hair, smelling him. My cock was throbbing, nudging into the cleft of his ass ... I pulsed precum as I smelled him; intoxicating. His soft skin, against me. My lips nibbled on his right ear, his moan underneath me ... his vibe inside me. My fingers interlocked with his, as I began to slowly taste his skin. His neck was so supple. His lips, full and pink, his mouth slightly open as his breaths escaped.

I worked my way down his back, my fingers slowly exploring him, feeling the curves of his body. His skin goosebumps as I used my tongue to lick the sloping curve of his back, nibbling on the dimples above each of his globes. I gently kissed his skin, his globes tight. His soft moans so sexy! Trev slowly separated his legs, exposing his smooth ball sac. My tongue found his cleft, my hands slowly separating his globes to reveal the smoothness ... his pussy lips gently twitched.

I worked my tongue slowly ... very slowly ... down his cleft, feeling his body respond .. into his opening. His taste, so sweet ... fresh ... just the slightest tang that told me I was at his pussy. I flicked my tongue in as I felt him open, then clamp down on my tongue. My cock pulsed as I shot prejizz onto the sheets. Fuck, Trevor was so HOT, so FUCKING HOT!! I savored his sweetness ... his taste filling my mouth as my tongue explored his cunt. Sweet, sweet, cunt. So fucking, sweet.

He writhed under me as he pushed his ass up, letting me in deeper. My cock pulsed each time he clamped down on my tongue. I thrust from side to side, opening him up, enjoying his sweetness. He put himself on all fours ... FUCKING HOT. I dove in deeper, in and out, dropping to take his balls slowly in my mouth from behind. I worked each testicle, him knowing I was slowly making love to him. My cock throbbed ... I felt like a dog in heat. My balls ached, deep.

"Oh Baby", he moaned into the sheets, "Robby ... oh yeah ...", his cunt gripping my tongue, his balls drawing up. I had to have him ... fuck I had to be deep inside him ... I had to breed him. I took my prejizz and rubbed it into his sweet pussy. I put my head up next to his opening. I could feel my slit pulse open as prejizz shot out ... his pussy lips, wet, with me.

I reached over to the nightstand and took the lube ... Trev had picked it out ... 'Pur' ... I put some on my finger and slowly entered his moistness. Fuck! He was so fucking tight!!!

"Uuuggg", Trev moaned, his cunt nibbling my finger. I inserted a second finger, pushing against his prostate. "UUUGGHH", he moaned louder, his feet now under mine, pushing against me. He skin was so soft ... so silky soft ... aw fuck it made me so fucking horny for him.

I put my head against his bud. I could feel his pussy lips quivering, anticipating me. His moans, now unintelligible. I felt him relax, begging me to slip inside. I felt my head as it entered the most warm, soft, moist space ... FUCK ... I could feel his body pulse against my cock ... my shaft being slowly swallowed ... his heartbeat around my cock. I could feel his internal sphincter grip, just past my cock head, milking me in.

"Uggggghhhhh", I moaned, "Oh fuck Trev, holy Jesus, fuck" as I felt his tight moistness warmly surround me. I could feel my cock pulse, shooting more prejizz, lubing us further as I slowly, very slowly, worked into him. It was like the best blow job you've ever had, but tight very very tight.

"Fuck yeah, baby, fucking .... yeah", he moaned, deep, low, "Holy fuck .... yeah", as I felt all of my cock, balls deep ... bottom out. My balls hung, swinging into his. I could feel his tightness begin to massage my manhood ... rippling from my head down my shaft, to my root, then back up again ... how Trev did this I didn't fucking know ... but it made my whole body feel like it was being surrounded. My balls felt electricity.

I slowly began to pull out ... his tightness gripping me ... then just as my head was surrounded by his sphincter, I pushed back in ... very slowly ... his body trembling ... his feet pushing mine upward then gripping around pulling them back into the bed. I slowly pulled out .... slowly in ... slowly, very slowly out ... then slowly, very slowly in ... making love ... my whole body, alive.

"Baby", he babbled, "Robby my sweet Robby" as he arched his cunt grabbing my cock and pulling me in balls deep. "Fuck me ... FUCK ME ... HARD baby ... FUCKING HARD!".

I began to fuck Trev, my wife's baby brother. 'SLAP' 'SLAP' 'SLAP' 'SLAP' 'SLAP', his moistness hot ... sound bouncing off the walls ... 'SLAP' 'SLAP' 'SLAP' 'SLAP' 'SLAP' 'SLAP' 'SLAP' 'SLAP' 'SLAP' 'SLAP' 'SLAP', the bed dancing beneath us, my balls slapping against his ... wet. 'SLAP' 'SLAP' 'SLAP' 'SLAP' 'SLAP' 'SLAP' 'SLAP' 'SLAP' !!!

"Trev, baby", I moaned as my arms held his sides as I pounded him, "I fuckin love you",


I could feel his cunt gripping me, his prostate tightening, I couldn't help slamming into him ... the wall banging as the bed slapped into it.

'SLAP' 'SLAP' 'SLAP' 'SLAP' ... his moans pushed out of his mouth ... the walls echoing our love making ... 'SLAP' 'SLAP' 'SLAP' 'SLAP' 'SLAP' 'SLAP' 'SLAP' ... I could feel the intense pressure building deep in my groin,

'SLAP' 'SLAP' 'SLAP' ... Trev's cunt trickled lube ... 'SLAP' 'SLAP' 'SLAP' 'SLAP' 'SLAP' 'SLAP' .... the tightness of his cunt tighter ... as his prostate began to swell ... I couldn't hold back much longer ... his sweetness milking my essence ... fucking Mother of God ...

"FUCK FUCK FUCK!!!!!", I screamed ... I felt like I was peeing .... ONE ... huge blast as my seed shot its way past my slit .... TWO ... as a huge surge of nut erupted from my core ... THREE ... as I felt the tightest, warmest, velvet hotness STRANGLE me ...

"UUUUUUUGGGGGGHHHHHHHH", Trev arched forward, my arms gripping his sides, as I felt him climax.

'SPLAT' like a canister firing water as his cum hit the sheets below us. "UUUUGGGGHHHH" as I felt FOUR ... my juice shooting deeper as he exploded again,

'SPLATTT' as the second squirt hit the sheets below us, his balls jumping up, pulling in, his cunt so fucking tight, as I erupted again ... FIVE! ... my balls through my cock head feeling relief ... all the pressure subsiding ... just pure bliss ... as Trev unloaded one more volley,

'SPLAT', as it hit the sheets.

Trev gave out ... his body limp beneath me ... his prostate continued to shiver ... I slowly went with him until I was fully on top of him ... his tender cunt milking me ... his moans set to the rhythm of his milking ... my meat dripping as I oozed what I had left deep into him ... my cock jumping as I put my nose into his hair, taking in his tender scent.

We lay there, Trev milking every drop from me. Me kissing him on his neck then his ear; his skin so soft, our fingers entwined again.

"You are so fucking sweet baby", I cooed in his ear, his cunt spasming around me as I said it.

"I love you Rob, so much baby ... I could never tell you how much", he whispered. My manhood jumped hearing him.

"I love you so much Trev", I whispered, "you are part of me ... forever part of me".

We lay there until our breathing became normal. I slowly retreated ... his warm wetness hugging me as I felt my head pop out. I slowly moved up beside him as he turned over. I put a pillow under him, arching him up ... I didn't want any of me lost ... I wanted Trev to absorb all of me ... so fucking hot. He told me how much it meant for every drop of me to be his.

My lips met his soft sweetness. His lips parting letting my tongue taste him ... his tongue dancing with mine. His breath hot in my mouth. Wow, what a sweet man ... what a fucking sweet man. His fingers played on my cheek, then moved around to play with my ear. I had never imagined that Trevor, my wife's baby brother, and I would be making love in this house ... ever ...

We lay there a long time. My fingers tracing his delicate body. Kissing, then just being together.

Trevor slowly shifted, resting his head on my chest, his fingers playing with my nipple.

"I wish we could make babies", he slowly said, "I love you that much, Robby", as he nestled into my chest hair. His hand slowly fondling my junk ... his smell in my nostrils ...

God, he felt so fucking good.

"Me too baby, me too", as I drew him in close.


Tyler Waggoner

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