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***** AUTHOR'S NOTE *****

To 'B', thanks for suggesting this as a story line to me!

Note: For changes from one characters perspective to another, you will see '***********'.  Should a time interval occur, you will see '-----------'.

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This story begins from Megan's perspective (the wife of Rob, and sister of Trevor). It ends in Trevor's perspective.


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I put the coffee on. The kids were still asleep, and I guess I preferred it that way. I'm sure Rob and Trev had been at it awhile before I heard them; Rob probably had fucked him since early morning. Rob could fuck me 2-3 times in a night; his ability to recharge was amazing.

The smell of the coffee must have make its way down the stairs, because the door opened, and Trev appeared in the kitchen.

"Hey baby", he said.

"Hey", I mumbled, reaching for a mug and filling it full.

"Sounds like you finally got Rob", I said as I sat down across from my baby brother.

"Honey, WOW", Trev had a wide toothy smile on his face, "I am already leaking him and there is so much inside me ... WOW", he just continued to smile.

"Well, sounds like you made him really happy", I said, a small smile breaking. I couldn't help but be happy for Trevor, my little brother ... and, it was kind of a 'turn on' hearing them.

"Baby, you never told me how good he is in the bedroom!", Trev said, "I have never experienced a man who was so attentive to ME!", pausing reflectively he continued, "he is such a good kisser too".

"Trev, I'm glad you can enjoy him", I said, looking down into my coffee.

"Baby, he'll come around", Trev moved so he was sitting next to me, "I know he absolutely adores you". I watched Trev as he sat there ... he absolutely glowed.

Finally I turned to him, "Well Trev, do you think there is room for three in a marriage?".

Trev was silent, looking deep into my eyes. God, my brother was pretty ... really pretty.

"Yeah, baby, I do", Trev finally said, his arm on my leg, gently squeezing me, "I do". He paused then said, "Just give him time".

"So?", I said, smiling.

"Baby, I am totally in love with your man", Trev beamed. I had to smile ... I knew Trevor had secretly had a thing for Rob; he filled me in after we talked in the car three weeks ago on the way from the airport.

Rob must have fallen asleep immediately after Trev and him were done, because I didn't see him until almost noon; it wasn't surprising as Rob always slept after good sex ... always! Trev had taken the kids down to the park; they absolutely adored him and he, them.

I was up in the bedroom when Rob came through the door. He came over to me and put his arms around me.

"I don't know how you knew Megan, but I'm sorry ... so very sorry I hurt you", he hugged me close. "Trev told me".

I turned around and looked up into my husband's pretty blue eyes.

"Honey, I want our marriage to work.", I slowly started, "and if Trev makes that happen, then great". Rob was smiling ... the first time I had seen him this relaxed and happy in awhile.

"I always had feelings for Trev, honey, but you came first", he said. "The last three weeks have only made me realize how special Trev is, and how lucky I am to have you, and him, AND the kids".

"Well, there is no threat Rob, I just want US to work out".

"It will honey", Rob replied, then paused, "How do we keep this from the kids?".

"Well, you will sleep with Trev when you need him", I said, "you owe him that attention, now, though!". "You will take him out for quiet dinners and buy him pretty things, and let him know how much he completes you". I paused so Rob knew this was very serious, "You will make sure that he knows how special HE is, but you won't neglect your kids either".

"I won't Megan, I promise", Rob quietly said.

"And, you won't neglect me any more, either", I resolutely said.

"I promise", Rob said, hugging me closer, "I just need time".

"THAT, I am willing to give you", I paused again, "and, replace the door to the basement. I could hear everything. The kids, Rob, don't need to hear".

"K, I'll have that taken care of today", he sheepishly said.

"Rob, it's OK to fall in love with him, too", I quietly said, "I just want you to know how much I love you".

Rob looked into me, kissing my lips, then quietly said, "Honey, I will never fall OUT of love with you ... EVER". He slowly kissed me, then said, "Megan, you are the mother of our kids and a knockout!". His smile always made me weak ... "Thank you, honey, for making your brother ... mine".

I had to smile, I knew Rob didn't say that lightly, "Yeah, your welcome".

**** Narrative switches, to Trevor's perspective ****

I helped with the kids nighttime reading. Kellie really liked that I was now reading to her on a nightly basis; I think I became her favorite Uncle over the last three weeks. The jury was still out with Oliver, but he did like Uncle Trev helping out; I think he was a mommies boy; we'll have to work that one out, slowly. Ethan, well, all he needed was a good burp and he was good to go! I saw Rob in each of his kids ... and Megan too ... it was nice being here.

After the kids were asleep, I went downstairs. Rob was in the kitchen; Megan had dinner with a girlfriend in town.

Rob came over to me, his lips meeting mine. He nibbled on my lower lip, then slowly slipped his tongue in. We kissed deeply. I could feel his manhood enlarge. He felt so fucking HOT; I put my hands around him, slipping them down over his tight muscled ass. His strong arms raised me; my legs grabbing his sides. His smell was intoxicating ... like the best of any man you have ever smelled ... mixed with the subtle scent of his cologne.

"I think we should go downstairs and take a long shower", Rob said, nibbling my ear.

"I think so too baby", I said, "just give me some time downstairs to clean up, so I'll be ready for you", my smile wide with anticipation; Rob and me sleeping together for the first time ... the whole night, just ... US.

"K sweetheart, I will just put the dishes away", he said, "I already moved some things down into your room".

"OUR room baby", I said, "and OUR bed". Rob's kiss was so tasty ... he exuded man, all over.

"That reminds me", his smile lighted his face. "Tomorrow, you and I are picking out a mattress and springs!". We both laughed.

"Baby, that will be nice", I said with a mischievous smile, pausing, "I want to spend many nights in your strong arms".

I went downstairs, and entered the bathroom, stripping the day off me. I stood for a few seconds looking at my body in the mirror. Not bad, Trevor, just the right amount of softness, just the right amount of definition. I was smooth except for my bush and underarms ... my 6", cut cock, thick; my balls soft with just the right amount of 'hang' ... my ass, perfection. I needed to find a job dancing or I'd lose it.

I prepared a warm douche and sat, feeling the churning warmth as the water distended me. I always loved this feeling ... I was so hard ... throbbing, actually -- it had been awhile since I had a lover and I wanted everything to be perfect. Once I finished, I put everything away. I went into the bedroom. Rob had put some things on his side of the bed; funny how I always slept on the left side and he had always slept on the right side ... I guess I knew that from when Megan and him were dating. I also noticed that he had put stuff in the closet and on the dresser.

This was going to be our very FIRST night together ... the whole fucking night to make love ... I couldn't wait to suck him off too ... I wanted all of him in every one of my places. I couldn't believe that in three weeks I had snagged my wife's husband, with her blessing, and felt him inside me for the first time this morning. WOW!!! Now, he and I were going to share a bed! I know I'd have to share him with Megan, but for now, I was just going to enjoy being his. My life in San Francisco was a distant memory. Alex, my ex, nothing but a passing thought -- even that was rare ... thank God.

Rob entered the room and closed the door.

"The kids are in deep sleep", he said as he took me in his arms, "Megan just got home and is upstairs".

"Good, then it's OUR evening", I said, his eyes dancing.

I slowly popped the button on Rob's jeans, then teased him as I unzipped him slowly. I was totally naked. I sexily undid each of the buttons on his shirt ... slipping it off ... his muscular chest, chiseled. I wet my lips and gently played with each of his nipples until he moaned in pleasure ... smelling his manliness ... working my way, slowly, down. I slipped his boxers off. His engorged pole, throbbed, as my lips slowly took his head. The taste of his prejizz was nutty ... clear liquid ... with a slight sweetness. My throat tingled as his prejizz slipped by my tongue ... his swimmer's enjoying me. Rob was completed naked ... what a specimen.

Rob picked me up and carried me into the bathroom. He gently placed me on my feet, reaching into the shower turning on the water. When the steam began to rise, he guided me inside and closed the glass doors, behind us. His lips began to taste me ... his tongue began to explore me ... his large hand was on my cheek, his fingers playing with my hair, then my ear ... his thumb gently brushing my lips.

"Trevor", he moaned, his hardness pressed up against me as his hands dropped to knead my globes, "I want you SO much". His hands now exploring my pussy cheeks ... his thumb gently rubbing over my opening. "I so fucking want to make love to you ... all night". His tongue deeply explored my mouth. I moaned as he drew me into him.

Rob slowly took the soap, his fingers explored each part of me ... he, carefully washing my face, then my neck ... working down ... gently washing my cock, then my balls ... each one gingerly cleaned ... then my ass, slowly working the lather down my legs and then carefully, each foot, each toe. He took the shower head, detaching it, and carefully made sure all traces were washed away. Then, Rob standing behind me, slowly washed my hair, whispering, "I so want you so much baby", in my ear.

When he had washed all of me, I turned and did the same to him ... each part of his body, my delicate fingers explored ... the muscular clefts ... the manly valleys ... his pulsating manhood, gently arched up ... his thick bush ... down to each toe ... each with a small amount of hair. I savored his smell ... his response to my fingers ... my body.

Once I had washed all of him and washed his hair, rinsing every part, we made our way out. Rob lovingly drying me and, me, him. He brushed his teeth then told me to wait a few minutes; he went into the bedroom. I brushed my teeth then straightened things up. When I entered the bedroom, I heard the soft sound of music ... Nat King Cole ... he had lighted candles, on top of the dresser, the mirror reflecting the flickering lights around the room.

Rob picked me up, and lay me down on the bed, slipping in beside me ... his cock throbbing against me, anticipating. He drew the sheets and comforter over us. His hand held my face as his lips met mine. His tongue slipped inside, exploring my mouth, as his fingers played with my nipples then traced my smooth body ... stopping to play in my navel before dropping to explore my cock. He rubbed my prejizz onto his fingers and slipped them to his mouth, eating me, then slipped them back down while he kissed me ... taking one ball then the other in his fingers, gently working his way until his finger began to explore my hole. His muscles quivered, as I moaned into his mouth ... our breath hot ... Rob used his prejizz to wet my hole ... gently slipping his finger inside me ... slowly opening me up. He shifted his position, arching over me, then gently put his weight on me as his tongue began to descend ... playing on my neck, then hotly heating each nipple ... tracing my curves, slipping down in the scallop of my belly.

"Uggghhh", I gasped, as he took my cock into the hot wetness of his mouth. I pulsed, as prejizz escaped ... his tongue swirling around me, his hands holding my pelvis.

"mmmmmm", I heard him deeply moan as the taste of my prejizz overtook him, slowly working his wetness up and down my shaft.

"I need you Trevor", his low groan, sexual. "I need ALL of you". He dropped his head, slowly working my balls in his mouth, my legs pushed into the bed, my pelvis wiggled from side to side ... his mouth was so fucking HOT! His tongue dipped, his powerful hands grabbed my ass, separating my pussy. His hot tongue pushed deep inside of me.

"Oh FUCK", I moaned, my breathing, panting, "Oh fuck baby, you are sooooo hot!!". Rob ate me, working his tongue deep inside then my rim, enjoying my pussy lips ... pushing, exploring, then nibbling me. He held my legs apart, exposing my lips ... his tongue tasting my pussy, devouring me. My prejizz was dripping onto my stomach, tricking down my sides. Rob, enjoying me; his fingers dipping in my prejizz, bringing it down so he could eat all of me.

Rob then slowly made his way up. I shifted, pushing him onto his back. I sat over him, his manhood wet, throbbing in my pussy cleft. I took my tongue, and slowly explored his neck ... licking his apple ... moving down into his manly chest hair ... each nipple erect ... shivering as I tasted them ... took them into my mouth, slowly making love to each one ... his cock, pulsing against my pussy lips, wetting them. His large hands encircled my head, as I moved south, enjoying the smell of his treasure trail then his masculine bush ... my nose, lost in the wonderful smell of this man ... his juices, wetting his shaft, anticipating me. The hotness of my breath causing his cock to swell ... throb ... wanting me.

My lips encircled his head ... his moan filled the room. His testicles jumped, making sure his fertile seed was primed. I slowly took his head, tasting the fullness of his liquid ... his nutty essence. I worked down his shaft, exploring each vein with my tongue, causing his moans to deepen, lowly, creeping along the walls as the intensity of pleasure hit him. His toes flared ... his muscular legs grasped my neck. I worked down then up his beautiful shaft ... slowly ... over and over ... slowly ... his prejizz filling my senses ... the manly smell of him surrounding me. His head flared, his shaft pulsated. His taste SO hot!! I worked each of his testicles ... making sure that each one was loved ... appreciated. His toes digging into the bed as he pushed his pelvis toward me.

"uggggghhhh baby, you are SO fucking HOT!!, Rob was moaning, "I need you baby ... so bad".

I slowly moved up him, as he rolled me on my back, positioning me in the center of the bed. He pulled my legs up, taking two pillows and shoving them under me, exposing my pussy ... the hotness of his head, pushing against them ... his prejizz wetting what was totally for him. Rob reached over and grabbed the lube from the nightstand. The cool wetness over my pussy, needed. I heard him lube his pole ... wiping his hands in a towel. I felt his strong arms separate my legs, my calfs resting on his strong shoulders. He leaned into me, his head separating my pussy lips ... the wetness of his prejizz running down my crack and onto the sheets. I felt his head slip into me, my cunt clenched around his pole ... he felt so fucking good ... the warmth of his shaft pulsating, further separating my lips. Rob slowly pushed in, his fullness filling me; his eyes locked into mine.

"I NEED YOU BABY ... SO FUCKING MUCH", he hotly was in my ear.

SLAP  SLAP   SLAP   SLAP   SLAP   SLAP   SLAP   SLAP   SLAP   , the wetness of our bodies colliding filled the room, Rob pushing my chute apart, my moist hot wetness closing in around his manhood,

SLAP  SLAP   SLAP   SLAP   SLAP   SLAP   SLAP   SLAP   SLAP   SLAP   SLAP   SLAP   , my body jolted by each intense slamming of his cock, his balls pushing mine underneath us. Rob's strong arms holding my legs, now on each side of my head. I could feel his sweat propelled onto me.


"I love you Trev, God I fuckin LOVE YOU!", Rob breathed over me as I felt his cock pushing me apart.

"I", the breath pushed out of me, "love" ... "you" ... "too!!",   SLAP   SLAP   SLAP   SLAP   SLAP   SLAP   SLAP   , Rob's and my sweat mingling, dripping onto the bed, the candle light dancing on the ceiling.

 SLAP   SLAPPP    SLAPPPP   SLAPPPP   the intensity of Rob's fucking was amazing, the wet sounds echoing off the walls,  SLAPPP   SLAAPPPP    SLAAAPPPPP , as Rob's pace began to quicken.

I could feel my prostate, FULL, being pushed down by Rob's throbbing tool, pressure increasing so fucking much, electricity shot through my cock and my balls, goosebumps all over my skin, all of my senses filled with this amazingly virile man!

"UUUGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHH", I screamed as I SHOT, hitting my face, "UUUUUGGGGGHHHH" as my cunt violently tightened around his meat ... TWO ... THREE ... FOUR ... huge blasts ... coating my face and my chest, Rob's eyes rolled back,

"FUCKIN-A", he shouted, "FUUUUUCCCCKKKKK" as I felt my entire gut FULL .... TWO ... my insides pushed from his cock as his seed violently filled me ... THREE ... his seed penetrating me ... FOUR .... pushed into the depths of my gut ... FIVE ... some of his fertile seed seeping between us, out my cunt, trickling onto the sheets .... SIX ... his weight shifting my pelvis up ... his breath, hot against my lips, as his tongue dove into me ... pushing my tongue from side to side ... his hands cupping my face ... his broad shoulders pushing my legs flat against me. His cock, throbbing, pulsating inside me ... jerking with his heartbeat that pushed against my chest ... seven ... eight ... trickle ... me FULL.

"Oh sweet baby", I moaned in his mouth, his cock jerking in response.

"I love you Trevor ... baby, I fuckin love you", he said, his words in my mouth. His eyes, sparkled as he said that ... never unlocked from mine. I could feel his seed deepen inside me ...

We lay there, his powerful cock slowly softening, slipping from me. My cunt, tired, FULL so fucking FULL of Rob. He crawled along side me, his tongue lapping up my seed ... his eyes sparkling as my taste filled him ... cleaning off my face and my chest ... slowly kissing each of my nipples. Rob then put his head on my chest ... his large hand gently rubbing my stomach ... I cupped his head in my hand, gently playing in the moistness of his hair ... his love swimming deep inside me, as we slowly drifted off to sleep ... our first night in bed together ... beginning.


Tyler Waggoner

[email protected]


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