Brad and I looked at each other stunned.

'There's nothing at all they can do?' Brad asked.


'Jim, after you pay the money and 'buy me out', You will open an account in your name and I'll deposit the same amount into it. That way you win both ways.'

'Is that legal,Brad?' I asked.

'Yes, it is.'

Brad drew up the papers and the deal was closed. A week later Mr.Johnson was gone and I owned the construction company, a second house, and the property where we had camped.

I called Dan and told him about the arrangement and about Mr. Johnson. He insisted that he skip classes for a couple of days and come home for the funeral.

He and Tom arrived the morning of the funeral and after quickly changing we went to the services where I had to give the eulogy.

After a reception in the office board room, Dan, Tom and I returned home.

'So it's all yours now I guess,' Dan said softly.

'Well, it will be as soon as Brad files all the papers. He said that his stocks and bank accounts were in the seven figure range.'

'Holy fuck, Dad, that's over a million.'

'Yea, I know, but let's change the subject.'

'Sure,' Dan said. 'What have you been up to since we left?'

'I checked out that video store you told me about.'

'And? Any action?'

'As a matter of fact, yes. I met a trucker named Mark and he comes through here once a week and wants to see me every week.'

'Damn! Is he nice?'

'Very. He's in the process of getting a divorce and he wants to transfer here and drive local when it's final.'

'Well, keep us posted on the progress and any other episodes you have at the video store.'

They left the next morning and the following day Mark called early.

'Hi, Jim. Want a house guest tomorrow night?'

'Fuck yea. I need someone after the week I've had. I'll fill you in when I see you. Call me when you get to the truck stop and I'll pick you up.'

'Will do. It should be about three or so in the afternoon.'

I needed Mark to help get my mind off of all that had happened.

Mark called and I left the office, telling my secretary that I had some business to take care of and wouldn't be in until noon the next day.

I was soon pulling into the parking lot and saw Mark waiting up by the restaurant. He jumped in and as we pulled out he squeezed my leg and said, 'Hey, I know we just met, but I've missed you.'

'Same here. Man, it's been a hell of a ride the last two weeks. Oh,and where were you last week?'

'Signing divorce papers. Since it is not contested and I gave her everything, it should go through fairly quick. What went on here?'

I told him the story; all of it.

'Damn, man, you now own the fucking company?'

'I will as soon as the lawyer gets the papers ready for me to sing and they get filed. The company along with his house, and quite a bit of wooded acreage with qa cabin and a lake. That's where a I told you my son brought me out.'

Laughing, Mark looked at me and said, 'Hey, you wouldn't need a delivery driver would you? I'd love to work for you. It would be the first time in my life that I'd like getting fucked by my boss.'

I laughed and said, 'I don't know. I just might.'

We arrived at the house, stripped and immediately went to kissing and into a sixty-nine. There was sucking and fucking until the wee hours of the morning and again after we woke up before taking him back to the truck stop.

The next day Brad called and said he was ready for me to sign the papers. It was just a formality since I already had the keys to all the property. He said that he was tied up in court on other matters and asked if I could meet him at his office at ten Saturday morning.

'No one will be there so I'll wait for you in the parking lot,' he said.

I arrived Saturday morning and found him not looking like a lawyer. He had on tight shorts and a tank top and running shoes.

When I saw him my heart pounded. I had thought him to be attractive but seeing him like this, he was fucking hot. My crotch began to burn.

We went in, and after he relocked the door, we went into his large plush office and took care of the papers. When that was over he stepped up to me as I stood and hugged me, rubbing his crotch against mine. I could feel his cock stiffening.

'I know you loved him like a father, Jim. How are you doing?' He continued to hole dme our crotches pressed together. My own cock began to rise.

'I'm okay. It still hasn't sunk in totally that I now own it all.'

'Well, you do, to the sum of twelve point eight million all totaled.'


'That's the value of the company, house, property, stocks, and cash. His personal bank account is three quarter million. Jim, you're a very wealthy man now.'

I pulled my head back, my brain spinning. He looked into my eyes and slowly broght his face closer. I knew what he wanted and I gave it to him. I moved toward him and we kissed...passionately.

Before long we were both naked and on the floor in a sixty-nine. We totally drained each other's cocks. I realized that I had just had sex with my lawyer and a married man with two lovely kids.

'I've wanted to do you for a long time,' he finally said. 'I hope I'm still your lawyer.'

'You are,' I answered, 'but things like this will not be a regular occurance. Just on occasions.'

'I can live with that,' he said.

Over the next few months, I saw Mark weekly and began to have strong feelings for him. Oh, I went to the video store once or twice a week and sucked or got sucked, but Mark was special.

Finally, I told him to quit his job and move to town. I told him that he could stay with me until he found a place, and that I'd put him to work. I wanted to see if we were compatible.

School ended and Dan and Tom




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