My name is Jim Dow. I am a thirty-seven year old divorced single dad. I have been divorced for eight years ever since my wife ran off with her boss. Since then, my sex life has been almost non existant raising my son alone. Occasionally I have a date with Rosie Palm and her sisters.

My son, Dan, is nineteen and in his first year of college and first string full back on the college football team. Yes, I was only eighteen when he was born.

Dan takes after me in his size and looks. We have both been told many times how good looking we are. Dan and I both work out three to four times a week and both our bodies show it. We are both just over six foot tall, with dark hair and sky blue eyes. I am fairly hairy and Dan is rapidly developing his to match mine. Everyone says we look more like brothers than father and son.

As Dan was growing up, we had very frank and open discussions about anything on his mind including sex. Being a nudist, I raised to know that a naked body was not something to be ashamed of and frequently took him to nudist camps on weekends. We even went nude at home.

Now the problem was 'Do we go nude when he's home for spring break with Tom visiting?' I decided to let Dan take the lead and see what he did.

Dan called and said that they would be arriving about noon Saturday. I said great and asked what they would like me to have ready for them to eat.

'Dad, have some of your thick burgers ready to throw on the grille. I've missed them.'

'Will do,' i said and asked, 'Son, what about Tom? Does he know that we are nudist?'

'Oh, yea. Tom is my new roommate. My old one dropped out and I had Tom move in. We go nude in the room.'

'You didn't tell me. I wish you'd keep me informed,' I said with a laugh. 'I'll be dressed when you arrive and I'll follow your lead.'

'No problem. I'm looking forward to seeing you, Dad.'

'Same here son. Be careful driving home.'

I had noticed that the last few times that I had visited the gym and went to the showers after my workout, that I had begun noticing the other nude men in the showers and checking out their 'equipment'. I would begin to feel a stirring in my groin and couldn't figure out why. I had never been inclined to check men out before. What was going on with my hormones? Was it some delayed curiosity?

I had even began to check Dan out when he had been home the last couple of times. He had been around me with a semi-erection and I couldn't help but stare. It would even make my own cock twitch and begin to rise. We had seen each other with the normal 'woody' before but now it was different for some reason.

What was I going to do with two young nude guys running around?

Living out in the country with no neighbors had it's advantage. We could go nude outside and not worry about being seen. Saturday morning as I waited, I prepared the burgers and condiments and got the grille ready. Sipping coffee, I sat on the patio, nude, and read the paper. About eleven, I went in and pulled on just a pair of cargo shorts and returned to the patio.

Shortly after twelve, I heard the alarm sound that a car had entered the driveway from the road. I watched as Dan pulled around the house to the back area and parked. He got out and gave me a big hug then introduced me to Tom.

'Nice to meet you, Mr. Dow,' he said as we shook hands. 'Thanks for allowing me to intrude on your time with Dan.'

'Damn, what a polite young man,' I thought as I shook hands and said, 'No problem at all Tom, and please call me Jim.'

Looking at them, I asked, 'You two hungry?'

'Fuck yea,' Dan said, then looking at Tom said, 'Dad and I are very open with each other even with our language. I learned it all from him. You ever hear a construction worker that didn't curse like a seasick sailor?'

'You fucking asshole,' I shot back as I headed to the grille to start the fire. 'Go put your things away while I get things started.'

They were both laughing as they each pulled their bags from the car. They disappeared inside, and as I was putting the burgers on the grille they both returned, nude.

I looked over at them and my eyes bulged out. Dan had developed even more, sporting a good seven inches shot and Tom was even longer. Both were built like Greek gods.

Dan looked at me and said, 'Dad, like I said on the phone, Tom knows we're nudist. He and I go nude all the time in our room, so feel free to join us.'

I smiled and said, 'I think I will,' and removed my shorts and threw them in a chair. I noticed Tom staring at my cock. It's not quite as long as Dan's but a lot thicker.

While we ate, Dan asked, 'Dad, do you think Mr. Johnson would let us use his hide-a-way while we're home. The three us could spend a few days up there.'

'Probably,' I said. 'he's told me that I could whenever I wanted it. It will be mine someday.'

'What? What do you mean?'

'As you know, he has no kids or family. He told me last week that since I had been with him since your mom and I married that I was like a son to him and that he had made me his sole beneficiary in his will.'

'You mean the company also?'

'Yep. When he dies, he said I get it all. I nearly shit when he told me. I'll call him after we eat.'

Dan began telling Tom about what we were talking about.

'Mr. Johnson is dad's boss. Dad is the only employee that has been with him continuously. He has about five hundred acres up in the hills with a beautiful crystal clear spring fed lake right in the middle. He's built a small one room cabin on the edge of the lake and put in a generator for electricity. We love it there.'

'It sounds great,' said Tom. 'I hope we can go. I'd love to see it. Can we go nude there?'

'Fuck yea. It's even more private there.'

'Super. You know this is the first time I've gone nude outdoors and I'm loving it.'

I returned from the house and said, 'Okay guys. Get the dished cleaned up.'

'Aw, Dad,' Dan said with a groan.

'If you want to go to the lake get busy. When I told him you were home he gave me the week off and said to have a good time.'

'Fuck, Tom, lets get busy.'

In no time the dishes were done and the kitchen was spotless. We packed minimum clothes and headed out in dad's jeep, stopping just a few miles from the property to buy groceries and diesel fuel for the generator.

When we arrived, I handed Dan the key to the gate. He unlocked it and after I drove through, I waited while he relocked it. We wound around the road before coming out in the clearing where the cabin was.

'Oh, fuck!' Tom exclaimed. 'It's beautiful here.'

'Let's get unloaded first guys.'

As they unloaded the jeep, I took the fuel and started the generator. Within half an hour, everything was put away and we were relaxing on the porch, nude, each with a cold beer in our hand.

'Hey, everybody game for a swim?' Dan asked.

'Hell yea,' Tom answered and tool off for the lake.

'Did you warn him about the temperature?' I asked.

'Nope,' Dan answered with a devilish grin as we headed for the lake. Suddenly we heard Tim.

'Mother Fuck!' he screamed. 'Damn you, why didn't you warn me.'

'You took off too fast.'

Dan and I dove in and within minutes our bodies had adjusted to the water. We all splashed and horsed around like little kids. Every few minutes, I would feel a hand brush against my cock. I wasn't sure if it was Dan's or Tom's, but it was giving me a boner.

I swam away a few feet and stopped. They were in chest deep water facing each other talking. I dove under and slowly moved toward them and stopped in shock.

Through the clear water I could see them stroking each other's cocks with were both rock hard. I watched until I could hold my breath no longer.

Wondering what I had just witnessed, I surfaced and as I did, they moved away from each other. Having see what I did, my own cock had become just as hard as theirs. Why?

Later when we all exited the lake we were all semi-hard and laughing. I headed in to fix dinner. I looked across the room at the sleeping accommodations. There were two king beds as I had remembered. When Dan was younger, he and I would share one bed but what would we do tonight?

As the sun went down, the temperature began to drop rapidly. We ate and I suggested that we watch a movie. I had brought several DVD's and they found one they wanted to watch. When it was over we decided to go to bed.

Dad spoke up and said, 'Dad, do you remember how you and I used to share a bed when I was younger and we came up here?'

'Yes, I do,' I answered.

'Well, why don't we all share the same bed and you can pretend you have two sons. Besides as cold as it is, we can keep each other warm.'

'Well, I don't know. Tom might be uncomfortable with it.'

'Oh, no sir. I don't have much family and it would be nice to feel a part of yours, if that's okay with you.'

'Well, I guess we could, but do you know what people would say if someone saw us.'

'Who gives a fuck. It's none of their business,' Dan replied.

Dan had me get in the middle and he lay on my left side, having me extend my arm so he could rest his head on my shoulder with my arm around him. Tom watched and I smiled and said, 'Oh, what the hell,' and extended my right arm and Tom quickly lay beside me with his head on my right shoulder. I closed my arms and pulled them close. Dan rolled back some and turned off the light and returned to his previous position.

'This is nice,' Dan said.

'Very,' answered Tom.

They reached across me and held hands, resting them on my hairy chest. Soon, they were each rubbing my chest and nipples, then going lower to my stomach. My cock began to stiffen as I said, 'Just what do you two think you're doing? Stop that!'

'Dad, shut up and relax. Don't be such a prude. I always thought I had a cool dad. Relax and enjoy it.'

Soon, I felt Dan's hand grasp my hard cock, his thumb smearing the leaking precum around the head. I could feel both his hard cock and Tom's pressing against my legs. Tom continued to play with my hard erect nipples.

I realized then that my son was gay, not that It made a difference. I didn't care if he was gay or straight. He was my son and I wouldn't love him any less.

He whispered in my ear, 'Dad, I'm gay.'

'Son, I have just figured that out. It doesn't matter to me. I still love you.'

'Dad, I'm going to show you how much I love you and don't try and stop me.'

Dan raised up and brought his mouth to my left nipple and began to gently suck it. My mind began to spin from the sensation. He ran his tongue down my stomach and to my navel.

'Dan, we shouldn't be doing this.'

'Shhh,' said Tom. 'Let him love you. My dad beat me with his fist and threw mw out when he found out about me.'

Dan went lower, running his tongue through my pubic hairs, then along the side of my hard cock. Holding my large nut sack in his hand he began to lick them then gently sucked them into his mouth one then the other. My head spun faster.

When I felt his mouth close arouond my throbbing cock head, I almost lost my sanity. Never had I experienced such ecstacy. Slowly he swallowed my cock until I could feel his nose against my stomach. He had swallowed my entire cock and I couldn't believe it. Slowly he sucked sending shivers through my entire body. My own son was sucking my cock.

Suddenly, I felt Tom's muth on my right nipple, flicking it then sucking it. Without realizing it, I began to move my hips up and down, fucking Dan's mouth, my climax drawing closer. Finally I could hold back no longer.

'You better stop. I'm almost there,' I told him.

He sucked faster and I suddenly erupted sending a weeks load into his mouth. I heard him swallow and couldn't believe it. My own son was eating my cum.

When he had swallowed every drop, he came back up beside me and said, 'Dad, I love you so much. I've wanted to do that since I was sixteen.'

'What?' I said.

'Dad, I've been sucking cock since I was sixteen and getting fucked in the ass since seventeen. I wanted to tell you but just didn't know how. I figured now was as good fo a time as any. Tom is my lover.'

As my brain tried to digest all that he had said, his lips met mine and I felt his tongue trying to enter my mouth. I gradually parted my lips and within seconds I was holding his face against and was eagerly kissing him back.




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