After the kiss, both cuddled close to me and were soon asleep. I, however, lay there and take a good look at myself.

After a while I managed to sleep but not soundly. Shortly before daybreak, I got up, made coffee and went out onto the deck. Just as the sun began to rise over the horizon, I heard Dan and Tom stirring.

After the joined me at the table, I looked at Dan and said, 'Son, I have no problem with you being gay. It's who you are, but I would like to know the story from the beginning.'

'You deserve that much dad. Well, I knew at sixteen that I was different because when other guys were talking about pussy I was more interested in what the boys had between their legs.'

Sipping his coffee he continued and said, 'Do you remember Greg Miller?'

'Yea, he was a year older than you and was a star player on the football team. Went to State on a full athletic scholarship if I remember correct.'

'Yes, he did. Well, we became friends and he offered to give me some pointers to help me play. He knew of a field out of town where we'd go to practice and not be disturbed. One day we got to horsing around and wrestling. We both got boners and ended up stripping and jerking together then jerking each other. Before it was over he started sucking me and then we were in a sixty-nine. I loved it and told him that it was my first time both giving and receiving. Well, we would have sex almost daily after school keeping our episodes secret.'

'Then after a while he told me that he loved to get fucked and wanted me to fuck him. I did on every get together. After I turned seventeen, I started letting him fuck me. I loved it as much as I did sucking cock. He introduced me to some of his friends both older and younger than me before he left for State.'

'Then when I went to college, I met Tom. We had English together. We Hit it off right away, but had problems getting together as often as we wanted, until my roommate dropped out. Tom moved in and after a while, we fell in love and became lovers. That pretty much sums it up.'

'I see,' I replied, then turned to Tom.

'Tom, last night you told me that your dad beat you when he found out. How did he find out about you?'

He came home early one day and caught me and a friend in a sixty-nine. I was a senior in high school. He beat me and kicked me out and I stayed with a friend until I graduated.'

'Well, you don't have to worry about that with me. Neither of you do. You consider my home your home just as Dan does.'

They both jumped up and hugged my neck.

'Now, can I talk openly to you two and get some opinions?'

'Sure,' they both answered.

I didn't know where to begin. 'Well, when I've gone out, I find myself looking at young couples and mainly the men and thinking that they have a partner and I'm alone. They have their youth and I'm approaching middle age. But as I look at them and take them in, I have a strange stirring inside. Then, at the gym, I find myself looking at the guys crotch's, telling myself that I'm strictly comparing size. Does that sound like I'm gay and don't know it?'

'Maybe, but you might just be curious and going through a phase. Most people that experiment do it at a younger age but some wait until later.'

'Well, all I know is that I enjoyed the hell out of my first blow job and I'm glad it was with you.'

'Me too, dad. Like I said, I've wanted to suck your cock ever since Greg showed me how much I liked it.'

He leaned over and kissed me, again offering his tongue. I accepted and offered mine. As we kissed, my cock grew rock hard as did Dan's.

When we separated, Tom looked at me and said, 'Dad, may I have the honor of giving you your second blow job?'

'Sure, and call me dad anytime.'

I turned my chair sideways to give him better access. As he knelt down and began licking off my precum, Dan stepped closer to watch. He began slowly stroking and when I turned my head to the side to watch, I found that his cock was only inches from my face.

Figuring that if I was going to experiment, I might as well try it all. I reached up and grasped Dan's hard cock and pulled it toward me, licking off his flowing precum. It was sweet and delicious. As I closed my mouth around the head and part of the shaft and began running my tongue around it he moaned and said 'Oh, fuck.'

Tom looked up to see Dad fucking my mouth, sliding his cock in and out. It was turning me on like hell and I knew I couldn't hold out much longer. Dan could hear my rapid breathing and only moments after I fed Tom my built up load, Dan fed me his, sending huge spurts down my throat and into my mouth. Not wanting to loose any of it, I quickly swallowed the sweet-salty tasting man cream filling my mouth. I loved the taste and little did I know then but I was addicted to it.

Afterward, Dan looked at me and smiled and said, 'Well, it looks like I was also your second first.'

'Yes, and if Tom doesn't mind you will probably be my third and fourth first.'

'Third and fourth?' he said questioningly.

I just smiled.

We fixed breakfast and as we ate, I looked at them and said, 'Look you two. I can see how you feel about each other from the way you look at each other. So whenever you get ready to make love go for it. I'll give you your privacy.'

'Dad, we have no problem making love in front of you. We welcome you watching and seeing just how we feel about each other.'

'Well, Okay. It will be something different for me, I'll say that.'

Mid-morning we went for a swim and afterward as we lay out on the grass, Dan and Tom began kissing. Soon it was more than that. Jim watched as they worked into a sixty-nine. He noticed them sliding forward and soon each one was eating the others ass. Jim watched as his son licked and probed Tom's ass with his tongue. Soon, things changed and Dan was sliding his cock into Tom's ass.

Tom whinced as the head popped in but was soon telling Dan how good it felt and how much he loved him. Dan fucked his lovers ass as his father watched. It was turning Dan on and he soon filled Tom's love chute with his thick hot cum.

In one quick smooth transition, Dan was on his back, legs pulled up and Tom was entering Dan's ass. Jim watched in amazement as Tom's bid hard cock disappeared into his son's ass. 'Yea, fuck me baby.' Jim heard his son say. 'Fuck me hard and deep. You know how I like it.' As Tim pounded Dan's ass Dan rolled his head and said, Oh, yea, that's it baby. That's the way. Give me your seed my love. Fuck that hole.'

Within seconds Tom screamed and ploughed his cock into Dan as far as he could and held it as it emptied it's load of cum deep into Dan's bowels.

'Oh fuck baby, that was fantastic,' Dan told Tom as he collapsed onto Dan's chest and they kissed. When Dan looked over at Jim he said, 'Dad, this afternoon it's your turn to fuck me.'

'That will be my third first,' I said.

Mid afternoon, Dan came to me knelt before me sucking my soft cock into his mouth. It quickly stiffened and when it did, Dan lay back and raised his legs. 'Fuck me, Dad.'

I decided to go all the way. I licked his balls, sucked on his cock some then began eating his ass. Hell, if he could do it so could I. I found that it was a hot turn on and he seemed to like it also. Soon, I had the head of my cock against his ass ring, slowly pushing forward. Suddenly the heqd popped in and Dan squealed 'Oh fuck yea, Dad. Go all the way.'

I slid my cock into his love chute until my balls slapped against his ass. It felt fantastic, all hot, wet, and erotic. I looked down and watched my cock slid in and out of my son's ass as I fucked his hole.

'Oh dad, that feels so fucking good. Don't stop. You're going to make me cum but I want to hold off until you're ready and we can cum together.'

'I'll let you know,' I said as Tom came up and shoved his hard cock into Dan's mouth. My son now had both his holes filled with cock. As I fucked I looked at Dan and said, 'Let me have it while I fuck you.'

He released the cock and Tom turned to me and I swallowed the hard cock as I continued to fuck my son. Tom began to spasm and shoot his hips forward, emptying his load into my mouth. I hungrily swallowed and quickly told Dan that I was ready.

'So am I. NOW!' he screamed as his cock began to throb and shoot out rope after rope into his face, hair, and chest.

My own cock took the hint and erupted violently blasting Dan's insides with my hot cum. I didn't think it was ever going to stop.

'Fuck dad, how much did you shoot? It went on forever and I loved it. I got so hot watching you suck Tom off.'

We helped Dan up and as we did we began laughing at the cum dripping from his ass and running down his legs. We all went inside and into the large shower where we washed each other down.

Afterwards, we all collapsed in the bed and, cuddled together, slept for a while exhausted.

Upon wakening, I kissed Dan passionately and realized that I had ignored Tom. I then leaned to him and kissed him with the same passion. He eagerly returned it.

We fixed dinner and ate and after we cleaned things up, I looked at Dan and said, 'Now I want my fourth first.'

'And what's that?' he asked.

Smiling, I looked at him and said, 'I want you to fuck me.'

'Dad, are you sure? The first time will hurt like hell.'

'Yes, I'm sure. I can take it and besides, I want to see why you both found it so enjoyable.'

The thought of Dan fucking his dad was turning him on. I could see his cock steadily rising to the occasion. He led me to the bed and had me lay down and raise my legs. Grabbing a tube of lube from his bag, he got between my legs. He coated my hole with lube and inserted one finger, applying lube inside me.

He finger fucked me a while then inserted two fingers, then later three, then eventually all four fingers. I felt like my ass was stretched so much it would never return to normal. Tom lubed up Dan's cock as Dan looked at me and said, 'You ready?'

'Yes, fuck me.'

With that, he placed the large mushroom head of his cock against my hole and began to push. I could feel my ass ring give way to the assault and suddenly the cock head popped in.

'Awwwwwww, fuck,' I screamed.

'I warned you. Just hold on and relax,' he said. He held still and after a couple of minutes the initial pain began to subside.

'Better?' he asked.

'Yea, it's getting there.'

He then began working back and forth slowly, going a little deeper with each forward thrust. At some point, my body felt like an electrical shock went through me.

'What was that?' I asked.

'I rubbed your love nut, your prostate. Felt good didn't it?'

'Fuck yea,' I said and he did it again. He continued deeper and soon I felt his large nut sack rest against my cheeks.

'That's all of it,' he said.

'Holy shit, is your whole cock up my ass?'

'Yea, how does it feel?'

'Great. Full but good.'

'Ok, now get ready. I'm about to fuck you good and proper.'

And he did and I moaned and begged for more. I had no idea that having a cock up your ass could feel so good. And he worked my love nut good and proper and soon had me climaxing out onto my stomach as I sucked Tom's cock. Tom shot at the same time that Dan did. I was receiving hot cum in both holes at the same time. When it was over, Dan slowly withdrew and asked how it was.

'Son, it was fantastic. I didn't know it could feel so good to have a cock up the ass.'

'Well, that is your fourth first but there is more we can show you in time.'

'Such as?'

'Don't rush it,' he replied and kissed me.

The entire next day was spent sucking and fucking. They each fucked me twice and I sucked both of them as often as I could. I fucked both and the both sucked me.

The following day as we sat by the lake, Dan looked at me and said, 'Dad, have you ever heard of water sports?'

'Like water skiing?'

'Not exactly. Water sports to us is piss play.'


'Why don' we show you.' Dan stood and walked over to Tom and without warning began pissing all over him, including his face and into his mouth. I watched as Tom swallowed what went into his mouth. When Dan finished, Tom did the same to him. I watched as my own son opened his mouth and accepted and swallowed Tom's piss.

'Mother fuck!' I exclaimed. 'How did all that start?'

'We had a three way with another guy at school and he drinks it straight from the hose. We put our cock in his mouth and start pissing and he drinks every drop. He loves it.'

'Damn. Is it another student?'

'Uh, no. It's Mr. Cooper, one of the football coaches. I was thinking of inviting him to come with Tom and I next time we visit.'

'Son, let's see. Maybe I'll decide this is not for me and if so, I wouldn't be interested.'

'No problem. You can let us know.'

'But how did it start with you two?'

'He made us curious and we started by tasting our own and pissing in our own mouths first, then we started tasting each others. The clearer it is the better. The dark yellow is pretty strong.'

The rest of the day was fucking and sucking. We left and headed home the following day. I have no idea how many loads of cum I had taken into my stomach or up my ass, but I wasn't complaining.




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