They broke camp and headed home. Jim and Dan were now closer than they had ever been before due to the sex that they had shared. Once arriving back at the house, they unloaded their gear and went inside. Immediately all three began stripping. This would be their last evening together for a while.

'When do you think you guys will be back for a visit?' Jim asked.

'Probably not till the end of the semester. We were hoping to take the summer off and come home and work for Mr. Johnson.'

'Great, I'll let him know. You know how much he thinks of you.'

They fixed lunch followed by a round of hot wild sex that continued most of the afternoon. After dinner, Dan took Tom and showed him around town while Jim contemplated what had happened over the last few days.

'I'm gay. There's no doubt about it,' I thought, realizing how much I had enjoyed sucking their cocks and eating their big loads and fucking their hot asses and having them fuck him. 'I wonder if it will be the same if I have sex with another guy?'

Just as I was getting ready to go to bed they returned.

'Well, how was your evening?' I asked.

'Great. We rode around and I showed Tom the high school and where you worked. Then we rode out the highway toward the truckstop. Next to it, they have opened an adult video store. Dad, you won't believe it. Some of the booths have big glory holes between the booth.'

'Have what?' I asked.

'Glory holes. That's a hole in the thin wall between booths where a guy can stick his cock through and get sucked by the guy in the other booth. You need to check it out.'

'Hummm. I just might. What kind of movies do they show?'

'You name it. Gay, straight, bi, trans. You pay a flat entry fee and can stay up to six hours. there are about thirty five movies you can pick from by just using the up and down buttons.'

I filed the information back in my brain and we went to sleep.

The next morning after fixing breakfast for the two of them, I sucked them both off. Dan sucked me and I watched as he kissed Tom and shared my load with him.

I hugged them both as they got into Dan's car. Tom gave me an extra hug saying, 'Thanks for everything. I love you, Dad.'

'I love you too son.' I now considered Tom my 'adopted' son.

They headed out with me saying, 'Call me when you get there.' They promised they would.

As soon as they called and told me that they were back on campus I breathed a sigh of relief. It was a Saturday and I wasn't due back in the office until Monday. I decided to check out the video store. I wondered if there would be any activity this late in the afternoon.

I made the normally ten minute drive in about seven minutes. As i pulled up, I saw a trucker walking over from the truck stop. He was good looking with a nice dark moustache and goatee, well built, with thick dark chest hair showing in his partially unbuttoned shirt. He looked to be about my age. I was turned on by his tight jeans and wondered what it would be like to have sex with a man close to my own age.

I parked and went in, paid my entry to the arcade. I noticed the trucker looking at some videos. Our eyes met and he smiled slightly and headed for the cashier. I went on into the arcade. Paying the entry, he casually followed me into the arcade. I was turned on thinking that he might be interested in me.

I watched as he casually followed me around the hallways. There weren't many people walking around and I found a booth and noticed the glory hole. I stepped in and locked the door.

Looking around, I noticed a small hole about the size of a pencil above the glory hole. As I peeked thru it, I heard someone enter the booth. I watched and waited. It was the trucker.

There was a gay movie playing in my booth and I would grab a quick glance at it while peering through the small hole. The driver selected a movie and began to rub his crotch. He reached up, unbuttoned his shirt the rest of the way and took it off. Damn, was he built. My cock twitched and got harder. I slowly opened my jeans and slid them down releasing my cock from it's confines. I watched as he did the same. He began stroking his hard cock and playing with his nipples. I decided to go for broke.

I knelt down at the glory hole and moved my face close. Dan had said that guys that wanted to suck you would put their mouth to the hole, open it and wiggle their tongue. That's what I did.

After a brief moment, the driver stepped to the hose and slid his cock into my mouth. Fuck, it tasted good, and there was a slight nusky oder to his crotch. As I swallowed his cock, I heard him moan softly. I sucked slowly, savoring the stranger's cock, yet I wanted to taste his load.

After a few minutes, he pulled back and squatted down. My mouth was still pressed to the hole. Suddenly, I felt his lips and tongue against mine through the hole. We kissed a moment before he whispered, 'Let me suck you.'

I stood and slid my hard cock through the hole. The driver quickly swallowed my cock running his tongue all around the head. After a few minutes he stopped and said, 'Let's go to a private booth. Follow me.'

He slipped on his shirt and we both pulled up our jeans and stepped out. I followed and when he went into a large private booth I followed. He quickly locked the door.

'You come here often?'

'It's my first time,' I whispered. 'And to be honest, I've only been doing this sort of thing for a week.'

'Just finding yourself?' he asked.

'Yea, I guess so but I do like what I've experienced.'

He leaned toward me and as we wrapped our arms around each other we kissed passionately, rubbing each other's toned tight muscles.

After some more sucking, he said, 'Hey, why don't we go back to my truck and get in the sleeper where we can get comfortable.'

'Okay, sure.'

We made ourselves presentable and walked out, me following a discreet distance behind. Once outside, he turned to me and said, 'I'm Mark.'

'Jim,' I replied.

'So you're new to male sex, huh?'

'Yea. Believe it or not, my son admitted to me last weekend that he was gay and turned me on to it. I had had feelings and he helped me bring them to the surface. And am I ever glad he did.'

'Damn, your son? I have to hear this story.'

I gave Mark a quick shortened version as we walked back to the truckstop.

'Man, that is so fucking hot. I'm through here once a week and would love to watch you two get it on sometime.'

'Well, maybe we can work it out sometime,' I answered as he unlocked his truck.

We climbed in and went back into the sleeper, closing the privacy curtains.

As we undressed I noticed that he was wearing a wedding band.

'You married?' I asked.

'For right now yes, but that is going to end soon and I'm glad. She's found someone else and wants a divorce, and since I prefer gay sex, I'm all for it, but she doesn't know anything about my life on the road.'

By now we were naked and groping each other's cocks. As we kissed and cuddled Mark said that after the divorce he was going to ask for a transfer to the local terminal and see if he could go on local deliveries instead of the long haul.

We soon were in a sixty-nine with me relaxing my throat as Dan had taught me so as to swallow Mark's nine inch uncut cock. I succeeded and he moaned with pleasure. He in turn swallowed mine. We both sucked hungrily and soon we were feeding each other huge loads of cum. after we both swallowed the sweet thick man juice that had been fed to us, we lay and cuddled.

'Are you in a hurry, Jim?'

'No, not at all. Why?'

'Normally all I find around here are either old farts or young feminine guys. It's so fucking nice to find someone like you that I'd like us to have another go at it. I'd really love for you to fuck me.'

'I'd be glad to if you'll fuck me in return.'

'It would be my pleasure,' he answered with a smile.

'Are you going to be here all night?' I asked.

'Yea, why?'

'Why don't we go to my place. It's not more than ten minutes away.'

'Fuck, let's go.'

We dressed and walked back to the adult video and climbed into my jeep. Fuck, I couldn't believe I was taking a guy home for sex. Wait until I told Dan about this.

We got home and immediately stripped and went out onto the deck each with a beer in our hands.

As we lay on the big double chaise, Mark turned to me and said, 'Jim, I know we just met but I'd really like to see you every week when I lay over here.'

'I don't see a problem with that at all,' I answered.

He smiled and kissed me. Grabbing my rapidly hardening cock he said, 'I'm ready to have that up my ass.'

I went inside and retrieved some lube that Dan had left and a couple of condoms.

Mark said the condoms weren't necessary as he was clean but if I wanted to use them it was okay and that he understood. I laid them aside. He smiled softly and quickly centered himself on the lounge and raised his legs. I greased his ass and my cock and began my insertion. As my cock entered the hot love chute, he moaned and said, 'Oh fuck yea. It's been a while and I'd almost forgotten how fucking good it felt. Fuck my pussy, stud.'

I did with complete abandonment, driving in all the way and pulling back until I was almost out.

Mark rolled his head from side to side saying how good it felt.

As I fucked his hot tight hole he said, 'Fuck, Jim, I want this every week. It will be yours only if you'll fuck me at least twice every trip.'

'You got it,' I answered, adding and now get ready for the mother load. I shoved in and my cock exploded sending huge spurts of cum deep into his bowels.

'Oh fuck, yea. That feels so good shooting in me.'

When I was drained, I smiled and said, 'My turn.'

We changed positions and soon he was entering me, slowly burying his entire cock deep inside me.

'Fuck me baby,' I said.

With the same gusto I had used he fucked my ass. It didn't take him long before he let out a yelp and sprayed his hot load inside me.

Afterward we ate a bite of supper and after another sixty-nine, he shared my bed for the night. The next morning before taking him back to the truck stop, there was another round of mutual fucking.

As I dropped him off, I gave him my cell number and told him he damn well better call me when he was back in town.

He smiled and said, 'Baby, you're going to have an overnight guest every week.'

'I hope so.' I answered.

I had found out that Mark was only two months younger than me. I wondered if things would go any further than our weekly sex meetings.

On Monday, I went into the office and Mr. Johnson called me and said that he wanted to see me in his office at one that afternoon.

When I arrived, he greeted me and said, 'Jim, you know Brad Thomas, the company lawyer.'

I nodded to the young attractive lawyer sitting in front of Mr. Johnsons desk.

'How are you doing Brad? It's been a while.'

'Yes it has and it has been a while,' he replied with a gentle smile. 'Too long in fact.'

'Gentlemen, I've called you here for a purpose. A couple of weeks ago I had some test run and Friday I got the results. It's not good news. I have terminal cancer and the doctor said I only have a month or so left.'

Brad and I were in total shock.

'Isn't there anything that can be done?' I asked.

'No, it's far too advanced. Jim, you know that you are the beneficiary and will receive everything I own. To avoid the inheritance tax, Brad I want you to draw up papers for the sale of the company, my home, and my acreage to Jim for the total sum of ten thousand dollars. Jim, I've already checked your profit sharing and you can well afford it.



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