It's nearly time to take doggie for a walk. Andy was

preparing delivery boy Shane Cook for that role right at that

very moment. Shane was an insolent little punk, 5'6' tall

and with a very cocky square jawed face in a permanent pout.

His dark hair was shaven at the sides and gelled up on top

into two broad bands, one jet black, one blond. He already

looked like a Labrador with that stupid hairdo. A barbed wire

left bicep tattoo and a nipple ring finished the look. When

he had finished unloading the milk, Andy announced to 20 year

old bubble-butted Shane that today he was going to play

Doggie. Reluctant though Shane was he knew he'd earn an

extra 20 if he went along with the game, but in any case he

knew it was pointless to try to escape, as he was still

wanted having jumped bail at his last court appearance. His

forlorn punky look meant he had to go along with the ride. It

was now 8pm and the supermarket was closed apart from very

special male customers who wanted to watch depraved acts

performed my fit, handsome, cocky young men against their

will. They could still do their shopping, so that their wives

and partners didn't suspect anything, but they could ogle

and play with the Soopersava Pets at the same time. The black

shutters came down as the last of Timmy's schoolmates left

the building. A number of male shoppers entered the

supermarket from a rear entrance, their erections bobbing in

their jeans. Shane protested as he was made to wear an

elastic headband with two flapping doggie ears dangling, a

half inch elastic waistband with an erect bushy tail sticking

up at the back, and little fur paws and claws on his hands

and feet.

'There's a good doggie Shane!' laughed Andy, as Shane

squirmed in embarrassment. 'Down on all fours for drinkies,

that's a good boy!' Shane was forced to drink water from a

plastic bowl with his name under a bone image. It was

hilarious. Some of the paying customers marvelled at him as

he drank from the bowl, his tail sticking up erect above his

puckered, shaved little asshole.

'Isn't he cute,' laughed one, as he patted him on the

behind. A black, shiny doggie nose was attached with an

elastic band and he now really looked ready for walkies.

Timmy came along to attach Shane's collar and lead around

the store, much to the amusement of the customers and the, as

yet, still clothed pets.

'It's such fun to watch these little dirty punks made to

behave like idiots,' laughed 72 year old customer Angus

Arnold. 'Do you mind if I masturbate his penis? I'd like to

see him do a doggie walk with a nice big erection. It would

be fun.'

'Certainly not, you play with his doggie knob Angus, I'm

sure we'd all like to see it, wouldn't we Shane?'

'Fuck off you pervs,' shouted Shane in his stupid outfit

with his cock and balls exposed.

'Oh dear, Doggie has forgotten that he can only bark and go

woof woof,' said McCormack, as he strapped a red ball gag to

the stupid fuck's mouth so that he could only growl or

murmur his responses. He gave Shane's smooth, curvaceous

butt a couple of nice smacks two, and the erect tail bobbed

about for everyone's amusement. Angus quickly felt under the

boy's stomach and started jacking on the enormous cock for

everyone's amusement. Soon, completely against Shane's

will, his horny penis started to erect and soon reached his

full potential of 8 inches. As Timmy embarrassedly walked

Timmy round the store, his nude cock bounced excitedly

against his abs and helpless Shane trailed a string of precum

mess all across McCormack's nice new supermarket floor.

'Look what that fucker is doing to my clean floor' yelled

McCormack, as he kicked Shane up the ass, eliciting a loud

growl through the muzzle and laughter from the other pets,

who were made to fetch a cloth to clean up. Suddenly, Shane

stopped and his ass quivered. He bowed his legs out, blushed

and moaned through the muzzle as his bright red cherry anus


'I think doggie is going to have a shit!' laughed Andy.

Shane was indeed desperate to take a dump and the onlookers

howled with merriment as Shane's anus swelled and the first

turd appeared at the tip. Shane bellowed into the gag as he

took his shit, still with a full hardon. Five golden turds

plopped out of his ass onto the floor. McCormack was beside

himself and when Shane had quite finished, he pushed the

lad's face in his own cack to make sure he didn't do it

again. With shit stuck to his own face, Shane was paraded

around the store. Andy rammed a parsnip up his ass to make

sure he didn't have any more little accidents. Then it was

time for the doggie fuck. Andy brought out a big latex doggie

with it's ass in the air ready for fucking. Shane was

motioned over to give the thing a big doggie pounding with

his stiff dick as a crowd gathered round. Poor little grunt

Shane mounted the obscene latex doggie ass as his butt flexed

and the parsnip dropped out. The temperature was high and

Shane began to sweat and grunt as he fucked the doggie. The

onlookers cheered and clapped to the rhythm, as the ass

flexed deliciously and the randy boy fucked the hell out of

the doll. He grunted and bucked for the lads. He shamelessly

rammed the hole and started to squeal as he came. He reared

up and as he pulled his cock out of the rubber anus a splat

of cum arced forwards and splattered all over the latex.

Shane panted as his balls tensed up and down and more and

more spoo bolted out of his dirty cock. A huge round of

applause as the doggie spent himself.

Shane was led back to the back offices as the gents were told

that Angus Babcock's two grandsons were ready to play in the

hot room. Angus's geriatric friends, ten of them, were led

in and made their way to the armchairs, some with walking

sticks, to get ready for the show. Angus's grandsons gulped

nervously as they heard chuckling. Sett was 18 and Bobby was

19. They had been caught by their grandfather jacking off in

their bedroom while staying over with him during this week

while their parents were away. Angus had decided they wanted

punishing, and it was either telling their father what they

had been up to, or agreeing to come along to McCormack's

gang and play at sex games for the older men. Bobby was only

5'4', but cute as can be, just one year older than his

brother. The hot room was heated up to over 90 degrees as it

was fun when the boys got sweaty. 10 armchairs for the

viewers had been arranged around a 12 foot childrens'

paddling pool filled with slippery baby oil. Bobby came in

wearing a black T shirt embazed with the message 'FUCK HIGH

SCHOOL', blue jeans and a chunky wrist and neck chain. His

cap bore the FCUK logo and he had his hands shoved in his

pockets. His brother Sett, cropped blond hair, silver chain

and pretty pouting face was just as cocky in khaki cargo

trousers, white trainers, cheap sunglasses balanced on his

head, with a grey baseball cap, grey short sleeved Nike

shirt and a cocky smirk. Applause as they entered the hot

room and started to sweat in their street gear, caps and

sneakers. They looked nervous. Angus explained that the lads

had been off to see their girlfriends and were dressed to

impressed in their 'best' clothes.

'But I had other ideas and brought them straight here for

you. They've both even washed and put on their cheap, shitty

aftershave for your benefit!'

Of course, it wasn't for their benefit, it was for their

girlfriends' benefit. But their girlfriends would be looking

at their watches by now, and dumping their stupid boyfriends

by the morning. Angus and his mates thought it all highly


'Would you like to strip off for us, lads?' suggested

Angus. They shook their heads disobediently.

'Well then, there's no choice,' laughed Angus, who used

toe be a PE instructor in the 50s and hadn't lost much of

his strength. He grabbed Bobby's shirt and ripped it clean

off his back, revealing a sexy white Y back singlet beneath,

and the gold chain that showed off his neck muscles and

glistened in the artificial light.

'Hey granddad you fucker, that was my best shirt!'. With

that he ripped off Bobby's sexy black FCUK top and revealed

his smooth, hairless torso. He then suddenly whipped Sett's

sunglasses of his cocky head and threw them against the wall,

where they smashed in two. He pulled Bobby's prize baseball

cap off and threw it to one of his friends.

'A little souvenir of tonight's show, laughed Angus. One of

his geriatric friends, Gus, put the cap on and modelled it

for the others. Bobby wouldn't be getting that back! As the

lads sulked, heir granddad took a pair of garden shears to

the top of the seat of Bobby's trousers and snipped them

open, clean through the belt, so they dropped to the floor in

an instant. The crowd wolf whistled and went wild as they saw

that Bobby had intended to impress his girlfriend with a

little mauve thong. Applause and laughter as Bobby blushed in

his kinky gear, his big cock clearly outlined and the whole

of his rear exposed by the sexy g string. Next, the same

treatment for Sett, whose trousers were rent in two by the

clippers and dropped to the floor, exposing his sizeable

package in a sexy pair of sky blue briefs and smooth legs.

The audience laughed as they saw the words 'BIG BOY'

written on the front of the briefs.

'Ha ha! Just how big we will have to see later, teased Angus

to a chorus of 'Awww' from his friends as the two lads were

led behind a screen in their trainers and briefs.

Angus instructed the two hooligans to strip off behind a

black curtain and slip into their new uniforms. He was going

to make sure these two were humiliated good and proper ...- his

friends had made all this effort to come up and see them and

he was going to make damn sure his grandsons put on a good

show. The lads squirmed as they took off their underpants and

sneakers, so that they stood there in just their chunky gold

scally neck chains. Next, sighs of grief as Angus produced

their new, sexy little costumes. To start off they were going

to be humiliated and made to parade as majorettes in front of

the old men. The lads were mortified, but nevertheless

realised they were locked in and would have to endure it.

Hunky little Sett was given a canary yellow majorettes'

outfit, basically like a girl's swimming costume with very

brief cut knickers and a yellow pleated skirt which showed

ass in the traditional manner whenever the wearer swung

round. The hem of the outfit was finished off with matching

yellow fur trim. He would look adorable in this, along with

his matching majorette top hat with erect feather and his new

yellow sneakers. Bobby was forced into the exact same type of

outfit, except his was baby pink. That would teach them a

lesson. Both of them protested as they were forced into the

sissy uniforms, Sidney laughing at their predicament as they

were given their twirling batons and told that they were to

emerge in front of the audience and curtsey to the gentlemen.

'Gentlemen, please welcome our glamorous girly majorettes,

Sett and Bobby!' yelled Angus. Wolf whistles and laughter as

the two naughty brothers were ushered out and forced to

curtsey to the old homosexuals.

'Curtsey at the rear as well girls, and lift up your little

dresses so the gents can see your cute asses! You better play

along with this or I'll tell your parents I found your stash

of pussy mags and that I found you masturbating'.

'Sorry gramps,' offered Sett, blushing as he showed his ass

for the men.

'Too late for sorry, young fellow me lad. Should have

thought of that well before you started playing with those

teenage penises of yours. The lads were shocked at being told

off like this in front of their grandad's friends, who only


'Well, here are my cocky lads. They'd love to play at sex

games for you, wouldn't you lads?' , said their

grandfather. Angus was nearly 73 and he was going to richly

enjoy getting his own back on these two cocky little fucks.

The two lads gazed down, knowing there was no choice. Angus

then started up a CD of marching music, beginning with

Colonel Bogey and In The Mood, and got the lads to march on

the spot, twirling their stupid batons. The old boys laughed

along and the two lads started to sweat profusely in the hot

room as the temperate reached over 90 degrees and they

concentrated on marching ...- 'in time, in time girls!'

yelled Angus, as the slapped their bottoms for good measure.

'Da-da, da-da da dad a daaaa......' went the terrible music.

Their little skirts flounced and showed their cock mounds as

they marched, and Angus lifted them at the back so that the

men could get a good glimpse of the boys' tough asses

flexing to the beat.

'Start twirling those batons. Each time you drop one you

will pay a little forfeit girls,' bleated Angus. The lads

looked at each other as they marched standing in the paddling

pool and bit their lips with embarrassment. One of the old

men squired some baby oil in the pool so it was harder for

them to stand straight. Laughter rang out as the boys hopped

unsteadily about in the yellow childrens' pool. Cute fucker

Bobby was the first to drop his baton.

'......and stop marching!' ordered Angus, as he temporary

stopped the moronic majorette music. 'This naughty little

girl has dropped her baton!' he mocked,as he slapped sexy

Bobby behind the head and on the butt. 'What shall we do

with her? How about....... A pint of vegetable oil down her


'I said SHALL I?' roared Angus, like a circus clown, as

Bobby winced and his granddad stuck a funnel in the top of

his majorette's outfit and a short stick between the boy's

smooth chest and the outfit so that it poured right down

inside the fabric and aimed for his cock.

'Yessss!' came back the roar of the onlookers. Patches of

sweat were appearing all over the boys' outfits, making them


'OK then!' chuckled Angus, as he tipped the contents of a

whole bottle of oil down the front of poor Bobby's frock. He

bowed his legs as the disgusting liquid trickled all down his

tight body and rendered the front panel of the outfit

virtually see-through.

'Ooh look lads,' guffawed Angus, as he lifted up the canary

yellow skirt of Bobby's outfit, 'you can see her pussy and

everything!' Hollers of approval as the outline of Bobby's

chunky penis and balls was outlined against the fabric. Even

his stupid brother couldn't resist a grin at Bobby's

expense. Bobby looked at him disgustedly and muttered

'wanker' under his breath.

'Oh, you think it's funny to drop the baton, do you Sett?'

snarled Angus. 'Well, let's see how you like this. Circus

style he whipped off Sett's pink majorette hat, poked a

little hole in the top, and filled the cap with whipped

cream. The onlookers egged him on. Angus jammed the hat over

the cute fucker's shaven head and the cream shot out in a

six foot arc through the little hole, like a giant cock

cumming. It was hilarious and everyone but Sett laughed, as

the hat was pushed right down over his pouting mouth. Angus

turned the music up again and made them both continue

marching and twirling like stupid girls. Eventually, Bobby

came off balance and bumped into Sett. Both of them dropped

their batons and slipped into the pool.

'Dead heat!' declared Angus, as everyone giggled and one of

the onlookers squirted baby oil at the two helpless brats in

the pool.

'Get out of those costumes and it's fifty nude jumping

jacks each!' barked Angus. The lads looked horrified and the

granddads smiled with glee. They were going to see the cocky

bastards' bouncing cocks at last.

'You know what will happened if you don't!' warned Angus,

as the hapless pair stripped nude for the old boys' prurient

pleasure. They watched and inspected the brace of youthful

cocks. Both had freshly shaved their pubic hair for their

girlfriends. Both were full of spunk for their girlfriends,

but it wasn't going to be their girlfriends that got it.

'Look at those big cocks, lads!' squealed Angus. Both must

have been five inches, even soft, and they looked enormous on

these two lads, who were both pretty short. In fact, they

were pretty all round. Pretty boys putting on a show for the

elderly. Angus was in heaven as he played the Pointer Sisters

'JUMP' loudly and the old men clapped along as the lads

jumpin' jacked. They counted the jumps 26-27-28-29....... The

lads got sweatier and sweatier as their cocks flapped against

their bellies and got harder and harder with the force. By

the time they reached 50 there was a roar from the onlookers

as they realised both boys' cocks had reached full erection.

'Look Bobby, your cock is completely hard! Is your brother

turning you on, you cheeky fuck?' laughed Angus, as he tied

the lad's hands behind his back

'Hey, what's going on?' yelled Bobby, as his cock danced

and precum dribbled out.

'He's dribbling!' shouted Gus as he pointed at the teen's

wet cock. Angus secured Sett's hands behind his back too and

then pushed his cock down to make it spring up and whack his

stomach, just to show the guys how horny his stud grandsons

actually were.

They're dying to get off, look!' shouted Angus, as he

bounced Bobby's cock too. 'Shall we make them cum, lads?'

giggled Angus.

A huge chorus of 'yessss!' as Angus made the lads climb

into the paddling pool with their hands tied behind their

back. Gus squirted a huge amount of baby oil over the boys as

the audience ogled and pulled their armchairs up round the


'The boys are going to play sex for you all,' announced

Angus. 'They have ten minutes to make each other cum, and

they have to do it by rubbing up against each other.

'Do you understand that lads?' A rueful nod of agreement

from the horny duo as they resigned themselves to squirming

in the oil to get each other off and out of their horrible


'Ready, steady, go!' shouted Angus as the crowd were

delighted to be rewarded with the sight of two of the sexiest

teenage brothers imaginable squirming and writhing against

each other's delicious, lithe, athletic, young, muscled


'Ooh you filthy fucker!'

'Aargh you bastard'

The two sexy brawlers flexed and showed off their asses,

cocks and holes as they jabbed each others' cocks at each

others' stomachs and legs.

'The loser gets more treatment!' shouted Angus, as he slid

a gelled butt plug up each boy's ass to encourage them to a

big gusher. The two teens suddenly realised they could get

out of that if they came together. As they writhed against

each other, both found that they got most excited as their

cockheads entwined. They both kneeled and squirmed back on

their pink butt plugs and bounced cockheads as the audience

drooled open-mouthed at the young fertile mens' display of


'Ohh fuck,' shouted Bobby, as he jabbed his brother's


'jab it, jab it, you fuck,' shouted Sett, keen to get his

cock off. Suddenly and with no warning, both boys' cocks

began to spew out wads of cream. It spurted up from one

brother on to the other's chest and vice versa. Great ropes

of hot cum splattered the athletic boys' chests and dribbled

down into their metal nipple rings. Both let out gasps of

orgasmic joy as their semen spewed all over their legs and

trickled into the pool. It had been a hell of a show. A round

of applause form the granddads. Angus laughed, slapped them

both round the face and said they could go and greet their

girlfriends by running home in their underpants. Sett and

Bobby were only to pleased to get out of their naked to avoid

granddad squealing to their parents.

Angus, though, promised that the show wasn't over yet. There

were a couple more acts still to come. Firstly, Gus announced

that he had caught his 18 year old grandson Mick trying to

screw his 15 year old underage girlfriend. Gus had threatened

to go to the police unless Mick agreed to come along tonight

and put on a little show of masturbation for granddad and his

dirty old men. Angus introduced Gus, an athletic, 5'11'

cheeky fuck with taut muscles and large masculine biceps. He

was bare chested with a No.2 crop and a brass ring in each

ear. A real macho stud, or so he thought. His sky blue boxers

and grey waistband extended three inches above the waistband

of his grey jeans, which were slung half way down his ass.

Massive unlaced baseball boots on his feet. As he swaggered

in, sneering, ready for his punishment, Gus asked for an

audience volunteer to jerk the brat off. Hands shot up. Gus

thought that the oldest guest, 82 year old Henry, deserved

the treat, and Angus whipped the boy's jeans down to fully

expose the boxers. A quick yank and they too were down. The

young thug pouted as he stood there nude. Gus ordered him to

drape himself across Harry's lap with his right arm around

Harry's neck, so that the old man had the lad sprawled

across him ready to play with. Harry immediately started

fiddling with the boy's big cock and lush pubic bush. His

balls were big weighty fuckers too.

'Just so the big boy remembers not to cradle snatch, we

thought we'd make this a night for him to remember,'

laughed Gus, as he stuck a pacifier in Mick's gobby mouth

and a yellow baby bonnet on his head. The previously cocky

teen blushed with embarrassment as Harry fingered him to


'You will act like the big baby you are and address Harry as

Mister Henry, Michael,' ordered Gus. 'You will make

burbling baby noises and coo when you are about to cum,' he


Mick had little choice. 'Tell Mister Henry what you want,

Micky,' instructed Gus. 'Like a nice little boy.'

'I want cum cum,' burbled the thick jock. Everyone laughed

as Harry manipulated the brat's cock to full hardness and

played with the head. 'Ooh, play with my helmet Mister

Harry,' burbled Mick, hysterically.

After a few minutes, Mick was ready to explode and his balls

drew up to his cock. He cooed and cooed like a baby as Harry

wanked on his thick cock. Jets of cum bolted out of the young

rugby player's knob and the first one splattered right

across the stupid fuck's face. The second went over his

shoulder and the third caught him in the eye. A total of nine

big spurts roped all across his big chest, trickling into the

string of tattooed Chinese lettering down the left side of

his torso. A job done he jumped up, yelled 'dirty fuckers'

at the men, and slipped his shorts and jeans back on to leave

the men to pack up the show. A huge round of applause and

laughter from the onlookers.

'Last but certainly not least, I would like you all to meet

a young wrestler called Chris,' intoned Gus. 'I am also

glad to inform you that this show is going out live on the

internet and that we already have 28 fans logged on to see

this lad humiliated for their fun and entertainment.' A wolf

whistle and more applause from those present in the stifling

room. Gus explained that high jinks after winning a wrestling

tournament had led to Chris being arrested for throwing paint

at the windows of a neighbouring house. Gus had liaised with

Andy at the local police force and arranged for Chris to be

given a bit of treatment in return for not being handed in.

Chris had pleaded for leniency, which was fun in itself, but

the cruel sport of his own punishment was just about to begin

in front of paying spectators who would love to see the young

wrestler brought down to their level. First of all a couple

of photos of the young wrestler were shown to the men to whet

their appetite. Several licked their lips and nodded their

approval as they looked at the stunning 18 year old wrestler.

Dark blond, with hair swept forward and shaved to a number

two crop sides and back, Chris was every inch the athletic

hero, A crisp, well defined jaw and melt in the mouth rough

boy face, he was going to be fun to play with.

Gus led the lad into the room wearing his stunningly sexy

outfit as the chat room went wild with comments of

appreciation. He wore a purple Nike sleeveless tank top and

blue, silk, Adidas shorts with navy football socks and

matching 12 hole construction boots. What was most fun was

that his hands were handcuffed behind his back and his legs

shackled together with a six inch metal chain so that he

could barely shuffle along. It was priceless. Chris hollered

and swore at the lascivious crowd, which just made them love

it all the more.

'Shall we get this cutie out of his kit then lads?' roared

Gus, to a deafening wave of approval. Unable to move, Chris

almost sobbed as Gus took a huge pair of garden shears to the

lad's tank top and cut it straight up the back, ripping it

off his athletic torso to reveal a gold chain round his

studly neck. Above the shorts could be seen the waistline of

what looked like a very sexy pair of HOM briefs. Gus made the

lad turn round so the viewers at home and in the playpen

could have a good look at the visible line that the boy's

briefs cut right across the interior of the silky shorts.

Once again the audience grabbed their crotches in excitement

and shouted their approval.

'Wouldn't we all like to see inside this?' teased Gus.

'Fuckin' fuck off you load of fuckin' pervs,' retorted

the tough boy.

'My goodness we do know some big words, don't we,' mocked

one of the men in the audience, provoking a gob of spit from

Chris right across the room.

'Fuckin' fuck off, twat face, it's not fuckin' funny',

continued Chris.

'Oh no but it will be now,' laughed Gus as McCormack

entered to help steady the struggling youth and tie a bright

pink ball gag round his foul-mouthd face.

'That should shut the dirty bastard up,' giggled McCormack,

as Gus ripped away the boy's shorts to reveal a stunning

pair of flesh pink HOM bikini briefs, beautifully encasing

his obviously large cock and showing off his thick, athletic

wrestler legs to their best advantage. Gus forced the near

naked jock to revolve and show his ass off to the crowd so

that they could appreciate his firm, taut bubble butt.

'First of all I think we should wash his filthy mouth out

with a bar of old fashioned soap treatment,' continued Gus,

as he took a toothbrush, scraped it across some wet soap and

proceded to jab inside the cocky lad's mouth with it, making

him foam and choke around the bit gag. The older men present

all remember their own fathers washing their own mouths out

with soap after using foul language and it was great fun

watching this cocky lad getting the same treatment.

Gus then asked a few incredibly simple questions, such as

'what is the sum of two plus four, what is the capital of

Scotland and where would you find a lady's nipples'. Chris

burbled under his gag but was quite unable to answer, causing

howls of derision and laughter in the room and on the net.

'Oh dear it looks like we have a bit of a dumbo here. Dumbo

the elephant! Well, I wonder what sort of a trunk this one

has?' More snorts of amusement from the audience.

'First of all I think it's time for the dunce's cap. Such

an ignorant boy and such a wanker!' laughed Gus as the

lad's crystal green eyes begged for the humiliation to stop.

No chance. A large red and white, pointed hat with the pink

letter 'D' was jammed over his head, a strap fastening it

beneath his neck for reasons that would become clearer

shortly. In fact, closer inspection revealed that it was an

adapted traffic cone and as such pretty heavy. Here was the

school teen idol made to parade in front of old lecherous men

with a traffic cone on his head. He looked a rare sight.

McCormack stretched the fabric of the lad's briefs at the

rear and twanged it against his taut, pink bottom. His

tanline from swimming showed that he wore speedoes barely

less revealing than the underwear that was supposed to be

kept to show to his string of admiring girlfriends. Chris was

mortified that it was being shown off in this way. Gus poured

some baby oil down the back of the briefs and rubbed it in,

pulling the underwear half way down the lad's ass so that

everyone could see. Without warning, McCormack then ripped

the lad's pants off so that his cock swung free. A five inch

uncut beauty with a close knit surround of dark blond pubes

showed that this was one sexually experienced hunk.

'Who would like to see this hunk masturbated? Let's have a

show of hands!' Of course all the hands shot up and the

desire to see the boy shoot his sperm was enormous. Here he

was in the ridiculously large ball gag and boots, with the

dunce cap wedged on his head, and he was about to be whacked

off. Chris looked mortified as he was pushed onto his back

and a piece of chain rope from the ceiling threaded through

the bar connecting his feet. As McCormack and Gus pulled on

what looked like a separate rope, the audience gradually

realised that they were tugging on a pulley which was looped

through a metal hook on the ceiling and attached to the

defenceless lad's feet. He was going to be hauled upside

down, suspended from the ceiling and jacked off. What a sight

to behold! Soon the ingenious contraption had the 5'8' tall

boy held upside down, the chin strap keeping his comedy cap

on, and Gus began to manipulate the impressively displayed

cock to hardon. Even in this state, it didn't take long to

get the sexually fully mature wrestler to full hardon. What

Chris suddenly realised was that not only was he going to be

forced to orgasm for these men's pleasure, but that if he

wasn't careful his semen was going to spray right in his own


Chris sorely regretted not wanking over the last couple of

days. He had been saving up a huge load of cum for his

girlfriend that night and now realised he was going to get

his own batter right in his own face. The audience simply

lapped it up and chanted in unision 'Wank him off, wank him

off'. With the amount of cum the young punk had stored up

over two days it wasn't long before he yelled into the ball

gag and streams of hot white fluid jetted out from his

swollen uncut penis. He baulked as he creamy liquid slapped

straight onto his face in one long rope of sexual released.

Huge blobs spattered the underside of the plastic traffic

cone and, due to the shape of the rim, trickled back straight

into the horny lad's own hair, face and eyes. A huge strand

of cum then landed right on the ball gag and slithered into

his own mouth. The camera captured every moment as the boy

writhed and displayed every muscle and sinew in his bid to

stop the embarrassment and the unique spectacle of being made

to shoot his own cum on his pretty face.

A huge round of applause and that wrapped up the show for the

day. It was time for well earned rest, but not for long. As

Chris was unfurled and given a sound spanking to teach him a

lesson for the paint throwing escapade, he was let off with a

caution from Andy. Soon another day of fun in the Soopersaver

supermarket was about to dawn.

Part 7 to follow.



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