McCormack surveyed the stripper's booth. Sexy young athlete Scott

entered from the shop side and a small crowd of women started through the

window at the scene. They laughed themselves silly when they saw Scott's

ludicrous and embarrassing fruit costume. He stood on a small mirror disc

about two feet wide, set in the centre of synthetic grass draped over

orange crates. Fruit of various shapes decorated the grass. At the front

of the booth, the words 'MY FRUIT IS GOOD FOR YOU' were emblazoned.

Poor Scott had no idea who was looking through the one-way mirror at him,

and McCormack went round the back to call at him to start bumping and

grinding and to put on a real sexy show for the ladies, stripping to full

nudity over 40 minutes before he could take a breather.

'It'll bring a touch of fun and titillation to the store, and you are

going to be providing it son,' he laughed, as he started up the dancing

music, all of it fruit related, of course, and starting with Prince's

'Peach', then the 'Banana Splits' theme, U2's 'Lemon', a bit of

'Cherry Oh Baby' and so on. The excited lady shoppers burst into the

store as Andy White re-opened the store and rushed straight up to

Scott's stripper booth to see him tease them with his sexy routine and

shout 'Off Off Off' at him. They giggled as he was forced to reveal his

sexy, athletic figure piecemeal. They clapped and stamped their feet.

They squealed in unison as he eventually got down to just his strawberry

shaped jockstrap. One of the women shoppers almost laughed herself silly

at that site, but of course McCormack was loving the embarrassment the

horny-looking lad was put through. The only thing that concerned him was

that while the show was going on, nobody was doing any shopping. He hated

to see profits down, so he signalled to the lad to get on with it and

whip his jockstrap off. Plenty of oohs and aahs and more laughter as the

red jock came off and Scott's giant cock, decorated with the chrome ring

in the bell end, was revealed. Scott shook his beautiful bubble butt

dressed only in purple trainers, lime green sports socks and a peach

coloured baseball cap. The show was starting to get even ruder as

Scott's penis got taut and started to erect. The women pointed and


'Wank it off!' shouted one older woman.

'Yeh show us yer spunk' jeered another.

McCormack was amused that they wanted the show to go that far and decided

yet again that the store had to be closed if he was now going to do a

wank show. It was too much. Those inside the store now knew what they

were getting into and they wanted to see the boy embarrass himself my

jerking his cock. He looked amazed to see them banging on the window of

his booth, laughing hysterically, as McCormack put the store closed sign

up, pulled down the shutters and motioned to Scott to wank off. As he

turned the 'open' sign to closed, he saw a couple of furious women in

their fifties with the two girls who had earlier witnessed Dale's

performance in the kilt as personal shopper. Well, person in-store sex

showboy, more like. They wanted to complain about him and the goings on

and demanded to be let in. McCormack let them in and took the two girls

and their mothers up the back way to his office. One of the women let out

a secret 'yessss' and they stifled a giggle. They secretly hoped that

they were going to get to see what their daughters had seen. All of them

wanted to see Dale's cock under that kilt again.

Meanwhile Scott's penis was at full erection and he was sneering cockily

at the women from the inside of his little arena. All the women clapped

in unison as the insolent lad whacked away on his cock. Without warning

he bucked his hips and cum spat out of his balls. Wads of hot cum

splattered up the sides of the glass booth and then right up the boy's

tight, smooth chest, where it dribbled down lewdly towards his smooth

abs. A round of applause and more laughter. Scott teased them even more

by scraping up some cum and having a taste of what he had just produced.

At that, Andy White let down the 'Juicy Fruit' purple curtain at the

front of the booth and ushered the coarse, cheering women away from the

show. They jabbered and cackled about the disgusting show boy and talked

about coming back again. Andy tipped Scott all of £5 after the women had

gone, and took a mobile call from McCormack asking him to bring Dale

upstairs to apologise to the women. McCormack was still imagining that

they really were there just to complain and he was looking forward to

rubbing Dale's sexy nose in it. Andy soon found Dale in his sexy kilt,

ass in the air, stacking bags of flour on a bottom shelf.

'Oi. Pet Dale,' barked Andy


'It's yes SIR'.

'Awright. Yes SIR then,'

'Don't answer me back boy,' retorted Andy. 'Just because you think

you're hot shit. There's been a complaint about your cock'.

'Never 'ad no fookin' complaints before,' snorted Dale, sneering as

Andy caught a glimpse of his big, juicy athletic ass beneath the kilt.

'Nevertheless,' continued Andy, 'I think it best we put you in a

shorter kilt to see if we can distract them'.

'No fookin' way' protested the shaven-headed thug.

'Come with me. You know what will happen if you don't go along with


'What?' yelled Dale, forgetting yet again.

'I will turn you in and you'll do time, mate, that's what. Anyway. £10

bonus for wearing a short kilt all day'.

'I'll do it'. Acquiescence for a bit of cash was a quick fix. Andy was

going to enjoy this and went to fit the lad up in a short tartan kilt

that barely covered his cock and ass. In his construction boots and white

vest he looked jaw-droppingly sexy. No underpants. Every time he took a

step the kilt revealed either the end of his cock or a swathe of athletic

ass or both.

The complaining women were impatient. Dale's heart pounded as he was led

into the office and the lascivious women eyed him from top to toe in his

scrumptious, sexy kit. McCormack winked at Andy when he saw the short

kilt, as if to say 'Nice one, mate'.

'These ladies are here with their daughters to complain about the

behaviour earlier today when you were shopping for Mr McCreadie. They

would like an apology. So go on, give them one'. One of the mothers

sniggered, thinking how much she'd like him to give her one. The 5'8'

piece of tattooed boysex meat started to stammer out an apology.

'Sorry if I gave any offence'.

'Tell them what you were doing, lad', insisted McCormack.

'I was shoppin' for that fookin' poof bloke', whined Dale.

'I think you mean our friend Mr McCreadie,' said Andy

'Yeah, him'.

'Well that's not all you were doing is it?' McCormack went on. 'Tell

these nice ladies what a disgusting thing you did'.

'Well you made me...' blabbered Dale

'I made you what?' McCormack interrupted. 'Go on, apologise for what

you did. And get down on one knee'.

The women and their daughters giggled as the sexy lad unknowingly exposed

his cock and balls as he bent down on one knee, his left leg high,

exposing a large amount of ass flesh as the kilt flapped back.

'I am sorry.' blurted Dale

'Sorry for what', went on McCormack.

'Sorry I wanked'. The sexy boi blushed. The women started to get

excited and lapped it up.

'I think you mean 'masturbated'', McCormack corrected.

'Masturbated then', sneered Dale.

'And what happened then? Tell the ladies and apologise' said White.

'I shot cum on the floor. I am really sorry,' whined the pathetic lad.

'You are twenty years old and still playing with your penis?' snorted


'Not normally cos I....' chirped Dale, eager to proclaim how he could

fuck whoever he wanted.

'It's pathetic, isn't it Tanya,' said one mother to the other.

'Grown up boy like him pulling on his cock. Makes you sick'.

'I'm s-s-sorry,' said Dale again. 'It wasn't my fault'.

'Oh then whose fault is it then? Sammy Davis Junior's?' mocked

McCormack. Everyone but Dale fell about laughing.

'Well, then ladies, we are all agreed that this insolent lad should be

punished. What sort of punishment are you going to want dished out?'

Dale looked pleadingly at McCormack, realising he was trapped in a room

with four women who wanted revenge.

'Well I think he should admit he's a dirty little boy who needs a

spanking', ordered Tanya, mock sincerely. McCormack, but not Dale of

course, was beginning to realise that the women wanted a show after all.

'Ask for a spanking then Dale,' he asked the humiliated lad.

'Please may I have my ass spanked,' spat Dale, reluctantly between

gritted teeth.

'You don't sound like you really want it. Say it again like you mean

it,' yelled McCormack as he got the lad to bend over his knee. He pulled

up the kilt over Dale's athletic, muscled back so that all four ladies

would get an eyeful of the painfully sexy ass being thwacked. Dale

repeated the request for punishment as McCormack lashed in and dished out

the smacks on the naughty pet's bottom. He made Dale count all twenty

strokes as his ass reddened. The punished boy lost count after five -- he

couldn't count much higher in any case -- and McCormack had to start all

over again, much to the hard-faced women's amusement.

Eventually all 20 spankings had been administered and the punished boy

stood up.

'Let that be a lesson to you'.

'Sorry sir. I won't do it again'.

'Apologise to the ladies, no to me', barked McCormack. Suddenly

McCormack and White heard clinking and banging sounds from the back of

the store and went to investigate.

'You can head out the back ladies, whenever you're ready. I'm very

sorry that pet Dale failed to give satisfactory service this morning'.

And with that, they both headed downstairs, leaving Dale to his fate with

the randy women.

'Twenty quid to wank one off', barked Tanya's friend Donna. She was

known as dirty Donna around town and had been desperate to see the lad's

cock get hard.

'Wot?' said the bemused Dale, who thought stupidly that they had really

come to complain. He had no idea what was going on. But then of course he

was just a silly pet in a fix.

'You stupid fucker,' continued Tanya, as the daughters giggled.

'We're gonna give you £20 of our housekeepin' to see you wank your

cock off here. Get it out'.

Once again the embarrassed boy had no choice but to do it. He couldn't

turn down £20.

'Strip off cuntface' yelled Donna, lapping it up as the boy took off

his vest and kilt. He couldn't turn down twenty pounds for a quick whack

off. Quickly he got his horny cock up and his metal neckchain clanked

sexily in time to his wanking fist.

'Told you mum,' laughed one of the girls, 'look at the size of his

dick'. Wait till you see him shoot his stuff.

'Sperm I think you mean,' cackled Donna.

'Yeh that's the stuff,' laughed Tanya.

Dale was soon at full erection and the women looked eagerly at the young

man pleasuring himself.

'Och he's makin' me clitty leak bad,' squealed Donna. 'Look at him

pump that thing!'

Soon they were encouraging him to have his orgasm in front of them before

McCormack came back.

'Go on shitface, squirt yer doins' all over yerself' laughed Tanya,


'Yeah cum all over yer tits you stupid cunt' yelled Donna.

With that, Dale moaned and his rock hard young penis started to shoot

baby batter juice all over his chest. His second cumshot of the day

squirted right up over his hard tits and onto his face. Donna couldn't

resist leaning over to grab a handful and lick it up before all four

decided to make a run for it.

'Quick, leg it' shouted Donna.

'Wot about my £20?' yapped Dale, as the cum dribbled down his smooth,

Adonis body.

'Ach ye'll have te catch us first,' squealed Donna. 'Can't see

you's runnin down the high street after us wi' spunk all down yer,'

she laughed as the four women headed out into the street. They screamed

hysterically as they had just got the stupid wanker to cum for them again

and left him there with cum all over himself and not even twenty quid to

show for it. Dale thrashed frustratedly at the stupid short kilt and

wiped his cum down with the vest. He thought he'd better get back on the

floor before McCormack found out and slid his cummy vest back on


Meanwhile downstairs, Andy White and McCormack were shocked to discover

pets Davey Dick and Donnie Buchanan at the back of the store, loading

crates of beer into the back of a van.

'Fuck it's McCormack,' yelled Donnie, who obviously hadn't learned

his lesson, 'scarper'. McCormack had mistakenly left the rear delivery

gates open and pressed the electronic switch to close them and stop

anyone escaping. He ran round to the front of the van to accost the two

accomplices in the front.

'So! Trying to lift my fuckin' beer are you? Who the hell are you two,


'I',' sputtered the lad in the driving seat, as his

mate tried to shy away.

'Sorry? Sorry? You fuckin' will be sorry. I wondered where those crates

of Supersava lager were going. Fuckin' full strength, too. Get out of

that van and come inside, the lot of you. You realise I could turn you

over straight away, don't you?'

'Sorry Sir.'

'Get out.'

McCormack's jaw hit the floor when he saw the clothes the driving lad

was wearing. All he had on was a tight nylon combat vest and matching

tight camouflage design pair of swim briefs, a chunky gold chain round

his neck, spiky, gelled blond hair, and black army boots with white

socks. A right tough little sexy fucker and dumb as could be imagined.

Just what McCormack was looking for.

'What's YOUR name, then?' barked McCormack.

'Stevie. Stevie McNievey.' McCormack laughed at the stupid rhyming name

as he slapped him hard across the buttocks.


'18. Nearly 19 sir. 19 next month.'

'You will do nicely.' The lad had a perfect, smooth body with pecs and

legs well developed for his age and the cutest ass imaginable.

'Nicely for what sir?' retorted the idiot boy.

'You'll find out. What's your little mate called?'

'Adam.' Adam was a 5'6' sexy runt of a cocky lad, buzzcut at the side

of his head and short, gelled forward on top. He told McCormack he was

19. He was completely bare chested and wore just a tight pair of jeans

and Doc Martens, a stud in his left ear and two metal chains dangling

round his sexy neck, one with a silver razor blade. A sexy pout and

dreamy eyes and a teddy bear tattoo over his right nipple. His abs

rippled with anxiety as he took deep breaths and wondered what was going

to happen.

'Right, come with me all four of you.' McCormack grabbed Stevie and

Adam by an ear each and the two pets in their uniforms followed with a

forlorn look on their face. Donnie chucked into a metal bin a bottle of

lager he had stolen earlier and put in his pocket. He was too stupid to

realise that wasn't going to save him.

'Where do you live, Stevie?' asked McCormack.

'Ain't got nowhere, been stayin' at me girlfriend's on an' off, or

with mates.'

'Oh, well, you can stay here for a couple of days. That should keep you

out of trouble for a bit. Mr White will take care of you. What about you

Mr Bigboy cocky shit Adam. Where do you live?'

'Bunked off the army. Been stayin' at Stevie's stepmum's.'

'No doubt she'll be glad to see the back of you for a couple of days

while you face your punishment here.'

Punishment? Stevie and Adam looked at each other dumbly. Donnie and Davey

looked at each other knowing what the consequences were likely to be.

McCormack led Adam into a room with two bunks at the rear of the

stockroom, next to the play room. Stevie was led into the playroom

itself. Andy White joined them and wrestled Stevie onto a black leather

couch, slapping handcuffs on his wrists, and blindfolding him with the

Bunnyboy playboy blindfold.

'Lovely little toy you got here, Mac!' jeered Andy. 'Can't wait to

play with this one!'

'It's got big balls and a little snub nose. More of a snout really!'

teased McCormack as Stevie writhed and protested, shouting to be let go.

'Don't get excited, boy, we have a lot of work to do,' went on

McCormack as he cupped the boy's cock and balls and squeezed them.

Stevie flinched.

'Dirty little fucker, too,' chorused Andy. 'I think we should call it

the 'piglet'.'

'Yeah. Piglet. Nice pair of balls, piglet!' laughed McCormack, looking

forward to playing and tormenting their new piece of sexy boymeat.

They'd look after him, they wouldn't hurt him, but they wanted their

revenge and it was going to be sweet.

'Right, time for piglet to do a show for us!' said Andy. Let's see if

he can dance.

'I can't dance, I'm tone deaf,' protested sexy Stevie.

'You'll fuckin' dance if I say you will,' shouted Andy to the

handcuffed, blindfolded boy. 'Let's just spike your hair up a bit more

to make you look even sexier,' chuckled Andy as he smeared extra strong

gel in the lads hair. He led Stevie over to a four foot square metal

plate rigged up to an electric pulser which sent mild electric shocks

into whoever stood on it. He looked incredibly juicy as he stood there in

his ridiculous camouflage vest and knickers. McCormack played the music.

'Jump' by Van Halen. Suddenly the electric current had its effect and

the lad was forced to hop about to the music in a very unrhythmic manner.

The two older men laughed themselves hoarse as the lad hopped around and

protested. His cock and ass bounced prettily in the tight knickers.

MacCormack pulled them up at the back so that they disappeared up the

lad's ass crack and two globes shook and quivered in the spotlight.

McCormack and Andy looked at each other and decided it was going to be a

couple of days watching Stevie and Ryan playing sex games.

'Let me off this fucking thing!' screamed Stevie, in obvious pain, as

his cock flopped about deliciously in his pants.

'You had a wank today yet piglet?' asked McCormack, trying to stifle a

giggle, as Stevie leapt about sexily on the metal plate.

'None of your fuckin' business!' retorted Stevie. McCormack turned up

the voltage. 'Ow, ow. No. No, I haven't fuckin' wanked. Ain't

fuckin' had a wank.'

McCormack switched off the current and let the sweaty boy step off the

machine. 'Good, because it will soon be baby Timmy's feeding time, and

I'm going to need you. You'll come in handy, as it were.' McCormack

chuckled at his own little word play, as Nanny put out a tannoy call to


'Baby Timmy's bath time show will commence in two minutes.'

Shoppers made their way to the play pen corner to see the next show. Ryan

and his mates had been lifting chocolate and a bottle of vodka from the

front of the store and heard the announcement.

'Fuck, Gez is gonna get it again -- let's go and have a look!' They

ran to the back of the store and Gez's heart sank as he saw them take up

prime positions round the front of the pen so they could get a good look.

'Time to take Timmy's lovely Snugglies diapers off so he can have a

lovely bath,' announced Nanny, as Andy once again stood by the pile of

diapers for sale and pointed out the two for one offer to the ladies

gathered behind Ryan and his mates see the young man stripped naked. They

cooed and giggled as Nanny detached Gez's diapers and the nude 20 year

old footballer's ass popped free. His cock swung loose, semi-erect and

sexy as hell. Nanny picked up a couple of bright pink inflatable child's

water wings and fixed them one one each arm. He still wore the ridiculous

bib and the pacifier hung round his solid, muscled neck.

'What a tit that fucker looks,' yelled Ryan, as his mates wolf

whistled. Nanny led Gez into the trough at the front of the pen. She

turned on a hose at the side of the pen and aimed it at Gez. Warm water

jetted out of the nozzle and squirted directly at Gez, who promptly

slipped over as the water aimed straight at his crotch at an incredible

force. Nanny poured bubble bath in the trough as the pathetic lad

slithered and slipped in the bubbly, slick liquid. His gorgeous abs, six

pack and pecs glistened as he struggled, and pretty soon he was laying

back in three feet of hot, soapy water. He was like a prize fish in a

large aquarium. The ladies bent down to see the outline of the sexy

boy's body through the glass panel, his giant cock flopping in the

water. Nanny soaped up Gez's hair and applied shampoo. She took a huge

brush and started scrubbing him with the soap. Under his arms and then

around his bubble ass and cock. It was enough to give him a huge

erection, which made the onlookers literally howl with laughter.

'Scrub that cunt up good,' yelled one of Ryan's mates, feeling up his

own crotch absent-mindedly as he did. Gez was stupid enough to ask for

something to drink. That was the cue for tea time. There was a large

round of applause as Nanny announced bath-time was over and it was time

for baby to have his milk. Gez stepped out of the trough to wolf whistles

as his enormous erection and flaring purple glans bobbed with each


'The pervy cunt's got a friggin' hard-on lads,' shouted Ryan.

'Fuckin' get a look of that fuckin' cock girls.' The girls were

loving it. Giggling and discussing with each other the size of Gez's big

cock. Several were moist at the thought of a good fucking from the thing.

Meanwhile, Stevie was being led around the back of the playpen by

McCormack. Still handcuffed behind his back, with his legs tied together,

Stevie protested but to no avail. His shorts were yanked down to his

ankles and his delicious dick sprang out. McCormack dragged him along by

his ear until he reached the right position at the milking chair. He sat

the lad in a leather chair and clamped each wrist on an arm rest. In the

seat of the chair was a greased up rubber dildo and Stevie's ass was

impaled directly on it. 'Phwoaaar!' screamed Stevie as the six inch

dildo slid right up inside his slippy boy anus.

'Ride that, piglet. Fuck it. Fuck that cock.' Stevie rocked backwards

and forwards as McCormack reached for the 'sleeve'. The sleeve was what

McCormack called the milk pump. It was a little rubber device like a

hollow tube about four inches long, attached to a length of hose about a

quarter of an inch wide. The hose linked to the back of the playpen and a

pump which led to a milk bottle and teat on the store side of the wall,

where Gez sat waiting for his little drink. Gez was incredibly thirsty

after all the antics and an hour and a half playing baby, and thought

that even if he had to sit there nude he'd get a drink at last. He had

no idea he'd be drinking Stevie McNievey's cum! Andy and McCormack

couldn't wait to humiliate the two lads in this sexy way. Stevie

protested as the pump was switched on and a little motor vibrated the

slippery sleeve suctioned onto the end of his cock. He was very quickly

teased to a full erection as McCormack surveyed his work and told Stevie

to produce a nice lot of milk for baby Timmy. Stevie blushed and stared

open-mouthed at the contraption literally milking his cock. He was

powerless to do anything about it as the thing teased his penis and

tickled his balls. As he squirmed on the dildo, McCormack explained what

was happenening.

'So get nice and cummy my boy, Timmy is waiting for his feed!'

Meanwhile, Nanny clamped Gez's fuckface around the teat, fixing a metal

neck brace in place and forcing him to nuzzle the teat. He'd be forced

to swallow all the cum, regardless of whether he liked the flavour. The

audience at the front were just loving the spectacle of Gez being

clamped to the teat. They had no idea he'd be eating cum. Only

McCormack, Andy and Nanny knew that. Nanny was dripping fanny juice at

the thought. Humiliating jocks was something she loved.

Stevie's cock reared to its full length and his huge overhanging

foreskin was gently pulled backwards to expose the full pulsing monster.

Suddenly Stevie neared orgasm. 'Oh fuck, it's gonna blow. It's gonna


'Shoot that semen, piglet, feed your little baby boy mate!'. The

machine tickled and coaxed the lad's cock beyond the point of endurance

as he bucked his sexy little boy ass on the straining, greasy black

dildo. Huge blobs of cum whacked out of his piss slit and up the hose,

flooding into the milk bottle in Gez's pen. The vacuum pump forced it

out of the teat and into Gez's waiting mouth. Gez gagged violently as

the first of the jets of boy cum squirted out of the teat. 'Hmmmph.

Hnngg. Yeuch. Hnghhh!' burbled Gez as he realised he was being force-fed

warm, fresh cum. Some trickled down the side of his face, but most was

forced in between his luscious lips. Being a horny teen, Stevie kept

shooting. McCormack beamed as he counted nine big squirts of cum up the

transparent hose as he continued to buck and release his load. The lad

had shot a huge and shocking amount of cum. The thick, white sperm

continued to bubble out of the teat. Gez thought it would never stop. The

audience laughed as they couldn't understand why Gez was gagging on the

milk so much and laughed and whistled as they gave him a round of

applause. Finally, sexy Stevie was spent. 'Well done, piglet, you can go

for a rest now!' McCormack decided there and then that he was going to

starve his little sexual playmate of orgasm pleasure for a few days and

see what happened. But not before he had made him and Freddy play at sex

games for a while first. McCormack led Stevie back to the entertainments

room and clamped him to the leather bench, one wrist at each side, and

pulled his combat shorts over his cummy, spent cock.

In the playpen, nude Gez was detached from the teat. 'Filthy fuckers,'

he screamed, as his face was set free. 'That was fuckin' cum! Whose

fuckin' cum was that?' Ryan and his l roared with laughter as the

nature of the 'milk' was revealed by Gez himself. Andy told him to be

quiet and behave and Nanny spanked his big, bare behind and told Timmy

not to use such naughty words. 'Timmy is a naughty, naughty little boy.

He should be grateful to have had a nice warm drink. It's nearly tea


Part 6 to follow.



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