'They will be here at nine thirty, so we had better get ready,'

explained McCormack. 'Now, it is important that our guests have a great

time this evening -- I have told them all about how much fun it is going

to be. Some of the guests might be ladies, too, and they will be looking

forward to seeing a couple of good looking, and, to them, I expect, sexy,

lads too.' Lyle and Scott sneered and nudged each other confidently.

'I'd like you both to be there at the entrance as the guests arrive'.

While this was going on, Andy was pretending not to notice and setting

out plates of niblets on the tables set out around the room. Now --

let's go and find your outfits. Andy offered the lads a beer -- spiked

with Viagra of course, which was going to be fun later. The boys gulped

down the refreshment.

'Strip out of your uniforms, lads.' The boys were relieved to get those

off and intrigued as to what they would have to wear. Lyle's outfit was

hilarious. Well, hilarious to everyone but him. A pair of white Playboy

rabbit ears, white with black trim, held on with elastic under the chin,

a black bow tie attached to a white starched collar which clipped on

round his neck, and matching cuffs. There was no shirt, of course, just

bunnyboy tie and cuffs. He wore a slimline pair of Speedos with the

Playboy bunny motif at the front and a pair of huge comedy rabbit's feet

on his feet. He looked cute as hell in his sexy new outfit, and flushed

with embarrassment. Scott pointed at him and howled with laughter. 'What

a fuckin' fairy. Whoo-hoo. I bet you're gonna want a bonus after an

evening in that! Look at your fuckin' cock -- it hardly fits in them

poncy pants. What a laugh'. Lyle was only too aware that his large penis

was all-too-visible in his tiny garment. His large, teenage bubblebutt

looked gorgeous at the rear too, each glute split across the diameter by

the shiny, sensual lycra material. It was typical of Scott that he

laughed at his mate before he saw what he had to wear. These dumb little

jocks never see further than the end of their cute, stubby noses, thought


'Here's yours, get it on,' explained McCormack, sharply and brusquely,

as he opened a drawer and Scott took out the contents. The smile vanished

from the cocky sod's face at last as he stood there in the nude, his

sinewy chest and muscled biceps flexing as his manual worker's hands

fingered the garment.

'Get it on son, we don't have all day.' Scott protested but to no

avail. 'Do you want this job, or don't you?' Scott knew there was no

option. Some of the customers today had already handed him over £12 in

tips for flashing them a sight of his ass. One elderly gentleman even

offered him three pounds to flash his young cock at him for a thrill

behind the till. Scott had been eager to please all day and waved his

knob around at the old boy for a few quid. That was how the store

operated. Scott began to put the embarrassing outfit on. It was a crimson

pink girl's ballet costume, with a silk top and horizontal tutu that

splayed out a good twelve inches all around the lad's waist. Andy rushed

over to affix a pink bow in Scott's hair. He looked priceless. Lyle

laughed at him now, realising he had the better side of the bargain.

Scott's big five inch cock and its three-quarter inch cockring swung

free, leaping pertly from Scott's trimmed bush of blond pubes.

'What about my pants?' protested Scott.

'No, no, no pants with this outfit. You are the entertainment, remember.

The outfit is supposed to be fun. I thought it would be nice for you to

show off that metal ring in your cock that you like so much, and I'm

sure the ladies will like it,' chortled McCormack.

'No fuckin' way,' retorted Scott.

'Language my boy, language. Nobody will mind if your penis is on view.

I'm sure it will add to the merriment of opening night. I think it would

be much funnier though, if you wore the tutu with a big erection

underneath. Get a hard-on boy, get it up so we can all have a laugh!'

Scott couldn't believe it. He was going to have to stand in a room full

of strangers wearing a girl's tutu and sporting a woody. He didn't have

any trouble getting an erection at any time, so thought he ought to go

along with it. He yanked on his cock as Lyle laughed and wolf-whistled


'Pull your cock for the lads! You dirty fucker, Scott!' yelled Lyle.

'Christ you are a wanker!'

Moments later Scott's penis was at its full eight inch extension, the

knob glistening where the prince Albert joined it. Scott grimaced as he

and his erection were led to the entrance.

'Guests arrive in ten minutes!' exclaimed McCormack, as he gave each

lad a silver tray of dry sherries to offer the guests as they arrived.

'To your places, and don't forget to keep that penis up, boy!' He knew

the little tablets would help with that, anyway. Bunnyboy Lyle was

already sporting a stiffy in his Speedos and couldn't quite work out

why. He shifted it to the right and the swimming gear could barely

contain his growing erection as his purple glans started to peek out of

the top. Lyle blushed with embarrassment. It was too late. The guests

started to file in. Men in their late forties and fifties. They took a

sherry and admired the lads.

'Nice cock on that one, Mac,' said one to McCormack. 'How the hell did

you get him to wear that outfit?' he whispered in his ear. 'Bloody good

show though, nice pair of tits on that pony there too, Mac!'. Another

guest was more direct: 'Nice cock, lad, bet you are a wow with the young


'Yes sir,' beamed Scott, as his giant erection twitched away. He

wondered where the ladies had got to as the door was shut on the last of

the six guests. McCormack made a big show of declaring the store open,

cueing applause from the guests, etc., all to give the appearance of a

genuine director's evening.

'It's a pity the ladies were detained and unable to make it this

evening. I'm quite sure they would have enjoyed the show the boys are

putting on!' explained McCormack.

'Never mind, I'm videoing everything for their benefit,' chirped a

guest with a video camera, as he homed in lasciviously to Lyle's chest

and asked him to flex his biceps for the girls. Lyle willingly obliged,

of course, the dumb piece of cock.

'It's actually a shame that the girls aren't here in person because

it's time for our first guest. Gentlemen, please welcome Roddy, the

Squaddie with the Body!' That was how Rod advertised his services. 'Our

first stripper tonight gets paid to be masturbated to orgasm when he has

stripped, so in the girls' absence, you will have to do it, gentlemen!'

Please welcome Roddy!' Roddy bounced in from a rear door entrance. An 18

year old squaddie from Helensburgh, he danced frantically in, wearing

nothing but a red backwards baseball cap, a silver neck chain, tight red

running shorts and black combat boots. Frantic techno music started up as

the men clapped to the taught rhythm and the sexy young blond lad

gyrated. His head was buzzcut at the sides and left with a thuggy

suedehead on top. His eyes darted about the room as he backflipped and

cavorted in his shorts, bouncing into a handstand to a round of applause

and then, after a round of teasy 'Off, off, wanna see em off?' he

whipped his little shorts down at the rear to reveal his sexy, rounded

buttocks and a red G-string. Another backflip and some moonwalking

dancing. Michael Jackson eat your heart out. Off came the shorts and it

was clear he had a big boyishly excitable erection in his G-string as he

preened and posed in front of the men, who pretended to just be going

along with it, but who were virtually drooling spit at the show. One last

shimmy and a complete revolution and the G-string was whipped off to

reveal the boy's hard, bobbing and weaving cock. He thrust out his hips

sexually towards a director, and beckoned 49 year old Jim Kane to the

middle of the floor, motioning him to beat his meat off for him by miming

jack-off movements to the audience as he surveyed them with a smirk.

'What's your name, Sir,' asked Roddy, still dancing in just his boots

with his throbbing erection bouncing wildly back and forth.


'Would you like to play with my naughty, hard, teenage cock?'

'Yes please Roddy.'

'Didn't quite hear you!' teased the rude, cheeky lad.

'Yes pleeeeasse Roddy!!'

'OK. Thank you Jim. You see my cock is all full of cum and I want to

shoot it for the ladies and gentlemen because I'm ready to make a new

baby with my girlfriend. Do you think they want to see it? Do you want to

see it boys and girls?'

'Yes!' they all chorused. They lapped up the dirty, embarrassing talk.

The thought that this sexy fuck was showing off like this in the nude for

a few quid was very arousing.

'Then you'd better get playing with it Jim. But be careful, I make a

big filthy mess when my penis shoots his juice. Anyone who doesn't want

Roddy The Squaddie's cum in their face, stand well back. Right! -- wank

me hard!'

Jim played with the boy's taut, shiny, cock as everyone looked on and

wolf-whistled. Roddy motioned for him to wank him harder and he fucked

the Jim's hand with his slick cock.

'Jack me off, jack me off, jack me off,' sang Roddy, laughing, as if it

was a football chant.

'Wank the bastard silly' shouted another guest, forgetting himself.

'Yeah -- make the cocky cunt spew!' chimed in another. As the boy

continued to flex his buttocks and fuck the willing hand, he shouted:

'Wooh fuck -- here it cums girls and boys! Roddy's cummin' Roddy's

cummin', Roddy's going to cum-cum!' like it was a kiddies' game. A

five foot spray of cum zipped out from the boy's flaring piss slit.

Right across the room. And another and another as Jim continued to

squeeze. It made a mess everywhere. Roddy leapt up, having done the

business, bowed and danced out of the back door, gathering up his shorts

and underwear as he went. A huge round of applause. Scott and Lyle gazed

at each other. What the fuck had they got into? They were soon to find


After the speech, the mingling continued, and the lads continued to hand

out the drinks.

'The next game this evening,' announced McCormack, mock efficiently,

'is going to be 'Hunt the Carrot'. Given that we've got our big bunny

here, it isn't difficult to see who's going to be hunting the

vegetables down, is it?'

The guests chuckled at the stupid, dumb Manc in his bunny ears and cuffs.

'Who, me? What the fuck?' sputtered Lyle, as one of the gentlemen

jokingly slid down the rear of his Speedoes so that everyone could get a

slightly better view of his jockey bottom.

'You will earn an extra £1 for every carrot that you find, and luckily

we have a beautiful Miss Prissy Scottygirl here to help you, don't we

Miss Scottygirl?

'Eh?', scoffed Scott, still standing there in his stupid tutu outfit

with his enormous erection sticking up like a flagpole.

'Girls shouldn't show their pee-pees in public. I really think we

should cover up that little pecker with these nice, pink frilly


Scott blushed and protested as McCormack gave the big sissy footballer

the embarrassing underwear to put on.

'There you go, that nasty little penis should just fit in there!'

laughed McCormack as Scott pulled on the tight knickers, a couple of

sizes small so that they revealed a huge expanse of soccer boy ass at the

rear. In the meantime, McCormack put a blindfold, with the Playboy bunny

motif on each eye, over Lyle's head, and tied his ankles together with a

piece of rope.

'Now all that remains is to hide the carrots!' The 'carrots' were six

ribbed, orange dildoes with sucker bases that McCormack had lubed up and

begun to place on the office walls about a yard off the ground, but one

was three feet above a table.

'The object of the game is for Bunny Lyle to find each carrot and get it

up his asshole. Should be great fun to watch! Pity the ladies couldn't

manage it!'

'Fuck no way!' yelled Lyle in his broad Manchester drawl. 'Nothing

goin' up my fuckin' ass!'

'Well that's just where you may be wrong, Lyle,' said McCormack. 'For

every carrot you find, you're going to get an extra pound, and you can

leave half an hour early tomorrow if you find all six. If you don't,

however, you and Prissy Scottygirl here get the punishment you deserve.

Scottygirl will shout directions to you!'

McCormack asked for a volunteer to take down Lyle's Speedoes so they

wedged around the ankle rope and grease up his asshole. There was no

shortage of eager volunteers. 48 year old Bill Price was chosen and he

made a big show of pulling down the Speedos at the back, slowly, so the

half-hard Viagra-inspired erection at the front got trapped and then

sprang up violently to whap Lyle's stomach. That got a wolf whistle and

a cheer or two. Bill greased up the boy's virgin bottom with lube,

sticking his finger well into the rectum to ensure the sexy lad could

slip the carrot dildoes in.

'Christ this is fuckin' gross, get me out of here!' protested Lyle.

'If you leave, you get turned in, remember,' snarled McCormack.

'Better to just entertain the gentlemen, Lyle, I think.'

'Fuck. Fuck fuck fuck,' screeched Lyle. He knew he'd do ten years

inside if everything he could be charged with was brought up. He hated

that fucking Andy White.

'Time will start when I blow the whistle and play the music. Scottygirl

will shout directions and then you will have eight minutes to park your

ass on all six carrots in turn. You will need to get each one right

inside your anus once to count as a find. 3-2-1 GO!'

The music played 'Run Rabbit Run' as Scott began to shout directions

frantically. 'Left, left, back back, jump back, jump left. Oh fuck, back

on it back on it. There! Get your ass on it!' It was a hilarious show.

After a minute or so, Lyle found the first carrot and panted as he moved

his ass back on the dildo, his big erection now full mast and flopping

about as he hid the silicon vegetable in his ass. 'Ooooh Ooooooh

fuuuuuck! Oh fuck!' groaned the boy, who'd never had the least thing up

his ass. Well, maybe a couple of his blonde bitch's fingers now and

again. Straight boys have to start somewhere.

'Fuck it, fuck it Lyle,' laughed Scott, as he then directed him to the

second dildo on the opposite wall.

'Oh shit, oh shit!' panicked Lyle. It was so horny watching the two

eager and desperate jocks not only humiliate and embarrass themselves in

this way but also put on such a brazen display of young men displaying

their full sexuality for the pleasure of men old enough to be their

fathers. It was an exquisite sight. Lyle at last found the second dildo

and impaled his chunky ass on it.

'At least one fuck!' reminded McCormack, laughing as the crowd

wolf-whistled at the performance. Lyle's cock was now fully extended and

one of the men pointed out that a strand of precum had emerged and was

stringing down from the tip of his slit. By the time the now very sweaty

Lyle had bounced over to dildo number three, the strand of precum had

dribbled out like a thick, platinum string almost a foot long. McCormack

was in heaven. Looking at a tough, cocky footballer with massive thighs,

showing off his erect pecker with a gallon of precum pouring out the end.

'Four minutes left!' yelled McCormack as Lyle banged the third dildo

and Scotty tried to direct him to the one above the table.

'Left, left, on the table, on the table. Get up on the table!' yelled

Scott as Lyle jumped into the side of it and banged his cock against it.

'What?' shouted Lyle in desperation.

'On the table. It's above the table, you stupid cunt,' shouted Scott

to his mate. It was very sexy seeing the soaked, hot, footballer wrestle

himself up on the table, where he could be seen from below as if on a

stage, and start to bounce his ass against the wall trying to seek out

the hidden carrot. His big balls bounced against tuft of thick, dark

pubes, his cock bouncing with the rhythm of the movements. Finally he

found it with just two minutes to go. The table rocked violently as Lyle

fucked it and moaned like he was actually enjoying it. He got carried

away with the moment as he pleasured his prostrate and realised that he

had never felt sensual boy pleasure like it. He was going to fuck himself

to the biggest orgasm he had ever had. The watching men looked on

intently as they realised they were witnessing a young buck bring himself

to the brink of male climax. His legs bucked and bowed as he threw back

his head. He was closer than they thought.

Scotty barked at Lyle to get off the table and move to the last two

carrots. It was too late. Lyle roared as, without even touching his cock,

the dildo forced his baby juice out of his balls. A fountain of cum

erupted from the boy's giant teenage pecker. A huge gob of joy juice

arced up across the table and landed with a huge splat on the parquet

flooring. And another, as Lyle's eager eight incher swayed lewdly, spat

off to the side, hitting the office wall where it began to dribble down

the dark blue wallpaper. There were showers of cum in every direction.

McCormack blew the whistle and the gentlemen applauded and nodded their

appreciation at the boys' enthusiasm to find the carrots.

'Thank you lads, that will do, that will do. I suppose I don't need to

point out that you failed to find all six carrots and so I will have no

choice but to dish out the punishment.

'Come here lad, get off that table,' instructed McCormack, as Lyle

climbed down, a huge amount of cum still dripping out of the end of his

dick and onto the parquet.

'First of all you can lick that up, you mucky pup!' ordered McCormack.

'Now! I haven't got all day!'

'Fuckin' gross. No I won't.' protested Lyle.

'Get that licked up. Now!' screamed McCormack, the veins standing out

on his neck. Lyle flushed and retched as he knelt down on the floor and

started to tongue up his own semen. Scott looked on, shocked and glad it

wasn't him.

'Right! Now you've decided to have your supper, it's time for six of

the best and then home time!' announced McCormack. He tore down Scott's

pants and made them bend over the cum-slippy table to receive six whacks

of the cane each for failing to bury all six of the carrots up Lyle's

ass. It didn't matter that the entertainment had been five star anyway.

'Whack! Whack!' went the cane across each bratty ass in turn.

'We're too old to get spanked!' yelled sexy Scott, reeling from the


'No-one's too old for that. You're barely out of nappies, anyway, you

two. This idiot can't even control his semen, anyway!'

'Whack! Whack!' the caning continued.

Right, that will be all your duties tonight. Go down and get changed and

I will see -- you- two -- back- here -- in the -- morning -- or else.'

Scott and Lyle changed back into their sexy, stolen sportswear

downstairs. They never wanted to work in the supermarket again but knew

they had no option.

'I'm fuckin' done for if they turn us in,' growled Scott as he pulled

on his turquoise briefs and Nylon track bottoms. 'We got no fuckin'

choice but to work for these fuckin' tarts. Fuck it! Let's get out of

here.' In reality, neither of them looked forward to getting home

anyway, as their fathers would invariably arrive home drunk and broke and

take it out on them. Soopersava's looked like a soft option in

comparison in certain respects. Meanwhile the 'directors' cocktail

evening drew to a close. The guests complimented McCormack on a stunning


'Getting one cocky runt to wank off for us was one thing Mac, but to get

a footballer to blow his wad without even a tug. Wow! Sure is value for

money.' They handed their £100 each over to him for a great evening's

entertainment and all were agreed on how much they were looking forward

to the next one. 'I do so enjoy watching these brats being taken down a

peg. We need more of it in today's society Mac.'

'Indeed so, indeed so,' agreed McCormack. And with that, he prepared

for another day. He had been looking forward to Tuesday, as it signalled

the first night of 24 hour opening. Four new Supersaver Pets would be

arriving for the night shift and McCormack could hardly contain his glee.

The next morning the lads arrived at 8.00 sharp. They knew what would

happen if they didn't. McCormack and Andy had had enough of Scott and

Gez's cocky attitude and had decided to teach them a lesson they

wouldn't forget. As all six presented themselves in full uniform with

bow ties and caps in place for inspection at 8.30, the two sexy rivals

were singled out.

'Gez, Scott, over here, show us your socks,' ordered McCormack, as he

pulled the two incredibly sexy 5'6' tall 19 and 20 year olds out of the

ranks. 'Show us.'

The lads were forced to show the socks they were wearing. Both pulled

their black nylon trousers up to reveal Nike sports socks, freshly nicked

the previous afternoon.

'Against instructions, yet again. Undo those trousers and show us your

underwear, you disobedient, cocky lads,' ordered McCormack. Andy hoped

they had defied McCormack and worn some sexy non-regulation briefs. He

wasn't disappointed. Scott wore a pair of red briefs with a see-through

panel at the hip and lo-and-behold, Gez wore only a black G-string which

revealed the whole of his ass at the back and could barely contain his

oversized cock at the front.

The other lads laughed at the boys' embarrassment as they were forced to

strip out of their outfits again and stand there in the nude.

Naked and smooth, muscled and slightly sweaty, the two youths stood

nervously with their hands over their crotches, awaiting their fate.

'Scott, you will be stripper of the day. Gez, you are going to be Timmy,

our Snugglies Pet of the week. This will be a lesson to the rest of you

lot. At one corner of the store, a booth had been set up with a one way

window mirror, through which customers could see in, but from inside

which the resident boy would not be able to see out. In the opposing

corner was a cage with a four foot high glass wall at the front. It was

designed like a playpen, and set up for a young child to have fun in,

except in this case, the young child would be Gez, who was going to play

baby Timmy. Andy brought on the humiliating outfits. Gez and Scott stood

wide-eyed and shocked as the other lads wolf-whistled and roared with

laughter at what their mates were going to have to wear.

Continued in Part 4



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