Gez and Scott stood wide-eyed and shocked as the other lads wolf-whistled

and roared with laughter at what their mates were going to have to wear.

One dressed up as a cutie pie baby, the other stripping for the crowd.

McCormack addressed the lads and explained what would happen if they

disobeyed underwear regulations in future. The lads stifled laughs as

McCormack held up a pair of powder pink bikini briefs that the lads would

be made to wear in store, as well as a cardboard notice that would be

hung around the offender's neck, saying 'I'm a naughty pet: spank


'And I will personally ensure that any pet who transgresses uniform

regulations will wear the pants and the sign,' droned on McCormack,

'and he will drop his trousers to his thighs and bend over for the

benefit of any customer who wants to teach him a lesson and give him a

good spanking over the pink briefs. Let that be a lesson to you'.

'Who do you fuckin' think you are, mate?' blurted Stevie Jones. 'I'm

fuckin' twenty years old mate, not some fuckin' kid.'

Stevie should have known better than to test McCormack's mood in that


'Get your trousers and pants off, and get these briefs on. You insolent

little brat,' barked McCormack. The others pointed and laughed as sexy

Stevie reluctantly shucked the trousers down and revealed a beautiful

bulging pouch in the front of his regulation Soopersaver briefs.

McCormack yanked them down and the boy's cock popped out. Everyone

laughed as the macho lad was forced to wear the pink briefs, which fitted

snugly round the crotch, with the words SOOPERSAVER NAUGHTY PET written

three times round the white waistband. This would be visible every time

the disobedient lad bent down to stack a shelf. It was exquisite. The

trousers were so tight that the bisecting pant line could clearly be seen

across the material stretched across the boy's tight, spherical ass.

Then the ultimate humiliation of the spanking notice hung round his head.

'Fuck,' hissed Stevie.

'One more word from you and you will be running round the fuckin'

neighbourhood dressed like that. Now get out there,' yelled McCormack,

as he kicked Stevie across the ass with a well-aimed boot. The other pets

winced and squirmed as Stevie went out onto the shop floor in his new

kit. The lads went into their positions on the floor, and Gez sloped off

dejectedly to get ready for his place in the baby playpen as Andy

Buchanan signalled to McCormack to come up into his office.

'I got a new one for you Geoff,' sniggered McCormack. 'The personal

shopper you were looking for.'

'Fuck, mate, no?' squawked McCormack as they headed up to the office.

'Yeah. Dirty little fucker caught trying to nick a van last night.

Already nicked about a dozen. We've had enough now. Time to make a

decent boy of him,' explained Andy. 'Just you wait till you see the

sexy little sod'. McCormack was salivating at the thought. As they went

into the office, McCormack's eyes nearly popped out of their sockets.

There was a sexy lad sitting there in charcoal grey jeans with a three

inch rivet studded belt hanging a good four inches below the top of his

white Everlast boxerbriefs. The lad looked startled as McCormack wolf

whistled. A sleeveless, brown zip up hoodie showed off the lad's sexy

swirling tattoo down his muscled left arm, and a chunky silver chain

adorned his neck. Underneath the jacket he was bare chested.

Shaven-headed with doe eyes and a supersexy square jawline. He was just

what the store needed for its premium customers.

'What's your name, cutie?' slobbered McCormack, unexpectedly so

aroused that he couldn't even bark his usual orders.

'Da-oo-l,' yapped the insolent young man.

'He means Dale, Geoff,' explained Andy, laughing at the lad's accent.

'Well he ain't no Dale Winton, is he,' laughed McCormack and White, as

the lad jiggled his legs and tapped his white Nike's against the floor

in squirming embarrassment. The laughter went on as they patted Dale's

head patronisingly and explained that he was going to be a personal

shopper with a difference. This meant that customers were going to be

paying extra for his services and he would be paid commensurately more

too. Dale looked up and his brown eyes lit up. Of course, he had no idea

what these services would be, but was well aware he would have to go

along with it or end up in prison for his misdemeanours. He bit his lip

nervously and McCormack gave him a friendly slap around your face.

'Strip then my lad, let's get your costume on!' bellowed McCormack,

remembering himself and starting his army drill routine. It didn't take

much of a tug to shed the jeans, which were already halfway down his


'Always ready for the girls, this one,' laughed Andy. 'Well that's

just as well!'

Dale stripped nude and the two men admired their find. More wolf whistles

as Dale's rounded bubble butt was poked and fondled and the lad twitched

nervously. His cock was completed shaved and hung four inches over a

tight set of balls.

'Wow! Just look at that! Let's get him down there quick!' sniggered

McCormack. 'We already have the first customer order for our personal

shopper. It's Kelvin McCreadie.'

'Oh he's gonna love this one,' laughed Andy. Kelvin McCreadie was a

very effeminate gay man in his sixties and had asked for the services of

a sexy young personal shopper like Dale.

'McCreadie pays well,' explained McCormack to a worried-looking Dale.

'You are going to have to do whatever he wants.' He laughed. Dale

didn't understand how literally McCormack meant this, naturally. He

didn't understand much. It was time to get Dale in his outfit, a Black,

green and blue Mackay tartan kilt, sand coloured Caterpillar construction

boots and white socks, with just a tight white muscle top Y backed vest

to show off the boy's muscles to their best advantage. A sporran around

the front showing a penis cartoon with a bubble containing the words

'I'M YOUR PERSONAL PET'. Dale looked astonishing in the outfit.

'Where's me fookin' undies, mate?' yelped Dale when he was dressed in

the sexy but corny outfit.

'That's the point Dale, there are none. You don't wear them under a

kilt, remember.' Dale blushed, much to McCormack's amusement. The last

time Dale had worn a kilt was at his fifth birthday, and as best man at

his brother's wedding when he was 16. Now he was 20, and didn't expect

this. McCormack explained that he was going to have to collect McCreadie

from home and bring him back in the sidecar.

'Sidecar?' said Dale, quizzically. In fact he said everything

quizzically. McCormack explained that he would be picking customers up

and returning them on a Kawasaki motorbike with sidecar for customer and

shopping. Stupid Dale's pulse raced at the thought of driving a bike. He

didn't think about the view the customers would get from the sidecar

with his kilt flapping up in the breeze. Off Dale went, and within a few

minutes returned with an excited looking McCreadie, who was delighted

with his own personal assistant. Dale had to fetch everything off the

shelves. A surprising number of items McCreadie needed were on very high

shelves or very low ones. How handy. As Dale stretched and bent,

McCreadie took every opportunity to size up the boy's athletic, muscly

body, even lifting the kilt to get a better look and coo at the sexy ass.

He even glimpsed the lad's cock and balls a couple of times. It was gay

heaven. By the time the lad's basket of goods was overflowing, a couple

of sexy teenage girls walked in and caught Dale's eye. Busty and

sixteen, they laughed at Dale's rude sporran, pointing and giggling at

the fact that the lad had to dress in this ridiculous gear. But Dale gave

them the come on, springing an instant hardon. The girls laughed ever

louder as they spotted this reaction from the boy's cock as it tented

out the front of the kilt. McCreadie licked his lips too and saw his

chance to make an official complaint to McCormack, beckoning him over

from behind the bacon counter as Dale asked the girls for their phone

number. He fancied a double fuck after work and the girls weren't going

to turn him down. Especially in his normal clothes.

McCormack and McCreadie came back and went into action.

'Dale!' screeched McCormack.

'Sir?' stuttered the lad.

'Apparently you have been abandoning poor Mr McCreadie to speak to these

girls and not getting on with your duties!'

'Well, I just,'

'Forget the 'well I justs',' stormed McCormack, apparently you have

an erection too.

'I don'' stammered the disobedient , cocky lad.

'Well lets see,' yelled McCormack at the top of his voice as he groped

around the front of the kilt. He felt the lad's hardon and remarked on

it. 'It's true. A raging great stiffie', scoffed McCormack, circling

the horny boy. 'Well if you are so keen on chatting up the girls, I'm

sure that they would like to see what you have got for you. Wank off for


'W-w-what?' said Dale. McCreadie started to drool. The girls giggled


'You want to see the pet whack his meat, don't you ladies? I expect Mr

McCreadie will be happy to wait while Dale entertains you both. And at

that the girls laughed and agreed that they'd love to see the cocky

youth jerk his cock in this humiliating way. They stood with McCreadie to

get the best vantage point, while McCormack lifted the kilt up to expose

the boy's cock.

At this point two fat slag women in their fifties from the local council

estate wandered in and stopped in their tracks at the goings on in aisle


'Jeepers look, Sue, one of the pets has got his willy out. Och, this is

gonna be good,' shrieked, Jenny, the fatter of the two. An audience of

five trilled and gigglied as McCormack ordered the startled boy. 'Wank

it. Wank it right off here and now'. The women oohed and aahed as Dale

fingered his eight inch erection and pulled it, throwing back his head.

He had never felt so disgusted and degraded as he yanked on his cock for

the entertainment of the shoppers.

'Look at his balls, Jenny, I could just do with a poke from that

fucker,' laughed Sue. Dale grunted and moaned as he pulled his cock.

'Aw Sue, he's gonna cum. Och, what a supermarket this is. Fookin'

bargain of the day!' cackled Jenny.

'Oh fuck, oh fuck,' shouted Dale as he neared climax. Suddenly the

cream erupted from his dick and spurted in huge white jets across the jet

black floor.

'Och Jesus would you look at all that spunk!' cried Sue in amazement.

The girls all giggled and McCreadie stood open jawed as the boy's cream

continued to jet out all over the floor. Huge streams of spunk dribbled


'Right lad,' ordered McCormack. 'That should stop you ogling the girls

in future. Now get on your hands and knees and lick it up'. This was too

much. Dale almost barfed. 'Lick it up you scumbag, get it off my nice

clean floor'. He had no choice. The women looked in awe as the young man

was forced down on his hands and knees to lick up his own babymaking

fluid. It was humiliating and erotic. McCreadie was ready to get down

there with him. After a minute or so of squirming to lick up his own cum,

McCormack kicked him on the behind. Dale looked up with his own cream

dribbling round his chin and the girls laughed, whooped and applauded.

'Now get a mop, clean up the rest and finish Mr McCreadie's shopping. I

don't want any more unnecessary complaints.'


'Yes what?'

'Yes sir.'

'Right. Get on with it'.

As Dale went to finish off his cleaning and the ladies discussed the

horny events, the like of which they had never witnessed, McCormack

remembered just in time that the Snugglies promotion was about to start.

McCreadie had heard about this and minced over to the corner of the shop

where Gez's show was due to start.

When McCreadie reached the other side of the shop, he could hear

McCormack already ordering sexy Gez about. 'Gez, sit up on the table and

get these Snugglies diapers on. Quick, I haven't got all day. Your

performance is going to treble the sales this week, I sincerely hope'

ordered McCormack. The poor lad was forced to wear baby wear to advertise

the product, but of course for everyone else's amusement and his

embarrassment. It would be a real customer attraction for the store. A

sky blue trimmed white knitted bootie for each foot followed, and a white

and blue striped bonnet for his head. A three inch wide comedy-sized

pacifier was stuck in his mouth. Around his neck a little white baby bib

with the name 'Timmy' emblazoned across the bottom in light blue

writing. He looked a treat as he was led into the playpen cage from the

rear of the stockroom. In the cage were babies' playthings. Some six

inch square letter bricks, a high chair with strap on table, and a nappy

changing bench. He would be forced to play and sit in this pen all day

long, with customers coming along to laugh and watch. McCreadie pulled at

his hardening cock. At the base of the boy's cage, visible only to the

customers, was a panel that read:


McCormack had set up the fiendish advertisement along with a couple of

his Snugglies insider perverts. Above the cage it even said 'SPONSORED


Meanwhile, Scott was prepared in his stripper costume. He was to

advertise fruit, and would be made to dance and grind regardless of

whether anyone was watching, with only 20 minute breaks for rest. If a

customer noticed he wasn't performing, they could pull a lever and he

would have to remove a garment or face a forfeit. The uniform consisted

of a cap in the shape of a peach, an orange coloured vest covered in a

satin bolero jacket with a lemons motif, a G string like a giant

strawberry held in place over his cock, underpants with an obscene two

pomegrate and banana cock and balls motif over the crotch, and comedy

Velcro fastened trousers over that in a banana design, lime coloured

socks, and plum coloured trainers on his feet.

Soon after opening time a small group of shoppers had gathered around

Gez's baby playpen. Gez sat on the floor in the centre of the room on

the pink fluffy rug placed there to keep him comfortable. Next to the

cage stood Andy, to keep order and ensure maximum embarrassment for Gez,

with a huge pile of Snugglies baby diaper packs and a sign advertising

two for the price of one.

'Look at that big baby,' laughed one of the women.

'He's got gorgeous legs though!' squealed another.

'Stick your legs in the air, Timmy, so the ladies can get a good look!'

commanded Andy.

'Fuck me!' said Gez.

'That's not baby talk. Baby boys don't talk like that, do they Timmy.

Naughty little boy,' chuckled Andy.

Gez reluctantly did as he was told, laying in the floor and lifting up

his athletic thighs so everyone could see. It wasn't long before one of

Gez's ex-classmates turned up and recognised him in the pen.

'Fuckin' hell it's Gez Anderson dressed as a right ponce!' roared 20

year old Ryan Calder, one of his ex-rivals at school. Gez reddened as he

saw what was going on. Ryan was a footballer, now playing for a local

team, and going out with Susie, one of Gez's ex-girlfriends. Ryan

thought it would be a real hoot to invite Susie and a few of the soccer

team, all of whom knew Gez thought he was a real toughie and a sex God.

He was on the mobile and within ten minutes Susie and two of his mates

had turned up to laugh and jeer at the spectacle.

'Oh Christ that's funny. Look at him - he's wearing a bib and

everything. Bet he feels a right jerk doing that. Diddums mummy let baby

Timmy out to play? Fuckin' hell that's a laugh. What a fuckin' tart

you do look!'

'Fuck off Calder!' railed Gez back at Ryan.

'Ooh diddums again! That's a naughty little baby!' laughed Ryan.

'Didn't know he knew such big words!'

Gez began to sweat and blush as the teenage hooligans yelled abuse at him

through the bars of the pen. The older mums and other shoppers moved

away. When the last of them had paid for their goods and left, McCormack

decided it was time to spice up the scene a bit and discreetly closed the

shop for a short while, bringing down the electric shutters. He placed

the sign 'Temporary closure for 30 minutes - store delivery' in the

door window. A few shoppers outside looked very annoyed. But McCormack

knew it was worth it.

Andy asked the teenagers if they'd like to feed the naughty baby. A

cheer went up. He poured out a tablespoon of cod liver oil and gave it to

Susie to feed Gez through the bars.

'Come on Timmy, come and get it!' laughed his ex-girlfriend, loving

humiliating the sexy boy who cheated on her last year for Natalie


Gez had no choice. Reluctantly he took the spoon and swallowed the foul

liquid. The kids passed the bottle round and made Gez drink four

tablespoons. When he refused to take anymore they filled up the spoon and

started to flick it at him through the pen. Soon he had gobs of sticky

fluid running down his big, sexy chest and dribbling down his four pack.

All across his thighs. Before he could do anything about it, Susie

reached through the bars and pulled out his diaper, tipping the rest of

the liquid down inside, where it settled around his cock and balls, which

slithered inside.

'That should cool down that bastard's dick!' laughed Susie, to much

laughter from the other kids. Gez was mortified with embarrassment and

terrified of what Andy would do next. Andy handed over a huge babyfood

jar of fig puree for them to spoon him. Gez liked that better, it being

sweet and sickly, but of course had no idea of the effect it would have

on him. The kids fed him several spoonfuls as Andy ordered him to jump up

and down like a baby and say 'goo goo' or he'd get a smack on his

big behind. He warned him that the whole things was being videoed and

would be sent to his parents in Aberdeen if he didn't go along with it.

'Goo goo!' shouted Gez, jumping up and down dejectedly. Anything to

shut them up and get out of there. It was hilarious. The effect of the

cod liver oil and fig puree was very quick. Within ten minutes of this

play, and Gez's ex-mates mocking him through the playpen.

'I need a shit,' whined Gez to Andy, looking pleadingly at him through

the bars. 'Fuck, let me out for a crap!'

'Babies don't know how to use big boy's toilets. You just do it there.

We'll give you a new diaper if you make a mess. And you mustn't use

those naughty big boy words. Tell us like a good little boy what you need

to do.'

'What the fuck?!' screamed Gez.

'Ask to do poo poo.'


'You heard me, Timmykins and I won't tell you again. Be nice for the

boys and girls. Show them you know how to behave!'

'Timmykins want to do poo poo,' answered Gez, looking shamefaced while

his friends pointed and nearly wet themselves with excitement.

'Oh dear - does baby need to do poo poo?' teased Andy.

Gez couldn't believe it. He was going to have to shit himself there and

then for his ex-schoolmates entertainment. That's what it boiled down

to. He jumped around the pen in frustration in his stupid diapers and his

onlookers laughed themselves silly.

'He's gonna fuckin' shit himself in a minute, ha ha ha!' laughed

Ryan. 'Watch the stupid bastard cack his pants! What a fuckin' laugh!

Does baby want to do number two big poos! Woo hoo! Let's watch that

wanker do a shit! What a fuckin' tart!'

Gez tried desperately to keep from shitting himself, but within moments

it was too late. Everyone, McCormack included, came along to get a good

view of the insolent bratty jock soiling his own pants.

'Oof. Ooh!' whined Gez, as he stood there with his sexy, soccer stud

legs bowed and his bubble butt ass out. How Andy loved humiliating these


'He's getting ready to take a big baby dump for us, the big wanker,'

shouted Ryan, egging the others on so clap and stamp their feet in

unison. They cheered 'Shit your pants! Shit your pants! Shit your

pants!' to the humiliated boy in unison. Suddenly Gez could hold it in

no more. The vile oil and puree mixture had taken quick effect. Gez's

ass emptied itself into the pants.

'Whoo hoo, what a fuckin' stink!' laughed Ryan, 'he actually has shat

his pants. What a loser!'

Gez blushed violently again. It was true. He had taken a dump in front of

them and the smell of his shit was overpowering.

Andy called for nanny. Nanny was Andy's sister, a 21 year old slim

blonde, very attractive girl in a French maid's outfit, the kind he knew

would turn Gez on. She wore a very short skirt with silk panties and came

into the pen with a bottle of warm milk and asked Gez to get up on the

couch for his nappy change. Inside his hot pants, Gez's cock stirred

instantly at the sight of the girl, and within seconds had a roaring

hard-on in his pants.

'Up on the couch, let's get you changed Timmy,' said Nanny, as she

made a point of spraying lily of the valley air freshener everywhere.

'But, but,...I've got a..'

'Got a what, Timmy?' asked Nanny, knowing what was coming. The kids

guessed too that Timmy was getting a bit excited. They all knew she was

his type.

'Nothing..' said Timmy, as he got on the couch. Nanny undid the

Snugglies and exposed the shitty mess and Gez's shaved crotch. His cock

was reaching full hardness. Nanny, as instructed, pretended to completely

ignore the hard-on and the balls, and clean him up with warm, wet cloths.

'What a nasty mess baby has made,' chided Nanny, as she slapped Gez

across the buttocks. She made a big display of embarrassing him as much

as possible by lifting up his hips to wipe all around his crotch,

exposing it all to the gleeful, wolf-whistling onlookers. As she disposed

of the plastic diaper and readied a new one, her touch made Gez's eight

inch penis extend to it's full, roaring length. The glans popped out of

its foreskin cover and dripped precum over the bench. She deliberately

slapped it about to excite him and pretended not to notice that it was

about to blow.

'Big baby Timmy HAS got a big willy for a little boy his size, hasn't

he boys and girls!' Ryan and the gang laughed themselves hoarse. Nanny

sprinkled baby powder all over Gez's ass and crotch and started to rub

it in, deliberately giving his cock full strokes as she did so. By now

the other Supersaver Pets had finished shelf stacking duties and came

over to the pen to see what was going on. A crowd of ten now watched

Gez's humiliation. The Pets developed hard-ons themselves at the thought

of their cocks being played with by a sexy 21 year old blonde. Suddenly

she played with Gez's cock one moment too often. The sexy boy suddenly

bucked his hips. Huge spurts of cum came pulsing out of his hard cock and

rattled into the air. The first went five feet high and splatted against

the light blue roof of the pen area. The second shot up and splattered

right next to it. It was like firework night. His cum lit up the virtual

night sky on the ceiling. More spurts of cream continued to jet out of

his excited penis and puddle all across his sixpack. Nanny rubbed the cum

into his belly and abs, where it foamed white.

'Naughty Timmy, Nanny had just cleaned Timmy up and Timmy makes a nasty

mess of slippery baby boy cum drops. Timmy is not old enough to do baby

cum drops. Nanny will put Timmy in a nice clean diaper.' Gez was

mortified. She asked Donnie, Supersaver Pet, if he'd like to come and

apply moisturiser to Timmy's tummy. Donnie thought it would be a laugh

and anyway he wanted to get into Nanny's good books. The 20 year old

dumb fuck entered the pen and Nanny explained that Donnie would be

supplying the moisturiser himself.

'What?' asked Donnie, baffled. Nanny could see Donnie's cock was hard.

McCormack reminded them about the video taping. She unzipped the lad's

fly and saw his erection encased in a pair of tight black briefs.

McCormack was annoyed at yet another underwear infringement. Donnie's

trousers were yanked down and he put his hands behind his head as Nanny

felt the front of his bulge. She then pulled down the waistband of his

briefs and hooked it under his balls. His bobbing cock sprang free and

the girl started to manipulate it over Gez's chest. It was a hell of a

sexy show. Donnie was so excited to have the girl play with his cock, he

just went along with it. She wanked him hard and furious, as the

astonished and excited, randy teen crowd looked on entranced, laughing

and pointing at the stupid pet being wanked off for their benefit. Nanny

played teasingly with Donnie's big, flappy, overhanging foreskin and the

boy bucked towards her. As she fiddled with his knob he yelled out in

orgasm and his juice shot all over Gez's powerful stomach as he lay

there in his baby panties. It was all too hot. Nanny grabbed the boy's

hot, white cream and rubbed it in to join Gez's cum like soap into a

wooden washboard. It was now fizzing up like a white lotion as Gez stared

down at the embarrassing mess he and his horny friend had made.

'Very good for baby's skin,' said Nanny as she rubbed the boys'

mingled baby batter together, into Gez's stomach and then rubbed him

down. As Donnie embarrassedly pulled up his trousers, suddenly taking

stock of what had happened, McCormack announced that he was going to

re-open the store as a crowd of angry shoppers had gathered.

'Gez, get ready in the pen. And I want the stripper ready in the booth

when doors open.' And with that, he opened the electric shutters and

allowed the shoppers in. Ryan and his mates were still laughing

themselves silly, pointing and jeering at red-faced Gez and texting their

friends to tell them what they had just witnessed. But the show hadn't

finished yet.

Continued in Part 5.



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