Pot Holes are for Fucking

By: L. A. Emerich

I gazed in the passenger side mirror at my sleek Cadillac as we

pulled away from my house. We had decided to drive Mark's Monte Carlo

instead. Though I regretted the loss of its luxury, the practicalities of

using Mark's car outweighed any reluctance I felt. The Monte was a sexy,

muscle car. It emulated its owner to a tee. Besides, we could smoke in it

and look good doing it. In Key West, I was sure that the car would be

almost as big a hit as Mark.

I reached over and rubbed the scruff of Mark's neck as we barreled

to the nearby interstate. Contact with Mark's body caused me to remember

the night before. He had stayed at my house and I had finally gotten to

host in style. I made a dinner to remember; Coquilles St. Jacques, green

salad, Salmon Muniere, and a split of Veuve Cliquot to wash it down. Then

we had actually made love in a real bed. I say made love, because it

wasn't just fucking. We didn't use endearments like stud or sexy

motherfucker. I was Allan and he was Mark. It was slow, passionate, and

heartfelt by both of us.

Our whirlwind passion caused us both a vast amount of angst. But,

when it feels right it feels right. There was no arguing with facts.

Between bouts of our incredibly inflamed desire for one another, we had

spoken of our concerns. To my disbelief, Mark seemed to be more

disconcerted than I was. He poured his heart out to me. He was

understandably trepidacious. Mark had an ex-wife and a past littered with

tenuous relationships, both gay and straight. Though he talked a good game

of sexual openess, any thought of having a commited relationship with

another man was somewhat alien to him. I too, was wary. My romantic

experiences had never included being part of a larger whole. For me, it

wasn't the homosexual label that bothered me. It was the loss of perceived

freedom to make decisions without affecting anyone else. Speaking to each

other about the way we felt served to make us understand where we stood.

Though we were leary, our unbridled lust for one another seemed to cause

any concern to pale. I was hot for Mark and he was hot for me. It

appeared that we had finally found the equilibrium that was the seesaw of

our attraction for one another.

I had spent the interceding two weeks preparing a huge amount of

work for my staff to deal with. The takeover of the cleaners was in the

end stage and prospecting for new acquisitions was in full swing. Cindy,

my secretary, was overwhelmed at the prospect of my immenent departure.

"What the Hell?"

She had exploded when I had informed her of my


"I guess you're expecting miracles here amongst the frozen chosen

while you bask in the sun."

"I'm not asking for miracles, just thaw me out a couple of

prospects. I'll be back in a week."

I assured her.

"I hope your dick melts off."

She wished.

"May your nipples freeze to your underwire."

I responded, using

the familiar patois of our close working relationship. Cindy was

comfortable with my gayness. I was comfortable with her overpowering

sensuality. If I were interested, I was certain that we could have rocked

each other's world. But alas, my head was turned by another.

I watched the piles of dirty snow roll by the window as I lit a


"When did Jesse and the boys leave?"

I asked, cracking my window

by way of the antiquated crank.

"He said they were leaving this morning. They should already be

there by the time we arrive."

Mark explained, digging in my crotch for my


"Hey, watch it."

I warned him.

"It may not be hot enough to light

a cigarette, but it's still smokin'."

Mark laughed as he lit his smoke. I

watched as he sexily exhaled. Visions of blowing his hard cock while

driving down the highway flitted through my brain. I wondered if my

ruminations would come to fruition.

"How about some tunes?"

Mark asked, pulling me from my horny


"Sounds good, something hard and driving."

I requested,

substituting my choice of music for the wandering of my bawdy imagination.

Mark played with the after-market CD player.

"This should do it."

He offered, settling on a selection. The

sounds of War Pigs from the booming speakers engulfed us as we

instinctively started to bob our heads with its irresistable beat. I

closed my eyes and basked in the enjoyment of our shared adventure. My

heart was free and my mind was a blank slate. Frivolous relaxation had

become alien to me since my rise in the corporate world. It felt good to

lose myself in the sound of song.

Hours went by.

Our trip was like watching the retreat of the last ice age. Dirty

piles of snow gave way to solitary stalks of unmowed grass, which gave way

to hillocks interspersed with receding fingers of glistening ice. The edge

of the ice fingers sparkled as they thawed in the growing warmth of more

southernly climes. Around the Kentucky/Tennessee border, snow gave way to

plain dead vegetation awaiting the breath of spring that the air hinted. I

spelled Mark and drove on until the red clay of Georgia finally intimated

the first gasp of spring.

"Smell that?"

I asked, rolling down my window and letting the

heavy night air swirl through the car. The fecund smell of the earth lay

testament to the burgeoning promise of another spin around nature's

seasonal dial.

"I always think it smells like what a dead body must smell like."

Mark replied.

"That's the smell of the death of winter."

I asserted.

"It makes

me horny."

"Hold on. You may need the stamina."

Mark laughed, rubbing my

leg. I smiled, enjoying the intimacy that we shared. I thought of how the

progression of our relationship was somewhat similar to the march of the

seasons, born of the waste of winter, blooming in the era of the coming

spring. Perhaps, I wax too prosaic. But, the proof of us together was

more monumental than mere mortals could comprehend.

"Stamina I got. A hot mouth around my cock, I don't."

I declared,

unzipping my fly. I pulled my dick from the constrained environment of my

jeans and jacked it for Mark's enjoyment. He immediately engulfed my

rampant prick into his hot mouth and proceeded to give me the best head on

four wheels. I glowed as we crossed the Florida border with my cock in

Mark's velvety throat.

Mark took over again just south of Jacksonville. The loss of my

load made me sleepy and the thought of returning the favor was distracting.

I blew Mark until we reached the outskirts of Orlando.

"I knew that cumming to Disney World was a dream destination, but I

never thought I would get there this way."

Mark quipped as I licked the

remains of his load from my sore lips. I swallowed and lay back, enjoying

the vibration of the road.

"Drive on, Goofy. I'm going to take a nap."

I said, loving the

feeling of Mark's cum in my belly.

I slept for a few hours, as Mark had done before me. I awoke as

the wind inside the car became a maelstrom. Mark had the window down,

letting the warm night air blow away some of the travel funk. I yawned and

stretched my sore body. The factory seats were like something out of the

Marquis de Sade museum.

"Where are we?"

I asked, rubbing the sleep from my eyes.

"Just north of Miami. You ready to take over?"

Mark asked,

looking over at my bleery facade. I could see that his eyes were red and

could hear the rasp of too many cigarettes in his voice.

"Sure, how about a rest stop and a cup of coffee?"

I asked, waking

up completely. Mark pulled over at the next exit and found an all-night

convenience store. I exited the car, regretting the fact that it was not

my overly comfy Caddy. From the way Mark moved, I was sure that he would

have agreed. The things we do for vanity.

"I figure about another five hours should put us there."


said, gazing at his watch.

"You'd think we would be at the equator by now."

I joked,

following Mark into the store. I got my coffee and got back into the car.

Mark got into the backseat and blew me a kiss. I blew one back and settled

in for the last leg of our journey. After passing through Miami and its

southern suburbs, I could see the rising sun off to my left. My adrenaline

was exacerbated by the caffeine I was ingesting. By the time we started

hitting the Keys, I was wide awake and working on my farmer's tan from the

driver's side window. I always find it interesting how a palm tree can

mesmerize snow birds like me. The wispy fronds shaking in a slight breeze

is enough to cause the circaddian rhythm of the seasons to be completely

sublimated to their existence, no matter the time of year. They are a

harbinger of never-ending summer to me. The attitude of summer and good

times overtook me instantly. I was up for anything.

As the sign for Key West passed by, I woke Mark. He groaned and

performed the mini yoga of one who had slept badly. It was full morning as

he kissed the back of my head and asked where we were. I informed him that

we were almost there. He pulled the directions to Granny and Pops' house

from his pocket and acted as navigator until we pulled up in front of a

well landscaped bungalow of pastel green.

"363 Nantucket, this must be the place."

Mark offered. I smiled

to myself as the lines from a naughty limerick ran through my mind. The

small front yard held flowering hibiscus bushes that bloomed lushly in the

light morning air. Two royal palms shaded the porch that ran the entire

length of the front of the house, then wrapped around it. A small cupola

of an onion-shaped design anchored the turn. The shingles of the roof held

an intricate design that added to the charm of the well kept abode. The

backdrop of the bungalow was a limitless blue sky with wispy cirrus clouds

blowing across it. Surely, the beach was near. A Jeep Cherokee was parked

in the crushed shell driveway.

"Looks like they made it."

I said, walking up a curvy flagstone

walk to the porch. Mark followed me taking in the charming scene. Rattan

furniture and reed mats inhabited the porch, creating a cozy scene hidden

by vines of morning glories that were fully open to the salty breeze.

"Nice place. I hope Jesse's Grandparents know what they are


Mark observed, remarking on the tranquil scene. I had to agree.

This was surely nicer than I had expected from a vacation home. I pushed

the door bell, hearing the familiar windsor chimes as we waited for an


"Hey Guys, what's up?"

Jesse greeted, holding the door open.

"Come on in, the party's on."

I gazed at Jesse. He was all that I had

remembered and more. He wore the uniform of the day: knee-length blue

trunks hanging on by the rise of his succulent ass and skin for days. The

blue of his apparel highlighted the paleness of his skin. I thought of

what the hard sun would do to that skin, it was secondary to what I wanted

to do to it. We entered the coolness of the bungalow. The manicured

outside continued to make the inside truly relaxed and beautiful. The

foyer was flanked by a rather formal living room with a flagstone

fireplace. On the other side of the hall, an obviously toned down dining

room held furniture of wicker and a table of glass.

We walked into the shadowed home behind our host.

"We'll get your things later. The party's in the back."


instructed, closing the door behind us. We followed that perfect college

ass through the home to a large, glass-walled room. It was obviously the

gathering place for the house. Plants and tastefully upholstered furniture

lent to the tropical theme that abounded. In the room, sat two more

college studs.

"Hey guys, these are the dudes I was telling you about."


said, introducing Mark and I to Jake and Tom. They stood and greeted us

with handshakes and welcomes. I was taken aback by those two specimens of

young manhood.

Tom stood about six foot, Mark's height. His black hair framed a

face right out of a Caravaggio painting. His moist, pronounced lips were

held in a pout and his olive skin bespoke an italian ethnicity. No

evidence of a beard marred the beautiful pallet that was the face. His

build rivaled Mark's, but younger. This kid was built by the gods. His

thick, supple neck ended between two seriously built shoulders. Manificent

pectorals sprung from his chest which overshadowed a perfect torso,

complete with chiseled abs. His legs were as hairy as his upper body was

smooth. All in all, a specimen of perfection. I watched the bulge of his

biceps as he pumped my arm in greeting. I was hypnotized by his azure blue

eyes and welcoming smile. Tom let my hand fall and gave me the chance to

check out Jake.

I considered Jesse and I tall, but Jake towered over us by at least

four inches. I felt his huge hand take mine as I gazed up into his rustic

face. Jake was not a classic beauty, his hair was red-red, his face was

attractive and freckled. On his chin, a serious goatee belied his age.

His green eyes hinted at the irishness of his ancestors. His tall body was

not defined, but it showed an obvious power in its massiveness.

"We were just going to fire one up. Sit down."

Jesse informed us.

"I think I'll stand. I got a serious case of road butt."

I joked.

They all laughed at me as Jesse lit a joint. We passed the joint around.

I caught Mark's eye and he smiled a big shit-eating grin. I knew what he

was thinking, 'so many men and so little time'.

"We're going down to the beach after this joint, do you wanna


Jake asked, passing the joint.

"I think I want a shower first and then something to eat."



"How 'bout you?"

I assured him that a shower was first, before

any beach.

"Suit yourself."

Jesse interjected.

"Here's a key for everyone."

Jesse took a key for each of us from an envelope.

"There's some food in

the fridge, but we'll need to get more later."

"Where do we sleep?"

I asked.

"You and Mark can have the back bedroom, we are in the master."

Jesse smiled.

"But, anything goes as to where you sleep."

From the boys'

reactions, Jesse had laid all the cards on the table.

With the help of the younger generation, Mark and I unloaded the

car. For a week of partying and sex, we had brought a large amount of

stuff. Jesse showed us to our room and left us to unpack. He, Jake, and

Tom told us goodbye and departed for the closest sand

A quick shower together over, sans sex, Mark and I luxuriated on

the king size bed. White wicker furniture set the relaxed theme of our


"Let's smoke one and join the crowd."

Mark suggested.

"Sounds like a plan."

I offered. Though I had thought of a nap

first, going to the beach stoned seemed an excellent idea.

"Can you believe those two?"

I asked, taking the lit joint from


"I know. Do you think we'll get any sleep?"

Mark asked, exhaling.

"Who gives a fuck?"

I interjected.

"We can sleep when we get


"I hoped you would feel that way."

Mark said, reaching into his

suitcase. He pulled a brown bottle from inside.

"This should keep us


I would have to be a complete idiot to think that it was not

cocaine. I know that I mentioned that I did not do drugs as a rule, but

when in Rome. As we passed the joint back and forth, Mark laid out

prodigious lines for us. I snorted one and then let Mark do his. We

repeated this until the lines were gone and Mark had licked up the remains

with a spit-dampened finger.


I moaned as I lay back on the more than comfortable

pillows of the bed.

"I feel like I'm flying in my own skin."

I let the

numbing effect of the drug take hold of my consciousness. Mark lit a

cigarette and passed it to me. Then he lit one for himself. There is

something very sexy when the one you love performs this ritual (Did I say

love? Yes, I did. I could admit it to myself, but that's as far as I

got). We lay for some time, enjoying the the instant buzz and the


"I don't think we should tell them about the flake."

Mark said,

interrupting my freefall into oblivion.

"Your secret's safe with me."

I assured him, finishing my


"That means more for the elders."

I am not a greedy person,

but the idea of three sexy college studs hopped up on coke was enough to

make my statement germane.

"Besides, the viagra should stand in good stead if needed."


laughed. I looked at him in amazement. We had never needed anything like


"How did you get viagra?"

I asked, a little nonplussed at its


"Do you remember Garry Morgan from school? He's a doctor now. I

told him about the trip and he gave me a script for some."

Mark assured

me. I did remember Gary. He had put the moves on me one night at band

camp, but I didn't bite. That fact had been a recurring regret for many


"I don't think we'll need it for this crowd."

I offered, thinking

of an unrequieted seduction.

"I bet the boys get it up when the wind


"You're probably right. But, it never hurts to be prepared."


said, putting out his smoke.

"Let's go, I feel the sun calling my name."

I laughed as Mark put on his swimsuit. They were red speedos. The

reason that I laughed is that they were identical to my blue ones save the


"I guess we had the same idea."

I laughed, pointing at his barely

concealed equipment.

"I got these just for you."

Mark stated, batting his eyelashes at



I said, packing my own pouch and remembering our wish for

seeing one another in them.

I watched Mark's sexy butt as he walked through the back of the

house and out the french door. I wished that frozen-aisle hag could see

him now. The brightness of the outside was stunning. Mark and I walked

from the house and over a slight rise to see the splendor of the white sand

and irridescent water. Due to my drugged state, I was glad that I had

remembered my sun glasses.

The beach was packed with the bodies of gleaming college students

worshiping the sun and each other. Mark nodded to a nearby kiosk that was

certainly there for those who chose not to piss in the water. More

nefarious reasons awaited.

"You want a bump?"

He asked.


I answered, following Mark into the facility. The

coolness of the shaded interior was refreshing after the intensity of the

glaring sun. The constant breeze from the tradewinds made the spot

bearable. The inside of the small hut held a smell of weed. Not a trace,

as if from the outside, but a fully stoked miasma of marijuana. The

underlying hint of stale piss and unknown, indeterminate smells was

overwhelmed. Mark selected a stall near the middle of the room. He

removed the bottle from his scanty trunks and laid lines for our partaking.

From the smell of pot, it was certain that we were safe.

I latched the door behind us as Mark laid lines on the top of the

commode's tank. I noticed that we were not alone. On both sides, bare

feet were in evidence. Drugged as I was, I did not immediately notice that

there were holes in the walls on each side of the stall.

We snorted our pick-me-up and gazed into one another's eyes. There

was no consensual agreement, there was no mutual decision, as we gravitated

to each other's mouth. I licked Mark's pouty lips and drove my tongue deep

into the recesses of his oral cave. He reciprocated with an eagerness that

was overwhelming.

I squeezed Mark's skimpily clad ass. My hands massaged his mounds

and got into our kiss. Out of no where, I heard a low whistle. I looked

over Mark's shoulder to see a hard dick sticking through the hole in the

stall. Intrigued, I broke our kiss and motioned to the cock. Mark looked

down and smiled. He put out his hand and started to jack it while I

watched, mesmerized. The dick fucked itself into Mark's palm in rhythm

with his manipulations.

"Go ahead."

Mark whispered into my ear. I didn't need any more

encouragement. I dropped to my knees and licked the head. The cock

obviously belonged to a young man. Though veiny, the veins had not had the

time to make it truly gnarly. It was uncut and about six inches of fat boy

cock. I ran my tongue over the meaty glans and down the fleshy shaft. I

could hear the sigh of its owner as I lifted the pole to my mouth. I

engulfed the turgid length until my nose rested in his sandy pubes. The

drugs in my system put me into a frenzied state as I pulled as much into my

throat as possible.

"Yeah, suck my fat cock."

The guy moaned, pushing as much through

the hole as he could.

"Yeah, suck that cock."

I heard Mark whisper as he tongue-fucked

my ear. Though the air was warm, I had goose bumps over my entire body.

"Eat that fat fucking dick."

I don't know what turned me on more. Sucking that beautiful prick,

or Mark's urging me on. In retrospect, I don't suppose that I gave it much

thought. I was lost in the moment of gratuitous lust. I was lost in a

world of cock. All that existed for me was this guys hardness down my

throat. The feel of his satiny flesh grinding over my sensitive lips and

down my hungry craw was almost more that I could take. The feeling was

incredible. Through the fog of my cocksucking state, I could hear the

unmistakable sound of head being given behind me. I turned my head far

enough to see Mark going down on the dick of someone from the other stall.

Though I couldn't see it, from the motion of Mark's thrusting head it must

have been a big one. We sucked anonymous cock for awhile together. Both

of us were turned on by the thought of sharing the situation. I felt Mark

digging in my ass as I went crazy on the young guy's dick. The dude was

enjoying himself, pounding my face.

"Can I fuck you?"

I heard from above. I wasn't sure if it was my

guy or Mark's but we both got the idea together. We rose as one and turned

around. I pulled Mark's suit down and he pulled down mine. I could see

the hard prick that had kept Mark entertained. Now, I am proud of my dick.

But the cock that Mark had been sucking was truly majestic. The large

mushroom head sat atop a throbbing ten inches of beer can thick grade A

prime. The thought of offering to switch came into my mind, but I did want

to be able to walk afterwards. Mark did not seem to be worried. We backed

up to the holes and bent at the waist.

"Lick that hole."

Mark grunted.

"Yeah, eat that man pussy."

I growled, leaning far enough forward

to suck face. Mark and I twined tongues as our fuckers ate our asses. My

fucker could only be new to it, but he sure got an A for effort and from

Mark's reaction his was an expert. After a minute or two, I felt my guy

running his dickhead over my inflamed asslips. He drove it home in one

stroke. I lost myself in Mark's mouth as I felt him grind into my

sensitive gut. Mark gasped as his fucker tried to insert that monster cock

into him. I was bouncing off the end of my dude's dick like a hand puppet

as Mark grimaced, trying to accomodate his.

"Here, this will help."

Mark's guy said. I saw Mark reach around

behind himself and take a small bottle from the guy. Mark looked at it and

smiled. I had never seen poppers before. I watched as Mark unscrewed the

cap and held it to his nose. A surreal look came to his face as he held it

out to me.

"Fuck me."

Mark moaned. I took the bottle from him and sniffed.

The acrid aroma invaded my head as I huffed. Instantly, I felt a warm

flush pervade my head. As dude stroked in and out of my butt, an animal

instinct overtook me and I slammed back into him with gusto. Mark was now

getting nailed by his fucker's alarmingly huge cock. We caught each

other's lips and tongues on the rebound as we got reamed by our anonymous

ass pounders. My prostate went into full spasm as the kid mashed it with

his uncut dick. Long trails of precum leaked from my rock hard cock as it

waved in the air in time with our spastic rhythm. I saw Mark back up to

the wall and prop himself there open to the ramming that he was being

given. I did the same, offering my hole for the kid to cream. I took

another hit from the bottle and passed it to Mark. He leaned over more and

pulled me to him. I lost myself in the serious mouth olympics that we

held. We gasped into each others mouths as we snorted the poppers

together. The veins in Mark's neck stood out as he was slammed from

behind. I could feel my nuts gravitate north as my boy pistoned to his


"Oh yeah."

I heard. Mark grasped my shoulders and stood up,

pulling me to a standing position. I reached out and propped myself with

his pec muscles in my hands. I squeezed his erect nipples as a look of

complete ecstasy came to his face. Mark's bobbing cock exploded, sending

ropes of hot spunk to my face, my chest, and my cock. The sight of Mark

coming, pushed me over the edge. I shot into the air and onto Mark's hot

body. I could hear Mark's fucker huffing like a freight train as my ass

squeezed the kid's dick. I felt him stiffen as he unloaded his scalding

seed in my turd box.

Time stood still as I felt my boy take his dick from my sore butt.

I leaned towards Mark, trying to catch my breath. I heard a pop as Mark's

fucker pulled free. We stood, supporting each other, for some time.

"Keep the poppers."

Mark's fucker said.

"You earned them."

"Thanks man, I hope we meet again."

My guy said, exiting the room.

Mark and I were alone. I looked into his eyes and grinned.

"Thanks for the bump."


l.a. emerich

[email protected]


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