We didn't officially make it to the beach that day.

After our bump in the road, Mark and I decided to grab something to

eat and get some sleep. I suppose that sounds somewhat anti-climactic, but

that is what happened. We were plain wore out from the road and extraneous


I fixed us a sandwich while Mark washed the cum from his ass. I

ate mine and then did the same. I wonder what kind of spectacle we made

coming back from the pisser, cum-stained behinds and barely able to walk.

Though we looked a little worse for the wear, it was nice to know that

opportunity lay so close at hand.

"I don't know about you, but I'm done for."

Mark offered,

finishing his sandwich. He wiped his mouth and lit a cigarette, laying

back in his chair with a satisfied look on his face.

"Me too."

I agreed, watching his incredible sexiness.

"I know that was trashy, but it sure was hot."

Mark mumbled,

looking at me for my reaction. I could hear the reticence in his voice.

From his actions in the bathroom on the beach, Mark had been involved in

anonymous sex before. I knew that he didn't want me to think badly about

him, as if I ever could. But, he didn't know that. I wanted Mark to

understand how relaxed I was when it came to sex. I was certainly no angel

and did not expect him to be.

"That was more than hot, it was fanfuckingtastic."

I said,

laughing at my expletive. I hoped that my obviously non-judgmental

assertion was enough to allay any fear that Mark might have about offending

my sensibilities.

"What ever was in that bottle he gave you made me hotter

than George Bush at a malapropism convention."

Mark laughed at my analogy.

"You did seem like a fish to water."

Mark allowed, hitting his

smoke and smiling at me.

"I'm no saint. I know that we haven't exactly talked about our

past experiences, but I was blowing dick in bathrooms while you were still

sniffing after cheerleader pussy."

I said, watching Mark for a reaction.

He did not disappoint. Mark screwed his face into a look of interest.

"Sounds like you have a past, mister."

He joked.

"That which I have done, makes me that which I am."

I replied.

Though I wasn't necessarily ashamed of the things I had done, making a joke

of them seemed to minimize their existence.

"Want to take a nap?"

Mark asked, stubbing out his cigarette.

"Lead the way."

I pleaded, feeling the miles throughout my entire

body. Mark took my hand and led me to our room. I was still a little

wired from the coke so I went to my luggage to get every business

executives friend.

"Do you want a valium?"

I asked, shaking the bottle and picking

one of the blue pills from my hand.

"Sure. But, I think I could sleep without it."

Mark said, taking

the pill from me and swallowing it dry. I did the same and lay down on the

bed. Mark lay down and allowed me to wrap my arms around him.

"Ummhh, that feels nice."

He moaned.

"I hope you get used to it."

I muttered back at him. With that,

we fell asleep.

I don't know how long I slept. But, it was long enough for the

bright sunshine to be replaced by stygian darkness. I could hear the

melodious strains of Bob Marley as I regained consciousness. I heard Mark,

lightly snoring next to me. He had one arm over my chest and his face was

buried in a pillow. I felt the urge to piss, so I carefully extricated

myself from his embrace. I found some shorts and a shirt in the darkness.

I made my way from the room, stubbing my toe and tangling myself in

my shirt along the way. The communal bathroom was right outside the

bedroom door, where I remembered it to be. Having taken care of business,

I went in search of the music.

The smell of marijuana assaulted me before the fog did as I entered

the back room. The lighting was dim, but a beautifully dimpled, muscular

ass was apparent as it moved up and down in a laconic manner. The owner of

the ass was obviously fucking someone, but was in no hurry. I entered,

mesmerized by the careful long-dicking show.

I could see Jesse, sitting in a chair. Jake sat on the floor, a

lit cigarette hanging from the corner of his mouth. They were both naked

and sporting serious wood.

"What's going on?"

I asked, entering the room. Jake and Jesse

looked up as Jesse spoke.

"Just breaking in the furniture."

Jesse replied, motioning to

Tom's heaving ass. I know that I told you that Tom sprouted alot of hair

on his legs, but his ass had a serious pelt going. I got a soda from the

fridge and came closer.

"Remind me to get some plastic sheeting before I invite any of you


I joked. Jesse chuckled and lit a smoke. As I got closer, I could

see the look of concentration on Tom's sweaty face and I could also see his

target of affection. I was a little surprised (disappointed?) to see that

it was a chick. She had long auburn hair and big tits that bounced in

rhythm to Tom's strokes.

"Twenty three, twenty four, twenty five...."

Jake counted,

watching each hypnotic fall of Tom's back. It was obvious that he was

counting strokes as Jesse and I looked on.

"Why is he counting?"

I asked.

"How else do you play 'Last Dick In' ? Jesse stated as if the

question were ridiculous. The dismayed look on my face, made it apparent

that I was a novice to the game. Jesse explained that each contestant had

to fuck for at least fifty strokes. Whoever made it the most strokes over

fifty, won.

"Is she aware of the game?"

I asked, motioning to the girl.

"Hell yeah, it was her idea."

Jake offered, interrupting his

count. I watched as Tom laid pipe, in and out of the eager pussy. The

chick was certainly making it known that she was into it by her moans.

While Jesse and Jake watched Tom slowly fuck the girl, I took the

opportunity to check them out. Jesse looked more delectable than I

remembered. I could see that his blond curls were lighter and his body

glowed from the sun. His chiseled face held the look of someone seriously

watching a boxing match. He smoked incessantly and grabbed his inflamed

cockhead with an unconscious gesture. Jake's freckled face seemed to have

had a freckle-fill-in party. Though there was a little overhang of his

belly, his great big dick rose from a small bush of carrot-colored pubes.

The head of his dick rose to the midpoint between his nipples and his

bellybutton. I was stunned by the thickness of his prod. The whiteness of

the fat pole was crisscrossed with blue veins that throbbed with

excitement. All in all, a very pretty picture.

"What are the stakes?"

I asked, pulling myself from my inspection.

"Twenty dollars from each of the losers, but you have to nut."

Jake replied.

"Are you in or are you out?"


I said, instantly. It had been years since I had truly had

anything, sexually, to do with a female. All that I ever wanted, lay

snoring just a room away. But the thought of making it, in front of these

hot studs, was too much to pass up. I realized that because my sexuality

lay juxtaposed to their own, it would hold me in good stead at beating them

at their own game. Not only did my competitive nature cause me to take

their bets, it compelled me to take their money too.

"Forty eight, forty nine, fifty...."

Jake shouted.

"You're on

your own time now."

Jake kept count as Jesse started talking dirty.

"Fuck that cunt. Plow that pussy."

He said, urging Tom on. From

Tom's look of concentration, it was an obvious ploy to break it.

"Feed her

that big cock."

What with the sight of three seriously attractive studs

and the nasty talk, I was horned up. I took off my clothes and motioned to

Jesse for a cigarette.

"Nice dick."

I heard. Tom had turned from his work and looked

over his shoulder at my nudity. He was trying to ignore Jesse's effort to

get him more turned on. Lighting my smoke, I wondered how long he would

last with my hard nine inches inserted between his pouty lips.

"You want some?"

I asked, exhaling my first drag.

"Maybe later."

He replied.

"The sand was nice today. The water

was warm and skin everywhere."

Tom was trying to take his mind from his

present obligation.

"Sixty eight, sixty nine, seventy..."

Jake numerated.

"It took forever to get here. Let's see, we took 70 to 75 to 95 to


Tom said, remembering the route they had taken from Columbus and

OSU. In a game like 'Last Dick In', any thought that could get your mind

off of what was going on was a good one.

"Eighty two, eighty three, eighty four...."

Jake counted as Jesse

kept up his effort at distracting Tom from his determined effort to plow

the chick with innumerable plunges. Jesse stood, letting his dick bounce

off of Tom's driving face.

"Ram that hole, man. Make her squeal."

He said. Tom screwed his

face into a ball, letting his moist, pink tongue hang from the side of it,

moistening Jesse's dickhead with every forward lunge. His pace quickened

as Jake speeded up his count in kind. Tom panted as he ascended to the top

of his cum. His ass bucked and his body twitched as he fucked the girl.

"Oh yeah."

He spat as he drove deep into that twat.

"Ninety eight. Not bad for a day spent half naked. But, I can't

wait to beat you."

Jake laughed as Tom pulled his spent, cum-slick organ

from the chick's quivering cunt. I have to tell you about Tom's cock.

Though skinny, it was long. So long, that I was sure that he had no

problem taking his own load deep into his gullet. It had that bend that so

many truly long dicks had, straight for a couple of inches and then down

for an eternity. Culminating in a large head that flared around the base.

Tom resembled Mark in the way his head appeared. Mark's cock had become my

standard for all dicks.

"You're next."

Jake said to Jesse. Jesse stuck a finger into the

girl's pussy, checking for cum.

"We got jizz."

He said, inserting his own prodigious prod into the

chick's cunt. He started a slow, deliberate rhythm. Jake started counting

as Tom lit a smoke and sat down on the floor next to me.

"So you're in. I thought Jesse said that you two were strictly


Tom stated, inhaling from his cigarette. I noticed that it was a

Marlboro Red, as opposed to the ML smokers that we all seemed to be.

"I don't like to be labeled, and I'm going to fuck you out of your


I assured Tom. From his words, he was trying to psych me out.

"It's cool."

Tom said, looking at my rampant prong.

"I wouldn't

mind meeting that in a dark alley."

"I know what dark alley I would like to meet you in."

I replied,

rubbing the fur on Tom's meaty ass.

"Hold that thought."

Tom said, inserting his smoke into his mouth.

"As soon as he gets to fifty, I can do whatever to fuck with him. That's

the rules."


Jake shouted.

"You're on your own time now."

Tom rose

from his position and put his dick at the entrance to Jesse's mouth.

"Suck my cock. Eat my cum."

Tom grunted around his dangling

cigarette. He pushed his incredibly long cock against Jesse's lips, there

were about eleven inches of dick snake for him to enjoy. Jesse did not

disappoint. He inhaled Tom's dick until just his swinging nut sack could

be seen bouncing off of the cleft of Jesse's chin. I suppose that the

pleasure of having Tom's long, invasive dick in his mouth was too much for


"Pull out."

Jake exploded. Jesse pulled his beautiful dick from

the comfort of the chick's pussy and poured the first shot onto her tits.

Then, he stuck it back in and unloaded.

"Eighty two."

Jake muttered, looking my way and dipping his

fingers into the pool of Jesse's cum and bringing it to his lips.

"If you

don't get off, it doesn't count."

My libido learched as I watched Jake

swirl his tongue around his cum-soaked fingers.

"You're next."

Tom said, pulling his dick from Jesse's mouth and

pointing it at Jake.

"You gotta beat ninty eight."

Jake replaced Jesse at

the entrance to the sloppy twat. He inserted a finger which made the chick


"It's okay baby, the boys got it stretched out for daddy."


muttered to the girl. He pointed his amazing cock at her and rammed it in.

It was obvious that Jake was a controlled fucker. He pumped in and out

like a machine. He closed his eyes as Tom counted strokes.

"Eighteen, Nineteen, Twenty..."

Incredulously, I watched as the

red-headed stud buried his fat prick from stem to stern, over and over


"Twenty nine, Thirty, Thirty one...."

Jake's nuts swung, keeping

time with his insistent pummeling. From behind, I could see them starting

their climb. His large ass clenched with the effort he put into the


"Forty, Forty one, Forty two..."

Jesse stood, preparing to

interrupt Jake's purpose. His nubile cock was hard again, and he looked

incredibly sexy with a ML hanging from his mouth. He cocked his head to

avoid the smoke.

"Yeah Jakey, Fuck that pussy."

He moaned around his smoke.

Hitting the fifty mark, Jake did not disappoint the crowd. He rared back

and sank that thick, long, red pole deep. The chick was not expecting such

an onslaught and showed her appreciation. Jake pistoned like a maniac.

His attempt at not only outlasting us, but putting on an incredibly sexy

show was obvious to we, spectators.

"Feel my fat cockhead bouncing off your nose, Jake."

Jesse moaned

as, indeed, his bloated cock made contact with Jake's face.

"I'm going to take your load and your money."

Jake said, looking

Jesse in the eye. Taking Jesse's challenge, Jake engulfed the bouncing

boy-dick to the root. Why this boy wasn't in Hollywood, I didn't know.

But, I surely enjoyed the performance. Jesse took his cig from his mouth

with two fingers and proceeded to fuck Jake's face as Jake plowed into the

sloppy cunt.

"Seventy, Seventy one, Seventy two..."

Tom counted, grabbing

Jake's ass. Jake moaned from around the base of Jesse's fat prick in his

mouth. He went insane as Tom inserted a stubby finger into his tight ring.

He fucked like in a blur of rosy flesh as his competitors tried to break

his concentration. Ninety eight was passed in a whirl as Jake moaned and

rotated his ass on Tom's digit. He pistoned on as if he had a rendezvous

with nirvana on the other side.

"One Twenty, One Twenty One, One Twenty Two...."

Tom said,

twisting his finger so that he could stroke Jake's love doughnut. Jake's

reaction was immediate. He plunged back on Tom's hand and let his cock

come out. He shot his first jet into the air for confirmation, then he

plowed back in to complete his nut. Jesse's prod bounced off Jake's

ramming hairline, spit slick and shiny.

"One Thirty."

Tom said, turning to me.

"Your turn."

"Easy money."

Jake declared, looking for his smokes.


ever beat me. One Thirty is just nineteen strokes off the record."

I eased myself into position as Jake got up. The floor was still

warm where I put my knees. I looked down as copious amounts of boy jism

dripped from the well-used cunt. I felt a little stupid sticking my big

dick into a woman I had not really met. Sure, I had done it dozens of

times with anonymous men, but it seemed somewhat sacreligious with a


"Hi, my name's Allen."

I said, grasping the chick's hand and



She replied, smiling at me.

"Are you okay with this?"

I asked. She looked at me and nodded.

I have to tell you that the dripping twat was kind of repulsive, but the

testosterone-filled atmosphere kept me hard. I put my rampant prod to her

hole and dove in.

I wouldn't necessarily call my first few lunges tentative, but I

was definitely testing the waters, so to speak. Though I consider myself

to be hung, the space I was invading proved to be truly universal. This

chick's cunt was like fucking a wet washrag with no nap, slick and

cavernous. I smiled to myself as I heard Jesse counting my strokes.

Because the hole was so innocuous, I decided to put on a real show. I

lifted Vivian's legs to my shoulders and drove deep, to her quivering

delight. I attacked her pussy like I was pounding a nail. The boys were

obviously surprised and a little envious as I fucked like a machine. There

was little danger of ejaculation on my part. For if I fucked at a

different angle for twenty years, I couldn't have hit the same bit of pussy


"Jesus, look at him go."

I heard from over my shoulder.

"Fifty. We better do something."

Someone exploded.

"I know he

likes this."

The speaker was obviously Jesse, because I felt my turdbox

being licked by a long, probing tongue. Jake and Tom put their cocks to my

face and I did not disappoint. I sucked one then the other as the counting

went on and on. From her expletives, old girl was having a great time.

"Fuck meeeee....."

She groaned.

"Make me cummmmm..."

I decided

to make the show a little more interesting as I stopped my headon plunge,

and ground my hips into her, it did not really count as a stroke but the

effect was an exponential detail for the show that I was putting on to show

the boys how a real man got his nut.

I went from bobbing my head on Tom's impossibly long dick to trying

to deepthroat Jake's full, thick cock. I could feel Jesse's mouth being

replaced by his bloated prick at the entrance to my hungry hole. He rammed

in and pushed my man clit to the extent of elasticity. I paid little

attention to anything but the incredible feeling of my ass and throat being

invaded by raw, hot, pulsing man. I suppose that my strokes should have

counted for double as Jesse was doing all the work, but I was in no

position to argue.

Suddenly, I felt a hand grab the back of my head. The pole in my

mouth drove itself down my throat and started twitching.


Tom moaned as the head of his dick hit the bottom of

my throat and unloaded. I could feel the velvety head pass over my gag

reflex and deposit a tasty morsel on my tongue. I had little time to

recover as Jake's meaty prod replaced Tom's. He fucked into my mouth with

piston-like motions that caused an instantaneous eruption on my hungry

tongue. I lapped at the protruding veins as he throbbed a salty injection

down my throat. Jesse speared me from behind until he shouted,




Jesse's spurting cock was all it took for me to pull from Vivian

and cascade my first shot over her head and onto the wall behind her. Out

of instinct, I rammed back into her and unloaded several shots deep inside.

All four of us lay immobile for a few moments.

"Two Twenty Three."

I heard a deep, resonating voice say.

I looked at the timbre of the sexy sound. Mark was standing behind

us, smoking a cigarette. He was naked and his beautiful prick was

seesawing in his hand. I expelled Jake's fat prick from my mouth and rose

from my spot. Mark's smiling eyes bore a hole into my own.

"Want some?"

I asked, motioning to Vivian.

"I might."

Mark teased, bobbing his cock in the palm of his hand.

Words cannot describe how sexy he appeared. His taught, hard body made me

salivate, even though I had just shot my load.

"Dude, I can't believe you hit two twenty three. Nobody ever did


Jesse said, pushing the last of his load from his prick.



record goes to the strictly dicklies."

"How about we call it a new record from the 'men who have nothing

to prove'?"

I offered, gazing at Mark's smoke encircled head. Mark walked

to me and grabbed my dick. He looked me in the eye as he squeezed the last

droplets of my cum from inside.

"How was it?"

He asked. I shivered as the last essence of my cum

filled his hand.

"Not bad. Had better."

I replied, as he leaned down and swiped

his tongue on the end of my cock, availing himself of my spermy dickhead.

Then Mark knelt down and starting lapping the cum from Vivian's

over-excited quim. She proceeded to rub her cummy pussy over Mark's tongue

as I took the cigarette from him and smoked it.


Vivian moaned in appreciation of Mark's expert tongue.

The boys joined me in watching Mark and the chick, lighting cigarettes and

enjoying the show. Mark ate her pussy like a man possessed. All of our

accummulated cum gathered on his nose and his chin as he smashed his face

into her cum pocket and titillated her clit. Though I had felt the end of

his talented tongue in my ass, it was mesmerizing to watch him expertly

service Vivian's twat.


Vivian yelled, as Mark sent her into the

stratosphere. Her ass rose and fell in time with his exertions as he

splayed her lips apart and tongued her clit. It seemed that he had lapped

all of our cum and was now exerting his effort on the folds of her anatomy

for her enjoyment.

"Anyone in for 'she said'?"

Jesse asked, looking for a last chance

to see part of his twenty bucks. 'She said', gives the receiver a chance

to voice their opinion as to the best giver. As I had beaten all of the

boys at their own game, it was up to me to give the okay. The winner of

'She said', got half of the pot.

"Cool with me."

I said, not knowing exactly what Jesse was getting


"Viv, who gets the nod as the best?"

Jake asked, a hopeful look on

his face. It was obvious that he hoped that his big prick was best of


"Right here."

Vivian said, rubbing Mark's head as he took another

pass at her clit.

"Half and Half. The strictly dicklies have it."

Jesse said,

hypnotized at Mark's mouth work.

"I have just one question."

Mark said, running his tongue over his

cum-slicked lips.

"Who had asparagus for lunch?"


l.a. emerich

[email protected]


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