The sunshine of Key West did wonders.

The seasonal dispensation to draw within one's self fell away as

our bodies became flush with sun-induced perfection. Mark and I, along

with the boys, left our inhibitions in the frozen climes of Ohio and

embraced the hedonism that abounded around us. The sand and surf did

wonders to our seasonally abused spirits. Warm breezes and hot flesh

assaulted us wherever we went.

"Smell good?"

I asked, gazing down at Mark's perfect, scantily,

clad ass as he bent to smell a flower from the vendor's cart.

"Not as good as you."

Mark mumbled, taking money from his pocket

and claiming his purchase. He held out the blossom to me and smiled.

Small dimples surrounded his gleaming smile as he proffered the fragrant

offering. My midwestern mindset raised images of an old, dried-up, bud

pressed between pages of a book. A memento of specialness that, though

faded, would evoke memories for an eternity.

"Thank you, kind sir."

I replied, taking the flower from him. I

didn't worry that anyone would witness our little scenario. Everyone

seemed caught up in their own world, their own relentless search for


The days seemed to have melted into one another as Mark and I

cemented our relationship. Our performance of the other night had seemed

to inspire awe in the boys. They had internalized the experience and put

aside their pre-conceived notions of what a man should be. Mark and I had

unintentionally caused this catharsis by approaching their attempt at one

ups-manship with maturity and experience. We had beaten them at their own

game and come out of it as heroes. Mark and I spent our days basking in

the sun and our nights reaching new heights of sexual fulfillment with each

other. We had intermittently seen the boys at the odd meal or a shared

joint. Most of our time was spent ensuring that the other felt the passion

that we shared.

"You know we should make this last night memorable."

I asserted.

"Not for just you and me, but for the boys too."

I let my creativity flow

and my mind to wander as to how we should accomplish this. Mark and I took

a seat at an outside cafe as I let my dirty imagination take hold.

"If we're going to do this, we have to make a bold statement."

Mark said, ordering two beers from the hot waiter.

"I know that if we put our minds to it, we can come up with

something really special."

I offered, pulling my cigarettes from my pocket

and lighting up.

"We need to do something momentous and decadent, something really


Mark asserted, taking one of my smokes. He looked so

incredibly sexy as his plucky lips drew in on his cig.

"We want to make

sure that they remember it for the rest of their lives."

I smiled inside

as Mark stated the parameters for our surprise. The inclusion of the WE

word made my heart soar. It seemed to come so naturally to him and any

thoughts of just being me, alone, wafted away as the sexy waiter set two

beers in front of us and set down an ashtray. Mark winked at him in

thanks. I was astounded that no feelings of jealousy invaded my soul at

Mark's flirtatiousness. I felt very secure with him and I hoped that he

did with me.

"I guess that we should give a party that encompasses their

experience here."

I said, taking a sip of my beer.

"That's what I'm talking about. Use that incredibly sexy brain of


Mark laughed.

"I think we have to define what it is that they

have done."

"Let's see. Sand, sex, smoke, suds, I think is what Jesse said

they had in mind before they got here. I would say that they have done all

of them in spades."

I offered, surmising their experience in an

alliterative way. Mark and I talked in the warm sunshine about how to make

the culmination of the week special. Not only to the boys, but to us as

well. Our nefarious plan took shape. We decided to combine their sense of

competition and S's with our own coming together as a whole.

As we left the cafe, Mark invited the waiter, whose name was Todd,

and as many buddies as he wanted to come to the party that night. We asked

if the cafe catered and Todd assured us that they did. We ordered a

ridiculous amount of food to be delivered to Granny and Pop's for the party

and we put Todd in charge. Todd smiled in appreciation at the invite and

the hefty tip we left. There's that WE word again, can't get enough of it.

Mark and I split up to divide the work. We used our economic power

(credit cards) to make a truly memorable evening for the boys and us. I

went to the printers and Mark went to the local home improvement store to

accomplish our goal. At the printers, there was little going on. A guy

sat behind the counter watching a UFC rerun, picking his teeth with a

discarded or leftover business card.

"Can I help you."

The obviously Cuban guy asked as I entered the

air-conditioning. It was a welcome respite from the pervasive heat of the


"I need some flyers printed."

I answered, checking him out. His

name tag said that his name was Evan, it sat upon a chest of prodigious

proportions. His knit shirt stretched its seams to the breaking point. I

felt my mouth go dry as I looked into his rugged, hispanic face.

"When do you need them."

His lips asked. I was lost in their

size. This guy had lips that Julia Roberts would have paid thousands for.

Not to mention, the thousands he could make from dudes wanting them to

graze over the heads of their cocks. His built torso stopped at an

impossibly small waist that flared into tree-trunk thighs. I could almost

hear his sleeves moan from his overdevoleped biceps as he stood to his full

height and looked at me. I wonder if Castro knew what a hit his gene pool

had taken at the loss of such a stud. It did my heart glad to see a real

man in the sea of youth that was Key West at Spring Break.

"I'll wait, if you can do them now."

I heard myself say.

"That can be kind of expensive."

Evan told me, adjusting the bulge

in his khaki shorts.

"I don't mind, I need them asap."

I assured this hunk of real man.

Evan took down the information that I wanted printed and assured me that he

could do the job. I watched him, breathless, as he started the printing

task that I wanted done. Evan seemed at home and nonplussed at my request.

I watched the individual muscles move under his shirt as he started to

fulfill my request.

"You know, this sounds kind of intriguing."

Evan said, looking

over his massive shoulder.

"Is this open to everyone?"

"It can be."

I offered, checking out the prominent mounds of his

butt. Evan looked delectable from whatever side you looked at him. I felt

the gears of my brain whirl as I contemplated using this hot, latino stud

for my own insatiable lust.

"A friend and I joined some college guys from back home down here

for spring break, we're having one last blow out before heading back."


stated, watching Evan's firm glutes sway as he went about his task.

"You're more than welcome to come."

"I don't know, I'm meeting some friends later and it depends on

what they're looking to get into."

Evan said, turning to me and smiling

from his rugged face. I felt my heart lurch as Evan reached under the

counter, pulling a pack of reds out.

"You don't mind do you?"

"Not at all."

I replied, pulling my own from a pocket.

"Good to

see a real man enjoying a smoke."

Evan lit up, watching my face as the printer worked in the

background. I watched him inhale and let the smoke fall from his nostrils

in long tendrils of vapor. Evan dangled his smoke as he scratched one of

his impossible large pecs and tried to read the inscrutability of my

printing request.

"So, what's on the agenda for this party?"

He asked. My body

tingled as I watched him look at me through the haze that surrounded his


"I'm not really sure, I guess we'll just see what develops."


answered through passion-parched lips. I often found it amazing that no

matter how much sex I got, and I assure you that Mark and I were getting

off about 3 or 4 times a day, I couldn't get enough. Evan looked so sexy

standing there with his overgrown muscles and mature features. He was the

Marlboro Man incarnate.

"Well I know my friends, and if you can guarantee that they'll get

their dicks worked over, I can convince them to come."

Evan assured me,

putting out his smoke in an old soda can.

"In fact, I wouldn't mind a

little preview."

Never breaking eye contact with the hunky cuban, I walked around

the counter and fell to my knees. Evan grabbed the back of my head and

ground it into the overwhelming pouch of his shorts.

"Yeah, bite that rod, cocksucker."

He groaned as I labored over

his enclosed fuckstick. Though not incredibly long, Evan seemed to be

sporting some thick wood. I gnawed and pinched his cock through his shorts

until the mound grew down the leg of his shorts. I panted to get at the

head of his plow that was leaving wet spots for me giving me incentive to

taste the real thing. I pulled at the zipper of Evan's pants and let his

monster see the light of day.


Evan moaned as I engulfed the head of his pulsing

meat. The shaft was about six inches of gnarly, veiny cockflesh that had

the girth of double D battery then flaring into a head that could have done

justice to a knitted cap for a two year old child. Once I got that huge

head past my lips, it took up residence in my mouth, my throat and his cock

were a perfect match. I heard Evan rummaging in his pant pocket as I

savored the way his manstalk tasted.

"Here. hit these."

I heard him say. Evan held a bottle not unlike

the one that Mark had gotten from the dude in the bathroom on the beach.

As we had used the poppers many times since, I knew exactly what to do.

Without taking his dick from my slobbery mouth, I held one nostril and

inhaled as he held it for me. I took a deep whiff and switched to the

other nostril.

The feeling that overcame me suspended time as I savored Evan's fat

prick. It tasted of the islands, sand, salt, and the musky people that

made him the man he was. I ran my tongue over his glans and down to his

plentiful pubic hair as I tasted the salty sweat that watching the fights

on the TV had produced. I weighed his meaty balls on my tongue in

expectation of what they held for my hungry lust. I ran my tongue over

every vein that I could find back up to his big dick head. I sucked on

that head, flipping my tongue over, under, and swirled around it. That fat

mushroom was a sex organ in and of itself. I could have spent hours taking

its spongy magnificence to climax. But, Evan had other things in mind.

After offering me another hit and taking one for himself, he proceeded to

treat my mouth to a fucking par excellence. I let that muscled cuban fuck

my mouth like the cum depository I had become. Every time that he bottomed

out at the entrance to my throat, I moaned in expectation of his next

plunge. He did not disappoint. Evan kept up an incredibly sexy onslaught,

power fucking my jaw until I thought it would become detached from my

skull. With every lunge, I could feel his tawny ballsac pound into my

sensitive chin. Evan was going for broke on my tongue and I was more than

happy to go along for the ride. I buried my nose in his pubes on the

downstroke and flitted my tongue over his piss slit on the up. The feel of

his mushroom head rubbing over the roof of my mouth was driving me insane

with lust. I've often wondered if there must be some kind of prostate

gland for cocksuckers like myself buried in the roof of our mouths. Maybe

I should contact a physician to see if such a physical anomaly exists.

Evan pounded my slippery mouth raw as I felt the slickness of his precum

coat my tongue. The taste was spicy and drove my sex-infused brain into

overload as I swallowed his cock to the root, burying my nose into his

pubes. My breathing became erratic as I power sucked that cuban dick.

"Gonna shoot!"

Evan gushed as I redoubled my efforts to make him

spooge in my craw. His powerful leg muscles twitched and I could feel him

bend over my rutting head as his cum overtook him. Evan's prick pulsed and

flooded my mouth with his male batter. I swallowed a couple times,

ensuring that I got it all.

"Wow, that was intense."

Evan offered as I licked his shiny pole


"Does that mean that we'll see you later?"

I asked, trolling my

tongue over his deflating cock.

"Fuck yeah!"

Evan assured me.


Mark walked around the lumber section of the national chain

do-it-yourself store clutching the rude schematic that he had drawn. The

photographer's eye for detail was apparent in the drawing. He found the

plywood section and started calculating.

"Can I help you?"

Mark heard as he came to the amount of sheets he

would need.

"Yeah.... sure."

Mark stumbled as he glanced at the interloper.

The man, all six foot two of him, smiled at him and took in the beauty that

was Mark. The man wore a name tag that stated his name was Brooks. Mark

gazed at Brooks' face, studying the firm upper lip and the dimpled chin

that was almost a match for his own. Brooks was slim but it was the

natural slimness that came from a lifetime of regimented diet and exercise.

The coal-black hair matched the slightly oriental eyes that made Brooks the

delectable being that he was. Mark swallowed a couple times before


"I need some plywood suitable for a temporary structure."

Mark asserted, wishing that he had the words to declare how good the man

looked. Though slim, Brooks had an unmistakable masculinity that became

apparent when he replied in his heavy southern accent.

"What d'ya got in mind?"

Brooks asked. Mark was taken aback by

the man's presence and handsomeness. He offered his drawing to Brooks

without thinking because verbal communication was held prisoner to a dry

mouth and constricted throat. Brooks took the drawing and studied it

intently. He gazed at the drawing looking at the components and not seeing

the overall purpose at first.

"How temporary do you need this to be?"

"Just for one night, tonight in fact."

Mark offered, encouraged by

Brooks' blase attitude. 'Just another sale.' Mark thought, figuring that

he would get away with his nefarious plans due to Brooks' ignorance of his

drawing. Suddenly, Brooks looked up into Mark's face and nodded.

"I think I understand."

Brooks stated. He started writing out a

list of supplies needed for the job. Mark watched as the hot, slender man

grabbed sheets of plywood from their crib and put them onto the rolling

platform that Mark had acquired. Brooks referred to Mark's schematic often

as he grabbed objects for its construction. Mark saw that Brooks

understood his plan and admired the way his tawny body flexed and twisted,

fulfilling the scope of his plans.

"What's all this for?"

Brooks asked,

filling the cart to overflowing.

"It's for a party that we're having tonight."

Mark replied, ogling

Brooks firm ass.

"All this for one party? Sounds like a blast."

Brooks asserted.

"I hope you have some help, 'cause this is a little ambitious for just one

person to get done for a party tonight."

"I was hoping to hire a crew to erect it for me."

Mark declared,

putting an emphasis on 'erect'.

"I don't know 'bout a crew, but I could probably put this up in a

coupla' hours."

Brooks offered.

"Sounds good,"

Mark replied, feeling his balls roll in


"between the two of us, we should be able to get it up by


Mark saw that the double entendre was not lost on Brooks. Brooks

finished his list and pulled at the pouch of his jeans in the nonchalant

manner of one who needs some breathing room.

"You know, I think that ought to do it. But, those cutouts that

you diagrammed may be a little too low. I think that we may have a

template around here that we could measure to make sure they're the correct


Brooks declared, looking purposely into Mark's eyes.

"Maybe we should measure to make sure its what I have in mind."

Mark offered, seeing the spark in the lithe man's eyes.

"Maybe we should."

Brooks said.

"Just leave that stuff there, I

think I know where it's at."

Mark followed Brooks as he headed for the

back of the cavernous warehouse. Mark felt his hormones jump from one

synapse to another as he watched Brooks' ass undulate in those impossibly

filled jeans. Mark followed Brooks around a corner of plumbing supplies

and into the room marked 'MEN'. Brooks opened the door as if he were

showing a customer a new 'green' light bulb and pointed to the partition

between the two stalls.

"That what ya' got in mind?"

Mark gazed at the hole in the red wall between the toilets. It was

large and surrounded by grafitti, offering delights that the manly

customers could not find at home. He saw that the bottom of the hole was

smooth-worn and stained by numberless offerings.

"That might do."



"Okay, maybe we should measure it to make sure it's what you want."

Brooks declared, pulling a tape measure from his utility belt and measuring

from the ground up.

"How about you get on the other side and we can make

sure it is the right height?"

Mark entered the adjacent stall and looked down through the hole.

"That look alright?"

Brooks asked, running his finger around the


"It looks just about perfect."

Mark offered, plunging his crotch

through. Brooks didn't hesitate. He grasped the mounding bulge of Mark's

crotch and kneeded it. Mark gasped,

"Suck my dick."

Brooks lost little time in massaging Mark's expanding cock. His

time spent with high school buddies was minimized. He had before him, a

real man. A man who looked like a God and had a hard prick to match.

Brooks slid Mark's zipper down and rooted for that hard fucking dick. All

of Brooks' formational fumblings with other horny jocks came down to this

one moment. The moment he would feel a real man's rod on his tongue. The

instant that Mark's thick dick appeared before Brooks eyes, it was

devoured. Mark plunged forward into Brooks' gaping maw. He could feel the

inexperience of his cocksucker. Brooks tried, valiantly, to take the thick

rod to its' root, but Mark could tell that his would be more useful

elsewhere and maybe he could teach this young man something in the doing of


"Give me your cock."

Mark stammered, dropping to his knees.

Brooks lost little time in rising to his feet and freeing his slender,

seven inch member. He stuck it through the hole and grasped the top of the

partition. Mark dove onto his dick. He swirled his tongue over the head

and speared his throat to the root of Brooks' rigid tool. Brooks sighed

with excitement as Mark showed him what a real cocksucker could do with a

hard dick. Brooks' knuckles blanched white as Mark impaled his throat on

his prick. The rhythm that Mark set up was overpowering to the young man.

"Turn around."

Mark begged, spitting out Brook's jutting member.


your ass up here."

Brooks turned and thrust his ass towards the hole. Mark stuck his

hands through and parted the cheeks. He could see the rosebud of Brook's

hole and he kissed it. Then, Mark drove into the hard muscle of Brooks'

chute with his muscular tongue. Brooks lost his wind and thought he would

pass out from the pleasure of Mark's hot breath and talented tongue. Mark

rooted like a pig after a truffle in Brook's ass. Brooks lost himself in

the ecstasy of Mark's mouth muscle as it bruised his tender hole. After a

few moments, Mark stood up and stuck his cock throught the the hole,

enjoying the intake of breath it caused. Brooks could feel the fat head of

Mark's prick pound insistently at the gate to his ass. Brooks pressed back

in anticipation of being skewered on Mark's big cock. The parting was

painful but satisfying. Brooks could feel the walls of his ass part as

Mark's rampant dick struck virgin territory. Brooks was incredulous at the

passion that he felt as this hot man made him his pussy boy. He grunted in

unison with the pounding that Mark was giving him. Brooks felt a buzz

begin deep inside of him as Mark's pole plowed his furrow. All of his

sophomoric experiences fell to the wayside, as Mark forged a highway in his

clutching ass. The beat that Mark set in this hot boy's ass would have

kept any tympani player busy for an entire concerto. Brooks could feel his

legs start to tremble and his dick start to lurch with the passion of his

scumhole lover. Brooks tempered the assault by bracing himself with his

hand on the adjacent partician. He could feel Mark's rutting dick twitch

as his asshole clamped down on every veiny inch of his cock. Brooks was

mystified as his cum overtook him. He arched his back and shot into the

chemically-controlled air. He could feel the spasm of his velvety cumhole

as Mark shot in unison with his own, handless, orgasm. Brooks could feel

Mark's thick cock expand and contract as he lost his juice up his chute.

They both gasped as their loads erupted. Mark's in Brooks' ass, and Brooks

on the wall he had braced himself with.

As they came down from their high, Mark asked

"So is six o'clock


:"Six o'clock, eight o'clock, and ten o'clock should be okay, if

I'm invited."

Brooks answered as he felt Mark's softening dick fall from

his ass.

"Right on."

Mark replied.


l.a. emerich

[email protected]


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