I had a crazy couple of days.

I was in the middle of closing a deal for a local chain of mom and

pop cleaners. You would have thought they had twenty stores in downtown

Manhattan, not the four they had in Podunk, Ohio. I understood pride in

ownership, but perspective can be a virtue. I was proud that I could convey

perspective and still allow the retiring couple to keep their dignity.

I had not spoken to Mark, other than to leave a thank you message

on his cell the next day. I didn't want to appear needy or syncophantic to

him. No way was I going to fuck up with Mark by appearing overeager.

Inside, I was still dealing with feelings of inadequacy. Though I was

successful and driven, there was that part of me that was still in awe of

all Mark represented to me as a teenager. When I thought about it, and I

tried not to, I had to reassure myself into believing what had happened

between us. It had been like a dream come true, though it was a dream

undreamt for many years. I guess its true that when you stop hoping for

something, it may come along out of the blue. That was certainly the case.

I would have surely kissed the ass of whoever was keeping score and sent

Mark my way. Though no assurances were requested nor were they made, it

didn't hurt to play 'what if'.

In this dreamlike state, I pulled into the parking lot of the local

grocery. You know the place, big enough to have run all the neighborhood

stores out of business by cutting their prices to the nub. I know, that

may sound cynical coming from someone who does what I do. But, as I said,

perspective can be a virtue.

I parked and made my way inside. Now I must tell you, I hate to

shop. I had a system. Drop my meat order at the butcher counter, drop my

deli order at the deli, then I finessed my way through the couponers and

label-readers winding up back at the butcher and deli to pick up my order.

The employees knew me and knew to fill my order post haste. If I arrived

and my order wasn't filled, I would just leave with what I had. Some may

call it power shopping, I call it drudgery.

I was looking for frozen waffles when I heard a deep resonating


'Hey Larry......I mean Allan.'

I looked up to see Mark standing there, silhouetted by backlit

freezers. He was so hot, it was a wonder that he didn't defrost the whole

aisle. I looked at those lips and remembered what they had done to me. In

my mind's eye, I could see them wrapped around my iron hard cock, planted

firmly in my pubes. I could feel them laving and munching down on my ready

ass lips, tossing my salad like a Ronco Kitchen Master. Inhaling my

tongue, nibbling my nerve wracked body.

Hey, Earth to Horny Infatuated Guy. I thought, pulling myself back

to the moment.

'Hey Buddy, what's up?' I stammered, trying to readjust more than

my runaway thoughts.

'Grindage, you know.' He replied with a smile.

'Yeah, I know. I hate this shopping shit.' I said, gazing into

his soulful brown eyes. It's strange how I was not uncomfortable with his

gaze. Only a few days ago, I was completely undone by it. Now it was kind

of like a favorite sweater, wear it until it completely unravels.

Comfortable. Inviting.

'It's one of those pesky necessary evils. Kinda' like taxes and

sex.' Wow, instant Dreamboat. Just add pithy wit. A walking wet dream

AND a sense of humor.

'Yeah, not necessarily in that order.' I chuckled.

'Hey, what are you doin' tonight?' Mark asked.

'No plans, probably watch some mindless entertainment. Then

crash.' I answered. Even if I did have something to do, all plans would

have been instantly put on the back burner.

'How about you come over for some steaks on the grill?' Mark


'Sure, isn't it kind of cold to grill out?' I asked, instantly

regretting my flip remark..

'Using the grill helps keep the winter misery to a relative ebb.'

Mark asserted.

Did he just say 'relative ebb'? Lord have mercy. Hunky, Talented,

Funny, AND Smart. Hey Ma, rent the hall. I'm bringin' home Mr. Right and

his oversized assets.

'Can I bring anything?' I offered, smiling to myself.

'Sure, dessert. And I mean something with sugar.' Mark said,

winking at me. I felt the heat rise to my face and a tingling pervaded my

entire body. What was this guy doing to me?

'Sounds like I got the easy part.' I joked.

'Get enough for three, I have another buddy coming over. I mean

the dessert, I believe you have enough of the other to accommodate three.'

Mark quipped, baring those luminescent pearlies at me again.

BOING, there he goes again. Add ingratiating to the list.

'Can do. I'm sure there'll be enough to go around.' I assured


'Great, see you at eight.'

With that, Mark ambled down the aisle. I watched the hypnotic

undulation of his sexy ass as he walked away.

'Whoa.' I heard a fellow admirer say. I turned to see a well

made-up blonde staring fixedly at Mark's incredible butt.

'Whoa, indeed.' I thought to myself.

I drove home in a fluster of lust. My stomach was in knots. My

bones quaked inside of my skin. My teeth clenched. My blood pressure was

up and my head was shrouded by hornyfied anticipation. Suddenly, my head

cleared as I remembered something Mark had said. Did he call me Larry

instead of Allan? I asked myself. Did that mean that he still thought of

me as that gangly, uncoordinated teenager of yore?

Surely not. I told myself. He just has to get used to it.

But, the thought remained in my head as I arrived at my house. I

was proud of my home. It had once been the residence of some

long-forgotten Cincinnati Red. The only place I could find mention of him

was in the archive of the local library. Angus 'The Trippler' Perkins.

Angus' claim to fame was that he had more triples than any other Red in

history. Poor Angus, it seems he could never go that one step further and

make it a homerun. I hoped that didn't bode inauspicious for my dinner at


I lugged my purchases into my 1930's arts and crafts bungalow and

put them away. I then went out back to smoke a cigarette and calm my

tortured insides. I sat down in my smoking chair, the only lawn furniture

not put away at the end of summer. I put my smoke to my lips and gazed at

the ice puddles on top of the pool's all-weather cover. The weather had

cleared giving us one of those crisp, pristine, mid-winter days. I must

have looked like an eskimo on holiday. A lone man bundled up, sitting in a

chaise lounge on a snow covered concrete apron next to a frozen swimming

pool. Though I'm certain that I looked ridiculous, I didn't worry about

anyone seeing me. The back yard was surrounded by an eight foot tall

masonry wall that matched the outside of the house. Enormous buckeye trees

grew outside the wall on both sides and the back wall abutted a cemetery.

Alhough I may not have been the only soul around, I felt very alone.

In my distracted state, I stubbed out my cigarette and immediately

lit another. My mind meandered back to our conversation amidst the frozen

entrees. Mark had mentioned a friend coming over tonight. Was it a

boyfriend? Mark had not mentioned having one the other night. Of course,

our conversation at the bar was all pre-sex (Did I mention it was the most

spectacular sexual experience ever had by two men in the history of

non-procreational sex?). I felt the yellow evil of jealousy rise in my

chest. What an alien feeling. I thought to myself. I had never been a

jealous person. Just one more thing this incredibly wonderful human being

was doing to me. The feeling was not like being jealous of another person,

per se. It was more like watching a game of tag and envying the players

because I was not included in their laughter and enjoyment. I suppose it

was more a situational jealousy rather than an objective one. There was

that regression to infantile thinking again. Damn, if I didn't watch

myself, I would be watching Barnie and playing with natural clay from my

shitty diapers.-----Look what I made for you mommy. Barnie poop.

I chuckled to myself and put out my cigarette. If I could make

light of my feelings, it must not have been that bad. I decided to stop

internalizing all of my Mark-induced angst and take things as they came, so

to speak.

I walked up the steps and into my kitchen. The heat hit me

immediately. It reminded me of an oven, which reminded me of dinner, which

reminded me of the dessert I had volunteered. I extracted whole

strawberries from the fridge, expensive and rare that time of year. I

thought I would make one of my favorites. I put the strawberries into a

bowl, cleaning, destemming, and slicing them first. Then, I added a little

sugar and a soupcon of Chambord. I put the bowl back into the fridge to

marinade, checking that I had the champagne to add right before serving. I

had bought two bottles, one so I would have enough to finish the dessert,

and the other as a further offering to the evening's festivities. Then I

whipped up some creme fraiche as a topping, using little sugar as the

strawberries would be rich enough on a cold winter evening.

I went to my room and stripped. I looked at myself in the full

length mirror of my dressing room door. I saw a handsome man looking back

at me. The dark brown hair on my head matched the hint of pubic hair. The

eyes were expressive if not dilated in lustful anticipation. The face was

pleasant and olive to match the blemish free skin that was my body. I saw

the tight chest and abs, not overly muscular but crisply defined. The

quarter-sized nipples were taut and semi-erect, perched upon smooth

burgeoning pectorals. The thighs were strong and naturally free of any

hair. The arms looked veined and had perfectly rounded biceps. I lifted

my arms to see the concavity under the bicep which got deeper as I flexed

them over my head. The hips looked like they were made to frame the long

hefty piece of manmeat that hung down and over a set of rosy balls encased

in a lowhanging silky sack of flesh. The sack was pendulous and shadowed

by a thin layer of brown pubes. I turned and gazed over my shoulder. The

ass was tight and bulbous under a V-shaped back. The smoothness of my back

was uninterrupted by bony protrusions or body hair. The calves were full

and rounded, covered by a light sprinkling of brown threads. I tried to

remain objective (there's that perspective thing again), and decided that

any man would be happy to have me in his bed (or hot tub). Some confidence

regained, I thought of how Mark had enjoyed my body. This caused me to

start to get hard. I saw my cock lengthen and grow in girth. I snapped

from my reverie and went to the glassed-in shower. I washed quickly,

deciding to not jack off. It would have taken the edge off, but I didn't

want to sap my ardor. Not yet.

I shaved my face and trimmed the bush. Then I selected a cashmere

sweater and tan khakis for the evening. The sweater was not as comfortable

as Mark's eyes, but it was the same color and it looked good with me in it.

I found some loafers from the L.L.Bean catalog and a brown leather bomber

jacket to complete my attire.

I fixed a Crown Royal, neat, then went out back to have another

smoke. The sun was long gone and the frigid night stole my breath. I

watched the exhaled smoke linger in the still air, rolling languidly on

itself then rise, marring the clarity of the frigid night sky.

The hot shower had done much to relax my once tense body. The

drink and the cigarette helped relax my mind. I finished my smoke and

gulped the rest of my drink. I walked back inside and grabbed the dessert

makings. Then it was off to Mark's house.

I pulled up to the rehabilitated victorian to see that the lights

were on, giving the impression of welcome. The moon shone brightly causing

the snow to sparkle and icicles to glisten. The brightness of the night

cast shadows over the peaceful scene. I walked to the wrap-around porch,

which is a required feature of any such period home.

I knocked.

Mark answered the door wearing a too-tight oxford shirt and jeans

that look sculpted to his meaty legs. I couldn't see his ass, but I

instantly decided that in my next life I wanted to come back as that pair

of jeans.

'Hey Allen, come on in.' Mark said, smiling at my obvious ogling

of his attire. He knew he looked good and liked that I showed my


I stuck out my hand in greeting. It hung in the air as Mark pushed

it aside and hugged me to that ample chest. I hugged back and smelled the

rich aroma of Mark's body. He had a faint smell of musk and tobacco. I

was in Heaven. I looked over Mark's shoulder and down at his butt. God,

take me now. I wondered how long it took to be reincarnated. We

unclenched and Mark held out his hand for my bag.

'Let me take that. Put your coat on a hook and come on back.'

Mark instructed, carrying my dessert to the kitchen. I hung my coat up and

followed Mark. I looked into the living room to see a fire burning in the

grate and candles lit. The two couches running parallel in front of the

fireplace completed a very cozy scene. I walked through the dimly lit

dining room which held a tastefully set table for three. Fresh flowers in

the center of the table made the air heavy with their scent.

As I entered the kitchen, warm smells surrounded me. Mark was at a

center island, tossing a salad. It was a green leafy one this time.

'Wow, it smells wonderful in here.' I observed. 'Can I help?'

'No, I've got everything under control. Do you wanna' a drink?

The bar's in the living room or there's beer in the fridge, help youself.'

Mark said, concentrating on the contents of the teak salad bowl.

'I'll go fix myself something. Can I get you anything?' I asked.

'Yeah, I'll have whatever you're having.' Mark answered.

I went to the living room and saw the bar that Mark had indicated.

It was wood-paneled, like the rest of the room, and held an amazing

selection of liquor. I saw a bottle of Crown Royal Reserve. I splashed

some into two tumblers, ignoring a cut glass ice bucket, and returned to

the kitchen.

'What are we drinking?' Mark asked, taking his glass from me.

'Crown Reserve.' I answered.

'That's spooky.' Mark said, looking at me with amusement. 'I had

one earlier, but it was the regular stuff. I was saving the good stuff for


'Yeah, that is spooky.' I agreed, thinking of my own preperatory

bit of liquid courage.

'To Spooky.' Mark toasted, clinking his glass with mine. We took

a sip and I marveled at the smoothness of the aged liquor.

'Have a seat, you can watch me cook.' Mark offered, waving me to

the table. I sat down spying a pack of Marlboro Lights and an ashtray.

'Do you mind if I smoke?' I asked.

'No, go ahead.' Mark said, turning to the fridge. I lit one of my

own ML's and watched Mark at his work. He was obviously comfortable with

the task. He walked around the kitchen with authority. I saw Mark didn't

have any shoes on. Good God, even his feet were sexy.

'What are you thinking about?' Mark asked, meeting my eyes.

'I was thinking how great you look barefoot in the kitchen.'

Mark laughed and pulled up his shirt. 'Well two out of three aint

bad. Maybe we can work on the pregnant thing later.' Mark smirked and

rubbed his flat stomach. I laughed at Mark's implication.

'Dude, I don't think I've ever seen anyone who was so naturally

sensual.' I observed. 'I have to tell you, you are the sexiest man I have

ever laid eyes on. Gay or straight. You are butcher than any straight guy

I know and the wildest sex I can ever remember with any man. Do you still

have sex with women?'

'Not anymore, can't handle the mind games. Not to mention the

so-so sex.' Mark explained, sitting across the table from me and lighting

a cigarette. 'As for the rest, Look man, I'm just me. I don't like

labels. They tend to focus on the extreme and marginalize the mainstream.

I prefer having sex with men. I don't have to fit into any stereotype to

do that. And if the other night is any indication, I love fucking around

with you.'

'I couldn't agree more.' I said, holding my glass up. Mark

acknowledged my toast and drank deeply. He sat his glass down and came

around the table then he leaned down to plant those bee-stung lips on my

own. Mark's tongue pushed insistently into my mouth. I opened and we

tasted one another. Mark licked my tongue, my teeth, even the roof of my

mouth. I just went along and enjoyed the deepest sexiest kiss ever.

'Whew, I need another drink.' Mark said, breaking our kiss.

'Everything's done in here, let's go in by the fire.'

I walked with Mark holding my drink in one hand and his hand in the

other. Sometimes its startling what the small acts of intimacy can do for

a person. My heart was pounding and my lips were tingling. But, Mark's

hand in mine seemed so natural and calming.

'Here, let me fix us another.' Mark said as we entered the living

room. He took my glass and went to the bar. I sat on one of the couches,

gazing from Mark to the flames. Mark walked behind the bar, looking for

something. Suddenly, I heard the familiar intro to one of my favorite

songs, Traci Chapman longing for one reason to stay here. I wanted to tell

her. 'Sister-Girl, if you could see my one reason, you would be singing

another tune.'

Mark came to the couch and handed me my drink. I saw a smile on

his face and I smiled right back.

'What's with the shit-eating grin?' I asked, watching him watching


'I'm just a little amazed at how great you look sitting on my

couch.' Mark said. Did he just compliment me? My smile grew until I

thought my gums would dry out from exposure. 'Do you wanna smoke a bowl?'

'Sure, I don't have to work tomorrow. I can get as wrecked as I

want.' I stated as it was Saturday night.

'Great, let's do this.' Mark said, grabbing a box from the large

coffee table that sat between the two couches. Mark loaded a large hookah

pipe that sat in the middle of the table. He handed one of the hoses to me

and kept one for himself. He lit the pipe with a barbecue lighter. The

hookah bubbled as we inhaled the pungent vapor. The smoke from the water

pipe was so smooth that I didn't have the urge to cough. I just sat back

and held it in as long as possible. When my lungs went into serious oxygen

deficit, I exhaled causing a vast cloud to be emited. I don't think I had

ever held so much smoke in my lungs before. The effect was immediate. I

relaxed into the overstuffed cushions of the couch and hit my hose a couple

more times. Mark looked as if it had the same effect on him.

'So where's your friend?' I asked. ' I thought you said eight.'

'I told him eight thirty. I wanted to have some alone time with

you first.' Mark replied. Alone time. Mark had planned that we would be

alone without his friend. That must count for something.

'Is he cool?' I asked in the way every gay man asks another when a

stranger is expected.

'We'll see, just follow my lead.' Mark said with that beautiful

grin on his face. As Traci lamented that there aint no more to say, I

heard a knock at the door.

'That should be the guest of honor now.' Mark said as the

grandfather clock in the corner bonged twice for the half hour. Mark got

up and went to the foyer to answer the door. I wasn't sure that I liked

the whole 'guest of honor' remark. But, in my languid state, I let it

leave my mind. I could hear Mark greeting someone. I lit a cigarette and

grabbed my drink. Our romantic interlude seemed to be at an end for the


'Come on in.' I heard Mark say to the 'guest of honor'.

I stood to greet the stranger.

'Allan, this is Jesse.' Mark said, introducing the finest example

of young manhood a Bowflex machine could ever create. My first impression

of Jesse was startling. He was about my height, 6'2'. He had dirty blond

hair that curled around his head like a halo. This kid was buff. His

tight A&F long sleeved crew shirt showed his chest and guns to

perfection. His swagger intimated hours spent at the leg press. His

dazzling smile was only surpassed by his shining turquoise eyes. Jesse's

face held that intense flush of youth that so many of us lose as we age.

The pink of his cheeks was accentuated by the beginning of a blondish/brown

goatee on his prominent chin. As I looked at Jesse standing next to Mark,

I thought of something Mae West once said, 'What a shame, all that meat and

no potatoes'.

'Nice to meet you.' I said, offering my hand to Jesse.

'Nice to meet you.' Jesse said, gripping my hand.

'Go ahead and sit, would you like a beer or something Jess?' Mark


'Sure, something light. I have to watch the carbs.' Jesse said,

patting his rock hard stomach.

Jesse sat on the couch across the way.

'So how do you know Mark?' I asked.

'I live next door.' Jesse replied with a smile. 'I cut Mark's

grass and do the grunt work he won't do around here himself.' The image of

that hard dick in the photograph that hung on Mark's wall flashed into my

mind. I wished that I had looked closer, maybe memorized it for posterity.

I was a little puzzled. The photo was obviously of Jesse. But, Mark acted

as if he were unsure if Jesse was cool or not. Hmmm, the plot thickens.

'I heard you just graduated.' I said, adding two and two.

'Yeah, finally. I was in a motorcycle accident last year, so I had

to go to summer school and the first semester of this year to finish. But,

the deed is done and I start college in the spring. Jesse said, explaining

the unusual timing of his graduation.

'Where are you going?' I asked.

'Ohio State, where else?' Jesse answered as if there were any

other choice.

'That's my alma mater. You're going to love it there.' I assured


'Here you go, drink up the night is young.' Mark said, handing

Jesse a beer.

'Thanks.' Jesse replied. 'Smells like I missed the opening

round.' Jesse took a long pull on the frosty bottle and pointed a finger

at the pipe in the center of the table.

'We can fix that.' Mark assured him.

The three of us finished the bowl and then smoked another one. By

then it was time for dinner.

'Let me burn those steaks real quick. Medium rare okay with

everyone?' Mark asked. Jesse and I nodded in agreement.

'I need another beer.' Jesse stated, rising and going to the

kitchen. I instantly went in search for the photo of Jesse's cock. I

remembered it being in the foyer, behind the stairway. The space was bare.

I went to my coat and got another pack of smokes out of the pocket. When I

returned to the living room, Jesse was back. I packed my cigarettes and

tore them open.

'Hey, can I get one of those?' Jesse asked.

'Sure.' I said, handing the pack to him after I dug one out for

myself. I lit mine and handed the lighter to Jesse. He lit his in a

practiced manner. I guess I was surprised. This kid was built like a

brick shithouse. I assumed that he was only a drinker/smoker. But the way

he smoked that cigarette, made it clear that he knew what he was doing.

What had Mark said about sterotypes?

After a few minutes, Mark called us to dinner. The steaks steamed

and Mark had loaded our plates with summer food. We had corn on the cob,

tomatoes in the salad, and baked potatoes with green onion on top of the

sour cream. As we ate, we talked about nothing in particular. Mark

explained that he and I were high school buddies, would that it were true.

I told Jesse about my experiences at OSU, leaving out some of the more

sordid details. Mark informed us that dinner was part of Jesse's

graduation present. Jesse wouldn't allow Mark to buy him anything. Jesse

said he felt guilty taking anything from Mark after all the money Mark had

slid his way for working around his house since he moved in.

We finished dinner and lit our smokes. The full feeling in my gut

was nice. I wondered if I would get another full feeling in my gut that

night. Mark went to the fridge and returned with three champagne flutes

and a bottle. He popped the cork and we all toasted Jesse. The bottle

went down fast, so Mark opened another. Eventually, Mark left the room

only to return with a box wrapped in festive paper.

'I thought I told you not to buy me anything.' Jesse protested.

'I didn't. I made this.' Mark explained.

Jesse took the package, offering his thanks. He studied the

intricate bow and tore the paper off with the enthusiasm of a two year old.

Jesse opened the box and pulled out a frame, turned face down. He turned

it over and gaped at the photo. A look of puzzlement was replaced by one

of understanding. The pink in Jesse's face intensified as the realization

of what was in the picture hit him. He looked at Mark questioningly.

'That's for being a dick about your graduation present.' Mark

said, laughing at the perplexed look on Jesse's face.

'But, how......? Jesse asked, gazing at his own cock framed and


'Remember last week, when you shoveled the walks? You got in the

hot tub and jacked off. I got home early and saw you so I took a picture.

Not bad, would be my opinion.:' Mark said.

'Let me see.' I said, taking the picture from Jesse. His cock was

beautiful. From stem to stern it looked to be a thick seven inches. It

was cut and a small drop of semen dripped from the end. The sparse hair

and water reflected off the veiny shaft as I remembered. 'Not bad is an

understatement.' I said, returning Jesse's picture to him.

'You got me fucked up, dude.' Jesse said, laughing hard. Mark and

I joined him. Jesse stood and held the picture in front of his crotch.

'Does it look like it fits?' Jess asked, parading around the dining room

with his hips flung forward as if the picture of his cock were the real


'I suppose that depends on where you plan on sticking it.' Mark

said through fits of laughter at Jesse's antics.

'Pussy, ass, or mouth. I'm an equal opportunity employer.' Jesse

stated as Mark gave me a look of shared understanding that was fraught with


'Let's go smoke some more weed.' Mark said, walking to the living


'Fuck yeah, man, see how horny that shit make me.' Jesse said as

he paraded to the living room preceeded by the picture of his youthful

cock. 'I can't remember when I've seen a dick look hotter.' Jesse let

slip. 'I mean when I've seen my dick look hotter.' He said, correcting


'Truth be thy name, Freud.' I thought, hoping that Jesse had it

right the first time.

We smoked a couple of more bowls. Mark acted as bartender and

poured us all more drinks. Jesse's vow to watch the carbs had gone out the

window as his buzz intensified. He drank and smoked until he was beyond

shitfaced, he had good company I assure you.

We talked and joked for an hour or so.

'Jesse cracked up when he said, 'I wanted to get laid for

graduation, but all I got was some dick.' We laughed hard and Mark looked

at me with that same understanding look. I looked back through my laughter

and nodded my head and winked at him. I knew how I could make Jesse's

assertion come true.

I excused myself, leaving those two hunky men to their ribaldry. I

returned a few minutes later with dessert. On a large platter, I had a

mound of strawberries covered with the creme fraiche. I had put two large

spoons on the plate to eat with.

'Dessert anyone?.' I asked, holding the platter right in front of


'Wow, that looks awesome.' Jesse said, grabbing a spoon.

'It certainly does.' Mark agreed. He grabbed the other spoon. I

stood between them, holding the platter crotch-high so that they could dig

in. Both of them took big bites as I smiled down at them. It became

somewhat of a competition to see who could eat the fastest. I saw Jesse

staring at Mark and Mark staring back, each watching the other as they

gobbled down the rich gooey mess.

'Whoever finds the surprise gets to lick the plate.' I said,

laughing at them as they intensified their efforts. Mark scooped his spoon

into the heart of the mess. He was staring Jesse down and snorting like a

pig at him. Mark pulled the spoon to his mouth and spooned my strawberry

and cream covered dick head right on in. I was hard as a rock from

watching their masculine contest.

Thank God, Mark realized what had happened. He stopped immediately

and looked up at me with the end of my nine inch cock between his lips.

Jesse stopped at the sight. His eyes went from slits to saucers in an

instant. His slathered lips formed an O as he watched to see what was

going to happen.

'Surprise, now lick the plate.' I commanded.

Mark's gaze hadn't left my face. A stunned expression came into

his eyes as I dropped the platter and pushed about half of my rammer into

his mouth. Mark realized what had happened and smiled as the cream that

surrounded my cock built up around the suction of his lips.

I won the joke contest, hands down.

Jesse bent double with laughter, one hand over his mouth and the

other pointing at Mark's predicament. I suppose he thought it was a just

payback for the picture of his dick. I slid more of my cock into Mark's

mouth as Jesse guffawed. Mark reached up and unbuttoned my pants. This

stopped Jesse's laughter, and caused a look of interest to cross his

countenance. My pants dropped to the floor as I bottomed out in Mark's


'Damn, do you have a license for that thing?' Jesse asked, rubbing

his genitals through his jeans.

'No, but I have a recipe that'll get your dick sucked everytime.'

I replied. 'Dig in.' I said, pointing to the abandoned platter.

Now the boy was high. He was also drunk. But, he was no fool.

Jesse undid his jeans, watching Mark deep throat my appreciative

cock. He pulled his luscious boy meat out and bent to pick up the platter.

Jesse rubbed his now hard dick over the messy platter, coating it with the

rich goo. The veins of his cock were pulsing and gave the thick tube an

undulating effect. I bent and engulfed his sweet cock with my watering

mouth. I had had this dessert many times, but it was never quite this

tasty. I slathered my tongue with the cream and took Jesse all the way to

the root, enjoying the feel of Jesse's heartbeat transmitted through his

young supple cock. Jesse gasped as I swirled my tongue over the head and

nibbled my way up and down his steely rod. I traced the veins with my

sensitive tongue, twisting my head to follow their road map of his youthful

prick. I felt his balls bang my chin as I was on the down plunge and he on

the up stroke. Over and over I buried that fucking hot dick in my throat.

Not to be forgotten, Mark was doing a superlative job on my own cock. He

had swallowed most of the dessert, leaving my horned up, precum slicked,

blood engorged dick towering from the attention he was giving it. Sucking

Jesse's dick was almost more than I could stand. I hoped someone would

stop me by the year 3025, I figured that would be about the time I would

get tired of sucking this boys cock.

I pulled my dick from Mark's vacuum and offered him Jesse's dick

instead. Mark didn't miss a beat as he inhaled Jesse's fuck stick. From

the moans emitting from Jesse's mouth, he didn't seem to mind. I had other

plans. Mark was now on his knees in front of Jesse, deep throating that

impressive rod of youthful steel.

Jesse complied eagerly when I instructed him to undress and lay on

his back on the floor. Mark and I disrobed ourselves too, beating our meat

at the sight of the writhing youth awaiting Mark's mouth. Mark knelt

between Jesse's legs, inhaling his large throbbing prick. I got behind

Mark and stared down at that magnificent ass.

I knelt down and got under Mark. I inhaled his substantial

fuckstick and approached Nirvana as I let him fuck my mouth. I sucked on

his cock as he plunged in and out. His cockhead raced the path from my soft

lips, over my searching tongue, then deep into my spasming throat.

Somehow, I didn't choke or die of asphyxiation. I played with Mark's hole

as he tried to pound my head through the floor. God, I loved the way this

man threw a fuck. Mark was the pile driver and I was the pile.

I pulled Mark's dick from my mouth and visited his nuts. They

swayed from his exertions on Jesse's tool. I caught them midswing and ran

my tongue over every inch of his cum-filled pouch, attending to it like a

bitch to her pup. I nibbled his eggs, holding them in my mouth and

humming. This drove Mark into a frenzy. I left his balls in search of

tastier delights. I got up and knelt behind Mark. I could see his crack.

Sweat had formed there and the fire from the grate caused shadows to dance

over the dimpled cheeks of Mark's ass. I parted those beefy buns and blew

on the hole. It winked at me. Without further ado, I planted my tongue at

the entrance to Mark's rectum. I swirled my tongue and munched on his

hole. Mark obviously enjoyed it almost as much as I did. He pushed back

into my face as I ate his ass raw. I bit, licked, sucked, tongued,

nibbled, fingered, and stretched that butt. I used my fingers to prod and

massage Mark's prostate. His moaning increased and he twisted his ass in

circles, ensuring maximum coverage of his man clit. Mark moaned and

grunted repeatedly with Jesse's dick deeply embedded in his throat.

After a few minutes of three-finger play in Mark's ass, I lined my

rock hard manpole up with Mark's hole. I plunged in with one stroke. I

heard Mark's gasp of breath as my huge trembling cock pierced to his nether

regions. I felt his insides find a way to accommodate my large raging

tumescence. Mark grunted in time with my long relentless strokes. Mark's

ass was on fire. I could feel his insides open for my invasion, then close

around the head of my big dick as I pulled out for another attack. The

tight grasping chute encased my dick as no other had ever welcomed it

before. I drank in the sight of Mark on his knees in front of me, his ass

pushing back into the driving force of my urgency.

'Fuck me, Baby.' Mark mumbled, losing Jesse's prick from his

mouth. My unbridled assault on his ass was the only thing Mark needed.

Wanted. Craved. I reached around and felt his tool. It was rockhard and

drooling all over my hand. I pounded on it with my clenched fist. I

swirled my fingers over that beautiful cockhead and tightened my grip in

time with my measured strokes. Mark's head hung low, saliva dripping from

his slack lips.

Jesse watched my face as I fucked Mark. He could see the exquisite

pleasure I was experiencing. I'm sure it was obvious to him that this was

not just a fuck. This was a serious ass-pounding between two people who

cared about each other. A blind man could see how I was rocking Mark's

world with my incessant ramming of his ass. Jesse stood and came to me. I

thought he wanted me to suck his dick, but I was wrong. Jesse looked down

into my eyes, watching me as I sated myself in Mark's tight ass. He tilted

my head and put his lips to mine.

The battle of our tongues was teutonic. I assumed I would be the

more experienced, but this was obviously not Jesse's first rodeo. Jesse

left my mouth and started licking my face, my chest, and my stomach. While

his tongue nipped over my body, his hands reached down and pulled on my

swinging ballsack. I could feel him roll them around, in his warm sweaty

palm. Jesse nibbled his way around my torso and started biting the back of

my neck. Heretofore, it had been an unknown erogenous zone. I writhed and

twirled my dick in Mark's ass as Jesse found my new favorite place to be

licked and nibbled. Then, the teenager blazed a trail from my neck to my

ass, continuing the kneading of my overly excited nuts. He slid down my

body to find my tender ass lips. Jesse laid down behind me and licked my

ass from underneath, smelling my balls as they bounced over his face. He

licked and tongued my hole like I was some cheerleader in the back of his

car. Jesse was a master at eating pussy. He fingered my ass as he prodded

it with his tongue. My prostate jerked and spasmed under Jesse's fat

probing fingers. I could feel Jesse shift his body, leaving his fingers

buried in my chute. He swept past my balls to my hard shaft pistoning in

and out of Mark's hole. Jesse started tonguing my plunging tube and Mark's

clutching ass lips with that very talented tongue.

My entire being shifted to the point where My cock, Mark's ass, and

Jesse's tongue met. How could so much pleasure be centered on one small

spot in the Universe? I marveled. Jesse slathered his tongue around the

root of my cock, fingering my hole and twisting my balls. I could feel him

push his tongue into Mark's ass, planting it alongside my jutting spear.

The feeling was incredible, definitely a first for me. Jesse continued his

journey to engulf Mark's balls with his eager mouth. I slowed down my

fist, so Jesse could spend some quality time with those beauties. He

licked them and swirled his tongue over Mark's tightened ball sack. Mark

groaned as Jesse shifted more and pulled Mark's straining cock into his hot

youthful mouth.

'Oh fuck.' Mark breathed as Jesse took his battered cock to the

short and curlies. I rammed my cock deep into Mark's abused shitter. This

caused Mark to pound into Jesse's hot mouth. Jesse's fingers in my ass

continued their dance around my tingling pleasure center. Mark started

trembling like an aspen in a gale. I could feel his ass muscles clench

around my sensitive inflamed helmet. I could feel him start to hump harder

into Jesse's gaping maw.

A sudden flush started in my ass and inflamed my entire body.

Stars floated in my vision as I fucked myself on Jesse's fingers, plunging

deeper and deeper into Mark's straining body. I could hear Jesse start to

hum on Mark's prick, sending waves of pleasure from Mark's cockhead to the

center of his sex-ravaged brain. Knowing how much Mark enjoyed this, I

gave in to the spasms that rocked me.

'Do you want this load, cowboy?' I grunted into Mark's ear.

'Breed me, you beautiful motherfucker.' Mark gasped back at me.

With the sound of Mark calling me beautiful ringing in my ears, I

buried my cock in his ass. My organ jerked and rutted in Mark's gut,

painting the walls with stream after stream of my thick creamy juice. My

breath left me. I centered in on the one feeling that mattered, the bliss

of breeding Mark's butt.

Mark grunted and bucked as his own bliss unloaded in Jesse's

throat. I felt the spasms race around my still hard dick as Mark blasted

Jesse's tonsils. God love him, Jesse didn't miss a drop.

Mark and I stayed coupled as Jesse cleaned any residual cum from

Mark's tender pole. We relaxed, climbing down from our shared peak of lust

induced insanity. I slowly pulled my spent organ from Mark's bruised

rectum. He sighed as the deflating head bumped across his sore lips. We

laid down on our backs next to each other. Mark rolled to me and kissed me

tenderly. I revelled in the intimate way Mark and I expressed our

burgeoning feelings for one another. Jesse got between my legs and licked

the the juices from Mark's ass off of my cock. He must have enjoyed it,

because then he dove down between Mark's ass cheeks and lapped at my jism

oozing from Mark's butt.

Mark broke our kiss and smiled at me. He looked down at the top of

Jesse's head rooting between his legs. I nudged Mark and winked at him.

He nodded back at me. It was obvious that though we were sated, we still

had a horny young man on our hands.

Mark stood up, leaving Jesse's cum-smeared face with a 'what about

me' look upon it. He pulled Jesse to his feet. I stood up and we pulled

together, ensuring Jesse came too. We had a three-way kiss, dueling our

tongues together, sharing the taste of our sticky juices with one another.

The tongue battle waned as first Mark then I started kissing Jesse's bulky

body. We shared his neck, his armpits, his nipples. Jesse cooed in

appreciation as we swept our tongues over his taut skin.

Simultaneously, we arrived at Jesse's bouncing piece of granite.

We sandwiched it between our sucking mouths, flicking our tongues over the

head, around the thick meaty shaft, down to the large oval nuts. With Mark

on one side of Jesse's towering prick and I on the other, we started to

jack his cock with our mouths. The flesh of the shaft rose and fell back

as we darted our tongues over the pulsing organ. Our tongues met

repeatedly to pay special attention to the head of Jesse's throbbing

missile. We eased our way down the shaft to meet at the young man's sack.

Mark took one ball in his mouth, I took the other. We swirled those nuts,

pulling them with our teeth. Jesse was moaning and groaning at the feeling

he was getting from our talented mouths.

I left Mark chewing on Jesse's tender pouch, as I nibbled my way

back to the spongy head of Jesse's dick. I took the head into my mouth and

flitted my tongue across his cumhole. I tasted dribbles of precum on my

tongue and I started to spread them over the youth's veiny, fleshy cock.

Jesse rested his hands on the back of my head as I started fucking his cock

with my mouth. Mark squatted between Jesse's legs, prying the boys tender

cheeks apart. I knew Jesse was going to have the rim job of the century.

I remembered how Mark had speared my hole with his talented mouth organ,

how he had twisted my ass lips until they begged for more of his tongue

inside of me.

I concentrated on sucking Jesse's dick as Mark took care of his

ass. I pulled Jesse deep into my throat then pushed him out explosively

with my velvety muscles. I pistoned my lips up and down his twitching

tool, feeling him start to quiver. Jesse's grip on the back of my head

became more insistent as he threw his head back and gave himself over to

the intense feelings we gave him. I could hear Mark snorting as he dug

deep into Jesse's ass channel with his expert tongue and fingers. Jesse

started to writhe on Mark's prodigious digits.. I redoubled my efforts,

throwing myself down to Jesse's trimmed bush, then rapidly pulling myself

up and holding his cockhead between my suctioning lips. My head was a blur

on Jesse's ripped dick as Mark played The Flight of the Bumblebee on

Jesse's prostate.

'Fuck yeah.' Jesse screamed.

I felt his raging hardon pulse in my mouth. The cum rose from his

balls in a torrent of scalding froth. He sprayed my throat like I was his

personal cum-urinal. He pumped his spasming tool deep into my throat,

coating my tonsils with his fresh, salty dick yogurt. I lapped it up.

I looked up at the astounded look on Jesse's face.

'Happy Graduation.' I said.


l.a. emerich

[email protected]


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