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Part 6 - The Consummation

Vlad slowly began to stir. He slowly opened his eyes, and everything was fuzzy at first but as his eyes began to focus Vlad realized he was lying on his couch; a light blanket draped over his body. Next to him, his table was lit up with multiple different panels monitoring his vital signs and the climate of his surroundings. He blinked his eyes clear and scanned the information, ensuring it was all normal before propping himself up on one arm on the couch.

Immediately, he was quiet dizzy and the room began to spin. Vlad shut his eyes tight and pressed a hand to his forehead, letting out a small groan as the waves of nausea came over him. Slowly, the sensation cleared away; so he moved his hand and again opened his eyes. Thankfully, the room was now quite stationary, but still looked strange. As he looked around, he notices little strings of light moving up and down every surface, including his own body. Slowly Vlad moved a hand up to his face to better examine the lines. He saw that it was the same code he had seen on the strange door he had encountered during his, dream, Awakening, thing? He wasn't quiet sure what to call that experience; all he knew for was that his entire body was tingling and every noise from the monitors sounded like thunder in his ears. His eyes hurt from the usually-dim lights that seemed now to blaze bright, and that what he could see in the room was sharp and crisp, not fuzzy like it was when he didn't have his glasses on. Vlad took a deep breath to calm himself and then called out; "Rita? Jason? Is anyone here?" He immediately regretted saying anything; the sound of his own voice hurt his ears.

Jason heard Vlad calling from the other room, so he stood up from Vlad's big computer chair and headed around the bathroom through the kitchenette and into the other room. He saw the table go black as R.I.T.A. once again projected her head floating above it, with a concerned look on her face.

"All of your vital signs seem normal, save for a slightly elevated blood pressure. I'm not sure where the problem lies." R.I.T.A. said, sounding concerned.

Jason stopped and leaned up against the wall, crossing his arms, his hands folding into the sleeves of his robes. "Vlad, take some deep breaths. Inhale, wait, exhale, wait; like waves."

Vlad did as Jason suggested; taking long, slow, meditative breaths. Slowly, his senses mostly returned to normal, the roaring in his ears quieting down before finally whispering away, the blinding lights dimming down and flickering to a normal level, his aching muscles and tingling nerves softened, the pins and needles disappearing. He looked around, still confused, as he still saw everything in sharp focus and the strange symbols remained.

Meanwhile, R.I.T.A. turned towards Jason and asked, "Jason, can you explain?"

Jason responded with a chuckle, "It would seem that Vlad has Awakened." Jason took on his mysterious tone again, "No longer a slumbering passenger floating along the currents of the universe, but rather a fully-fledged Mage ready to take part in the cycle of Quintessence that we all belong to."

Something was different now, though. Vlad saw the little lines of light over everything warp and ripple as Jason spoke, his voice seemingly altering everything around him as he spoke. Vlad wondered if the strange tone he took on was magic in and of itself, more than just a different way of speaking as he had previously thought.

Very carefully, Vlad attempted to stand up. He found his legs a bit shaky at first, but otherwise he was fine. He looked over to Jason and asked "Are you working magic when you do that?" He slowly and a little unsteadily walked closer to Jason, his hand outstretched as he tried to touch the wavering lines of light.

Jason chuckled again, stood up straight, and offered his hands out for Vlad to grab in case he needed the support. "In a very roundabout way, yes. That tone I use is a special ability that the Four Winds Shamans possess; it allows us to speak beyond worldly limitations and across the veils that separate realms. It's actually what the Four Winds are primarily known for and referred to by other Mages as experts on, crossing veils and travelling realms. Four Shamans of great prestige and power are chosen to succeed the lineage of each seat of the Four Winds council, who are the first go-to for most Mages who need our services. Then, the council helps the Mage seeking assistance to find the Shaman best suited to help them. This Shaman is great for speaking to those who have passed on, this Shaman for attuning oneself to the plant life that lives in the desert, so on and so forth. It's a council job because no one Shaman should bear the weight of it, and even though we do all share the burden, its still very taxing for us to do; retirement is always the way we leave, and its always by leaving our mortal bodies behind and allowing our being to become one with the Deep Umbra."

Vlad did take Jason's hands, just to steady himself, and noticed their lines shifting and changing to flow into each other, moving ever faster. "The Spirit World, right?" Vlad asked.

Jason chuckled again and replied, "Sort of, it's a bit more complex than that. We don't just become ghosts and go to a town full of ghosts. I'm not really sure how it works, to be honest; I'm not there in my training yet. I did get an answer out of Sage once, he said that his plan was to become one with this forest he loves, basically becoming it's 'guardian spirit' helping to nurture and protect it, but also becoming bonded with it in a way he couldn't while he still had his body."

"What about people like me? Those that don't have a natural place we are attuned to? Would I become one with some computer or something?" Vlad paused for a moment, becoming very aware that he was still holding Jason's hands. "Your hands are really really soft." Vlad said as he began to trace little circles in Jason's palm with his finger. He drew a circle, and then began drawing a symbol within the circle; he wasn't sure what it was he was drawing but something told him to do so. As he completed the final line the symbol manifested itself, glowing a soft blue in Jason's palm.

The symbol dissolved just as quickly as it had appeared, and Jason felt his own skin begin to tingle. A moment later he saw himself standing next to the wall, with the kitchen behind himself, as if looking though Vlad's eyes. Jason even caught snatches of Vlad's thoughts as they raced across his mind: confusion about what the lines of code-light meant, fear of how his life would change now that he was Awakened, excitement about being able to do magic and doing his parents proud, arousal as he once again realized how much he was touching Jason's hands. Then, just as quickly as it began, Jason's vision of himself winked out and he found himself once again seeing from his own eyes and knowing only his own thoughts.

"That was odd..." Vlad said nervously.

Jason dropped Vlad's hands and shrugged. "Odd things are bound to happen, until you can learn to control yourself and direct your magic. That's what the other classes are for, to help you focus yourself."

"I guess I should call my parents and tell them that it finally happened; then I'll have to sign up for more classes." Vlad sighed as he walked back over to his couch, collapsing onto it with another, softer sigh.

Jason smiled as he followed Vlad, sitting next to him. "Or, we could go exploring first. I remember when I Awakened, my senses and awareness completely shifted, I saw everything a little bit differently; it could be interesting to see if you're the same way. Even months after my Awakening I was being surprised by old things in new ways, the smell of a food, the color of a flower, the little things you know?"

"I've noticed that I don't need my glasses any more, and my sense of touch seems to be heightened as well. I'm not sure if that's good or bad though because that means I will probably feel pain a lot more intensely than I did before." Vlad continued to explain as he slowly began scooting closer to Jason. "Did you have anything specific in mind you wanted to try out?" He tried to hide the hopeful tone to his voice.

"I don't know what is up with your eyes or sense of touch; I never had anything like that. Let's go back to that forest garden cave." Jason said as he stood up and stepped back from Vlad, allowing him room to get up and get the door.

"Rita; Jason and I will be back later. I'm feeling a bit hungry after this whole ordeal, would you mind making dinner? I know we don't have much stock left so it doesn't have to be anything fancy. I'll pick up more on our way back if the commons is still open." Vlad stood and stepped towards the door.

"Certainly, I will do my best with what we have in stock Vlad." R.I.T.A. said as her image appeared on the screen by the door. As the two men approached she accessed the security system and opened the door up for them to try and make it easier on Vlad since he still looked rather wide-eyed and unstable. "Please do be careful Vlad, and Jason; I'm expecting you to look after him while you two are out and about."

Jason chuckled and stepped through the doorway. "We will be okay Rita, no worries."

Vlad climbed up the ladder a bit so Jason would have enough room for the door to close. Once it was shut he started slowly climbing his way up the narrow tunnel, sighing with relief as he came to the surface.

Jason climbed up the ladder after Vlad, taking his hand and leading him down the hallway in the direction of the forest garden, letting the stone wall slide back into place behind them.


After a few twists and turns the two finally reached the cavern and stepped inside, passing between a few trees by the entrance before coming into a grand clearing, with soft grass and patches of flowers, all dimly lit by the half-moon high in the sky.

Jason let go of Vlad's hand and flopped down quickly onto his back, hands folded behind his head, as he stared up at the sky.

Vlad carefully knelt next to Jason, still feeling stiff and sensitive. He slowly sat down, and then lay back just as carefully. He turned his head towards Jason, watching him as he took the ribbon out of his hair, letting his dreads fall free down to the ground as he tucked the ribbon away in his robe.

"Have you ever thought of letting your hair go straight?" Vlad asked, putting a hand through his own short spiky hair. "I just think it's nice to run my fingers through my hair."

Jason chuckled and turned his head to look at Vlad. "I get that, but I never got to run my hand through my hair. My hair isn't like yours, it's curly and kinky."

Vlad tried to stifle a giggle when Jason said 'kinky', and let him continue.

"My father was Biloxi-Avoyelles and my mother Cane River, so that made a whole mess of stuff for me to be made into, and I ended up with this hair. A friend of mine says its 'Type 4' but I don't really know what that means. Anyway she showed me how to lock my hair and dye it; I didn't like the chemicals she used, but I figured out how to do it with a little bit of magic. Birds hatch out of eggs, and the shells are normally thrown out of the nest, so the sharp edges don’t cut the baby chicks. A lot of birds actually lay blue eggs, starlings, robins, bluebirds, and whatnot. I mix that with blueberry juice, which is actually pretty purple but with the crushed eggs being very light in color, the two blend beautifully. Add in a little deep blue water from wherever I find it naturally, and a little magic finishes the rest!" Jason sat up for a moment and, to Vlad's surprise, ran a hand through his dreads, his fingers running through his hair, several dreadlocks falling between each finger as he moved his hand.

Vlad reached a hand out, mesmerized. He thought for a moment and pulled his hand a bit back before asking, "Can I touch it?"

Jason chuckled and turned away from Vlad, then leaning back, his hands on the ground, tossing his hair back and looking up to the stars again. "Go ahead," he said.

Vlad reached up and gingerly felt one of the dreadlocks. It felt coarse and firm, but still moved very fluidly, not like he expected. The end was rounded and blunt, and he could even feel parts that were firmer and bumpier than other parts. He even saw that some were thinner and others thicker; even a few that changed diameter on their own, varying from thin near his scalp, to thick near the end. Vlad noticed too that Jason's hair wasn't actually all one color either, it was a fluctuating blue, still generally an ocean-blue color, but varying around in light and dark tones. As he examined Jason's hair, he asked "What did you mean earlier, when you said that about your parents?"

Jason sighed and remained silent for a few moments. He sighed again before speaking up; "My father was Biloxi-Avoyelles, meaning he was half Native American from the Biloxi tribe in Louisiana and half Avoyelles Creole, which is like a family group of Creole people and actually a region in Louisiana too, mostly taken up by that family group. My mother was Cane River Creole, which is a different group, but less of a family more of a region, hence the name. It's always a fun question to ask people, because where I'm from there is always such a blend of families in each person. I know the answer to that, but I couldn't tell you what my mother's eye color was, or what my father's hair looked like." Jason trailed off, falling silent; still allowing Vlad to play with his hair.

Vlad found himself listening to Jason intently, his hands mindlessly beginning to braid his hair. "That sounds a bit confusing, but it sounds more interesting than my family; my folks are both Russian." Vlad paused for a moment before noticing that Jason had fallen silent. Vlad leaned over his shoulder and asked, "Tell me a bit more about you. You're such a mystery and no one at school seems to be close to you. Where did you grow up? What was your childhood like? Come to think of it...Why do you have such little memory about your parents?"

Jason let out a heavy sigh, taking a few moments of silence before he began. "My parents died, when I was very young. I grew up in the system until I was old enough to run out and make it on the streets."

Vlad interrupted, "The system, what's that?" He continued braiding Jason's dreads, trying to make one large French braid.

"The foster system in America, it's a system of orphanages with government money and families willing to house kids and trade that housing for government money." Jason replied. "Anyway, I stayed in them until I was old enough to make it on my own on the streets; you know make money, defend myself, get around on my own."

Vlad continued plaiting Jason's hair, reaching the crown of his head, and getting nervous, not sure if he wanted to hear more; it sounded scary. He knew what those kinds of street people did for money, and what kinds of things they did to their bodies once they got that money. He kept quiet and let Jason continue.

"Anyway, I hit the streets and after a while fell in with some other kids, teenagers mostly, who helped me out. I got my own money and did my own work, but we all hung out together and watched each other's backs. I was boosting with a friend from a store in NOLA, and the shopkeeper whips around a corner and grabs my wrist, and just stares at me, all wide-eyed and weird looking."

Vlad interrupted Jason again, "NOLA, what's that? Can I have your ribbon?" Vlad held the finished braid with one hand and reached over Jason's shoulder with the other, ready to accept the ribbon.

Jason reached into a fold of his robes and pulled it out, handing it to Vlad before continuing. "It's a shorter word for New Orleans, Louisiana. In America, the states all have two-letter codes, Louisiana's is LA, and to shorten New Orleans, it's easy to write or say NO. It's actually pretty funny, we got the term from the police, because the police shorten them both, and even shortens the term 'police department' into PD. You've heard of the NYPD, which stands for New York Police Department. Well, they used NOLA PD, New Orleans Louisiana Police Department; and since we heard it being thrown around so much with all the illegal crap we were doing, it just stuck."

Vlad continued to listen, tying up the braid in Jason's hair.

"Anyway, so this woman turns out to be a Seer, and she sees that I'm about to Awaken, I'm right on the edge of the cliff, and she sees that Magnus was going to play a big role in my life, so she got a hold of him through the usual channels set up for the Four Winds, and called him in and told him to pretend to be her security. I didn't know what was going on, I just knew I was caught, but the fact that she wasn't calling the police and just her security meant I was going to get a talking-to and that was probably it. She kicks my friend out, closes the store, and has him bring me to the back room; and then they sat down and explained everything to me. Growing up where I did, it wasn't like I didn't believe a word they said, I knew that people had beliefs I didn't understand. I also knew that there was a little bit of nut bags and tourist traps thrown into the mix, so I just up and left and forgot about them. It wasn't for another month or so that I ticked somebody off real bad, and got the crap beat out of me that I actually went through my Awakening. I'm on the ground, bleeding, probably with some broken bones; and they left, thinking I had learned my lesson. I black out, I go through my Awakening, and wake up feeling great! No more blood, bruises, I wasn't sore, and I finally understood. I ran back to the store where the Seer was, had her get me to Magnus, and we began my training." Jason sat up, and ran his hands over his hair, smiling and nodding in approval. "Pretty good work for a white boy." He laughed and turned around to face Vlad.

Vlad sat behind Jason with tears streaming down his cheeks, he had starting crying right around the part where Jason had gotten beat up; it scared him. Then, to hear about the kindness of Magnus and the Seer just made him cry even more; he couldn't help it.

Jason's eyes went wide and he scooted closer to Vlad, putting his arms around Vlad's shoulders as Vlad began to softly sob. "Whoa, what's all this?" he asked.

Vlad stifled back sobs and wiped his cheeks, trying to compose himself. "I... I just... I..." Vlad sniffled, still trying to get himself under control. Vlad let out a heavy sigh letting his body relax under Jason's arm. "In all honesty, I feel bad because of how comfortable my life has been by comparison. Both my parents were wealthy before they got married to each other, and before I learned about Mages I thought my parents worked for the U.S.S.R. government; it wasn't until I learned about them being Mages that I got a better look at what they do. Either way, I was provided for beyond what most kids in Russia could even hope for. Though I do admit I was jealous of most kids because of how much closer they were with their parents, but I was loved and cared for." Vlad paused and wiped his eyes. "Anyway I'm rambling, I guess I'm just nervous; I've only ever been able to open up to Rita but I feel like I might be able to do that with you, Jason." Vlad felt uncomfortable as he spoke, trying to figure out how to tell Jason he felt bad for him without sounding condescending to him. As he lifted his head to face Jason, he leaned in and kissed him softly on the lips. A moment later, he pulled himself away, blushing and turned his head away again. "Sorry." he whispered softly into Jason's shoulder.

Jason put his hand under Vlad's chin and lifted his head up to look into his eyes. "Don't apologize, no one's life is all happy and fun, everyone has their own crap to deal with. Mine was just different from yours, it doesn't make your struggles any less, and it doesn't have to affect us negatively, just that we come from different places and bring different experiences from our lives to situations and each other."


After sitting for a few minutes of quiet and relaxation, Jason took the opportunity of Vlad's silence to return the earlier kiss he had gotten. He got slowly closer to Vlad, closing his eyes, and reached just far enough to softly touch Vlad's lips before pulling back the tiniest bit, waiting for Vlad to react.

"I guess you're right." Vlad whispered softly before leaning in for another kiss. As their lips touched he brought his arms around to hug Jason. After a few long moments he pulled away, his eyes still watery but no longer sad. "So... What did you want to come to this place for?" He whispered quietly, not wanting to disturb the peace of their moment.

Jason chuckled. "Maybe you do need your glasses, I'm being pretty clear." Jason grabbed Vlad by the shoulders and threw him back, landing atop him as he hit the ground with a soft thump. Jason moved his hands off of Vlad's shoulders and onto the grass on either side of Vlad's head and grinned.

Vlad's face turned bright red as he realized Jason's intentions. "I should warn you, you'll be my first." He said softly before wrapping his arms around Jason's neck, pulling him down for another kiss.

This time Jason could feel Vlad's lips part, just slightly; but the message was clear.

Jason took the opportunity and slipped his tongue past Vlad's lips, tapping his teeth before Vlad's tongue reached out to meet his, battling it out in a slow, wet, sensual kiss.

Vlad let out a soft sigh of joy as their tongues danced back and forth. His hands however, seemed much less content to stay where they were and began to travel slowly up and down Jason's sides. He moved his hands slowly from Jason's shoulders down to his hips and back up again. Each pass over Jason's body made Vlad bring his hands closer together on the front of Jason's body until his fingers finally reached Jason's lower stomach. He started to fumble through the layers of robes, struggling to find any sort of release and get Jason's robes off.

During all of this Jason could feel Vlad's own hard bulge pressing against his legs through Vlad's tight jeans as Vlad fumble at Jason's crotch. Jason stopped kissing Vlad and pushed his hands away, scooting away from him and standing up.

Vlad gave Jason a slightly confused face, his eyes still dreamy from the heavy make-out.

Jason grabbed the front collar of his robes with both hands, and as a few softly-glowing blue lines and symbols appeared on his hands, he tugged his collar away from his body, feeling his robes fall away from him, now held up only by his hands in front of him. He tossed them aside and saw Vlad's mouth open slightly as he turned bright red. Jason knew he was nothing special in the physique department, but Vlad had never been in this kind of situation before, so he enjoyed the innocently-tinged delight. Jason had a very stocky build, he was a solid guy, not a ton of extra fat everywhere, but there was definitely an underlying build of muscle just with no real definition. His dark body hair was sparse on his forearms, while his chest was fairly hairy, trailing down to a slightly hairy stomach, and further down to his solid bush and around to a slightly fuzzy butt; while his legs were fairly hairy as well. Jason knew his cock was less than exceptional, but he liked to think he made up for it in skill. He was circumcised and fully erect, curving slightly upwards with a rather hefty sack and balls hanging beneath. He knew his cock's best features were its large 'mushroom' head and its thickness, as most of his partners always commented on it. He measured once, it was 5 inches long, 5 inches around at the base, tapering down to about 4 and a half inches right before his large cockhead bloomed out. He was happy with his body, and confident that he was good-looking even if he wasn't as hung or as toned as the majority of people said they lusted after.

Jason noticed that Vlad was still in awe so he took the opportunity to point towards his cock, thrust his hips, smile, and lick his lips slightly.

Vlad nervously reached up and touched the tip of Jason's erection, his soft white fingers looking pale in comparison to Jason's dark cock. He was quite surprised at the differences between his own cock and Jason's; in size, shape, and texture. He ran his fingers around the head of Jason's cock, fully appreciating the soft, velvet-like texture of Jason's skin. He nervously got up on his knees to get a closer look while his fingers trailed down Jason's shaft, feeling each blood vessel, the change in thickness, the circumcision scar, and even Jason's heartbeat when his fingers ran along the ridge on the underside of his cock.

Jason sighed at the light touch, and felt his cock twitch in excitement, momentarily jumping out of Vlad's grasp before landing right back into it. Vlad's fingers wrapped around his cock near the base of his shaft, just barely reaching the whole way around. Jason let out a soft sigh and looked down to see a bead of precum appear at the tip of his cock. He put his hands behind his back and arched his back, signaling to Vlad that he was free to do whatever he liked.

Vlad watched as the bead of precum appeared, appreciating it with a close-up view when Jason thrust his hips forward, putting his cock right in front of Vlad's face. Vlad leaned his head forward, and with the tip of his tongue he licked the little pearl of clear fluid up. It tasted strange, not quite like anything strong, but more like a savory flavor with a hint of salt; he didn't mind it. He had seen his fair share of porn and knew what he was supposed to do next; but he wanted to take his time, he wanted to make this moment special. He decided to kiss the underside of Jason's cockhead; then he kissed the side of it, right at the ridge, before slowly moving his lips down Jason's shaft, never fully removing it from his mouth. He moved his open-mouthed kiss down the left side of Jason's cock, and then he passed along the bottom and went back up Jason's right side, ending at the very tip. He looked up at Jason, with his cock pressed lightly against his lips. Vlad's eyes eager and nervous, excited and scared all at once.

Feeling Vlad pause, Jason peeked down to look him in the eye, grinning. He knew Vlad was enjoying himself, so he just tossed his head back again and waited.

Now that the moment was here, Vlad felt his hands trembling. He wasn't sure why he was so nervous; sure he had never been with someone physically before, but he hadn't thought he'd be this nervous. He took a long deep breath to calm himself before he opened his mouth wide and let his lips slide forward, taking Jason's head into his mouth.

Jason moaned as Vlad finally took his cock into his mouth. He knew Vlad would probably scrape his teeth on the large head, almost everyone did; Jason was used to it and it didn't bother him much anymore.

Vlad let his tongue explore Jason's head, using the very tip of his tongue to explore the fleshy underside of Jason's cockhead. Then, he moved his tongue towards the back of his throat, letting it softly caress every bit of Jason that was inside of him.

Jason felt Vlad start to move his tongue and explore his cock, and he let out another moan of pleasure, egging Vlad on.

Vlad's body was still shaking a bit, but now with nervous excitement. He had come this far, and it was only one small step that he planned on reaching. Jason's girth was indeed intimidating and he wasn't sure if he would be able to deep throat him, like all the pros did in the movies he had seen. So, instead, he slowly began working his way down, his hands sliding up to Jason's hips to keep himself steady.

When Vlad put his hands on his hips, Jason immediately felt him trembling. Jason straightened up, grabbing the base of his cock with one hand and pushing against Vlad's forehead with the other. "Stop." he said.

Vlad pulled Jason and looked up at him, his eyes showing his confusion. "Did I do something wrong?"

"No, but you're shaking like you're terrified. Maybe we should stop." Jason's voice was full of concern.

"I'm alright. Just excited, and a little nervous; call it performance anxiety." Vlad joked. "Try lying down for me? I think that might help a bit."

Jason sat on top his nearby robes and motioned with his hand for Vlad to move closer. When Vlad did so, Jason reached for Vlad's waist and began tugging at his shirt, pulling it out of his waistband with the intention of getting it off of him.

Vlad lifted his arms and scooted back a bit as Jason pulled on his shirt, revealing his white A-frame shirt underneath. He grabbed the bottom of the undershirt with both hands and pulled that off as well, revealing his chest to Jason. His skin was smooth and pale, and his chest and stomach were free of hair. Vlad knew he didn't pack any hefty musculature or strong definition; he had just always been small and lithe. His nipples were small and dark, already pert and stiff from the arousal but now even more so with the cool air brushing over them. Vlad looked at Jason, his face flushed, and smiled at him.

Jason smiled back at Vlad, and then leaned his head in and bent his neck low to move towards Vlad's left nipple. He put his hands behind Vlad's back and pulled while pushing his forehead against Vlad's chest, signaling him to arch his back. When Vlad did, Jason immediately darted his tongue out onto his prize, licking and swirling and teasing Vlad's nipple to the sound of Vlad's appreciative gasps and moans.

Vlad grabbed onto the back of Jason's head to keep himself up, his body wiggling in time with Jason's tongue. In between the waves of delight, he reached down to his waist and started to undo his belt and pants.

Jason removed himself from Vlad's chest and stopped Vlad's hands and went for Vlad's pants himself. He slid two fingers down past the waistband until he felt Vlad's bush, and tugged. The same markings appeared again, and Jason simply pulled Vlad's clothes away from him, leaving him in his socks and shoes.

Vlad felt tingling warmth across his lower half as Jason pulled his clothes off of him. He looked down to see the lines of symbols that ran across his skin warp back to shape with a few ripples that quickly faded. He blushed as he saw his socks and shoes, thinking that he must look ridiculous.

Jason took a moment to admire Vlad's body and take the sight in. Vlad was so much smaller than Jason was, but Jason wasn't surprised, Vlad's clothes didn't leave much to the imagination. Vlad being naked confirmed for Jason that he was in fact fairly lithe in build and mostly hairless, save for a slight bush just above Vlad's cock; which was long, thin, and uncircumcised paired with a small, tight, hairless sack. Jason knew that the foreskin meant Vlad's cockhead was extremely sensitive and to stay away from it for the most part, but he couldn't help but reach out towards it now and gently touch the tip to get some of the precum that was dripping from Vlad's head all over his cock and balls.

Vlad shuddered at the touch of Jason's finger. It felt strange to have someone else touch him so sexually, sensually. It was definitely good. He leaned forward slightly to kiss Jason again on the mouth.

Jason returned the kiss with Vlad, but then pushed him on the chest, guiding him down to lay back on his robes before scooting and shifting on his own stomach with Vlad's cock in front of his face. He opened his mouth a little, and blew a tiny bit of air onto Vlad's cock, knowing it would make him quiver and jump.

Vlad's cock twitches a jumped in response to the steady stream of air. "That feels good." Vlad whimpered softly.

Jason stopped blowing air onto Vlad's cock as he moved closer to it, reaching his tongue out and tapping the head just above Vlad's foreskin. Jason tasted Vlad's precum and it was odd, nothing like anyone's fluids he had tasted before; it was almost soapy in flavor. He wondered what it was that made it taste that way, or if Vlad just like being really clean. He shook the thought away while he reached his hands up, the right pulling Vlad's foreskin back over his cockhead while the left cupped Vlad's sack and held the base of Vlad's shaft. He looked up at Vlad and said, "Ready?"

Blushing, Vlad nodded, barely able to contain his excitement. He had goose bumps from Jason's breath on his exposed head, which Jason had now thankfully covered, and he watched eager to see and learn.

Jason began by simply kissing the tip of Vlad's cock and foreskin, just lightly to start. He moved to one side of Vlad's hooded cockhead and kissed there, then the other side as well. Jason moved down and gave the underside of Vlad's shaft a little lick, then a bigger lick on his balls. He expertly took both of Vlad's balls and scrotum into his mouth and suckled on them very gently before letting them back out again, allowing them to fall back into his hand. Jason licked his way back up Vlad's shaft before reaching the tip of his cock again. Jason darted his tongue into Vlad's foreskin, running his tongue along the inside just enough to tickle Vlad's cockhead before moving his tongue back to the outside of Vlad's cock before finally taking Vlad's cock into his mouth.

Vlad gasped and then moaned in appreciation for the attention and pleasure Jason was giving him. Nervous and unsure of what to do, he remained still, his hands grabbing at the robes that lay under him. "What are you doing that feels so good?" he finally asked, his voice breathy and light.

Jason ignored Vlad and went to work, bobbing his head slowly down farther onto Vlad's cock, making sure that he moved his mouth over Vlad's shaft carefully enough to not shift his skin and move his foreskin. He made sure to keep Vlad's cock wet and his lips firm around Vlad's shaft. Jason massaged Vlad's cock with the fingers of the hand that had Vlad's balls cupped. He used his other hand to slide over the base of Vlad's shaft as he bobbed his head back up, sucking on Vlad's cock even more this time around. Jason soon fell into an easy rhythm, never getting the entirety of Vlad's long cock into his mouth and throat, but feeling Vlad twitch and jump under his hands and tongue encouraged him that he was doing a good job at it.

Nervously, Vlad reached down and placed his hands on top of Jason's head, like he had seen in the movies.

Jason stopped what he was doing and grabbed Vlad's wrists and moved Vlad's hands off of the back of his head. He released Vlad's wet cock from his mouth, looked up at him, and said "Let me work."

Vlad nodded and put his hands back down to his sides again.

Jason went back down onto Vlad's cock, again taking his balls and scrotum in one hand, but this time, after he had gotten Vlad's cock back in his mouth, Jason used his other hand to pull on Vlad's skin, giving Jason free access to Vlad's cockhead inside his mouth; which he began to run his tongue over gently

Vlad inhaled sharply as he felt Jason's tongue move over his now exposed head. He resisted the urge to buck his hips, but lost the will to resist when Jason's tongue started to swirl around his head in fast little circles.

Jason had to back off of Vlad's cock and tongue his head a little more gently, because now that Vlad was humping, he didn't want to try and take too much of Vlad's long cock. He used his hand to move with Vlad's thrusts and stroke his cock in time as he continued to tease the head of Vlad's cock with his tongue.

"J-Jason? I'm not gonna last much longer if you keep that up." Vlad squeaked as he felt himself growing closer to an orgasm.

Jason just nodded and kept going, keeping time with Vlad's thrusts, licking his cockhead, waiting for Vlad to cum.

Finally, Vlad bucked hard one last time and held his position, his cock twitched once, then twice, and then he yelled out as the orgasm washed over him and his cock sprayed cum.

Jason swallowed every few spurts, slowing his strokes down as Vlad shouted out, making sure none of his cum spilled out and letting Vlad down slowly from his peak.

Vlad lay there panting heavily afterward, eyes closed as his body fully relaxed and he once again lay on the robes underneath him. After a moment had passed he opened his eyes and sat up before he wrapped his arms around Jason's neck and kissed him. "That was wonderful." He whispered after he pulled back from the kiss.

Jason just chuckled, and said "I'm glad you liked it." He then took his turn to lie back, sighing.

Vlad scooted back and got down between Jason's legs, kissing each of Jason's thighs before pressing his lips to the base of Jason's shaft, as Jason was still quite erect. Kissing his cock softly, Vlad then scooted back just a bit and took Jason's cock in his hand and began softly exploring his shaft with his fingers again. Vlad used his thumb to rub along Jason's head and ridge. "It feels so much different than mine. Is that because of circumcision or for some other reason?" He blushed as he asked.

Jason chuckled and shrugged, "I don't know, all bodies are different, no one is very alike. I couldn't begin to compare the genitals I've seen." Jason shuddered as he felt the pleasure wash over him.

Vlad moved his hand down and began to explore the base of Jason's shaft as he brought his lips up to kiss his head softly, first at the tip and then on the underside of Jason's cockhead. He kissed it once more and then opened his lips and placed Jason's head between them, closing his mouth around the very tip of Jason's head. Vlad let his tongue caress the tip softly before moving his lips further down, beginning to take in Jason's large cockhead.

Jason felt Vlad's warm wet mouth move down his cockhead and moaned as Vlad began to use his tongue. He anticipated Vlad's teeth and was ready for the small scrape he felt when Vlad finally took Jason's engorged mushroom head into his mouth. He moaned again in appreciation of Vlad's effort and arched his back ever so slightly, just enough to offer Vlad as much cock as Jason could give.

Vlad felt Jason shift and took it as a sign he should begin, so he began to suck on Jason's cock hard, he knew that would get Jason going.

Jason suddenly felt intense pressure on his head as Vlad's teeth clamped down on his shaft. "OW!" he yelled out, and put a hand to Vlad's forehead to push him away.

Vlad looked up in shock. "What did I do wrong?"

Jason sighed, more shocked than he was hurt, and began to explain. "You don't need to suck that hard, plus when you do, your mouth clamps down, and you pretty much bit me."

Vlad began to apologize profusely, "I'm sorry! I'm so sorry! I've never done this before; I don't know what I'm doing!"

Jason put his hands on Vlad's shoulders and said, "It's fine, you're okay, I'm okay, everything is okay. Just, be gentle, don't go crazy, and don't over-exert yourself; you take all the time in the world, enjoy yourself and I'll enjoy it too." Jason lay back again, and sighed as he felt the familiar heft of his soft cock on his balls. "Go ahead," he told Vlad, "just, be gentle."

Vlad nodded his head and put his lips back onto Jason now soft cock. He slowly licked Jason's tip once again before taking it, still soft, into his mouth. Vlad let out a soft moan as he felt Jason's cock begin to grow hard in his mouth.

Jason felt his cock begin to swell again and let Vlad keep his mouth on his head, waiting for his cock to become completely hard and see what Vlad would do.

When Jason became half erect, Vlad moved his lips as far down his shaft as he could, which was about halfway down; slowly exploring with his tongue the length of Jason that he was able to fit in his mouth. As Jason's cock grew bigger and stiffer, Vlad was forced to back up, but not before gagging when Jason's large head hit the back of his throat.

Jason looked down to make sure Vlad was okay now that he had let out some of his cock. Jason said, "Go slow, be careful."

Vlad nodded, knowing he could handle what he had in his mouth, it was only about one-third of Jason's cock but he was determined to not give up. Vlad used one hand to prop himself up for a good angle and the other he wrapped around Jason's shaft to slowly stroke him as Vlad worked every inch of Jason's cockhead and the sensitive skin just below it.

Vlad did his best to copy Jason's earlier movements, adding his own little changes here and there with a flick of his tongue and the occasional break to take a breath and stroke Jason's cock. As the time went on, Vlad was able to get another inch into his mouth. Pushing Jason's head into his throat, Vlad began to gag but fought the urge to withdraw, determined to overcome.

Jason felt Vlad slide his cock past his gag reflex and into his throat, which softly squeezed around his cock each time Vlad bobbed down. Jason moaned and bucked, greatly enjoying the sensation, knowing that if Vlad continued he would soon cum.

Vlad continued bobbing up and down on Jason's cock, in small short movements so as not to push himself too far. He continued breathing deeply through his nostrils as he adjusted his way of sitting in order to lift his hand up to softly massage Jason's heavy sack as he cupped his balls gently, continuing to use his other hand to stroke Jason's cock.

Jason began to yell, "I'm gunna cum! Ready?"

Vlad nodded, backing off of Jason's cock, keeping just the head in his mouth as he began to stroke Jason's cock faster as he sucked and licked on the head.

Jason bucked once more, then finally arched his back and held himself up as he yelled, "I'm cumming, I'm cumming!" He felt himself begin to shoot in Vlad's mouth, his cock spewing forth as his orgasm vibrated through him.

Vlad gagged as Jason's cum shot into the back of his throat, and he had to release Jason's cock from his mouth as he started to cough. He kept stroking Jason's cock, knowing he shouldn't stop, and so Jason continued to cum and yell. Vlad marveled at the power under his hand; each time Jason shot a jet of cum he felt Jason's cock pulse heavily in his palm. He saw Jason shine bright with light, the lines running across his skin multiplying and flying away from his body, arcing through the air before returning again, giving him a strange aura of light.

Jason continued to shoot as Vlad stroked him, firing off several more spurts, one slinging across Vlad's cheek and into his hair, the rest flying into the air and landing on Vlad's hand, his own cock and bush, and the robes underneath them. Jason finally shuddered and fell back to the ground as his orgasm finished, and he huffed out heavy gasps as he came down from his pleasure high.

Vlad rubbed his cheek with the back of his hand, wiping away the cum from his face. He found that the taste of Jason's cum in his mouth was a mix of sweet and salty, much sweeter than any time he had tasted his own cum; but Vlad simply assumed it was because of Jason's diet. Looking down at Jason made him smile, seeing that Jason's 'aura' had left him and he lay back there, huffing and puffing after the orgasm Vlad had given him. He then lay beside Jason, his hand rubbing Jason's stomach softly as he rested his head on Jason's shoulder. "Did you enjoy it?" he whispered.

Jason chuckled and replied, "Of course I did, it felt great. The moaning and humping and orgasm should have told you that." Jason smiled as he turned over to Vlad and kissed him, tasting cum on Vlad's lips.

"I just like to be sure." Vlad whispered after their lips had parted. "Jason, from what I've seen on the internet, I have to admit I'm quite nervous about what happens next. People say it is quite painful the first time."

"It can be," Jason replied slowly, thinking over his words. "But my first time with someone who cared about me wasn't, she took her time, was careful and slow, and we were talking about what was working and what wasn't, what we needed to change and what was feeling good and whatnot."

Vlad looked at him, a bit puzzled. "Perhaps...but sex between two males is quiet different is it not?" he asked after thinking for a moment. "Our bodies are not built for such activity though I find that strange since so many seem to derive so much pleasure from it."

Jason chuckled and said "I think you may be confused. She was penetrating me." He gave Vlad a meaningful look with one of his bushy blue eyebrows raised.

"Oh!" Vlad said, his own eyebrows flying up in surprise. "I...wouldn't have guessed that you where the type that, I recall the term is, bottoms." Vlad said as he rolled on top of Jason and kissed his neck softly.

Jason chuckled and rolled over himself, this time putting himself on top of Vlad. "Pleasure is pleasure, and I wanted to learn all I could about the pleasures I could experience. I ended up not enjoying it a whole lot, but you would be right in the assumption that I enjoy topping." Jason's grin grew wide.

Vlad smiled up at him. "Listening to you talk I would almost say you belong in the Cult of Ecstasy." he said teasingly as he kissed Jason once again.

Jason shrugged and then shifted his weight around adjusting himself. Jason kept himself propped up with one arm but moved the other hand across the ground next to him, his hand glowing slightly with blue markings as fluid flew up towards his hand from the ground. Jason moved his hand closer to his face, inspecting the green-colored gel-like substance he held in his hand. He nodded and moved his hand down between Vlad's legs, shifting them open with his own knees as he adjusted into a better position. He looked into Vlad's eyes and asked "Are you ready?"

"I think so." Vlad said nervously, his eyes showing his trust in Jason at that moment.

Jason moved his hand down, beneath Vlad's sack, and slid two fingers in between Vlad's cheeks, lubing his crack and moving forward towards his hole. Jason's fingers met Vlad's tight pucker and liberally applying the lube he had made around it. He wiggled his two fingers around and around and around the ring of Vlad's hole, teasing him as he applied the lube.

Vlad sighed softly and spread his legs a bit further doing his best to make it easier for Jason. His face bared an expression of nervous excitement as Jason's fingers teased his hole; his cock quickly growing erect once more.

Jason told Vlad, "Breathe." Jason slipped his middle finger just inside Vlad's hole, past his first ring, just to begin opening him up.

Vlad inhaled sharply, from surprise rather than pain, as he felt Jason finger push into him. He bit his lip and tried to relax, which what he had read told him to do.

Jason stopped and watched Vlad closely, waiting for a signal to continue

Vlad took several short breaths, trying to relax himself.

Jason shook his head and said, "No Vlad, one deep long breath."

Vlad did as Jason said and inhaled long and slow, held it for a few seconds, then let it out, again, long and slow.

Jason felt Vlad's sphincter loosen on his exhale, and took the opportunity to gently push past the second ring, finally reaching the inside of Vlad's hot hole. Vlad had Jason's finger clamped pretty tightly, but Jason knew what he was doing. Jason nudged Vlad's legs apart a bit more, getting off of his arm and shifting his weight completely back onto his knees. He used his left hand to spread Vlad's cheeks farther as he slowly slid in his finger, knuckle by knuckle. When Jason knew he had gone in far enough, he simply curled his finger upwards, tapping up against Vlad's prostate, feeling the texture change as he ran his finger over and around his walnut-sized pleasure lobe.

Vlad's eyes widened as he gasped, his nerves and discomfort being washed away with the smooth waves of pleasure like he had never felt before as Jason probed his ass. His eyes glazed over and he felt the stress in his limbs melt away as he allowed Jason to finger him.

Jason saw Vlad go limp all over as his cock stiffened and jumped. He knew that he had gotten Vlad to relax, so he took his chance; making sure his ring finger was well-lubed he began to slowly slide that into Vlad's hole as he ran his middle finger around the rim of Vlad's prostate. After some persistent pressure and allowing Vlad time to stretch, his ring finger slipped in right alongside his other as he began to make short, slow strokes with his two fingers in and out of Vlad's hole as he kept up the pressure on Vlad's prostate, running his fingers back and forth across it.

Vlad squirmed in pleasure under Jason's fingers. He already felt so stretched with only two fingers inside him; Vlad wondered if he would be able to take Jason's cock inside him but he was more than willing to try. What Jason had already shown him was bliss he hadn't known until this night.

Jason knew Vlad was ready, but still knew to ask and make sure. He stopped fingering Vlad, removing his hand from Vlad's ass.

Vlad looked at Jason with an inquisitive look on his face.

"Are you ready? Do you want this?" Jason asked.

Vlad took a moment to compose himself, and cleared his throat before answering. "I think I am ready, but I know I want this. Please."

Jason nodded, and began to get in position. He lifted Vlad's knees up, motioning for Vlad to grab on to himself to help get him in position.

Vlad did so, hooking his forearms underneath his knees and putting his hands against his calves, stretching himself into a position that splayed his cheeks and revealed his hole to Jason.

Jason took a longing look at Vlad's winking hole, wanting so badly to dive in; but he knew he needed to make sure Vlad was comfortable first. With his clean hand, he grabbed Vlad's clothes, folding them up as he brought them to Vlad. He put his hand under Vlad's back just above his ass and helped lift his lower half off the ground, placing the clothes underneath before letting him relax back down. "Now, you don't need to strain to keep yourself in position, you can relax, and we can still get a good angle." Jason explained.

Vlad nodded, not responding, because fingering or no, he was still nervous.

Jason gave Vlad a knowing look and nodded. "I understand," he said. "I've been there. I won't do anything without your permission. At any point, if you tell me to stop, I will stop, okay?"

Vlad nodded, still not able to respond.

Jason nodded and moved up closer to Vlad, applying the rest of the greenish lube he had created onto his own cock before taking each of Vlad's thighs in either hand and positioning his cock in line with Vlad's hole. He looked at Vlad, waiting.

"I'm alright. Let's give this a try." Vlad said, his voice soft and quiet.

Jason nodded and pressed the tip of his cock against Vlad's hole. He began applying pressure slowly as Vlad did his best to take long slow breaths to relax himself. Jason kept his eyes on him to watch for any hint that Vlad wanted to stop but he didn't give any. He just kept looking back at Jason with tender eyes.

Finally Vlad's body gave in to the pressure and Jason's cockhead popped inside Vlad, pushing immediately past both his muscle rings. Vlad bit his lip and hissed a bit at the sudden entry but put and hand on Jason's chest, nodded, and said "I'm alright." He whimpered his voice barely audible as he closed his eyes, but he had known this part was going to hurt. It wasn't the pain he expected, he had expected a sharp pain like when he shocked himself fiddling inside a device or cut his hand. This was more of a dull ache like after a heavy work out. It took him a few moments but he eventually opened his eyes to look at Jason once more and nodded his head softly. "I'm ready to continue."

Jason nodded and rubbed Vlad's thighs, looking down to see his progress and make sure there was still plenty of lube to spare. His cock was already a third of the way in, so he decided to pull out just slightly first before softly thrusting back in. Jason rocked his hips in the same short little motions, working Vlad's hole into relaxation, letting his body adjust to the new presence, and waiting for Vlad's moans to begin before giving him any more length. Jason thrust in deeper than he was pulling out, slowly but surely working every bit of his cock into Vlad's tight hole. When he was about halfway in, he lowered himself slightly down to angle his cock up, and said to Vlad "Breathe." before he gave a steady, long thrust and buried his cock to the root into Vlad's hot ass.

Vlad gasped and clenched onto his legs as Jason's fat cockhead ran across every fiber of his sensitive prostate, hitting it dead on before pushing past it and deeper into him. Vlad's arms fell to his sides and his eyes rolled back into his head as he let out a long, low, guttural moan.

Jason chuckled and said, "There it is." He then began to thrust, pulling out so his cockhead breached Vlad's tight ring, then thrusting back in balls-deep again to repeat the same pathway that made Vlad go so wild.

Each time Jason thrust forward Vlad let out a high pitched moan. He brought his hands back up to grasp at his knees. His cock twitched each time Jason pulled back. He felt so blissful with Jason inside him. His every nerve burned like a dull flame. Fueled by his desire, he leaned up and kissed Jason passionately on the lips. He wrapped his legs around Jason's waist and did his best to keep his hips rocking.

Jason kissed Vlad back, and then pushed a hand onto his chest, laying Vlad back down. "Relax, I got this." he said as he grabbed Vlad's thighs again and slid out slowly from Vlad's hole before thrusting hard back in balls deep. He continued this rhythm of slow-out fast-in, keeping an eye on Vlad making sure the pace was okay for the first few thrusts before tossing his head back and letting himself enjoy the pleasure.

Vlad arched his back and moaned. He no longer cared if someone by chance overheard them. His cock twitched and bounced as Jason began railing into him.

Jason picked up his pace, no longer pulling out slow; since he knew Vlad was enjoying himself and his body had adjusted, Jason began really thrusting into Vlad. Jason never completely pulled out of Vlad, keeping his mushroom head buried inside Vlad's hot hole the entire time, but he made sure to work every inch of his short cock that he could. As Vlad's moans grew louder, Jason began to join in, grunting with each each thrust as he began to really slam up against Vlad as his orgasm neared, the beads of sweat forming on his brow.

Vlad's own body was ready to give out. He could no long contain his bliss as his cock throbbed heavily once, then twice. His back arched and his fingers dug into the ground as he roared out his pleasure; his cum landing on his chest and stomach as Jason thrusting his cock into Vlad threw his cum everywhere.

Seeing Vlad cum pushed Jason over the edge. He thrust hard into Vlad again, shoving his cock deep into him as his orgasm racked his body. Jason tossed his head back again and let out a loud, long, guttural groan as he came. He felt his cock shoot jet after jet of cum into Vlad's ass, shaking after each twitch of his cock. After Jason had finished, he slowly and carefully pulled out his softening cock from Vlad's hole, sighing as Vlad's hole released his fat cockhead and falling down onto the ground next to Vlad, laughing and breathing heavily.

Vlad looked at him with large doe eyes glazed over from his pleasure. "That. Felt. Amazing." He said, each word coming out after a heavy intake of air.

Jason kept laughing as he rolled over to face Vlad. "I agree."

"I think I'm going to take a nap." Vlad said sleepily. He moved over to rest his head on Jason's shoulder gave him a quick kiss on the lips and then passed out.

Jason kissed Vlad's forehead and settled in for some sleep himself, covering them up with some of his robes before dozing off, with Vlad cuddled up to him.

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