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This is a role-play between another author and I that we like to have fun with. We designed characters and used a fictional world we enjoy to set the scene. One of us types a bit of the story, then e-mails it to the other, who types a bit of a continuation, and so on and so forth. Here is the resulting published version.


I own nothing related to the original inspiration for this series. This is a fan-fiction role-play created by myself and distributed with no intent for financial gain.

There will be nudity, sex, gay stuff, kink/fetish acts, etc. Don't like it? Don't read it.

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Part 2 - The Tutoring

Vlad walked into his class, and stopped dead in the doorway. He saw the guy he had met just yesterday; Jason Bellaraux, having a heated discussion with their professor and what looked to be a blue ball floating in the air.

"What do I care whether or not I do well in the class? It's pointless! I am training to take Western seat of the Four Winds; I need to focus on that, not this silly little history class." Jason threw his hands up in the air, exasperated.

Vlad then heard a deep voice, seemingly coming from nowhere. "Jason, learning our history is important to your future position. How can you be expected to act as a spirit guide if you don't know everything you can about the people you are guiding? This is the only class I'm having you take, because your training is important but so is this. You will not gain the respect of the community if you do not first show them the respect they deserve themselves."

Jason gave a loud, annoyed sigh. "So, what am I supposed to do?"

Professor Eliade exploded, "Try staying awake in class! Doing your work! Anything that actually shows effort, maybe?"

The voice spoke again, "That's quite enough Robert, I think that Jason understands. Is there anything Jason can do that might be able to bring his grade up? Making up his missed work? Doing extra credit?"

Professor Eliade sighed and rubbed his temples. "What, pray tell, do you think will suddenly possess this boy to actually do any extra work I can drum up to assign him?"

Jason burst out “I am 22 years old, hardly a boy!”

The disembodied voice burst out as well “Jason! ENOUGH!”

Vlad continued to watch in silence for a few moments, unsure of how to react to what he was witnessing.

Finally, the strange voice broke the silence. "If you are willing to come up with some way for him to raise his grade, then I will come up with the way to ensure that he will do the work.  Understand this Jason; there will be no shirking your duties. Learn now that respect must be given before it is earned. I trust in your judgment Professor, assign him what you will, and it will be done; or Jason, you'll not have any training to use as an excuse for failure. Good day to you both."

Vlad watched as the ball quivered, its surface rippling like a pool of water disturbed, just as it began to fall. Jason whipped out a hand, palm-down, fingers outstretched; and the ball stopped just short of the ground. As Jason moved his hand, so did the ball; Jason was moving the ball with magic! Vlad watched in awe as Jason pulled the ball closer to himself, seemingly absorbing it directly into himself. Vlad saw Jason’s robes dampen where the ball made contact, proving it to be water; but the dampness soon faded as Jason seemed to absorb that too.

"Mr. Bellaraux, I don't feel I can do anything more to impress upon you the importance of this class beyond what your mentor just did. I will work with you, seeing as how now this is your only chance to become a Mage in your own right." Professor Eliade leaned back in his chair, seemingly absorbed in his thoughts. Finally he sighed and said "Give me the day to think this over, class is starting very soon. Take your seat. You might as well come in now Vladimir, I don't appreciate the eavesdropping but I know that it was unintentional. Please, come in." He stood, walked out from behind his desk, and began arranging papers on the lectern.

Vlad blushed and hurried in, avoiding Jason so as not to further embarrass him.

Jason sulked over to his seat, slumping over, but Vlad noticed much less than what he normally did. Jason was upset, but clearly intending on paying attention.

Jason sat, upset at the circumstances, but not letting himself be defeated. How dare Magnus put such a restriction on him? He knew he had to respect his mentor, but didn't see the point of the class. He wouldn't let some stupid school's history lesson get in the way of him and his training. He was determined to do whatever it was he had to in order to get where he knew he was destined to be. Jason sighed and sat up straight, not having brought anything to take notes on, he knew he would just have to pay that much more attention. He stared at the table, trying to drown out the chatter of the other students shuffling in the door, hoping that he could somehow transfer his own shame and embarrassment into the wood, allowing the tumultuous feelings inside him to move into the grain. Maybe they would drown in the knots and whorls of the wooden patterns. The class suddenly fell silent and Jason looked up. Professor Eliade stood at the ready and began into his lecture. He started explaining the different ways in which the Technocracy put themselves into positions of power to begin the Inquisition in 12th-Century France.

Jason was immediately perplexed. 12th-Century France? The last thing he remembered, the last time he paid any attention, Professor Eliade was discussing Emperor P-something-or-other in the Roman Empire, in the first few centuries of the Common Era. He was completely screwed.

All throughout class Jason tried to keep up, but the professor kept mentioning things he had already gone over previously. Jason realized how completely lost he was in the material and how little he had apparently paid attention over the semester. He was going to have his work cut out for him trying to figure out the material, much less do the work that Professor Eliade was going to assign him. Jason was overcome with relief when Professor Eliade ended his lecture, calling the class to a close.

Students got up to leave and Jason waited for them all to shuffle out the door. He stood and walked up to the lectern like an ashamed dog with its tail between its legs. He got up to front and waited, dreading whatever punishing assignment the professor had cooked up.

Professor Eliade finished filing away all of his papers and finally sighed. He began, "Jason, the issue is you have no respect for the importance of our history. The Technocracy wants all of us dead and gone, plain and simple. It is only with the study of the history of our relationship with the Technocracy that we as Mages can truly understand how much danger we are in, the lengths that they will go to in order to destroy us, and how important it is for us to do everything in our power to keep not only ourselves but our brethren safe. This school is a way to do that. This is our only safe place on the continent; we only have a few around the world. Doesn't that fact alone impress upon you the state of the world that we live in now?" He sighed and pinched the bridge of his nose in frustration. He continued, "Prove to me that you have respect for what it is you are learning here. Show me that you really do care about this class and I will gladly pass you and let you move on to your training. I know it's important, I know the great purpose that the Four Winds serve. I'm not trying to sabotage you or your Mentor's work; I'm trying to help you become a great Mage." Professor Eliade looked behind Jason and said; "Mr. Strelok, come on up here. I know you're waiting for me to be finished but I think someone needs your help."

Vlad stood, put his papers away, and scurried up to the front. "Yes sir? What can I do for whom?"

Professor Eliade gestured toward Jason. "This boy,” Professor Eliade sighed and continued, “this STUDENT is finally showing some initiative towards my class, but joined the game a little bit late. You are the most attentive note-taker in my class and with what your father does for a living; you may be able to impress the importance of this class upon your classmate. Would you care to help him?"

Jason turned towards Vlad, glad to have a small relief on his shame in that the one he was turning to for help was someone he had at least already met. Vlad looked up at him and smiled, relishing in the thought of being a study-buddy to the cute guy.

"Sure professor, I'll help him." Vlad's smile turned to Professor Eliade, who smiled in return.

Professor Eliade waved them both out and said "Go on then, get to it. Come back to me with some work done Mr. Bellaraux."

Jason turned around in the doorway, stumbling out a quick "Thank you." to Professor Eliade before turning to leave.

"Mr. Strelok, hold on just a moment." said Professor Eliade.

Vlad stopped and turned around in the doorway, anxious to leave in order to keep up with Jason. "Yes?"

Professor Eliade sighed. "Go and make a friend, yeah?"

Vlad flushed, nodded, and sped out the door to catch up to Jason.


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If you would like to reach me or the other author, it's very easy! We both have dedicated e-mail accounts AND have character roleplay tumblr's that you can follow us on!

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