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This is a role-play between another author and I that we like to have fun with. We designed characters and used a fictional world we enjoy to set the scene. One of us types a bit of the story, then e-mails it to the other, who types a bit of a continuation, and so on and so forth. Here is the resulting published version.


I own nothing related to the original inspiration for this series. This is a fan-fiction role-play created by myself and distributed with no intent for financial gain.

There will be nudity, sex, gay stuff, kink/fetish acts, etc. Don't like it? Don't read it.

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Part 5 - The Awakening

Vlad felt the world begin to sink beneath him. He felt himself floating, and opened his eyes to see himself in an empty void; it was blissful, almost relaxing.

Then, off in the distance he heard a deep bell ring out and he felt himself begin to fall but he felt no fear as he dropped. He fell and fell and finally, what felt like a year later, he felt his back land gently onto something hard. The world around him blazed with light and he found himself resting on an invisible ground, surrounded now in white.

He stood and dusted himself off, taking a look around at his surroundings. The emptiness went on forever in every direction but one, directly behind him he saw a tall stone door. The door had an embossed circle in it's' center, was gilded in fading gold leaf, and was split perfectly by the seam of the two half doors.

Vlad attempted to step forward, and feeling that the invisible floor continued, he walked up to and examined the door. The longer he stared at it the more he saw: symbols began to slowly appear inside the inner diameter of the circle, swirling among the surface of the stone, twisting and warping until they formed a solid shape and sense of organization. The symbols were unfamiliar to him at first but as he stood there they began to slowly make sense, they where lines of code. Each symbol corresponded to a function, or action, each symbol being completely foreign to him, but he knew that each one directly represented a command line.

He hesitated and stepped up to the door as one large symbol appeared in the center, its meaning echoed in his mind. "Awaken" it droned like a bell. He took a deep breath trying to calm himself as his hand slowly reached out. His hand made contact with the symbol, its light becoming tangible just before he would have touched the door.

Slowly, the door opened, the light spilling through the opening shone brighter than even the white nothingness around him. It stopped opening after a short distance though, just enough for him to step through.

Vlad reached a hand towards the opening, but quickly retracted it and gasped. What was a shining opening in the door was now blocked out by a large vertical eye, wide open and staring right at him. Its iris was made of seven concentric circles, each one a different color of the rainbow, deep and rich in hue. Staring into the eye, transfixed, Vlad did not notice the small dark hands that reached out.

By the time that he did see them, it was too late; they had wrapped themselves around his arms, legs, and chest holding him just tightly enough to keep him in place but not enough to hurt. They pulled him forward towards the eye. He wanted to fight, his brain told him to, but something inside Vlad told him to relax. Listening to that voice he did so, and was pulled through the door.

As he was pulled away from the door, he heard it slam close behind him; its deep note echoing in the dark tunnel he had been pulled into. The eye was above him now watching as he was pulled towards the end of the tunnel which glowed blue-green.

A disembodies chorus of voices rang out from seemingly nowhere and everywhere at the same time. "Привет Владимир [Greetings Vladimir] , this has been a long time coming. You are later than expected, but you are here now and that is what is important." The voices spoke in perfect harmony.

"What is going on?" Vlad asked, twisting and turning his head to face as many directions that he could, limited only by the fact that his body was still held tight by the hands.

"You have been brought here in order to know. Are you prepared to know?" the voices said.

"If I am here then I must be." He said as he tried to stand up straight, but the hands still kept him held tight.

The voices began to shout, becoming slightly less uniform and a bit discordant. "IF YOU DO NOT KNOW IF YOU ARE PREPARED TO KNOW THEN HOW CAN YOU BE SURE YOU WILL BE ABLE TO KNOW?!?!?!"

"I know I am able to know because of the very fact that I am here. I opened the door. I allowed the arms to pull me in. Had I not been ready to know either of one of those things would have stopped me." Vlad called out to the voices, his body tensing in anger and fear.

Several long moments of silence passed, the eye unblinking and staring right at him, seemingly into his very soul.

The voices spoke again, this time returning to unison, "Acceptable. Follow." The eye flew farther down the tunnel, stringing Vlad along as well, the arms still gripping him rather tightly.

Vlad let them pull him forward, curious to see what was at the end of the tunnel.

*             *             *

As he exited through the portal of blue-green light, he found himself still bound by the hands. However, now the void was gone; he now sat among the stars. They were pinpricks of light all around him, but directly in front of him there was a large fiery sphere. Vlad recognized that it was Sol, his own star, the one that fed his planet the light it needed to live.

"What now?" Vlad asked after a few minutes of silence.

"Yes, exactly." The voices began to fade away; "What now?" The hands released him, retracting back towards to the eye, and then the entire being faded away into nothingness, leaving Vlad floating through space, alone.

Vlad sighed and began to float aimlessly. He thought hard about it, willing himself in a direction, and then away he went. At least now he was directing himself, but where was still a question as to where? He began wondering just how far he could go. As he drew closer to the earth he stopped and turned around, once again facing the sun. "Why explore my own solar system? We already know so much about it." he mused out loud. Turning again, Vlad headed off in a random direction, into the unexplored realm of the stars.

On and on and on Vlad floated, past shooting stars, asteroid fields, racing comets, stars small enough to fit in the palm of his hand, planets so big they had dozens of moons, and so much more. He was amazed at the wonder of it all, he could just wander around the universe aimlessly; learning everything he could about existence.

*             *             *

Faster and faster Vlad began to race through the stars until everything was a blur all around him. Then, he gradually came to a stop, once again surrounded by a void of nothingness. He turned and looked back at everything he had left behind, now just a speck of light in the distance. He felt an immense thrill and a sense of joy and accomplishment as he looked on. He wasn't sure what to do now, so he folded his legs under him, seemingly sitting down yet still floating around in the nothingness. He let his mind wander, and finally settled on the thoughts that he had been trying, and failing, to suppress for a while; the sexual thoughts he had about Jason.

Vlad continued to try and push the thoughts away but the more he pushed the more the thoughts returned to him, each time becoming harder to fight off. Giving up on peaceful meditation he looks around the empty space and calls out: "Well… What now?"

Vlad's musings were only met with silence, as he sighed and lay back, still staring into an empty void of nothingness. His thoughts of Jason began to coalesce into reality as he felt his cock swell and his pants began to feel tighter around his crotch.

Hesitantly he began to undress himself, letting his clothing drift away from him in the void, letting his hands fall onto his smooth, slim chest. As the moments passed, he became fully erect, and he slowly moved his right hand down his chest, across his abdomen, past his sparse, light-colored bush, and finally stopping with his hand wrapped around his erect member. "Might as well." he chuckles to himself, as he began to stroke himself in time with the soft pulses of light that were coming from the far-away pinprick of light that was the space and home he knew.

Vlad began by tugging at the end of his foreskin, stretching it a little just before he starting getting too crazy. He knew that his foreskin was detached and well-stretched, and a few tugs weren't going to do anything worthwhile, but was a little pre-masturbation ritual that made him feel comfortable and secure, just a check-in with his penis to let it know 'hey bud, here comes the fun!' Vlad giggled as he thought this, humored at the fact that the slightest sexual arousal turned him into the kind of babbling idiot that had internal conversations with his penis. He shook his head, closed his eyes, and again firmly gripped his shaft; letting out a small moan as he did. Simultaneously, he failed to notice that his moan of pleasure was paired with a visible vapor taking place of his exhale, floating out of his mouth and slowly drifting away from his head, slowing down and nearly stopping a short distance away.

Vlad sighed happily as he started to slowly work his hand up and down his shaft, softly twisting his wrist each time he changed direction. He was not sure why, but this time was even more enjoyable than the previous times he had pleasured himself.

Each time Vlad let out a moan, more vapor escaped his lips, each time changing into a new color as well. They floated up and away from him, in random directions, travelling anywhere between a short little ways away to very far. They even began to collide with each other and form into shapes and patterns, some stacking with each other, others swirling around each other, one blue one even started to shred apart when it touched a green one.

Vlad continued to work himself over, gradually he had picked up speed slowly sitting up and bending over himself, not caring to look at his own cock as his skin retracted to reveal his throbbing cockhead. He continued to stroke his shaft, keeping his hand on his shaft, not daring to near his glans, knowing it was extra sensitive and he didn't want to scare away the bliss he was experiencing. He bit his lip as he finally felt himself growing closer to his climax. In one fluid motion he threw himself backwards his hips arching high in the "air" as he continued to stroke himself through his climax.

When Vlad finally began to cum, his cock began to twitch and jump in time with the spurts being released from his cock. However, instead of ropes of hot white cum shooting out and falling down onto his belly and crotch, it was smatterings of hot white stars, spraying forth in time with his twitching cock; each flying away from him and collecting in their own patterns across the void, like their own little collections of life on a blank black canvas, a sight he had seen similarities of before. Vlad lay there, ignorant of the beauty that was coming directly from his loins, not daring to stop in order to keep his pleasure as drawn-out as possible.

As Vlad finally reached the end of his orgasm, he gasped and shook and moaned as the waves of pleasure rolled over him, he even found himself laughing at a few points, letting his pent-up desires release along with his orgasm. His smile never left his face, as he finally opened his eyes in order to inspect the mess he had surely made of himself.

What Vlad saw instead astounded him beyond almost all reason. Where there had been empty space there was now small budding galaxies and stars, and gaseous clouds of matter all around him. Vlad was not sure how he knew it but he knew in his heart that this was his creation and he took great joy from it as he began to slow drift around exploring what he could.

*             *             *

As he travelled around, admiring his creation, he watched as the formations began to interact and change. The stars began to explode and fly their surroundings outward while others began to implode and draw their surroundings in, making them disappear. The formations spun and whirled and flew about faster and faster until they were going so fast Vlad couldn't keep track of them with his own eyes.

Just then, the chorus of voices returned, and yelled "STOP!" and just then, everything he had created winked out of existence in an instant, leaving him floating in the empty blackness again.

Vlad looked round at the nothingness and called out to the voices."Why did you do that? I hadn't gotten to explore it yet. How then should I come to understand more about magic? I was only just beginning to understand it more fully."

The voices returned, chiming in harmony. "You cannot simply create and let that creation exist. The universe does not allow for that. One Mage creates fire, another creates rain, the universe combines the two and keeps itself harmonious. You created what is now destroyed. You must come to create within the laws of balance and order, or be prepared for the universe to harmonize in order to destroy you."

"Oh..." Vlad said with a hint of fear in his voice. "I assume that is what the other mages are referring to when the talk about Paradox?"

The voices responded with a resounding "Yes."

"How do then do I know if I am approaching dangerous territory?" said Vlad, the fear in his voice increasing.

The voices rang out again, "There is an analogy that most Mages find very easy to understand."

Suddenly, the empty space that Vlad was floating in disappeared, and he was instead floating above a flowing body of water, spanning towards every horizon he saw, but all flowing in the same direction. The voices chimed again, "This is your reality. You exist within this realm, as a being."

With this, Vlad plunged into the water, and began to move along with the current, with his head and shoulders well above the water with no effort, he relaxed.

"Those who are unaware of the so-called flow of the reality simply flow with it, moving along with the current. Some of those with latent powers can move along this flow with an actual sense of direction and accuracy, even sometimes altering it slightly, but still being controlled by it. Mages have the ability to see the currents and flow for what it is, and are able to push the water around as they choose."

Now, Vlad flew back up out of the water, and spun to lay flat over it, where he could reach his hands down and touch it if he liked. "This flow is fed by the belief of those floating along in it. When that belief is challenged, say when you throw a fireball at it," A fireball appeared in front of Vlad, and both were hurled down towards the water, becoming totally engulfed.

The fireball extinguished and Vlad was yanked under deeper by an undercurrent and flew down the flow, struggling for air, fighting to swim back up to the surface. The flow stopped momentarily, and Vlad flew back up and out of the water, face-down again, as he hacked out the mouthfuls of water he had swallowed, as the current resumed.

"The current of believable reality fights back, very easily wiping out the magic that offended it, and most likely the Mage that created the magic. Do so in a more believable way," the voices paused as a lit candle and shield appeared in front of Vlad, as they slowly dipped into the water.

The flow altered around the shield, and the candle lowered below the waterline, but was protected from extinguishing by the shield. The two objects disappeared as Vlad floated back up into the air. "Then the reality and belief can accept this change and alter around it. The Mages have names for these types of magic, you should learn them. Also, remember, even if there are not beings that exist to fuel the belief needed for the magic, the flow is so powerful it can itself extinguish the magic and the Mage. Mages can be physically hurt, driven mad, hurled into pocket dimensions, or even hunted down by beings formed from the energy that made up the extinguished magic."

Vlad shook his head. "No, I saw a friend of mine do things like this, crazy things so out of place of reality, right in front of me."

The voices spoke up again, "Yes, just as rock formations like islands and tide pools change how water flows, so do extensive changes in belief change how reality flows. Over time, the collective belief of something can alter reality completely, or, the constant belief of something even in a small area can change the flow of reality in that area, like your school."

The water disappeared again, leaving Vlad floating in the abyss again, where he searched for the familiar pinprick of light in the distance that represented home. "It is time you returned, and learned what you can about your own reality, and how you are able to go about changing it."

The great eye returned, with the arms still attached, and flew towards him, hands outstretched.

"No, wait! I still need to know more!" Vlad shouted and tried to move away from the hands, but he wasn't able to float anymore, he remained in the same spot, thrashing around.

The voices did not answer, and Vlad was gripped tightly by the hands as the eye turned towards the pinprick of light and began to fly them toward it.

*             *             *

Vlad struggled in vain to pull himself back towards the empty space, back towards the voices and the lessons they had to offer. There was so much he still did not understand, and so much that he still wanted to learn, but alas his struggling only served to exhaust him. With a sigh he let himself begin to drift off into what he guessed would be considered sleep. Since he was still unsure of what state he was in, or even what plane he was on.

When Vlad awoke he found himself back in the white space again, the nothingness around him once again, except for the door. He stood up once more, dressed once again in the clothes he had tossed off in his pleasure session.

"What's going on?" He called out, unsure if he would get a response or not.

"It is time for you to return... Now you walked through the door yourself coming here, you must now walk out of the door and guide yourself home."

Vlad bowed to no one in particular. "Then I thank you...whoever or whatever being you are for the lessons you have taught me."

With that final sentence Vlad stood and stepped up to the door, the symbol had changed into one he knew meant "Return", so he reached out to it, the door opened wide this time. The light shone through, engulfing Vlad in pleasant warmth as he shut his eyes tight, as he fell back and sank down into the nothingness around him.

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