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This is a role-play between another author and I that we like to have fun with. We designed characters and used a fictional world we enjoy to set the scene. One of us types a bit of the story, then e-mails it to the other, who types a bit of a continuation, and so on and so forth. Here is the resulting published version.


I own nothing related to the original inspiration for this series. This is a fan-fiction role-play created by myself and distributed with no intent for financial gain.

There will be nudity, sex, gay stuff, kink/fetish acts, etc. Don't like it? Don't read it.

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If you would like to reach me or the other author, it's very easy! We both have dedicated e-mail accounts AND have character roleplay tumblr's that you can follow us on!

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Part 1 - The Meeting

Jason Bellaraux was fast asleep, head on his desk, in his "History of the Dream speakers" class. He was awake earlier, but found the tedious droning about the past. He had nodded off sometime in the midst of the professor’s explanation of a few Technocratic politicians scheming over the plans for the Inquisition. He didn't care about the subject, and he was only required to take the class mainly as a formality, he had more important things to get to.

As Professor Eliade droned on, still explaining the early planning stages for one of the Technocracy's uprising, the timer on the podium let out a bright flash of light and an audible ding sound. Jason awoke and began to shake off the sleep as the other students shuffled their notes away and headed for the door. He left, but not without ignoring a glare from his professor, and headed for the passageway that led down to the lake far below the school. There he knew he could escape the bore of a phony education and get to his mentor to train in magic.

As Vladimir Strelok watched the cute guy who had slept all through class hurriedly leave, he wondered where it was he was off to. He shrugged off the idea and began neatly putting his things away. He was always slower than the rest, preferring to finish his notes with poignant thoughts and provoking questions to ask the next class. He thanked the professor for his lesson and left, headed for his own room in the living quarters; being finished with his only class for the day. He exited the classroom into a large stone hallway with round, vaulted ceilings. Among the ceiling were little orbs of light, magical of course; he knew that. He didn't know how they worked but he appreciated the fact that there was light in the school, considering they were underground. He turned and headed down the hallway, past arched doorways into various classrooms as he headed towards the living quarters. He walked along, head down, secretly eyeing the various students' flashy shows of magic as they walked the halls; stopping once in a while to steal a glance through a doorway to watch a professor give a grand demonstration of a magical feat. Having no abilities himself, he was entranced by the others' powers and envied them deeply. He wasn't even sure why his parents would send him to such a school. He was 16 and still showed no signs of Awakening. He knew he was disappointing them, not fitting in as well as they had hoped. What were they thinking, that some of the other students' abilities would rub off on him?!?!?

As Vlad stood silently, fuming with his thoughts, he was suddenly knocked over by none other than the cute guy who was sleeping in class earlier. Papers flew everywhere, they both ended up in a heap, and Vlad knew that the guy would not be pleased with him.

*             *             *

Jason quickly turned a corner and ran smack into some guy standing right in the middle of the hallway. He knocked him over, tripping on him, and they both fell. Jason felt exasperated by the unnecessary diversion and quickly started grabbing papers off the ground and piling them up in his arms. He stopped to apologize, turning to the guy he ran into. He was a short, mousy guy with short, spiky blond hair, blue eyes, and funny-looking glasses. He looked to be a lot younger than Jason, with pale skin and strong bone structure, underneath a slightly rounder baby face; making Jason assumed with his youthful looks that he was in his late teens.

"Sorry" Jason managed to say as he stood, offering the papers to him. "I wasn't watching where I was going."

Vlad looked up from his scrambling to rearrange the mess, and realized that he was right to think that the guy was cute, as he stood, Vlad took in the Mage's entire appearance, and his annoyance about his notes quickly turned into excitement about it being this particular guy. Vlad glanced him over, making note of his every feature. He was half a foot taller than Vlad, making his own 5'3" frame seem meek. He had a darker skin tone than Vlad, but lacked any distinguishing features of a race that Vlad could put his finger on. His ocean-blue hair was in pencil-thin dreadlocks, held back by a black bandana, and falling to his shoulders. Vlad stopped for a moment on the man's body, as he clearly worked out or something. He wasn't hugely muscled, but his arms and calves were thick and strong, but loose-fitting robes covered in magical runes led the rest to Vlad's imagination. The guy looked older than Vlad, he was in his mid-20s by Vlad's best guess.

"S'okay" Vlad managed to stutter out, as he accepted the rest of his papers from the guy he had knocked into.

Jason cracked a half-smile, jutted out a hand to greet him, and introduced himself. "I'm Jason Bellaraux."

Vlad shifted his papers around and quickly readjusted his glasses before grasping the other Mage's forearm in proper greeting, reaffirming his earlier observation of Jason's musculature. "Vladimir Strelok, but please call me Vlad."

"Well good to meet you Vlad! And it's good to finally put my finger on where you're from. You looked foreign, but I couldn't quite place it until you said something." Jason chuckled over Vlad's slight Russian accent.

Vlad rolled his eyes, not appreciating being made fun of. "Yeah yeah, Soviet Russia; car drives you," Vlad mocks, thickening his own accent. "I've heard them all."

Jason was taken aback. "Nah man, it's not like that. I didn't mean any offence. Hey, Shamans are from all walks of life, the Umbra chooses those who are worthy. Colors and creeds are naught but an earthly fancy; all are equal in the great dance of the Quintessence." Jason said in an almost poetic tone. There was clear power behind his words, that much Vlad could tell. He felt better, calmer, and re-assured that the guy, Jason, wasn't actually making fun of him. A nice change, from what he was used to…

Jason noticed the guy Vlad drifting off again into thought, and decided that this was a great time to make his exit. "Well Vlad, it was nice to meet you, but I have training to get to, so I'll see you around!" Jason hurriedly left, again towards the underground lake.

Vlad immediately snapped out of his reverie just as Jason waved a hand as he turned around, and watched him disappear around a corner. He sighed as he shuffled his messy papers again and headed home himself.

Contact :

If you would like to reach me or the other author, it's very easy! We both have dedicated e-mail accounts AND have character roleplay tumblr's that you can follow us on!

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