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Chapter 1 - Part 1 - The First Shift

The OR. A place where the magic happens. A place that saves lives and takes lives. A place where everything and everyone should be sterile.

The OR. The place where everything in my life changed.


I woke up to the buzzing of my annoying alarm clock.

'Shit. My first day of internship and I decided to get drunk last night. Shit.'

I sat up from my couch, looked down and saw a gorgeous body lying on the floor.

'Oh god. What the fuck happened last night?'

As I was putting my underwear on, everything came rushing back through my mind. The bar, the hot

guy, the amazing sex. And then he started waking up.

"Um this is..." he started saying then I cut him off "totally embarrassing."

"Embarassing? That was not what you were saying last night." He chuckled. Gawd, he's handsome. He stood up and started picking up his clothes.

"Um yeah. So embarrassing." I said. He's still looking at me with that devilishly handsome face of his. There's a gorgeous seminaked man infront of me. And I don't even know his name.

"So you live here? Nice place." He asked while he was getting dressed.

"No. I mean yes" Why couldn't I focus around this guy? "It was my mother's."

"Oh. I'm sorry"

"For what?"

"You said was your mothers."

"Oh no. No, my mother she's not dead, she's away. You know what, we don't have to do the thing." I said. I was trying to get rid of him but clearly I can't think straight. No pun intended.

"We can do anything you want." There it is again. His ever so handsome face lighting up with a smile.

"No, I mean we don't have to do the thing where we pretend we care. You know what, last night was amazing. I have to take a shower because it's my first day at work. And when I finish, I expect you gone. But seriously, last night was amazing." Shit. Did I just say amazing twice?

"Oh ok. Well, Thank you... " clearly we didn't know each other. Yes, I just had sex with a total stranger. A totally gorgeous hunk of a stranger.

"It's Alex. And thank you too..."

"Lance. It was nice meeting you." Couldn't he be any more perfect.

"You too." We shook hands, he kissed me surprisingly and then he left. Thank goodness.

Finally, he's gone and now I can focus. I went up to the bathroom and took a hot shower. The water felt amazing on my sore muscles.

I still can't believe I picked up a guy at the bar last night, and a gorgeous one at that. I wonder why he came home with me because there's nothing really special about me. I know my friends and some people say I have looks to die for but really, I'm just your typical twenty four year old guy with typical guy features.

I guess this is as good as any to introduce myself. My name is Alexander Davenport. I am a fresh graduate of medicine and I will be starting my internship at one of the finest surgical teaching programs here in New York. I am six feet tall and like I said before, I have typical guy features, at least I think I do.

We had an intern acquaintance party last night but it got extremely boring so I went to the bar near the hospital instead. That's where hot guy Lance picked me up and we went back here to my place. Yep, not a very bright decision the night before my first day.


It started. and I am nervous as hell. The man in front of us stopped when we reached the operating room and then he started talking. His voice almost made me cream my pants.

"My name is Dr. Callahan and as the chief of surgery, it is my job to welcome you. Today marks the start of your careers as surgeons. This year will be about proving yourself. Some of you will crack under pressure. Some of you will choose a different specialization. It is your job to be the best because only the best will make it. Enjoy your first 48 hours."

After his speech, my nervousness left me because just looking at him and listening to his beautiful voice is enough to bring anyone to orgasm. However, I was thinking that he's too young to be chief. And that's not all. All the male interns look hot. I'm gonna have a hard time working here.

---HOUR 1---

The intern locker room was like a football locker room. Most of us were guys in there. And most of them are shirtless and changing into their scrubs. I almost can't focus but I had to remind myself why I am in here.

"Hey you're Alexander right?" I'm Richard by the way." He held up his hand assuming that I would shake it.

"I know." I can't help but wonder how the guy, who's a complete geek, manages to look hot and bothering in a scrub suit. He has these brown eyes that just melt you. But I still ignore him because I'm more focused on getting that first surgery.

"You know he's not interested, right? Were here to cut and were not here for a meet and greet." The girl beside me replied. Her name is Amanda Lee. She is one if the people here who would kill just to get ahead. I'm surprised she hasn't done that yet. She is the complete competitive Asian package.

"And you must be Amanda Lee. You know I admire you so much!" Richard said.

"I don't care. You know they said we have a model in the group? I wonder who that is?" Amanda said.

"Anyone could be a model in this room except me." I said to her.

"Yeah right, did you have a bad childhood that ruined your self-esteem? Because if so, I will understand?" Amanda said.

The chief resident entered and started assigning us to groups which will be handled by a third year resident.

"All right, interns. Listen up, when I call your group, proceed to your resident!" Then he started calling group numbers and names.

"Group 3 - Davenport, Lee, Connors, Dahlstr, Ivanov. You five are with Dr. Peterson." We started walking outside the room towards the nurses' station where Dr. Peterson is waiting for us. I noticed that 2 interns joined me, Amanda and Richard.

"I hear they call him Hades." The hot intern said. He had this blonde hair that you would just love to hold on to when he gives you a fantastic blowjob with his delectable lips.

"Why would they call him that? And who are you?" I asked him.

"My name is Matthew Dahlstr, the model your friend was talking about. And she's right, you know, you're easy on the eyes too." Did he just wink at me?

"You didn't answer my question?" I looked at him icily.

"Shut up both of you there he is." The other hot guy said while walking towards our boss. "Good morning sir, I'm Peter Ivanov and it's... "

"Shut up. I'm not here to make buddies, I'm not here to be friends with all of that. I am here to teach you, guide you and make your intern lives a living hell. The way I see it, that's how you learn." Dr. Peterson is scary. No wonder they called him Hades.

"Remember, you are grunts, nobodies, bottom of the surgical food chain. You are here to do what I tell you to do, when to do it. I assume you learned a lot in med school so I'm not here to teach you how to do every single procedure."

I forgot to mention that I am looking at another hot doctor. I swear this hospital is full of them.

"I have five rules. Memorize them. Rule number one, I hate all of you, it's never gonna change so don't bother sucking up. Rule number two, here are your pagers, you will answer them at all times, and here are your manuals, I expect you to memorize them by the end of the week. If you don't answer your pager, make sure you're dead or I'll be the one who'll kill you. Rule number three, sleep when you can where you can, we have on call rooms but make sure to answer your pagers and you make sure you are at the place before I get there, because if you're not there and I'm there, I swear I'll perform surgery on you myself."

Dr. Peterson muscles dance under his scrubs while we walk and that ass is just so fine. Shit, I'm getting hard.

"Rule number four, never wake me unless a patient is dying and when you do make sure the patient is still alive because if not, you've awoken me for no good reason. And you'll be doing charts for the rest of the month" Dr. Peterson stopped at number four.

"You said five rules." Amanda said.

"Yes and?"

"Um those were only four." I said. Then our beepers started alarming us signaling an emergency arrival at the rooftop.

"Rule number 5, when I move, you move... NOW MOVE!"

I think I just came a little bit when he touched me and pushed me aside. Then we started running towards the rooftop. We arrived as the helicopter was descending.

"What have we got?" Dr. Peterson said as we were receiving the patient on the stretcher. The patient was seizing.

"Male 21 years old, name Carter Drew, boyfriend called and said he was having seizures. He was brought to three different hospitals which failed to diagnose him and was referred to us. We got him here but he started seizing a few seconds ago on air. No history of brain trauma or epileptic disorders. The boyfriend said he was completely normal until two days ago." The paramedic stated.

We received the patient, admitted him and Dr. Peterson instructed us what our duties were. And none of them involved surgery.

"Davenport, this is your patient. Get a all blood work done, including a tox screen, get a CT, an MRI, an ECG, an EEG. Make sure we don't miss anything. Get a full patient history and we better find his problem fast because he might not survive any more of those seizures. Get a Neuro consult."

"Yes, ok." I said. I guess I had my work cut out for me today.

"Lee, you are with me today. Connors you are with the cardio attending. Ivanov you are on post-ops." Dr. Peterson added

"What about me?"

"Oh you Dhalstr? You get to do rectal exams." He said smirking.

"shit." Dahlstr whispered but everyone except Peterson heard it.

to be continued...

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