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-----HOUR 24-----

We, interns, were called over to one of the conference rooms this morning. We didn't know what was it about but we all had little sleep. Everyone was getting restless. Amanda, however, was practicing her sutures on a banana.

"All right interns, good morning." Dr. Gabriel just entered the room. Even though I was still tired, his presence just brings an energy that can wake up the dead. And it isn't just me that's brimming with energy. My dick is starting to fill out again.

"I guess you are all wondering why you are here. I have a patient, Carter Drew, and he's having multiple grand mal seizures. There is nothing wrong with his current lab results but I'm feeling that we are missing something." He looks really confident up there in front. I suddenly remember how confident he was in bed last night.

("Tell me you want it. I know you do. I want to hear say it." He sexily murmured to me. He gently teased my hole with the head of his perfectly shaped dick. "Yes. Do it now." I groaned. "Do what now?" He kissed my nape. This man is making me feel things I have never felt before. "Fuck me. Please. Do it. I want it, no, I need it now." I said to him. Then he started pushing it in.)

[POP] The sound of Dr. Gabriel slamming the copy of charts on the desk broke me out of my reverie.

"We have at least 24 hours to save Carter Drew. I know you have more jobs than you can handle that's why I'm giving an incentive." An incentive, I wonder what that could be. "The intern who figures out Carter's problem, will have the chance to scrub in and be part of the surgery."

I can't help but think, I can't be with him. I can't be in that surgery. This has gone too long.

"Alright people. Get to work." Dr. Gabriel left the room. Each intern grabbed a copy of the chart. I didn't have to because he was my patient. And every time I think about that, I get an erection.

"I want in on that surgery." Amanda said as we walked together. Seriously, even though this girl is competitive, I am starting to like her as a friend.

"Well, I don't want it. You can have it." I said. She was confused but said "Alright, I can't possibly understand why you want to miss that, but you can help me so I get the surgery so you could get away from that. You know a lot about this guy's case right?"

"Yeea...ah?" I said meekly. I didn't want to anyone to know what the hell was going on with me and Carter.

"Fine let's go." She grabbed my arm and pulled me forcefully towards the hospital library.


"What if he has a tumor?" Amanda asked me.

"No tumor and no fluid build up. You can rule out hydrocephalus. All his scans came clean." I said. I was still contemplating if I wanted to tell Amanda what happened between me and Dr. Gorgeous.

"Tell me again why you don't want in on Lance's surgery?" she asked while rapidly skimming through the pages of the chart she was holding.

"He doesn't have cerebral hypoxia. He doesn't have cerebral edema." I said while reading the lab work from the other day. Part of my mind just kept telling me that I need to tell her, Amanda, what Dr. Gorgeous and I did.

"I will tell you but promise me you won't react and you won't tell anyone." Amanda just looked at me like I'm being weird. "I slept with Dr. Gabriel. Last night." Amanda's eyes widened but she didn't react. This girl is like a rock. "Well, that's your business. Was he at least good?"

"He's perfect. Everywhere. And his... "

"Stop. No more details, please. I didn't know you were such a slut." She laughed a bit.

"I'm not a slut. And we only met last night." We both laughed. Then something came over me. Carter Drew slightly tripped before having sex.

"That face. You thought of something." She knew that I had a brilliant diagnosis.


"Dr. Gabriel wait!" Amanda and I ran toward him. He looked at us and just kept going. He's headed to rounds. When we reached him, he looked at Amanda then looked at me and bit his lip then said "Ok so we think we know what's causing the seizures. Carter might have an aneurysm."

Dr. Gabriel looked at us puzzled then said "there's no injury that suggests he had an aneurysm. Scans show nothing."

"That's just it. It might be undetectable with scans. He told me in his history that he tripped on his underwear before he was about to have sex, and told me that he didn't fall. That might have caused an aneurysm."

"There's only a 0.1% chance that that kind of fall could have caused an aneurysm." Dr. Gabriel stepped into the elevator about to leave us.

"He might need a cerebral angiogram to confirm it." I said. But he just shrugged as the elevator door closed.

Amanda had the look of defeat on her face. We both started walking away from the elevator when it reopened and Dr. Gabriel said "Let's see if Carter is part of that 0.1% odds."


"Would you look at that. It's minute but it's there." The three of us were looking at the angiogram of Carter and it definitely confirmed our diagnosis.

As we were going out of the room, Dr. Gabriel congratulated us. "Great work both of you. Alex, I will see you in surgery later." I was stunned. "But, what about Amanda?" I said. "I only need essential people inside and he's your patient. I'll see you later in the OR." He walked away. I looked at Amanda and she looked pissed as hell.

"So much for teamwork. Maybe I should start sleeping with attendings." She said with venom. "Amanda, I... "

"Forget it. Fuck you." Amanda started walking away.

-----HOUR 28-----

Richard and I were sitting outside. It was our break time and we got to talking.

"Amanda hates me." I said. "Dr. Gabriel gave me the case. I'll be in surgery with him." Richard looked at me then giggled. "You know Amanda told me she trusts you the most. I think she could never hate you. And besides, that's Amanda Lee. She would kill just to operate on someone." I smiled at him.

We sat in silence for a few minutes then he started talking again. "Why are we here? Why did we choose to become a surgeon?"

"I have no idea. I can tell you that I could probably give you a hundred reasons why I should quit. You know what's holding me back?"

"What? Tell me." He smiled.

"I want to be a surgeon. Not because I want to be like my mother, but because I want to be a surgeon."

"Yeah you're right. My parents keep asking me the same thing. Why I wanted this. I could never give them a straight answer but it always boils down to me being a surgeon." He said. "Thank you by the way."

"For what?" I asked him. This is going to be interesting.

"For not telling anyone about what you saw in the MRI room." He blushed.

"I really don't care you know. And it was really hot watching you go down on Nate." I said, emphasizing Dr. Alphard's name so much.

"Shut up." We both started laughing.

----- Hour 29 -----

I was charting when I overheard the conversation between Ivanov and the old nurse again. This time, the chief is with them.

"Ivanov, the nurse told me you gave an antibiotic. Did you actually run labs before doing so?" The chief said.

"She had a fever. Post-op infection." Ivanov stated.

"Did you confirm it." Chief said. Ivanov was unable to answer. "Do you know the causes of post-op fever?" He looked at Ivanov menacingly. Don't get me wrong, the chief is hot but he's also very scary. "Well?" Ivanov couldn't answer.

"Does anybody here know what are the 5 causes of post-op fever? Without looking at your notes?" He said while looking around.

I spoke up. "The 5 Ws are the common causes of post-op fever. Wind, or atelectasis. Water, or UTI. Wound, or infection. Walking, or embolus and wonderdrugs. The most common within 24 hours is wind, atelectasis or pneumonia."

"And how would you confirm?" Chief asked.

"A chest X-ray or a chest CT can confirm diagnosis." I stated confidently.

"Ivanov, tell Dr. Peterson I kicked you off that case." Chief started walking towards me and stopped. "You are a spitting image of your mother." He said then walked away. I smiled.

----- Hour 30 -----

Everyone was busy prepping for the surgery. Nurses, scrub nurses, residents, and Dr. Lance Gabriel.

After the prepping was done, Lance said something that surprised me.

"Alright everyone, it's a beautiful day to save lives. Let's save lives. 10 blade."

I can't think of any reason why I wanted to be a surgeon. And I can probably give a hundred reasons why I should quit. But the fact that I'm here, watching an aneurysm clipping, makes me say that I have the best job in the world. It didn't matter that I was surrounded by hot doctors everywhere. That is just a plus. What matters is I'm here and I love what I am doing. It makes me wonder why people do drugs when this gives me a better feeling.

"Alex, come on look. Step up and view the clipping." Lance said.

As I was looking through the magnification lenses, Lance said "It's amazing, Isn't it?"

"Yes. Very much." He smiled at me. His gorgeous smile made me weak in the knees.

----- HOUR 38 -----

I got out of the OR and saw Amanda waiting for me outside. She didn't have that sinister look anymore.

"You look like shit." She said smiling.

"I look better than you." I said. I sat down beside her.

"Not possible." She laughed. "We're not gonna start crying to each other right?" She said while looking at me. I think she's trying to test me if I'm that kind of person.

"No. We are not." I smiled at her. "Wanna grab a drink later?"

"Sure. But I think Gabriel over there has other plans. He's looking at you." She said, darting her eyes to the corridor behind me. I glanced and there he was, staring at me and when he saw me look, he smiled.

"Go! I'm gonna cover your rounds. I'll tell Dr. Peterson you're stuck with an attending." I told her thanks then went to go ask what Lance needed.

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Some readers think that I stole this(copyright infringement) because it's actually how Grey's Anatomy goes. Actually it's exactly as how Grey's Anatomy goes with very minor changes. I made it as a gay parody version. I never tried to own it. I never tried to sell it. It's a free "novel" for everyone's enjoyment. 
I'm sorry but I will have to stop it before it gets out of hand. I hope you enjoyed the fantasy of seeing a gay version of Grey's Anatomy. Thanks for reading. 

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