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Part 1 - The First Shift - continued

-----HOUR 3-----

Okay I'm lost. I don't know where I'm going and these hospital corridors just seem endless.

"Hey do you actually know where you're going? You seem kinda lost." My patient said, followed by an extremely hot giggle. You know, the seductive types?

"I'm not lost.... well, maybe a little bit but it doesn't matter. I have to get you to the MRI. What happened the day before you were seizing?" I asked trying to change the subject.

"Oh. My boyfriend and I was about to have sex then I tripped because my foot got caught in my underwear." He blushed. He's getting hotter by the second, and not in a febrile way.

"You don't have to be embarrassed. I trip on my underwear even when I'm not trying to have sex." He laughed. God, he has a perfect laugh.

"But tell me, did you hit your head when you tripped?"

"No. I just tripped but manged to hold on to him to regain my balance." He sounded serious but he blushed again. 

"Oh okay. I just wanted to ask you again."

"Yeah you asked that like a hundred times, like the same number of times we passed by the MRI room."

"Ok why did you wait to tell me?" I was pissed and embarrassed. Why didn't I see that?

"Because I wanted to prove you were lost. And I also wanted to see you flushed. You kinda look really hot when you're starting to panic." And then he grinned. Oh I swear I could just kiss that face. He's flirting with me but I couldn't flirt back.

Carter, my patient was the epitome of a hot 21 year old college student. He has perfect brown hair just long enough to grab on to. He has this succulent red lips, gorgeous toned body under that hospital gown of his that doesn't really leave much to the imagination. And his eyes, boy those dark green eyes are gorgeous. You could stare at them all day. Sucks that he has a boyfriend and it sucks even more that he's my patient.

We both suddenly stopped talking when we heard something coming from the MRI room. Wait. What the hell was that? Did that just come from the MRI room?

"Uhh. Oh fuck. Oh fuck yeeeaahh" A very faint male voice is moaning from behind the double doors.

"Ohhh. Yeah do that again. Oh my ghh.." I decided to check it out first, away from my patient's eyes. The double doors are made of glass but there are curtains that cover it for patient privacy. One of the curtains got caught on the handle making it possible to peer inside.

I was shocked to see what was happening. It was Richard kneeling in front of who I suppose is the Cardio Attending Surgeon. And what's happening was Cardio's dick was inside Richard's mouth. He is giving Dr. Cardio an oral exam. A literal oral exam. I was transfixed.

"Oh yeah. Oh fuck, that mouth feels amazing." Richard was deep throating Dr. Cardio like his life depended on it. I wondered how long Richard has been sucking dick like that because he seems to really know what he was doing and Dr. Cardio's dick is definitely more than above average. It looks really nice from where I was standing.

I also didn't really notice it before but beyond that geeky exterior of Richard, he was actually ripped. He had the body of a greek god. I was starting to get really painfully hard inside my scrubs.

"Oh fuck. Oh uuggh." I think Dr. Cardio just came. It's time to back away from the door. I rang the buzzer and went back beside my patient.

"Enjoyed the show?" Carter asked me, grinning.

"No. I didn't. I mean there was nothing going on in there."
Carter looked at me straight in the eyes, licked his lips then responded in his most seductive voice he can muster "Stop lying to me Dr. Alexander Davenport, you clearly enjoyed whatever happened in there." He grabbed my dick outside my scrubs which was still very hard. He pulled me towards him and whispered to my ear "Maybe after this MRI, you could take me back to my room and show me what procedure they performed inside?" Then he licked my earlobe then grabbed my ass while still massaging my hardness through my scrubs.

Seriously, I almost came. Whatever patient doctor relationship barrier standing between us, evaporated in the blink of an eye. I was flushed. Before, I could answer, the door to the MRI started opening. Wow, they took their time cleaning and saved by the door was the two things that popped in my head. Alex saw me and he was really surprised that I was there.

"Alex! How long have you been standing there?" Richard blurted out.

Carter suddenly answered "we just came" putting so much emphasis on the word came.
I think Richard blushed redder than ever.

"Um yeah. I have to go. Nate, I mean Dr. Alphard just wanted to show me um the scans for later. Yeah. That's right."

"Scans huh? I bet those scans showed big big stuff?" Carter teased Richard relentlessly. He couldn't have gone any redder.

"Uh. I have to go. Alex, I have to go. I will um see you later." And just like that, he vanished from sight.

"Ah. Dr. Davenport." And this must be Nate. I have to tease Richard later. "Dr. Nathaniel Alphard, your Cardio Attending. Call me Nate."

"It's nice to meet you sir. I have to take him now to MRI." I said trying to avoid an awkward conversation due to the fact that I just witnessed him cumming in my colleague's mouth. That didn't make him any less hotter though.

"All yours. Just page the tech. He's on a coffee break right now" Dr. Alphard winked at me with those gorgeos grey eyes of his. I blushed and I'm getting hard again.

"Thank you Dr. Alphard." I started pushing my patients stretcher towards the MRI room but before I can even move, he whispered "Dr. Davenport, enjoyed the show? I sure as hell think you did" then he looked down at my crotch. My eyes darted rapidly and saw what he was looking at. A wet spot on my scrubs. I was mortified.

"I'll see you later Dr. Davenport." Then he started walking away.


I went down to the OR once I got all the bloodwork and lab results. I had to notify Dr. Peterson. Even though he was beyond scary, he's still nice to look at. Oh crap. He saw me peering into OR1.

"What the hell are you doing here? You've got a lot of work to do upstairs?" He sounded angry but his affect doesn't really show signs of anger.

"Um I just wanted to tell you that Carter Drew's labs and bloodworks all came back clean." I was nervous as hell but his scent just soothes you. Shit. This hospital is enough to cure any erectile dysfunction problems.

"Keep an eye on her. Get a neuro consult asap. And tell Amanda to stop hovering." He looked beside me and I was surprised to see Amanda there. "What do you want?"

"Um I just have a question." Amanda said. Dr. Peterson looked at her urging her to continue. "Well, they said that every year during the first 48 hours of internship, the attending on duty picks an intern to do the first surgery, is it true?"

"Get the hell out, both of you." Dr. Peterson said then went back in the OR. We both just stood there surprised.

-----HOUR 7-----

I was in line trying to get my food when I overheard their conversation. It's not like the cafeteria is that noisy.

"Peterson hates me. He made me do those rectal exams on purpose." Dahlstr still looks good despite having to do those rectal exams all day. Being a model really has perks. "Here eat. It might take your mind off of it." Amanda said. "I can't. I might throw up on a patient later." Dahlstr really looks like he's gonna be sick.

"You think you have it bad? At least it's a resident hating on you. I've got attendings hating on me." Richard said. The mental image of him going down on Dr. Alphard returned. I wonder how Alphard could have hated him. He was doing a pretty good job.

"I tried inserting an IV on this patient but failed and before my second attempt, he pushed me back and glared at me." Richard seemed really affected by that. "Guess I could kiss my shot at first surgery goodbye."

"You know what, my bet is on Alex because he's inbred." Amanda said. "What do you mean by inbred? You mean to tell me he's son of Dr. Samantha Davenport?" Dahlstr asked completely surprised.

"Wait. Who's Samantha Davenport?" Richard asked completely clueless of who my mother is. "What medschool did you go to? Everybody knows who Samantha Davenport is." Amanda said.

"Dr. Samantha Davenport is the world renowned Cardio Thoracic sugeon who made the Davenport method valve replacement possible. She won 4 consecutive Charles Milton innovation of Surgical Medicine awards." Dahlstr said. He seems really fond of my mother.

"I'd do anything to be like her" Dahlstr said with a twinkle in his eyes. "Well I'd give anything to be her!" Amanda said. They stopped talking about my mother when I returned to our table. Guess they didn't want any stories for now.

"Carter Drew is a pain in the ass." Figuratively speaking of course. "I hate it when we can't find anything on our patients." That's true but what I really was trying to say is I'm having a hard time around him especially when he adds flirtation into the mix.

"Interns!" We all turned our heads to see what was up. Of course it's Dr. Alphard. "It's posted but I would personally like to congratulate the person who's going to perform the first surgery." Everyone was staring at him except for Richard who was trying to eat his large footlong sandwich.

"Congratulations Connors. You'll be scrubbing in today." Richard actually choked on his sandwich. After coughing a bit. "Me? Are you sure?"

"Yes I'm sure Connors. Go get prepped." I looked at Dr. Alphard just in time to see him winking at Richard. Then he looked at me and winked too. Then he started walking away. What the hell was that about? It's really starting to get crazy in this hospital.

to be continued...


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