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-----HOUR 9-----

"How are you feeling?" I asked Carter this every time I arrive in his room and of course he answers me as flirty as he can. He already knows he gets to me.

"Horny. Especially now that you're here. I thought we were going to do what Dr. Connors and Dr. Alphard did in the MRI room?" Then he winked at me. I swear, if he wasn't my patient, I'd jump in bed with him right now.

"That is not what I meant. Do you feel anything else other than your..." I was suddenly cut off by people coming in the room.

"Oh my God. My baby! How are you feeling." The woman went beside him and held his hand. "I'm fine mom. Hey dad. Where's Parker?" He looked at the man on his other side after getting kissed by his mother on the forehead. I figured they are his parents and Parker must be his boyfriend. "Your brother is coming later together with your boyfriend." He then looked at me and started the barrage of questions I'm not ready for. "So did you find anything wrong? What are the results if the lab tests? They said he's gonna need surgery, is this true?"

"Um I am not his doctor. But I am doctor." They had this weird questioning look on their faces. "I'll go get him for you." I left the room and immediately went looking for Dr. Peterson.


Dr. Peterson was busy doing charts when I approached him. "Dr. Peterson, Carter's parents are here and they have many questions. Do I get Dr. Alphard or do you go to them.

"No. Dr. Alphard is in surgery. Go get Dr. Gabriel, he's the new Neurosurgeon and Carter is his patient now. There he is over there." I looked at who he's pointing to then Dr. Peterson just left.

Oh no. Oh no no no. This can't be happening at all. I froze. It's him. It's the guy from the bar, the guy who I just shooed this morning. Crap, shit, crap! He hasn't seen me yet because he's doing charts. Shit! I don't know what to do. And now his looking up. Oh god. He saw me. He is coming this way. Time to bolt.

I walked briskly trying to avoid running because, well, we are in a hospital. Unfortunately, he caught up to me.

"Alex, wait. Come here." He grabbed my arm then took me inside the stairwell.

"Dr. Gabriel... " I started saying but he cut me off.

"Wow. This morning it was Lance, now it's Dr. Gabriel? I'm a little bit hurt." He smirked. God, he's really gorgeous.

"Well, we can't do this. You are an attending and I am an intern. This.." I gestured my hand between us. "...never happened. We should just forget about... " He kissed me. I was shocked but my inhibitions left me as soon as the initial shock passed. I kissed him back. His lips tasted the same as last night. It is delicious. He grabbed my waist pulled me closer and then held my face so he could kiss me more. I grabbed his waist. I wanted more. He kissed me with more passion than last night. Then he started probing my lips with his tongue. I accepted and our kiss turned into a full make out session. I wanted him. He wanted me. It made me want him even more.

I could feel his hardness between us and I'm guessing he's feeling mine. It's just as big and hard as I remember it. I loved it before and I'm loving it even more now.

Then I suddenly came back to my senses. I pushed him off. But I decided this doesn't have to end here.

"Dr. Gabriel, this is highly inappropriate. You are my mentor and I am your student." I got close, gave him a peck, softly bit his lower lip, then walked away. Before I could leave the stairwell, I added "Oh, and By the way, Carter Drew in room 1115 needs a consult." then I opened the door out. He stood there, dazed, hot, bothered but smiling. And before I could fully close the door to the stairwell, I heard him say "alright, I'll play."


I was in the post-op wing checking up on charts of patients assigned to me when I heard Ivanov talking to a nurse.

"He's got a post-op fever so start her on antibiotics." Ivanov said in kind of arrogant way.

"Are you sure that's the right diagnosis because it doesn't seem that way." The old female nurse said worried about the patient.

"Here's a thought. Did you go to four years of medical school? That's what I thought. Start her on antibiotics now." The nurse grabbed the chart and walked away pissed. "God, I hate nurses."

"She might not have post-op infection you know? She might have pneumonia or pulmonary embolism." I said, annoyed at Ivanov for treating the nurse that way. He has to know that we can't work properly without them. "Like I said, I hate nurses." Ivanov glared at me. He's handsome but that attitude will get him nowhere in this hospital.

"What did you just call me? Did you just say I am a nurse." I said angrily. "Well if the white cap fits." He said then started walking away.

"Asshole" I muttered to myself. I'm seriously pissed for having him in our group.

-----HOUR 12-----

We were in Carter Drew's room. I was checking up on his vitals when Dr. Gabriel arrived.

"Are you the neurosurgeon?" Carter's mom asked. "I am his neurosurgeon Mr. and Mrs. Drew. I am Dr. Gabriel and I am taking over Carter's case." Lance said confidently. His confidence is turning me on and it seems Carter noticed. He actually licked his lips while looking at me. Thankfully his parents are not looking at us but are looking at Dr. Gabriel.

"Could you please tell us what is wrong with our son." Mr. Drew said. "I'm afraid I don't know yet sir."

"What the fuck do you mean you don't know yet? A while ago his previous doctor said it may be a seizure disorder, now you're saying you don't know?" Carter's dad said angrily.

"His labs came back clean. Everything came back clean. We don't know yet what is going on." Dr. Gabriel said calmly.

"This was supposedly the best hospital in New York. That is why we had him brought here." Mr. Drew said. He's getting angrier by the minute.

"I assure you Mr. Drew, we are doing the best we can to find out what is happening to..." "Then what are you standing here for talking to me? Go and fix my son!" Mr. Drew cut Lance off then shouted and walked out.

My erection suddenly subsided. Even Carter was surprised his dad acted that way. "I'm sorry doctors. It's just that we really want Carter to get better. He's not usually this way. Please understand." Mrs. Drew said. She had that sad and worried look on her face.

"We understand Mrs. Drew. We just have few things to go on for now. We'll run more tests so we can find out more. Dr. Davenport here will monitor the patient as closely as possible." Lance said.

We both left the room feeling a little bit hopeless. We really had nothing to go on. For now, we'll have to run some more tests. "Order a head CT, an EEG, and order another MRI. We need to find something. I know there is something. " Dr Gabriel said. I love it when he's serious like this.

-----HOUR 16-----

I was already sitting at the viewing room when the other interns started arriving. Amanda sat beside me. "That should be me down there." Amanda said. I swear, that girl would do anything to get ahead. If she only knew that she had no chance of competing with Robert, not when Robert is actually blowing the attending on duty.

"10 bucks says he won't be able to make it pass the McBurney's incision." One of the interns said. I looked at him menacingly.

"30 says he won't be able to identify the appendix." Another one of the interns said.

"50 says he pulls it all off." I said. They were all looking at me, surprised that I'm defending Robert. "Where's your loyalty? That's one of us down there. That's the person who's gonna define our group."

"70 says he perforates the colon. And that's nowhere near his location." Amanda said. I looked at her annoyingly. She just shrugged. "What, he's Robert." I ignored her and looked back down the surgery.

"Alright Connors. You may start." Dr. Alphard said.

"Alright nurse Andrew, scalpel." The heart pounding surgery began. I couldn't believe Richard is was down there. And I couldn't believe what I was seeing. It was like he was a different person.

Richard is not really appealing in sense because he had this geeky exterior like I said before, but under the right circumstances, like right now there cutting up a patient, he exudes manliness and sex appeal. He may have those glasses that make him look like a typical nerd but it just makes his brown eyes pop a little bit more. His dark brown clean cut hair is just perfect for him and those form fitting scrubs under those tight OR gowns make him look hotter. I'm seeing him under a different light and he looked hot. Dr. Alphard is really lucky if ever they went dating.

"Clamp please." He clamped the appendix. He really knows what he's doing. "Metz please nurse Andrew."

"Damn I'm out." One of the interns said. "Told you he can do it." I said.

"Chromic 4-0 please." The interns in the room were cheering and Richard was not bothered by any of it.

"Alright. You've removed the appendix. Now all you have to do is inverse the stump into the cecum. Be careful not to pull the purse strings too hard. That's it." Dr. Alphard said. He made it and now he's starting to close the patient.

"Alright everyone pay up. You guys better bring your A-game because my friend down there is good." Did I just call him my friend?

"Well, he's not 007 after all." Ivanov said from behind.

"What does 007 mean Alex?" Amanda asked me. "Licensed to kill. That better not be one of us because I'm gonna kill that person in our group." I said.

"Prolene please." He's finally suturing the skin. Dr. Alphard seems really pleased with Richard. I wonder what reward he'll give him? Maybe he's gonna reciprocate that blow job at the MRI room I thought to myself.

-----HOUR 23-----

We sitting on one of the stretchers in one of the deserted corridors of the hospital talking to Richard. Amanda, Dahlstr and I were congratulating him for a job done superbly.

"That was bad-ass. And on your first surgery." Amanda said. "It was no big deal. It was an appendectomy. You could do it with your eyes closed, Amanda." Richard said, trying to be humble about it. "Yeah, that's true." Amanda said with pride.

My beeper started beeping. I looked at it and it said 911 on Carter Drew's room. "I gotta go. I have a 911." I said to them then ran as fast as I could.


"What the hell took you so long?" The nurse said. Carter Drew was seizing "Dr. Davenport what do we do. He's having multiple grand mal seizures. He's loaded on lorazepam. It should have worked by now." Crap, I thought. I didn't know what to do. I wasn't ready for something like this at the moment but I had to do something. "Did you page Dr. Gabriel and Dr. Peterson?" I was panicking internally. "Yes. I already did. You are the one who's here so you need to tell us what to do!" The female nurse said. Shit, I thought. "He's full on lorazepam? Push 500mg of phenobarbital. And page Dr. Gabriel and Dr. Peterson again!" The phenobarbital was injected but it didn't seem to work. "Dr. Davenport, the phenobarbital didn't work. What ne..."

The monitor started beeping. "He's in V-fib Dr. Davenport." "Charge the paddles to 200. Clear." They lifted their hands up signaling it was safe for me to defibrillate. "Nothing." The male nurse said. "Charge to 300. Clear!" Still nothing. "Charge the paddles to 350." I said. "Dr. Davenport it's been 60 seconds. Shouldn't you administer..." l cut him off and said "charge again!... clear!" Then the monitor showed signs of sinus rhythm.

"What happened?!" Lance was standing at the doorway. "He was having multiple grand mal seizures then his heart stopped. That's what happened." I pushed him aside then started walking towards the door. I bumped into Dr. Peterson. 

"If there's a 911 you always page me immediately. Because if you do something, it's my ass on the line.You got that?" I didn't have time for him. I ignored him then went towards the door. Amanda saw me then followed me outside.

Once outside, I threw up. I guess it was too much stress all at the same time. "Are you ok?" Amanda asked, concerned.

"I'm gonna be fine." I really hoped that I would.

to be continued...


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