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Diego was escorted by Marcus into a large brightly-lit dining hall. There, Bassianus had been waiting for him. The senator took a seat behind a desk, holding a metallic object in his hand. The strange object was the device mentioned by Diego before he passed out in the dungeon. Apparently, Bassianus had spent a great deal of time trying to study it. Yet, he failed to uncover what it was. And thus, he needed Diego's help to enlighten him. General Cassius, dressed in a tunic, stood not far from Bassianus, guarding him from any unwanted threats.

'Finally, you're here, Diego Fortes,' senator Bassianus greeted his mysterious guest. 'Come and sit with me.' He pointed at the chair place in front of the desk.

'Thanks, senator,' Diego politely replied before allowing himself to sit down.

'No need for formality. Call me Bassianus,' the senator smiled as he placed the object onto the desk.

Once Diego was seated, Marcus stood next to Cassius. His superior silently eyed him, observing his body from hair to toes. When he noticed a wet stain on Marcus' crotch, he looked rather annoyed yet he said nothing.

'Alright, we shouldn't waste any time by exchanging silly pleasantries. I want to know who you are and what this metallic object is. For your information, I do believe you. Hence, I ordered my guards to release you and to heal your wounds. But some things are still unclear. And I want you to fill in the gaps.' Bassianus leaned back, waiting for Diego to spill the beans.

Clearing his throat, Diego began to explain who he was. 'As you know, I'm not a Roman citizen and I'm not from here. In fact, I'm not even from your timeline.'

'Wait. You're not from my timeline? What do you mean?' Bassianus raised his eye brows.

'I'm from the future, Bassianus. And I know what ill-fated event that awaits you.'

The senator's facial expression remained still. What he heard defied logics yet he did notice the mysterious aura surrounding Diego. Although his mind begged him not to listen to Diego, his heart told him to do the opposite. Breathing deep, Bassianus decided that he should give Diego a chance to explain what he meant. 'Tell me what you know.'

'I honestly have no idea where to start. I know I may sound insane. I didn't believe it either at first. But here I am, sitting in front of you, from the future.' Diego touched the metallic object and said, 'This device brought me to your time. It's a time-travelling device.'

Cassius and Marcus gasped, not believing what they heard. Marcus, however, was open to the unthinkable possibilities, while Cassius didn't believe any words that Diego said. The general clenched his fists, restraining himself from speaking up his mind.

'Interesting.' Repositioning his body, Bassianus straightened his back. 'Tell me more.'

'I want you to trust me completely, Bassianus. I come here to help you kill Emperor Constantine and to stop him from promoting Christianity.' Diego stared into Bassianus' eyes, letting Bassianus know that he was telling the truth.

'But why do you want to help me? What advantage do you get if you succeed?' As a good politician, Bassianus immediately noticed the hidden motive in Diego's mind.

'I came from the year 1500. The Hispania that you know has turned into a strong powerful Christian kingdom called Spain. My cruel king, Ferdinand II of Aragon and his evil wife, Isabella I of Castile, were obsessed in purging the kingdom from sins. Hence, they established the Inquisition 20 years ago which was strictly based on Christian laws. Many innocent people suffered and died horribly. Most victims were the Jew, witches, and people of different religions. And the Inquisition also took away the love of my life, Esteban.'

After mentioning Esteban's name, Diego fell silent. His head hanging down, he tried to stop himself from crying. However, tears immediately streamed down his face. With his arm, Diego quickly dried his tears. Inevitably, he sniveled as his nose was runny. Yet, he braced himself to tell the painful story of his life.

'In Christian religion, we're taught that if a man has sex with another man, then both have committed pecado nefando or abominable crime. The Christians call such act as sodomy. The perpetrators, in Spanish, are called sodomitas or bujarrones. It's said that all sodomites shall be burnt in eternal flames in the afterlife because Christian god hates men who have sex with other men. The Inquisitors decide that the suitable punishment for sodomites is being burnt alive in front of a cheering crowd. Esteban and I were captured.'

Diego paused again, still sniveling. Using his fingers, he dried his eyes and nose. However, the amount of the liquid was too much. Diego was then used the tunic to dry his face.

'And what happened then?' Bassianus asked curiously. Indeed, he wasn't fond of Christianity. To him, Christianity was a religion which belonged to barbarians who aimed at oppressing the Roman culture and religious belief. In fact, that was the main reason why he wanted to overthrow Emperor Constantine. When he heard the bad details about Christianity, of course he was more than interested to hear what Diego had to say.

'We're thrown in dungeon and treated like animals. We're forced to admit our sins but we refused. Esteban was then tortured in front of me. They whipped him until he was bleeding. They also fucked his ass with a sick, twisted device called Pear of Anguish which practically rendered his ass unrecognizable.' Remembering all those bloody tortures brought more tears to Diego's eyes. 'Then they dragged him out and burned him alive. And the sickest part, they forced me to watch the whole process. I can still remember the horrible smell of my boyfriend's burning flesh. I can't forget his cries as the flame engulfed his body mercilessly. I...'

The Hispanic man finally broke down and cried. His tears dripped onto the desk.

Bassianus was speechless, giving Diego some time to gather himself. In his mind, he processed what Diego told him. Although his confession sounded absurd, Bassianus was convinced that Diego told the truth, especially because Bassianus had seen the weird-looking device that Diego possessed with his own eyes. The senator was not an idiot. He was certain that no tribes could ever create such a weird metal device. It took several minutes until Diego stopped sniveling. Bassianus then took the chance to question him further.

'Assuming that what you told me is all true, what does Constantine have to do with your so-called Spanish Inquisition?' Bassianus believed that the question was the key to unlock Diego's hidden agenda.

'When Constantine turned Rome into a Christian Empire, he strengthened the religion and forced everyone to worship it. With that, Constantine also forced the idea that sex between men was sinful. His sons, Constantius and Constans, became emperors and declared that same-sex marriage was illegal. The future Roman emperors, like Valentinian II, Theodosius I and Arcadius enforced harsher punishment for homosexuals, by burning the sodomites alive.' Diego's voice turned bitter. The flame of revenge shone in his eyes. 'Hence, I came to this era to help you kill Constantine. If that wretched emperor was dead, then Christianity wouldn't become a major religion. There wouldn't any Christian laws to condemn same-sex love and to encourage gays to be burned alive. The life of my Esteban would be spared when I returned to my time.'

Both Cassius and Marcus were too shocked to think of anything. Yet, they were able to conceal how they felt by straightening their facial muscles.

As a politician, Bassianus learned not to trust anyone easily. 'I do agree with you on the same thing, about eradicating Constantine. However, I'm very intrigued with your knowledge about the future of Rome. I know that, to you, it's history. Yet, there's nearly a thousand years span. How do you know the history of Rome, with such great details?'

'I don't,' Diego admitted honestly. 'But someone told me.'

'Someone told you? Alright, it's getting unexpectedly more interesting.' Bassianus began to doubt Diego's confession at that point. Yet, he wanted to dig out more information from him. 'Care to tell me who he is?'

'Well, I think you should meet this man in person.' Holding the futuristic device, Diego pressed his thumb onto a button. And all of a sudden, rays of blinding bright light emanated from it.

Instinctively, General Cassius leaped forward to protect Bassianus. Marcus did the same, although he doubted that Diego could harm the senator. Confused and stunned, the senator meekly let Cassius pull his body away. Standing behind the hefty general's body, Bassianus shielded his eyes from the bright light. A second later, the light was gone. To their surprise, a naked muscular man stood before them.

'Everyone, meet Max,' Diego proudly introduced the mysterious figure.


Meanwhile, in the barrack, Petronius was still awake. He knew it was late, yet he had so many things in his mind. The shirtless soldier kept turning in his cot, trying to find a good position to sleep. Yet, he failed to fall asleep. Finally, he sat up. Around him, shirtless soldiers slept in their respective cots. Most covered their groins with loincloths. However, some weren't shy and decided to sleep naked. The light inside the barrack was poor. Yet, Petronius could still make out the outlines of those dicks. The soldier pulled off his blanket to reveal a tenting loincloth. Carefully, he rubbed the fleshy protrusion as he fought the urge to moan.

I hate Bassianus. Ever since he raped my ass, I can't stop thinking about cocks. What should I do now?

Nervously, the soldier looked around to make sure that everyone was asleep. Then carefully, he untied his loincloth and revealed his aching erection. An erect cock sprang out and throbbed before Petronius. When he held it, it was as hard as steel. It was also quite warm. Instinctively, the soldier stroked his aching dick, hoping to reduce the tension. Yet, on the contrary, he was getting hornier.

Fuck! I'm getting horny. I'm never good at ignoring my hard-on. Once I get hard, I have to shoot. But the problem is now I can't stop thinking of other men.

Spontaneously, Petronius' asshole twitched as he remembered how senator Bassianus raped him a few days ago. Although the wound had healed, he couldn't forget the traumatic sore he had to endure. Despite hating his homosexual experience, he was powerless to fight the same-se desire. Like most men, Petronius couldn't think clearly when lust took over his mind. Squeezing the shaft, he wrung out a drop of precum from the slit. As his lust grew, Petronius was compelled to whack off. However, the view around him acted like aphrodisiac. Petronius soon lost control over himself.

There are so many handsome men around me. This is the first time I realize that my comrades are actually very hunky. His heterosexual side, of course, fought back but it was drowned by Petronius' increasing urge to satisfy his gay side. I want to touch their chests, to feel their muscles. Oh, I want them.

Then a crazy idea entered his mind. Trying to make no sound, Petronius stood up. However, the cot creaked when Petronius lifted his butt. For several seconds, the soldier winced, frozen where he stood. To his expectation, none of the sleeping men woke up. Feeling relieved, the handsome man took a deep breath. His damp loincloth, soaked with sweat, fell to the floor. Totally naked, Petronius silently walked around the cots. Lustfully, his eyes observed those sleeping men one by one, trying to find the one worth admiring.

They're all handsome and manly. Their muscular chests rose up and down. My hands are itchy. I wish I could tweak their nipples. Damn!

All of a sudden, Petronius heard a cot creaking behind him. Instinctively, he squatted down and remained silent, afraid of getting caught. His heart was beating like a war drum, nearly deafening his ears. Surprisingly, there was no more noise. Slowly, Petronius looked back and saw that everything was alright. As he stood up, he craned his head and found the noise maker was having an exciting dream.

I wonder what he's dreaming of. Perhaps he's having a sex dream? Well, he keeps turning in his cot and he's naked too. I think it'll be easy to molest his body.

Petronius approached the sleeping soldier and viewed his face from above. He was indeed handsome and Petronius couldn't stop staring at him. In order to get a better look, owing to the bad lighting, he bent his body over. Unfortunately, Petronius didn't know the soldier's name yet. It was understandable, considering that Petronius was one of several new soldiers who got transferred to serve in Bassianus' residence. Thus, he hadn't had the chance to get to know all his comrades' names.

Carefully, Petronius knelt down. Yet, one of his knees made a creaking noise. Silently, he cursed at himself. More carefully than ever, he bent the other knee. Petronius' dick touched the cot, smearing it with a string of precum. His hand shaking, Petronius brought it to the sleeping soldier's head. Closer observation revealed that the soldier was brown-haired. The hair felt so soft on Petronius' fingers. Gingerly, Petronius ran his fingers lightly across the hair.

I used to be into brown-haired women. Maybe that's why I can't take my eyes of this handsome brown-haired man. He sleeps so soundly. I hope he won't wake up easily when I touch his body.

The hand continued to comb the sleeping soldier's hair for several minutes until Petronius decided that it was time to appreciate the other parts of the man's body. Petronius' index finger lightly traced down the soldier's nose before it reached his ample lips. Feeling its texture, Petronius silently guessed how great it would feel to press his lips against the soldier's. The thought of it was enough to push out another drop of precum. Suppressing a moan, Petronius was having a hard time to keep quiet.

Fuck! I can't restrain myself. I want to jump at this fine man and force him to fuck my ass. Ever since Bassianus' dick entered my ass, I keep dreaming about cocks, men, and muscles. Women can no longer satisfy my lust. I want men!

Blinded by his biological urge, Petronius did something risky. He bent over and brought his lips close to the sleeping soldier's. In such close distance, Petronius could smell the man's breath. Quivering, Petronius' lips pursed. In his rib cage, his heart pounded like crazy as if it would about to break those ribs. After gathering his bravery, Petronius pushed his pursed lips against the sleeping man's. He did it ever so gently so that the sleeping soldier wouldn't wake up. The kiss only lasted for several seconds. When Petronius broke away, he licked his lips.

Damn! It felt great. Kissing a man sure feels different than kissing a woman.

His eyes later trailed down and fell to the man's bare chest. Petronius had never observed another man's chest before. To his surprise, he was very captivated by what he saw. In order to get a better view, he brought his head closer to the man's pecs. The lack of light created shadows which accentuated the muscular contours of the chest. Petronius held his breath as he admired the beauty of masculinity. The sleeping soldier's pecs rose up and down without any noise. Its slow rhythm was almost hypnotic and Petronius was captivated by it.

I never thought I'd say this, but I'm very horny staring at another man's chest. I can feel so much masculinity emanate from those pecs.

Petronius' most favorite feature from a man's chest was the nipple. Taken aback by the beautiful shape of those erect nipples, Petronius opened his mouth and nearly drooled. Leaning over, he sniffed the sleeping man's chest and was greeted by manly scent of sweat. Squeezing his own dick, Petronius was jacking off. His eyes were staring wildly at the displayed chest. It was difficult for him not to touch the naked chest before him. However, he soon lost control over himself and succumbed to the growing lust.

I'm dying to finger his hardened nipples. I also want to squeeze his ample pecs with my both hands. Fuck! I'm really horny. Perhaps I should give it a try. I'll be very careful.

Slowly, he put a finger on the man's bare chest. Its tip pressed lightly against the skin, enough to give Petronius an idea as to how much muscles lying underneath those pecs. When he added more pressure, the fleshy skin sank down. Petronius gasped, feeling how solid the soldier's chest was. One finger simply wasn't enough to explore those magnificent pecs. Petronius then, one by one, added more fingers. Before long, the whole hand pressed its weight down gradually.

Damn! His chest feels so good! I feel his bulging muscles relaxing under my touch. I wish he could flex his pecs for me though. It would have been fantastic.

Trying not to wake the man up, Petronius lightly massaged the chest. Cupping one of the pecs, Petronius worked his fingers and clutched the fleshy mound. Repeatedly, he clenched and unclenched. To his expectation, the man was still asleep, not showing any signs of waking up. Ever so gently, Petronius rotated his palm. The movement that he made created light frictions between his callused palm and the sleeping man's erect nipple. Pulses of ecstasy travelled through the sleeping soldier's body. Petronius was aware that the man he's groping already had an erection. However, his nipple treatment invigorated the cock. At times, soft gasps came from the brown-haired man's mouth. The noise he made was clearly sexual.

I wonder why he's moaning. Is it because I'm groping his chest or is it because of his sex dream? Either way, I love it. A man's sexual moans sound very sexy to my ears. But I hope he doesn't wake the others up.

Getting horny, Petronius fought not to moan. As he stroked himself, he pulled his foreskin down and exposed the glistening reddish knob. The head looked quite large, begging to get sucked. Unfortunately, there was no one who was willing to do that. Thus, Petronius had to satisfy himself. The amount of the leaked precum was quite excessive, lubricating the entire head effectively. Gingerly, he took hold of his own dick head and gave it a squeeze. Opening his mouth, he groaned without making a sound. His athletic body shook, responding to the stroking.

Out of the blue, the sleeping man grabbed Petronius' hand! Not expecting it, Petronius nearly yelped. Afraid of getting caught red-handed, he forced himself not to make any noise despite being shocked. Petronius let the sleeping man squeeze his hand. When his hand was moved around, he also gave no resistance. Petronius' hand was used to rub the chest, from one pec to the other. Feeling the musculature of the man's pecs, Petronius nearly shot his load there. The experience was simply too arousing. Yet, it only happened for several seconds. Petronius' hand now rested on the other pec.

He's using my hand to rub his itchy pecs. I did enjoy it but now my hand is trapped under his paw.

Upon closer examination, Petronius realized that the man he groped had a larger body. The sleeping man's physical appearance reminded Petronius of Bassianus' slave, Germanicus. They both had almost identical type of gladiator-like body. If something happened, that man could easily subdue Petronius. It gave Petronius additional reason not to get caught. Yet, he couldn't let the sleeping man hold his hand until the morning came. Carefully, Petronius wormed his hand out. During the process, Petronius held his breath.

I mustn't wake him up. He may beat me up to a pulp if he discovers that another man is groping his naked body. But, damn, his pecs feel so good in my hand.

It took some time but Petronius finally managed to free his hand. Breathing with much relief, he dried his sweating back. He did plan to leave the sleeping man, however he froze when he got a better look at the man's erection. Certainly, it was not his first time to see another man's erection. However, since Bassianus' raped his ass, Petronius now saw the world in a whole different perspective. Thus, another man's erection became an intriguing sight.

Damn! He has a cock bigger than mine! And it looks very sexy, too.

His chest rising, Petronius could hear the noises from his beating heart. Both his hands were itchy, dying to get a grip around that erection. Not good at fighting his own lust, Petronius finally gave in. With a shaking hand, he approached the man's throbbing dick. Slowly, his fingers wrapped around the manhood one by one. A soft gasp of satisfaction escaped from his mouth. It really felt so good to touch another man's hard cock. Seeing that the sleeping man hadn't woken up, Petronius got braver. He tightened his fist around the pulsating meat to test its hardness.

Fuck! I never thought I'd enjoy holding another man's hard dick. What can I say? I love it!

At that moment, the cock head was still encased inside the thick foreskin. Fascinated by its beauty, Petronius slowly pulled the foreskin down. The tip of the reddish cock head, along with its slit, was displayed. As Petronius continued to pull it down, more of the cock head got exposed. Finally, the foreskin was retracted all the way down. And the true beauty of the mushroom-shaped head was shown. Surprisingly, it was already coated with some precum. Obviously, the sleeping soldier was having a sex dream.

Although Petronius often touched his own dick when it was leaking heavily, he never knew what it was like to willingly touch other men's. Petronius' fingers slowly crawled up and wrapped around the slimy head. The sensation was indescribable. His heart still beating furiously, Petronius looked back to see whether the sleeping man realized it or not. Seeing that everything was still alright, Petronius tried rotating his fist. Subtle friction occurred between his callused palm and the sleeping man's leaking cock head.

His cock feels so slimy and smooth. I love it. I wish I could rub his dick all night long. He makes me horny.

The amount of precum that Petronius leaked was quite a lot. The liquid flowed down his fist and through the slightly hairy balls. He couldn't exactly get a firm grip around his erection but he could squeeze the sensitive head repeatedly. Knowing that he was on the verge of cumming, he deliberately slowed the stroking down. He didn't want to reach orgasm before the fun ended. Deep breaths were pushed out through Petronius' nostrils as he braced himself for the insistent ecstasy.

I don't know how long I can delay my orgasm. It's quite overwhelming but I don't want it to end prematurely. I want this pleasure to last for as long as it can.

While stroking his own dick, Petronius absentmindedly stroked the sleeping soldier's dick. The rhythm was slow yet quite passionate. At first, Petronius didn't realize what his other hand was doing. Nevertheless, when the sleeping man began emitting some sexual moans, Petronius was finally aware what he did. Yet, seeing how soundly the man slept, Petronius didn't intend to stop. He was determined to savor the horny moment for his own sexual pleasure.

Luckily for me, this man is having a horny dream. Thus, what I'm doing to his dick only heightens the intensity of his dream. He won't wake up for any time soon, if I do everything subtly.

Blinded by lust, Petronius kept stimulating the soldier's dick. First, he stroked the meat up and down, and then he rotated his fist. Practicing his own masturbation technique, Petronius stimulated the frenulum. To his pleasure, it didn't take long before he was rewarded with a stream of precum. The clear liquid pooled around Petronius' wrapped fingers before spilling down. Tempted, Petronius had another outrageous idea. Without thinking, he leaned close and licked his precum-coated fingers to taste the sleeping man's precum.

I want more! Damn! Precum tastes so delicious. I can't describe how it tastes but it's good.

Lustfully, Petronius continued to lick his fingers. However, the more he licked, the more he moved upward. Before he knew what happened, he found his own tongue lapping at the man's leaking cock slit! However, Petronius refused to stop. He kept licking the slit, trying to burrow into it. Pleasure wracked the sleeping man's body, emanating from his stimulated penis. Petronius, of course, noticed the effects but he refused to stop. At the same time, Petronius didn't stop stroking his own manhood. Much precum had dripped from his slit onto the floor. Subtly, the smell of sex began to fill the air.

The cot where the sleeping man laid his body on began to creak as his body writhed. Judging from the noises he made, obviously he enjoyed what Petronius did to his dick. Occasionally, the man spoke but his words were hardly understandable. Yet, some sounded like cum and fuck. As the ecstasy ran through his body, the man's impressive chest rose and fell. Tiny beads of cold sweat also formed on his unclad body.

Yeah, writhe for me. Moan, you sexy stud.

At one point, Petronius even tried to suck the man's dick! However, he didn't do it for long, afraid he might wake the man's up. Yet, he certainly enjoyed feeling a cock head inside his mouth. Precum mixed with drool coated the throbbing dick. Ejaculation seemed to be far away because Petronius deliberately slowed down his stroking rhythm. His eyes staring with much lust, Petronius milked the dick for all it was worth. Precum continued to flow as if it would never stop.

Another unexpected event took place. The sleeping man began fucking Petronius' fist! Lifting his hips, he gently pushed his fuck pole upward. The slippery pole passed through the tight ring formed by Petronius' fist. It happened repeatedly, in slow yet regular pace, as if that man was aware what Petronius was doing to his dick. His breathing remained the same, although, as time passed, it quickened a bit. Incoherent groans slipped off from his quivering lips.

Shit! He's fucking my fist. That's hot! It'll be much easier for me to milk his dick.

When Petronius looked out through the open window and saw the full moon high in the sky. Outside, the night was quiet except for the night insects and frogs which couldn't stay quiet. He noticed that he shouldn't have spent too much time playing with another man's cock. Something wrong might happen and he would get caught. Thus, he increased the speed of his milking. Faint slick noise was heard as he forced his own slimy dick to pass through his fist. Back and forth, he moved his fist to jack his dick off.

Although I'd love to spend the entire night jacking off, I mustn't dawdle too long. If I cum now, I can return to my cot and no one would know about it.

However, ejaculation was not easy considering that a part of him was gripped by fear of getting caught. The constant worry was gnawing his mind, thus hampering the orgasm. Petronius needed longer time to coax the cum out. More precum oozed out, its smell permeating the air. At times, Petronius lost his grip over his own dick owing to its slipperiness. Its head turning bright red, the cock was eager to spill its loads. Still kneeling, Petronius brought his dick close to the cot. Nervously, Petronius continued his effort to cum. At the same time, he still let the sleeping man fuck his fist.

I need a little bit push. I'm almost there but it's like something was holding me back. I can't cum.

Still deep in his dream, the naked soldier writhed. Unexpectedly, he moved his arm and dropped it to his side. However, his hand landed on Petronius' slimy cock! Petronius froze, trying not to move. The masturbation was interrupted temporarily. His heart beating, Petronius was nervously waiting to see what the sleeping soldier would do to his dick. Carefully, he slipped his fingers off his own dick, giving the man's hand unrestricted access to his dick. To get rid of the excessive precum, Petronius smeared his precum-covered hand onto his own pecs. When the hand made contact with his chest, he felt his own heart beat like crazy.

Fuck! Why is he touching my dick? Can't this horny man have a quiet sex dream? Now what should I do? Will he wake up if I pull my dick away? No, I can't risk it. He's gonna beat me up. Not every man in the barrack enjoys gay sex. I have no idea about his sexual preference.

The sleeping man made a series of low moans. The noises sounded more like snores than words. Petronius tried to listen closely yet he failed to decipher what the man murmured about. Steadily and slowly, the sleeping man kept fucking Petronius' fist. At that time, Petronius' fist was already coated heavily with that man's precum. The snot-like liquid streamed down and drenched the man's hairy crotch. Much of the precum turned runny, owing to the continuous friction. Although the penetration rhythm was slow, the orgasmic pressure was built quite well inside the balls. It was only a matter of time until his cum eventually gushed out from the slit.

Petronius' ordeal started when the sleeping man's hand began to rub his exposed dick head. The callused palm scraped the sensitive surface of Petronius' dick. Even though the head was protected by a layer of precum, the friction still brought enough pain because he did it rudely. Gagging his own mouth with a free hand, Petronius fought to keep silent. His body writhed and bucked, not being able to free his dick from the merciless grip. Petronius' cock head was squeezed and groped haphazardly. Sometimes the intensity was strong, yet other times it was gentle. Despite the erratic rhythm, Petronius felt cum churn inside his balls.

Shit! He's jacking me off. Somehow, he managed to touch the right spots. My cock is hard despite his rough treatment. Fuck! I may cum sooner than I think.

There was no time for Petronius to ponder why such erratic rubbing felt more pleasure than his own stroking. He simply seized the chance to experience the most shattering orgasm ever. To enhance the stimulation, he was fingering his own nipples. Sometimes, he also squeezed his own pecs. Petronius' chest was very sensitive. By stimulating it, he ensured the ecstasy of his ejaculation. The combined pleasure sent shockwaves throughout Petronius' limbs. It was very difficult not to move too much. At times, involuntary contractions seized his muscles, especially around the abdomen.

I'm not sure what he's dreaming about. If he likes men, perhaps he's currently dreaming about jacking another man off. If he likes women, maybe he's thinking about groping breast. I believe the latter one is true, judging from the way he gropes my dick head. Fuck! I don't care whether he likes cocks or pussies. I just want to cum with him, together.

Although Petronius enjoyed groping his own chest, he preferred touching other men's. Thus, after several moments of self-groping, he later placed his quivering hand on the sleeping man's exposed chest. Again, he squeezed one of the pecs. This time, however, he was less subtle and more lustful. The man's pec was kneaded in Petronius' palm, its hardened nipple rubbing against the callused skin. What Petronius did clearly had great effect on the sleeping man. Despite being deep in his dream, he was able to respond to Petronius. Soft moans filled the barrack.

Petronius certainly knew that the risk of getting caught was high. Nevertheless, when lust took over his mind, nothing mattered. He simply wanted to reach climax as soon as possible. Ironically, he had no control either over his own orgasm or the sleeping man's. Petronius knelt there and surrendered himself. As he expected, the pressure inside his balls rose up. Cum was churning inside. Spontaneously, Petronius shoved his erection up, begging to get stroked.

Damn! The pressure in my balls is getting bigger but this sleeping man only rubs my cock instead of stroking it. Is he trying to kill me with my lust? Fuck! I wish there's a way to make him stroke my cock.

At one point, Petronius accidentally pinched the sleeping man's nipple too hard. It sent a shock down the man's arm and caused it to slip off Petronius' leaking dick. The hand rested on the shaft, encircling it. Grabbing the chance, Petronius began fucking the man's fist. It took much effort to stop himself from rigorously fucking it. His body shuddering from the overwhelming passion, Petronius slowly pushed his aching erection through the man's fist. Up and down, his dick went. Closing his eyes, Petronius prepared himself to shoot his cock goo.

Yeah! I'm close. I can feel it. My cum is about to shoot. Oh!

Just a few milliseconds away from orgasm, Petronius felt the sleeping man's dick throb much harder. Everything happened so fast. Before he knew it, the cock in his hand erupted! Milky goo gurgled out from the slightly stretched cock slit. Like a stream of lava from a volcano, the cock juice flowed down Petronius' fist and the shaft. Repeatedly, the cock pulsed. With each pulse, a stream of cum belched out. The sleeping man did show signs of orgasm. His chest was heaving, pumping air. The muscles around his crotch contracted. A series of gibberish moans were heard, enough to signal how much he enjoyed the orgasm.

Then it was Petronius' turn to spurt. Not trying to hold back, he pushed his dick through the fist and suddenly it happened. Creamy cum gushed out from his slit. However, owing to the pent-up pressure, Petronius' ejaculation was very spectacular. The first load managed to shoot up and reached the sleeping man's midsection. The force of the ejaculation was so strong that Petronius couldn't help moaning. Yet, before he could wake the entire soldiers, he quickly muffled his own groans by covering his mouth.

I'm cumming! Shit! I wish I could groan as loudly as I could. This is really the best orgasm ever. Oh!

Adrenaline pumping, Petronius' heart was beating fast. He kept fucking the sleeping soldier's fist. More cum was expelled. However, the rest of the shots were reduced to mere dribbles. His pecs flexing, Petronius nearly slumped forward as the force of orgasm shook his body. After a few shots, his entire body began to ache. Heaving, Petronius stopped shoving his dick. On the contrary, he let the sleeping man squeezed the shaft. The last drop of cum emerged from the gaping slit. And that was the end of Petronius' unbelievable orgasm.

Recuperating fast, Petronius then realized the mess he created. His brain regained the ability to think. As soon as he saw what he just did, he panicked. His cum was all over the man's torso and fist. There was no way he could clean it without waking the man up. Slowly, he released the man's deflating dick. Petronius' fist was coated heavily with cum. Its overwhelming smell penetrated his nostrils, nearly knocking him out. Not knowing what to do, he rubbed the cum onto his own chest. Warily, he observed his surroundings and found that everyone was still asleep.

Before the sleeping soldier woke up, Petronius decided to walk back to his cot. Without picking up his loincloth, he carefully sat on the cot. Yet, no matter how hard he tried not to make any noise, the cot creaked loudly. Seconds later, Petronius heard a grunt of surprise coming from the man he milked earlier. Petronius quickly lay down and pretended to be restless in his sleep.

'What the fuck? I'm covered in cum?' Still naked, the man sat up to examine his own dick. 'Damn! I did cum.' Then he remembered what he dreamed about and immediately his cheeks reddened. Making no more fuss about it, the naked soldier lay back and continued to sleep. He obviously didn't realize what happened to him.

Petronius smiled to himself, still finding it hard to believe that he managed to do such unthinkable act. Pulling the blanket up his body, he closed his eyes. After ejaculating his seed, he felt really exhausted. Just minutes after he closed his eyes, he finally dozed off.


'What just happened?' Bassianus asked, his voice wavering with fear. 'And where did this man come from?'

'Don't come any closer,' Cassius warned the naked man, making sure that Bassianus was safe behind him.

Marcus, standing beside Cassius, also assumed attacking stance in case the naked man dared harm them. His mind was filled with too many questions and doubts about Diego's real identity. The fact that Diego could pull a naked man out magically from rays of white light proved that what Diego said might be all true. However, Marcus was taught to doubt everything because enemies could be anywhere. A part of Marcus really wished that Diego wasn't the enemy.

'No need for violence, gentlemen. Let me introduce myself. I'm MX-7301b, but you can call me Max for short. I'm an artificial intelligence created to guide time travellers. I'm very sorry about my default appearance. My previous master was gay and he manually customized me as a naked muscular man.' Max then looked down at his own impeccable body. A second later, when he looked up, his naked body was suddenly wrapped in a beautifully-made Roman tunic.

Those men gasped in fear, as well as in awe. Words like 'Fuck!' and 'Amazing!' were occasionally heard. What Max did looked like some sort of sorcery to them.

'I'm not a real human. You see, I'm actually a hologram but I look real and tangible thanks to the technology of the 31st century. In case, you're wondering, I'm neither ghost nor god. I'm simply a man-made technology. And I mean you no harm.' The handsome holographic man flashed a comforting smile.

'Don't be scared. Max is harmless. He was the one who educated me about Roman history,' Diego added, trying to assure those Romans. 'Please, we don't have much time. Constantine is making his move as we speak. Please, Bassianus. Your life is in danger.'

'What do you mean?' Bassianus asked, regaining his composure. With his hand, he waved both Cassius and Marcus away as he sat back on his chair, as if nothing ever happened. 'I'm in danger? How do you know that?'

Max quickly replied, 'According to the history, Emperor Constantine discovered your conspiracy with Emperor Licinius. Before you succeeded, Constantine captured and killed you. Licinius suffered worse fate. After Constantine beat him, Licinius was forced to surrender and thus Constantine became the sole emperor of Rome. However, in 325, Licinius was captured and hanged. His little boy was also cruelly killed.'

'You're lying! There's no way Constantine knows about the conspiracy I made with Licinius. We're very discreet.'

'Constantine never trusts you. He knows you oppose his Christian god. To him, you're a worthless pagan and an abominable sinner worth eradicating. Thus, Constantine dispatched several spies to monitor you. There was even at least one spy among your soldiers,' Max informed calmly, pulling out the information from his vast historical database.

'Then tell me who the spies are,' Bassianus urged. 'So that I can eliminate them.'

'I'm not an all-knowing god. I only know about events written in history. Unfortunately, there was no record about Constantine's spies among your men. One thing I can tell you though, Constantine's sister might be responsible.'

Surprised, Bassianus' eyes widened. 'What? You mean Constantia? No way! I know her. She's a very nice woman and she's married to Licinius. She'll never betray her husband.'

'But blood is thicker than water,' Max replied. 'Constantine himself claimed that he had a divine vision from his Christian god in order to promote his religion. Hence, he claimed he knew all about your plan. However, historians believed that Constantia might have overheard your conversation with Licinius. In other words, Constantia was Constantine's so-called divine vision. It's understandable why she did it. After all, you two are trying to kill her brother.'

'Damn! I must warn Licinius.'

'There's no time to warn him. We have to act now,' Diego urged. 'Get a grip, Bassianus! It's certainly not the time to be paranoid. Don't sabotage your own plan.'

Taking in a deep breath, the senator laid his back on the chair. 'You're right. I need to think straight. Fuck! I've never foreseen this.'

Cassius and Marcus stared at each other, not knowing what to do. What they just heard was unbelievably crazy.

Silently, Bassianus digested every word that Max spoke. He was quiet for a moment, imagining himself being killed by Constantine. For the glory of Rome, Bassianus actually didn't mind getting killed. However, he couldn't accept the fact that his death meant nothing. Knowing how tragic Licinius' death was saddened Bassianus greatly. Fisting his hand, Bassianus looked up. 'Then what should I do?'

'We'll strike Constantine when he least expects it,' Diego replied, wanting to lead the mission. 'With our help, you will be able to eliminate Constantine before he eliminates you.'

The senator stood up. 'Well, I'm certainly glad that you are on my side, Diego. You too, Max. But we should continue our conversation in the morning. I'm simply too tired. I need time to ponder about this new situation.' Looking at Max quizzically, he asked, 'Do you need a room to sleep in?'

'No need, Senator. I'm a hologram. Good night everyone.' Another blinding flash lit up the room and suddenly Max was gone. The metallic device on Bassianus' desk lit up momentarily then the light faded away.

'Oh well...' Bassianus still looked rather confused but he tried not to look stupid. Clapping his hand, he called for his favorite slave. 'Germanicus, come here.'

A muscular large man came with his head bowed down. Germanicus was practically naked, except for the tiny loincloth which barely covered his genitals. 'Yes, Master. What can I do to serve you?' he asked politely, his eyes on the floor.

'Accompany my guest for the night. Do what he wants you to do. Treat him well in bed,' Bassianus ordered the big muscled man.

However, to everyone's surprise, Marcus suddenly stepped forward. The centurion, bending his head down, said, 'Senator, if you don't mind, please let me entertain your guest for the night.'

'Marcus? Are you certain? I mean, your expertise is in torturing men, not in pleasing them sexually.' Bassianus asked, surprised to see Marcus' eagerness.

'Yes, Senator. I'm very certain. Please let me spend the night with your guest.'

'Alright then, if you say so.' Bassianus then changed his order. 'Germanicus, tonight you'll serve me in my chamber instead.'

The slave's eyes shone in excitement. Nothing excited him more than to serve Bassianus sexually. 'Yes, master.'

'Well, I'll see you in the morning,' Bassianus said before turning around and walking out. 'Come on, Germanicus.'

Meekly, Germanicus followed.

General Cassius said nothing. Pretending that he didn't see Diego and Marcus, he marched away. He, himself, had no idea what he wanted. A part of him felt jealous. Yet another part convinced himself that what he felt towards Marcus was just a momentary lust. Running away was the easiest way to escape from the awkwardness.

'We're alone now,' Marcus said, smiling at the Hispanic man. 'Shall we go to our bed now?'

Diego only replied with a smile as he let the centurion walk him out of the room. In his mind, he was positive that everything should go according to his plan. Soon, he would get Esteban back from the death. Yet, that night, he didn't want to think about his boyfriend. All he wanted was Marcus. Diego's dick was soon erect as he played out a horny scene in his mind.


Meanwhile, nearly at the same time, Emperor Constantine was getting ready to rest. Just as he was about to step down from his throne, the door opened and a man walked in. Constantine delayed his intention and sat back on the throne. He waved all his manservants and soldiers away because the nature of the conversation would be very confidential. They both waited until the room was empty. Minutes later, with a husky voice, the emperor spoke.

'What news have you gathered?'

'The rumors are true, My Emperor. Senator Bassianus is a proud sodomite. I saw with my own eyes how he fucked his male slave without any shame, in front of his soldiers.'

'What?! How dare he?' Constantine fisted his hand, nearly slamming his own throne. 'Sodomy is the most grievous sin according to Christianity. Bassianus has boldly announced that he's my enemy. I won't hesitate to kill

him. Any idol worshippers who dare stand in my way will be killed.' It was very obvious that Constantine was pissed by the news. A part of him actually wished that Bassianus would change his mind. But now he knew that it would not happen. 'Any news from our spy?'

'Actually there is. He said that a mysterious Hispanic man arrived at Bassianus' residence. That man said that he wanted to kill you, My Emperor.'

'What?! Who is he?'

'That part is still unclear. Our spy is trying to get more information about that. However, he did mention that there were rumors among Bassianus' soldiers that the Hispanic man possessed a strange yet powerful metallic weapon. No one has ever seen anything like that.'

The emperor took a moment to rethink the next strategy. He didn't expect to hear that Bassianus would possess a new weapon. 'Tell our spy, if the rumors are true, steal that weapon for me. We can't let Bassianus possess it.' After issuing his order, he waved the man away. 'Go now.'

The man bowed respectfully before making his way out. Seconds later, there were some creaking noises as the door opened and closed. Constantine was left alone, sitting pensively on his throne.

No one can stop me from Christianizing my kingdom, not Bassianus, not even that cursed Hispanic stranger. I will usher a new era to Rome, an era of prosperity under the Christian god. I'm gonna make sure that there will be no pagan gods and no sodomy, ever again, in Rome. Anyone who dares oppose me will suffer death... (to be continued)


Hector Himeros

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