As of June 2011, I have finished Roman Curse until part 8. I make 8 individual sexy cover arts to describe the characters (which are viewable in my website).


Diego opened his mouth and howled. His deafening cry could be heard from outside. Straining against the chains, the Hispanic man frantically writhed. His muscles bulged up, contracting beyond their capability. Cold beads of sweat literally leaked from his body, especially his back. Despite the unthinkable pain, Diego's dick remained hard. Still blurry from the excessive tears, he vaguely looked down and saw Aulus masturbating his dick with the tube. No matter how hard Diego twisted his body, Aulus always got a firm grip around his dick.

'Let me go! It hurts! Ah!' Diego cried for mercy, his face completely pale.

'I won't stop jacking your dick with the tube. Scream for me! Come on. Let me hear your voice,' the naked centurion cruelly replied.

'Ah! Stop! Please!' Diego pleaded. After screaming for several minutes without stopping, Diego's voice turned hoarse. However the soreness in his throat was nothing compared to the searing pain caused by hundreds of angry fire ants.

'Torture him, Aulus. Jack him off with the tube. Yeah! Make him scream,' Cassius encouraged his subordinate. Looking up at Diego, the older man taunted him. 'Scream as loudly as you want. No one will help you.'

'Fuck! Ah!' Helplessly, the Hispanic man continued to yowl. His loud voice drowned all kinds of noises around him, including the rattling chains.

Inside the tube, those angry ants squeezed their mandibles together and repeatedly sank those sharp parts into the tender surface of Diego's cock. Other ants refused to remove their bites, clinging tightly for their dear lives. Red bumps formed everywhere. Many of them bore tiny red dots as the skin was torn. The honey only aggravated the pain as the viscous liquid seeped into the tiny torn holes.

'Come on, Aulus. Milk his dick with the tube. Make him shoot!' Cassius said, observing Diego's reaction.

'Don't worry, General. I'm gonna make him shoot. He will give up his cum.'

Shit! Those men are insane! How could they come up with such perverted torture? Amid the pain, Diego had the chance to rethink his situation. Sadly, there was nothing he could do to escape from it. I don't think I can hold on for any longer. I may be able to bear the pain of Aulus' monstrous dick. But this ant-torture is beyond my limit. Lashed by continuous pain, Diego's mind frantically found something to hang onto. And the one that popped up was the image of Esteban. The effect was very overwhelmingly strong. Diego cried more loudly, not from the pain on his dick but from the anguish and desperation that he might not be able to save his boyfriend's life.

'Take it, you pervert. Oh yeah!' Aulus gasped, his eyes widening with lust. The louder Diego cries were, the hornier Aulus became. 'Scream more loudly. Come on. Scream!'

And Diego did scream. At one point, he even thought that his dick had been chewed up by those vicious ants. The Hispanic hunk was drenched heavily in cold sweat. Contracting without resting, Diego's muscles turned quite sore. Yet, driven by constant pain, Diego couldn't stop struggling. His adrenaline was so high that he barely realized how exhausted he was. Although he was aware that he might not be able to survive the ant-torture, he still wanted to do his best to fight.

I can't let Esteban down. Even though I end up losing my life, at least I've tried my best. When I eventually meet Esteban in the afterlife, I can proudly tell him that I've done everything I can. I will not die in vain.

At one point, Diego's scream was renewed. The ant, which previously bit his piss slit, decided to stab its mandible deeper. Actually, it didn't choose to crawl into Diego's slit. However, as Aulus continued to milk Diego's dick using the tube, the mixture of honey and ants inside was shaken. Those ants were practically pushed about, against their will. When they bit Diego's cock, they actually by instinct tried to hold onto something. One particular ant happened to be pushed into Diego's cock slit.

'Oh! Fuck!' The Hispanic man cried, frantically shook and twisted his hips. He knew it might not work but he needed to relieve some of its pain. When he squeezed his eyes shut, more tears were wrung out. At that moment, Diego really believed that he might die right there and then. He had given up all hope of ever escaping from the dungeon. What he wanted was to meet Esteban in the afterlife and to embrace him once again.

'Yeah, that's so hot. Keep torturing him, Aulus. Make him spill his cock juice. Oh yeah! I love hearing him scream,' Cassius whispered, his hairy body shuddering. 'Fuck yeah! I'm so close. I want to shoot my loads.'

The general approached the bound writhing figure. He looked up, enjoying Diego's contorting face. Lust urged him to reach out his hand. He did manage to grab Diego's stomach. However, it was impossible to get a good grab because the Hispanic hunk couldn't stop struggling. Yet, the skin-to-skin contact was more than enough to push Aulus closer to the brink of his orgasm.

Aulus noticed the lust in Cassius' eyes. Damn! General Cassius is a very horny man. It seems that he gets hard over every man. First, he fucked Marcus. Then, he finger-fucked my straight ass. Now, he's groping the barbarian's body. I hardly know him anymore. It seems that ever since we found that barbarian, our lives change.

'Keep milking him, Aulus,' Cassius whispered, his voice wavering with lust. 'Show him no mercy. Yeah, make him scream. Oh!'

The pain inflicted on Diego made the Hispanic face wince. Nevertheless, the expression of pain on Diego's handsome face turned Cassius on. The general's dick was leaking profusely. The clear fluid ran from the slit down the shaft. Some of it was accumulated under the thick foreskin. However, the constant stroking managed to wring the precum out. Much of the penile liquid coated Cassius' palm, making it difficult to grasp the hardened meat. Nevertheless, occasional squeezes were enough to keep him excited.

'Oh! Ah!' Diego's loud voice turned harsh as his vocal cord got sore. Yet, he didn't stop screaming. It was the only way to distract himself from the excruciating pain. As he kept struggling, he accidentally hurt himself in the process. The chains that bound his arms bit into his flesh, leaving some bruises. At one point, he nearly broke his own arms. The floor beneath Diego was literally drenched with sweat. Drops after drops of perspiration rained down from his naked body.

'Doesn't it feel good, huh?' Aulus teased, cruelly mocking Diego's agony. 'You look very sexy when you writhe violently like that. I'm horny again.' One of the centurion's hands was placed on Diego's sweaty back in order to stabilize his body. Of course, it was not easy. Yet, Aulus enjoyed challenge. 'Yeah! Fuck you!'

Strangely, despite the intense pain, Diego's manhood stayed hard. He, himself, couldn't explain it. From the slit, precum streamed out. The clear liquid managed to push out the ant which previously lodged itself inside the slit. Temporarily, Diego was relieved from the constant pain in his piss slit. Yet, the other ants still viciously tore into soft flesh of his cock. As minutes went by, the amount of the precum increased. It seemed that Diego was minutes away from the inevitable orgasm.

'Scream for me. Yeah!' the centurion mocked. Rudely, he pushed three of his fingers into Diego's swollen asshole. The absence of lubrication caused the wounds to reopen.

'Ah!' Diego's body swung forward, trying to get away from Aulus' invading fingers. Howling like a wounded wolf. Diego thought he was about to pass out. He could no longer bear the pain. It was simply too much for an ordinary man like him to bear.

Savagely, Aulus' fingers, forming a hook, dug in and clutched the ass. That way, he could stabilize Diego's body while at the same time inflicted maximum pain. 'You're stronger than I thought. But I'm sure that you won't last long.'

This is crazy but I'm gonna cum. I have no idea why I can still get hard even though my cock is being eaten alive by these ants. It was almost impossible to think clearly amid the torture. Constant pain nearly killed Diego's ability to reason. However, an unusual idea shot across his mind. If I cum, perhaps my cum can drown those ants and kill them. I should give it a try. After all, they do want me to cum.

'Your asshole is loose now after it got fucked by my giant dick. How does it feel, huh?' Aulus continued to taunt Diego. Inside the ass, the fingers dug in and coated themselves with some ass juice. 'I want to rape your ass again. Oh yeah! I'm gonna make you my bitch. Do you hear me? You'll end up as a sex slave.'

The tube was pushed hard, down onto Diego's manhood. The tip of Diego's cock head was squeezed hard inside the tube, squashing some of the ants. Although many ants died, most of their mandibles were still planted in the surface of Diego's dick. The amount of formic acid, injected into the cock, had reached critical level. Diego's dick turned red and hot. The bumps increased the rigidity of the erection. Nevertheless, Diego continued to produce more precum. Amid the pain, his dick responded well to the stroking.

'Shit! Oh!' Diego cried, his naked body shuddering. 'My cock hurts so much. Ah! Have mercy!'

'No mercy for you, barbarian,' Aulus quickly replied. When he looked down, he noticed that his own dick hardened. 'I'm hard for you. Damn!'

'I think I'm gonna cum,' the general suddenly spoke. His hand climbed higher until it reached Diego's stretched pecs. 'I want to touch your body while I cum. Yeah! I'm so horny. Oh!'

As the general kept talking, his other hand didn't stop stroking. Skillfully, it pulled the foreskin up and down while milking it at the same time. Much precum leaked out, lubricating the cock. Cassius' dick head throbbed hard, ready to squirt in any second. Groaning, Cassius squeezed Diego's left chest and felt its muscular thickness. As a general who was often surrounded by manly men, he had grown to appreciate muscles and masculinity. Thus, he was very aroused by Diego's physical appearance.

'I'm gonna make you cum,' Aulus rasped, digging deeper into Diego's helpless ass. 'Oh yeah! You're gonna squirt out your cum again. Damn! I wish I could jack off.'

Diego was still screaming like crazy. Fuck! It's so painful! How long can I survive if they keep torturing me? Despite his brilliant plan, he did notice that he could no longer undergo any extreme torture like that. There was simply no way out, except admitting the truth. Although Diego wouldn't mind dying, he refused to let death take him away easily. I have to tell them the truth. But even if I do, will they ever believe me? Because what I'm about to tell them sounds out of this world. Damn! I have no choice.

'Scream! Oh yeah! Keep screaming.' The centurion, sweating profusely, laughed like a maniac. His biceps bulged as he exerted his strength to milk Diego's swollen member. 'I bet your cock now is bright red and hot.' He then laughed at his own sick twisted joke.

'I give up!' Diego screamed, finally surrendering himself. 'I'll tell you the truth. Ah! But please stop this. Please!'

'Don't stop, Aulus,' Cassius ordered. 'Keep milking him with the tube. I'm almost there. Oh!'

Aulus was more than glad to obey his general's command because he loved torturing people. Looking up, he secretly admired Diego's twisting and contorting muscles.

'Mercy! Please! I'm dying here,' Diego cried. 'I'm gonna admit the truth. Please. Ah!' To his disappointment, the Roman showed no interest in stopping the torture. Thus, there was no way to end it other than to cum. Racked by pain, the Hispanic man focused his mind to his dick. Yet, he was overwhelmed by the ant bites. I have to cum! I must! I'm gonna flood those damned ants and kill them all.

Aulus apparently had to ignore the lust building in him. Yet, it was not easy. Although he had come earlier, he was still reeling from the pent-up desire. Watching how Diego's naked body writhe was enough to bring him closer to orgasm. Yet, he still needed a hand, literally, in order to make himself cum. The centurion secretly eyed his superior but was disappointed to receive no response from him.

'I'm really close. I can feel it. Oh damn!' The general groaned, flexing his sweaty hairy pecs. 'I'm gonna cum soon. Ah!' Cassius stood closer to Diego, hoping that his cumshot could at least reach Diego's upper thigh. 'Fuck! You're hot!' the general slurred, grabbing Diego's sweaty pecs in turns. 'I wish I could fuck your ass.'

General Cassius is such a horn dog. Are there any men whom he won't get horny with? The centurion tried not to lose his focus. Nevertheless, he found it hard not to get distracted by Cassius' naked body and his leaking erection. Damn! Why can't I stop stealing a look at Cassius's cock? Inevitably, he was reminded of the earlier cock-sucking experience. He hated to admit it but it tasted good. All of a sudden, a deep grunt interrupted Aulus' deep thought. As he returned to the reality, he saw his general shoot thick goo from his dick.

'I'm cumming!' Cassius cried with his low baritone voice. 'Yeah! Oh! Take it, you sexy hunk. Take my cum.'

Cassius' cum gushed out from the slit like a torrent. The thick goo dripped onto the floor, emanating strong smell of cum. Although Cassius stood close to Diego, he couldn't hose Diego's legs with his cock juice. Nevertheless, the general excitedly stroked his manhood, making sure that he got every last drop of it. Cassius' sturdy frame shuddered, looking as if it was about to fall down. The hair on Cassius' body was drenched with sweat. As he writhed, he splattered much of his sweat down onto the floor.

'Yeah, shoot it, General. Let it shoot. Oh, that looks hot. Keep cumming,' Aulus said, knowing how much Cassius would appreciate the verbal stimulation. 'Fuck yeah! Spill your cock juice. Milk it out. Come on.'

'Ah yeah! It feels so damn good!' More cum left the general's narrow cock slit. The reddish cock head glistened, coated heavily in precum. Cassius' groans echoed, almost surpassing the intensity of Diego's painful cries. Shaken for several seconds, Cassius' body slumped forward after the amazing orgasm died down. He quickly took hold of Diego's legs but was almost kicked off. 'Fuck you!' he cursed. Cassius hobbled about but then he regained his strength.

'He's still feisty, General. I've tortured him for several minutes but he was still conscious,' Aulus reported.

'This son of the bitch is tougher than we think.' Cassius heaved for breath, trying to recuperate as fast as possible. 'Keep stroking his dick. I want his cum.'

'Alright, General.' Grinning, Aulus continued his effort. At times, he didn't forget to wriggle his fingers inside Diego's ass. Every time he did it, he renewed Diego's pain. 'Are you enjoying this? I'm gonna make you suffer. You'll see.' Seeing Diego's facial expression brought so much sadistic pleasure to Aulus.

I think I'm gonna faint. The pain is getting worse. If I don't cum soon, I'm gonna die! Realizing how dire his situation was, Diego told himself repeatedly that he could cum. Come on, Diego. You can do it. Just give those perverts what they want. Cum for them.

'I love poking into your ass. It still feels so tight in there,' Aulus commented, mocking the helpless Hispanic prisoner. 'It's amazing that your tight hole could take my monstrous cock. I want to fuck your ass again.'

Wincing, Diego fought to expel his cock juice. Just a little bit more. Come on, Diego. Cum for them. Oh! Suddenly, he felt a surge of pleasure originating from his abused ass. Apparently, Aulus' fingers accidentally stimulated Diego's prostate. Yes, I can cum! Oh! However, ejaculation wasn't easy to achieve, especially when unbearable pain dominated the body. Yet, Diego's determination was strong. I have to cum! I mustn't die. Not now. Not here.

'General, I think he's about to cum,' Aulus announced, sensing the contraction deep inside Diego's ass.

'Let him cum,' Cassius ordered. Breathing slowly, he sat on the chair which was positioned in front of Diego.

Seconds later, Diego finally managed to squirt his juice. With a long howl, he thrust his crotch forward, into the tube. And warm milky goo gushed out simultaneously from the narrow cock slit. The orgasm was very intense, as shown by how violently Diego writhed. When he pulled at the chains, it looked as if the chains might break. Inside the tube, the cum immediately flooded the interior. Mixing with honey, the penile liquid formed a unique viscous blend with a distinct aroma. Upon being drown by Diego's cum, most of the ants died. Their mandibles loosened their grip thus ending Diego's agony.

'Yeah! Keep cumming, you pervert,' Aulus mocked, increasing the speed of his strokes.

Owing to the increasing amount of Diego's cum, the cock juice spilled out from the tube. Like a lava flow, it carried along the honey and the dead ants. The creamy mixture headed down to Diego's crotch before dripping down the balls. Groaning, the Hispanic stud stretched his limbs while his muscles were flexing on their own. Despite the pain, Diego really enjoyed his orgasm. Somehow, it felt much more satisfactory and fulfilling, like he finally got what he wanted. His body swinging, Diego fucked the tube until he emptied his balls. Moaning, he desperately tried to prolong his orgasmic experience. Yet, it ended much sooner than he initially anticipated. With a low howl, Diego shoved his crotch forward. The last stream of cum left his cock. And with that, his orgasm ended.

'Damn! He came so much,' Aulus complained upon noticing that his hand was smeared with Diego's cum.

The centurion then pulled the tube off. Dripping down the cock, gooey mixture of cum and honey stained the floor. For several seconds, Diego's dick was coated by the milky color of his cum. Some dead ants hung on Diego's dick. However, as the cock juice liquefied and turned clear, the true condition of Diego's dick was revealed. Injected with insane amount of formic acid, Diego's dick could no longer be recognized. Physically, its shape and color resembled a sausage. When it was touched, it felt quite hot and hard.

'Care to talk?' the naked general asked.

'Alright, I'll talk,' Diego said. He sounded very weak, exhausted by the ant torture. I have to tell the truth. They're going to kill me if I insist on covering up my true identity.

'Then talk. We're listening.' Expecting to hear lies, Cassius didn't seem eager to hear what Diego was going to say.

'I hid something,' Diego answered, almost losing his strength to speak. 'Something made from shiny metal.'

'Where? Tell us!' Aulus insisted, pulling at Diego's leg.

'Outside the city,' the Hispanic man added. 'It's near the flower field.' It took him several seconds to continue, 'I hid it under a tree.' But before Diego could explain what it was, he fainted.

'Damn!' Aulus cursed.

'Is he dead?' Cassius asked curiously.

'No, General. He's still alive.'

'I want you to send your men and search for the object that he mentioned. Retrieve it and bring it to me.'

'Yes, General.'

Ignoring Diego's hanging body, the naked centurion left the interrogation room. Aulus' hardened dick swayed up and down as Aulus walked. Slight frustration could be seen on his face. Yet, as a soldier, defending his country was more important than releasing his pent-up cum. He didn't even bother to cover his nakedness when he met some of his men outside the interrogation room. While Aulus was giving them some directions, Marcus came up to him. Still shirtless, Marcus covered his dangling dick with a loincloth.

'How's the prisoner? Is he dead?' Carefully, Marcus concealed his worry for Diego.

'No, he faints though. You'd better gather your men now. We're going on a picnic.'


Diego had no idea how long he was unconscious. But when he came to, his head hurt like crazy. It felt as if he had been trampled by a herd of angry bulls. It took some time to gather himself and to let his senses work. Then he realized that he was still naked. However, he was no longer in the holding cell. To his surprise, he found himself lying on a bed. Although it wasn't exactly a royal bed, it felt incredible to lie on. A blanket covered his naked body, up to his pecs. Candles, as well as the oil lamps, were lit on to light the room.

Where am I? How long have I been unconscious? What's going on?

When the Hispanic man moved his arms, he winced. Almost every join in his body ached horribly. Looking down, he noticed several bruises and purplish bumps across his naked skin. Then he was reminded of his dick. Curiously, he pulled the blanket down to reveal his manhood. Surprisingly, his dick had returned to normal. Despite the red spots and purplish bumps here and there, his dick had healed. Just as he was about to pull the blanket up, the door opened.

'You're up,' Marcus said, looking very glad. 'I'm very happy that you're alright.' After closing the door, the centurion rushed in and sat by the bed. 'How are you feeling?' Marcus was dressed in a sleeveless casual tunic. His biceps occasionally flexed when he moved his arms.

'Well, my body still aches but I'm fine.' Diego didn't bother to cover his nakedness because Marcus had already seen it. The Hispanic hunk felt no shame, either, being naked next to that centurion. 'Where am I?'

'You're in a guest room. I brought you here, by the way.'

'Really? Thank you.' Previously, Diego wasn't certain that he could trust Marcus. However, when he heard what Marcus had done for him, he no longer harbored any negative thoughts towards Marcus.

'Don't thank me. Thank the senator.'

'You mean, senator Bassianus is back?' Diego asked, his eyes widening with disbelief.

'Yes. He instructed us to treat you well. In fact, I was sent here to check on you whether you're strong enough to talk or not. The senator wants to meet you as soon as possible.' Noticing how naked Diego was, Marcus couldn't help eying Diego's cock. 'Your cock has healed well. I'm glad to see that.'

'Yeah, it has. But who healed me?' Diego knew that it would be impossible for his dick to heal without the help of medicine.

'After we found the object you mentioned, I begged General Cassius to let me treat your wound. I told him that you would be more valuable if you're alive. And he agreed.' Tempted, Marcus reached out his hand and touched Diego's cock gently.

'Be careful,' Diego warned playfully. 'I may get a hard-on if you keep touching me.'

Releasing Diego's dick, the centurion turned to look into Diego's eyes. 'Is that a threat?' he joked.

'It depends whether you are a top or a bottom,' Diego replied blatantly. Inside, he breathed a sigh of relief. It really felt so great not having to hide his homosexuality.

Hearing Diego's naughty remark, Marcus giggled. 'I wish I could stay here and chat with you but senator Bassianus really wants to talk to you now. Like the others, I too want to know what you're hiding from us and who you really are.' Lovingly, he held Diego's hand. 'I don't know what happens but I feel something different towards you. I know it may sound crazy but I feel like I've known you all my life. Whoever you are, I'm sure that you're a good man. And I'm sorry if I ever mistreated you or caused you any harm.'

Touched by what Marcus said, Diego opened his arms and offered a hug. Both men were then locked in a tight embrace. Like long lost lovers, they refused to let each other go. When Marcus' arms were wrapped around Diego's torso, Diego couldn't help asking himself about the feeling he had for Marcus. Was it just lust or something deeper? Whatever it was, Diego admitted his feeling. Yet, by admitting it, he couldn't help feeling guilty towards Esteban. Unwillingly, Diego let Marcus pull away. Emptiness set in as his arms hugged the cold night air.

'I should get your ready.' The centurion stood up and went to the wooden cupboard. 'You should wear something nice,' he said, retrieving a tunic from the cupboard.

When Marcus returned, he helped Diego get on to his feet. Diego meekly let Marcus help him get dressed, trying hard not to succumb to his lust. Inevitably, Marcus held Diego's bare shoulders and felt the muscles inside them. Whenever it happened, both were stunned for a second, unsure what they should do next. At times, Marcus also unintentionally groped Diego's ample pecs. Obviously, both men were not good at controlling their erections. Soon, Diego's cock hardened, throbbing shamelessly in front of the clothed centurion. A prominent bulge formed in Marcus' crotch, too. They both exchanged silent glance, trying to read each other's mind.

Suddenly, they were locked in another embrace. This time, the embrace was more passionate than the previous one. Both had no idea who started it but they found themselves kissing each other. Marcus looked very eager as he tried to bore into Diego's mouth with his tongue. Being submissive, Diego gave no resistance and let Marcus' tongue sweep in. Saliva was exchanged as Marcus lifted Diego's tunic and threw it to the corner. Afterward, Marcus undressed himself until he stood naked before the Hispanic man.

'I want you, Diego,' Marcus admitted with his raspy voice.

'I want you too,' Diego replied, temporarily blocking Esteban from his mind. His arms encircling Marcus' naked torso, he grabbed the centurion's bare back and squeezed the muscles. 'You're so manly, so strong, so sexy...' No words could perfectly describe Marcus. Thus, Diego was speechless as he felt Marcus' pecs press against his.

'So are you,' the centurion replied, deciding to take the role as a top. Possessively, he bent Diego's body backward and delivered a kiss on Diego's lips.

Being a top all his life, Diego had no idea what it felt to be treated as a bottom romantically. What Marcus did to him felt so good. And he wanted the centurion to keep seducing him. Moaning, he held onto Marcus' torso. The joints in Diego's body weakened as pulses of lust washed down his body. Grinding against Marcus', Diego's hard dick throbbed constantly. However, the slit was still dry. It would need some time to get the juice flow out.

'Your lips taste great,' Marcus said when the kiss broke. 'I can't get enough of kissing your sweet lips.'

'And your pecs feel great,' Diego replied, smiling lewdly. To make his point, he deliberately leaned forward and pushed his pecs against Marcus'.

'You're very naughty,' Marcus commented, half-giggling. 'But I love naughty handsome man. Do you know what I'm gonna do to you? I'm gonna shove my hard dick into your ass and make love to you all night long.'

'It sounds like a great plan. I love it.' Diego kissed Marcus' mouth with equal passion. 'So what are you waiting for?'

'Are you challenging me?' Marcus asked, pulling Diego up and making him stand properly.

'My ass is yours if you want it.'

'You don't have to ask. I'd love to drill your ass. But unfortunately we don't have much time. So it's gonna be a quickie.'

'Well, a quickie still counts as sex. So let's do it,' Diego said. Without being told to, he knelt down and took Marcus' erection into his mouth.

'Fuck!' the centurion groaned, not believing how great it felt to get sucked by Diego. 'Suck my cock, Diego. Yeah! Show me how much you want my dick inside you. Make me hard. Oh yeah!'

Jammed by a Roman dick, Diego couldn't say anything. But he managed to make out some muffled noises. Compared to Aulus' dick, Diego certainly preferred Marcus'. After all, regarding cock size, being big wasn't always good. After getting raped by Aulus' monstrous cock, Diego appreciated ordinary-sized dicks. Of course, bigger was still acceptable as long as it wasn't as big as Aulus'. Showing much longing, Diego took hold of Marcus' ass buns and gave them some squeezes.

'Oh yeah! Keep sucking me. Yeah! It feels so good,' Marcus moaned, running a hand through Diego's hair.

'Make me hard. I'm horny for you.'

Grabbing Marcus' thick foreskin, Diego pulled it down to expose the head. Carefully, he wiped the bare head with his tongue. Diego picked up the faint smell of piss and cum. The mixed smell was quite arousing and managed to keep him hard. Nevertheless, he needed to exert his oral expertise in order to coax the precum out. And he knew exactly where to stimulate. Diego's tongue moved downward and tickled the frenulum, the string-shaped skin which connected the head to the foreskin. Once he started licking that part, he heard loud groans coming from the centurion.

'How many men have you sucked, Diego? You're an expert. Oh!'

This trick always works. Esteban went crazy whenever I did it to his dick. The thought of Esteban quickly turned his lust off. However, the sudden guilt didn't last long because lust conquered everything. I shouldn't have felt guilty. Esteban is dead. How can you cheat on a dead man?

'Yes! Suck my big dick. It's very juicy,' Marcus slurred, closing his eyes. He winced involuntarily when the sensitive spot on his dick was licked. 'Damn! No one sucked my cock as well as you do. Don't stop. Suck my cum out. Oh!'

Diego's tongue continued to lap the cock head, rubbing the head and the shaft. Sometimes, he gave a deep-throat until Marcus' pubic hair tickled his nostrils. However, Diego wasn't good at giving deep-throat and soon retched. Before his nose started to snot, he quickly pulled away. Yet, he refused to release the Roman man's dick. Occasionally, loud slurping noises were heard. Diego was indeed eager to please Marcus.

'You look so handsome, Diego.' Marcus reached down and held Diego's face by the chin. Without pulling the Hispanic man away from the dick, he tipped Diego's head up so that he could get a glimpse of Diego's handsome features. 'I'm hard for you. I want to fuck your ass.'

I want you to fuck me, too, Diego thought. But I want to enjoy your cock first. At least, I have to get your precum before I surrender my ass to you.

In order to accomplish that goal, Diego also utilized his hands. One hand was used to carefully knead Marcus' balls, while the other traced the muscular contours of Marcus' torso. At times, he made some muffled moans when his fingers squeezed Marcus' muscles. Diego had always been into muscles. Seeing Marcus' impeccable body, Diego had no difficulty at all in keeping his hard-on. Diego's dick throbbed happily, waiting for its time to cum. Despite the excitement, the slit was still dry.

'Fuck! I think I'm precumming,' the centurion moaned. True to his words, he started to produce precum. The clear liquid simply streamed out from his cock slit. As soon as it made its way out, Diego immediately lapped it up. 'Oh!' Marcus moaned, feeling Diego's tongue tickle the slit. 'Lick me there. Oh! I'm quite sensitive there. Yeah!'

Obediently, the Hispanic man swirled his tongue on the mentioned spot. He tried all kinds of movements, from simple wipe to complicated twirl. Each time he did it, he was rewarded with appreciative groans. Knowing that he had done the right move, he continued his oral assault. However, he needed to steady Marcus' body because the centurion couldn't stop writhing. Yet, Diego loved it because he got to see Marcus' muscles in action. Trapped inside Diego's mouth, the Roman dick throbbed whenever it was licked and sucked. Diego gratefully sucked out as much precum as he could.

Hmm... Marcus' precum tastes so good. Its texture is rather different, much softer. It seems his dick can't stop leaking. Marcus is a leaker apparently.

'Diego, you're a good cocksucker. I'm so horny. Oh! Suck my cock head. Lick the slit. Oh!'

Once he tasted Marcus' precum, Diego was instantly hooked. He kept sucking with increasing craving. He simply wanted more. Still kneading the centurion's slightly hairy balls, Diego pulled them down. Those balls felt very squishy, as if they could burst if Diego squeezed them too hard. Thus, he treated the ball sack with the utmost care. He did notice that Marcus' dick throbbed harder responding to the new stimulation.

'Damn, Diego! If you keep doing that, I may have to shoot my cum soon.' Although Marcus didn't want to, he forced himself to push Diego away. 'I don't want to cum,' he explained quickly. 'I want to cum inside your ass.'

Marcus' dick popped out. Its head was covered in a thick layer of drool. The owner of the cock smiled naughtily at Diego, with a telltale look. Diego smiled back and climbed up on the bed. After spending much time in the dungeon, he missed the comfort of a bed. Thus, the Hispanic man lay on his chest and displayed his ass. Next, he felt the wooden bed shake as the centurion climbed up and positioned his body above Diego's.

'You look very sexy like this, Diego,' Marcus whispered in Diego's ear. 'I want to fuck your ass.' Playfully, he slapped Diego's ass buns. 'I hope it's still tight,' he joked.

'Well, Aulus' giant dick did manage to loosen me up but it's still tight. Try it.'

'You have no idea how much I want to breed you. I want to shoot my cock juice deep inside you.' Breathing hard, Marcus leaned over and brought his lips close to Diego's earlobe. 'Can you feel my cock?'

'Yes, Marcus. I can. It sure feels big and thick,' Diego answered, his voice wavering with unbridled lust. 'Fuck my ass now.'

Tentatively, Marcus moved his hips as he directed his erection at Diego's ass crack. 'Spread your legs. Let me in.' When the legs were spread, Marcus used his hands to stretch the ass cheeks apart. 'I can see your pink fuck hole. Damn! It's the most beautiful thing I've ever seen.'

'I've never really got fucked, not until I arrived in Cassius' dungeon,' Diego commented, letting Marcus know something about the history of his ass.

'Sorry about that,' Marcus said, his voice filled with regret. 'I do hope I didn't hurt you in any way.'

'Don't worry about that.' For a moment, Diego felt guilty for mentioning such uncomfortable topic. 'Well, what are you waiting for? Stick your cock in.' Diego provoked Marcus to fuck him. 'Don't make me beg.'

Without being told twice, Marcus immediately pushed his dick in. As the foreskin retracted itself, the head plunged into Diego's somewhat swollen hole. The penetration happened smoothly, almost without any difficulties. No lubrication was needed because Marcus' dick had already dripping with excessive precum. The liquid managed to prevent any harmful frictions from wounding Diego's tender sphincter. Marcus moaned as his erect manhood sank into the deepest part of Diego's ass. The cock continued to slide in until there was no more length to shove in.

'Oh,' Diego moaned, too. His first anal experience might not be memorable in term of romanticism. However, he did enjoy Marcus' dick throbbing inside him. 'Yeah! Your cock is big. I can feel it throb. Oh fuck!'

'You know what? I love it when you talk dirty. It's hot,' Marcus chimed in. 'Keep talking dirty. Let me hear it. It turns me on, so much.'

Actually, dirty talk was not Diego specialty, considering he was raised in an uptight religious family. Yet, being able to do whatever he wanted, including talking dirty, gave him the sense of freedom. Thus, in order to please Marcus, Diego continued his sentence. 'Fuck my ass with your big dick. Oh! Fuck me, centurion of Rome.'

'Shit! I loved it when you said that,' Marcus whispered, his chest heaving. Rhythmically, Marcus drove his dick in and out. At first, the penetration was slow and awkward. However, soon, the pace quickened. 'Fuck! Your ass is still tight. I can't believe it. Oh! It's much tighter than any male asses I ever fucked.'

'Fuck my ass, Marcus. Don't stop, ah!' A part of him was shocked to hear those words coming out from his mouth. Yet, despite feeling dirty, Diego enjoyed it. 'Yeah, make me your slut. Breed my ass. Oh!'

The bed was creaking, following the rhythm of the penetration. Because they didn't have much time, Marcus did it hastily. The faster he fucked, the louder the bed creaked. Marcus' sweat was dripping from his body onto Diego's. The smell of masculinity filled the bedroom, serving as powerful aphrodisiac. For support, the centurion held onto Diego's back. At times, he squeezed the muscles there, massaging Diego's shoulders. The combined noises of their sexual groans and the creaking bed could be heard outside the room. Yet, neither looked worried about getting caught.

'Ah!' Suddenly, Diego let out a louder groan. And his body shuddered under Marcus' weight.

'I found your pleasure spot, I see,' Marcus announced. 'I'm gonna keep hitting it with the tip of my cock. You'll cry with much pleasure.' While talking, the centurion aimed his cock at Diego's prostate. The thrust was so deep that the entire shaft was buried. Marcus was trying to press the prostate. It needed some extra effort owing to its location. But, thanks to his long dick, he managed to reach the spot. 'Moan for me, Diego. I'm fucking your ass hard and deep. Tell me you like it.'

'Yes, I love your cock, Marcus. Fuck my ass. Cum inside me. Make me your bitch.'

'Really? You want to be mu bitch? My fuck slave, huh?' Marcus was heaving when he said those words. 'You're such a slut, do you know that? A slut like you deserves to be pounded mercilessly. I'm going to breed your ass with my seed. You're going to be impregnated with my cock juice. You like that, huh?' As he talked, he maintained the speed of his penetration. 'You want to be mine?'

'Yes! I like it. Oh, it feels so good,' Diego moaned, wiggling his body slightly.

Pinned down by the centurion's muscular body, Diego could hardly move his limbs. Pressed down, Diego's erect dick was squeezed between the bed and his own stomach. Whenever Marcus delivered his thrusts, Diego's body rocked back and forth. Thus, the Hispanic dick was squeezed well. Much precum had dampened the bed, yet there was no sign that it would stop. Diego's foreskin, in turns, concealed and exposed the head, following the rhythm of Marcus' dick. As Diego continued to moan, the bed kept creaking. At one point, Diego worried that it would collapse owing to Marcus' furious thrusts.

'I wish I could fuck your ass forever but I can't,' Marcus whispered, hastening his ejaculation. 'I'm gonna cum inside you, fast. Oh!'

'I don't care, Marcus. Just fuck me,' Diego replied, wishing that Marcus didn't talk too much. 'Come on. Drill my ass. Make me your bitch. Fuck my ass.'

'You're hot, Diego. Oh! You're driving me crazy. I'm pumping your ass now.' Lost in his lust, the centurion groaned more loudly. He plunged his dick harder, as if he wanted to hurt Diego. Temporarily, his mind was numbed because all he could think of was how to cum fast. 'I love your ass. Fuck! It's tight. Flex your ass, Diego. Milk my dick.'

Diego obliged. However, he winced a bit because his asshole was sore. It does feel great to get fucked. But my ass hasn't fully healed.

'I'm close, Diego. I can feel it. I'm gonna cum soon,' Marcus announced, panting desperately.

As both men were deep in their carnal bliss, someone suddenly opened the door. It simply swung open and a man stood at the threshold. Diego gasped out his surprise, but Marcus seemed indifferent.

'Marcus, what the fuck are you doing?' Aulus stormed in, closing the door behind him. 'The senator is expecting you.'

'Wait a little bit longer, Aulus,' Marcus slurred, taken over by ecstasy. 'I almost cum. Ah!'

'Do it fast. The senator is getting impatient. Thus, he sent me,' Aulus warned, not being able to take his eyes off the copulation before him.

Actually, gay sex was nothing new in the residence of Bassianus. The senator, himself, did it all the time. And his soldiers, at least the gay ones, weren't shy about fucking Bassianus' male slaves. However, there was order maintained in the residence, to prevent the place from turning into a gay brothel. In other words, there were rules as to when to fuck, who to fuck with, and where to fuck. What Marcus was doing could be considered as a violation because he disobeyed Bassianus' order. Instead of checking upon Diego, Marcus was fucking him.

'Go away, Aulus. You're making me nervous,' Marcus complained, turning his head around to give Aulus an angry stare.

'Alright,' Aulus replied, not wanting to get into a brawl. 'Remember, the senator is waiting downstairs.' Rubbing his crotch, Aulus walked out. However, he deliberately left the door open.

'Cursed you, Aulus!' Marcus scolded. 'He really enjoys ruining my day.'

'Forget about Aulus. Fuck my ass. Come on. You're almost there,' Diego encouraged. With a lot of efforts, the Hispanic man pushed his ass upward to meet Marcus' dick. 'Fuck me. Breed my fuck hole. Oh!'

'Yes, ah! You really know how to keep me excited, Diego. Oh! My cock is going to flood your ass with my thick creamy Roman cum. Get ready, you bitch.'

A minute or two passed before the centurion finally reached his climax. Shoving in, Marcus' dick head suddenly erupted. Thick milky goo was released from the slit and filled Diego's fuck hole. When it happened, Marcus growled out with abandon. His orgasmic cries echoed throughout the upper floor because the door was left open. Yet, Marcus didn't care. He simply wanted to finish his ejaculation.

'Yes! Breed me, Marcus! I'm yours to fuck. Oh!' Diego whimpered upon feeling warm goo flood his insides.

'I'm cumming! Oh!' Marcus cried, his naked body shuddering. The centurion slammed his hips down repeatedly. 'Take my dick. Fuck! You want my cum, huh? I'm filling you up with my cock juice. Ah!'

When it's viewed from above, Marcus' muscled back looked very sexy as the muscles contracted. Marcus' body was slightly larger than Diego, because Marcus underwent hard physical training. His muscles were thicker, compared to Diego's. The centurion's ass contracted as well, looking quite arousing, as he jabbed his manhood in. Drops of sweat leaked out from the pores uncontrollably, wrung out from his amazing chiseled body. More cries of orgasm filled the room while Marcus was emptying the content of his balls into Diego's willing ass.

'Oh!' One final gasp escaped from the centurion's mouth before his body slumped down onto Diego's. The orgasm was over. 'Fuck! That was amazing,' Marcus whispered, lovingly combed Diego's damp hair. Breathing deep, Marcus quickly rolled over and lay on his back. Looking up at the ceiling, he suddenly remembered that Diego hadn't come yet. 'You haven't come, have you?'

Diego shook his head as he rolled over. Diego's fuck rod hardened, precum leaking from the slit.

'Here, let me jack you off,' Marcus offered without being asked. The centurion wrapped his fingers around Diego's precumming dick, clutched the foreskin, and then began masturbating it. 'Yeah! Cum for me, Diego. Shoot your loads.'

'Oh! Marcus,' Diego gasped, knowing that he was seconds away from orgasm. The bed creaked again as Diego writhed. 'I'm close. Ah! Jack me off. Milk my cock.'

'Yeah! Let your cum loose.' Marcus leaned over and brought his mouth to Diego's nipple. Lustfully, he sucked the pert object, coating it with drool.

Diego's nipples were very sensitive. When one of them got sucked, he was immediately seized by pleasure and he couldn't stop it. 'Fuck! Ah!' The grip around his dick was tight. In a matter of seconds, Diego's cock juice was pumped out. When it happened, the Hispanic man squealed quite loudly. 'Fuck! I'm cumming!'

'Yes! Cum!' Marcus encouraged, looking very excited. Despite Diego's dick being slippery, Marcus tightened his grip. 'Let me see you shoot. Come on, sexy. Cum!'

Just as Diego's foreskin slid downward to expose the cock head, creamy cum jetted out from the slit. The warm slimy juice rained down on Marcus' fist. The rest of the ejaculation flowed down Diego's shaft, pooling around Marcus' fingers before the goo was spilled. The Hispanic man growled, losing control over his body. Contracting heavily, his abdominal muscles convulsed with each pulse of the ejaculation. It was truly an erotic sight to behold. A drop of sweat was seen rolling down Diego's chest and into Marcus' sucking mouth.

'Oh! I'm shooting my loads,' Diego groaned, trying not to buck too hard. One hand held the bed frame as the other squeezed Marcus' broad back. 'I'm cumming! Shit!' The Hispanic man couldn't keep his voice down. 'Yes! Ah! Milk my dick, Marcus. Oh!'

Unfortunately, the orgasm only lasted for several seconds. It was much shorter than what Diego expected. Yet, the pleasure was quite shattering. Puffing, he lay motionlessly on the bed. Turning to Marcus, he gave the centurion a sweet smile.

'I hate to say this but we don't have much time for afterplay. Remember, the senator is waiting for you.' Marcus jumped out of the bed and immediately threw on his tunic. 'Damn! I think we had fucked for 15 minutes or so.'

Diego scrambled to his feet, picking up the new tunic which was given by Marcus. 'Where's the loincloth?' To his disappointment, he saw Marcus shake his head. 'I guess I have to remind myself not to get sexually aroused in front of Bassianus.' As he straightened his tunic, he secretly stole a gaze at Marcus' clothed body. When he looked down, he silently cursed, 'Shit!' A noticeable wet stain formed on the fabric, where his dick rested. Obviously, Diego forgot to clean his dick when he threw on the clothes.

'Don't worry about that. Come on. We'd better hurry.'

The centurion pulled Diego's hand, not giving him any chance to dry the cum stain. As they walked out, the door was slammed shut.

(to be continued)


Hector Himeros

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