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'What do you think of my cock?' the senator asked, deliberately shaking his hard rod before the naked soldier.

His face suddenly reddening, Petronius didn't know how to behave. His mind told him to look away but his heart insisted him on taking a quick peep. And what he saw was amazing. Of course, it was not the first time Petronius saw another man's dick. However, it was indeed the first time he heartily observed one. It felt strange, at first, owing to the internal conflicts. But the longer he looked at Bassianus' fuck rod, the more he got used to it. Without realizing it, Petronius was blatantly staring at the senator's throbbing cock head.

'So?' Bassianus asked again, clearing his throat. 'You like my cock?'

Awaken from his sexual reverie, Petronius hastily answered, 'Yes, Senator. You have a beautiful cock.' It was certainly hard not to sound like a pervert when he said those words.

Pleased by Petronius' answer, the senator shook his rock-hard manhood again. The fuck rod bobbed up and down, splattering tiny drops of precum. With his eyes, Bassianus directed the soldier to take a look at Germanicus' asshole. 'You want to try it?'

'I'm not sure, Senator. Germanicus is your favorite slave. Everyone knows that. I dare not do anything inappropriate to him.'

Hearing such an honest answer, Bassianus laughed. 'Don't be afraid. I'm willing to share his hole with you, Petronius. Come.' With a gesture, he beckoned Petronius to step closer. 'Come and see the fuck hole yourself. You'll love it.'

Damn! What the fuck am I doing? I'm not into having sex with men. I'm not gay. But here I am, fucking Bassianus' slave's mouth. And now it seems that he also wants me to fuck Germanicus. This is madness! Despite the denial, Petronius knew that he would enjoy fucking Germanicus' tight ass.

'Look at Germanicus' pink hole. Doesn't it look lovely?' Bassianus asked, introducing Petronius to anal sex.

Intrigued, the soldier positioned himself behind the slave's rump. In order to get a better view, he got down on one knee. 'Wow!' That's all he could gasp out.

'Yes, it looks lovely, doesn't it?' Bassianus tried to stir Petronius' lust. 'And you know what? It feels much better than a cunt. Once you fuck a man's ass, you will never want to fuck any women. Satisfaction guaranteed.'

'I know,' Petronius replied, almost whispering. 'I've heard my fellow-soldiers talk about this. They like to brag whenever they've nailed some tight asses. I admit I was curious but never had the courage to try it myself.'

'Well now, you have that chance, Petronius. I suggest you take this chance.'

Not wanting to intimidate the low-ranked soldier, Bassianus stepped away. His hand kept stroking the hardness, maintaining the erection. It gave him great pleasure to see how eager the straight soldier was in exploring the different side of his sexuality. Standing not far from the litter, Bassianus kept observing Petronius. Clenching his fist hard, the senator restrained himself from raping the good-looking soldier. Fueled by desire, Bassianus' eyes scanned the muscles within Petronius' broad back. And he immediately liked what he saw.

'This hole certainly looks much tighter than a cunt,' the soldier whispered to himself. To get a better look, he brought his face closer to the twitching asshole. 'It looks quite puffy after being fucked by Bassianus' dick. Damn! I'd never thought it would be so erotic to watch another man's asshole.'

Petronius didn't even have to concentrate hard to keep his dick throbbing despite his heterosexuality. Naturally, his manhood pulsed by itself, excited by what lay in front of him. For a moment, he let himself bask in the newly-found pleasure. Curiously, he brought a finger to Germanicus' pink hole, to feel its puffiness. To his surprise, he actually enjoyed pressing it. Instinctively, his finger plunged itself into the welcoming hole. Without any obstacles, Petronius' finger sank in quite easily.

Fuck! This slave's asshole is very warm. In fact, it's much warmer than I initially thought. Not to mention, it's tight. Damn! No wonder Roman men love fucking their male slaves. I'd certainly love to try sticking my cock into this slave's ass. It's been months since I fucked someone. I really need to release my loads inside a tight fuck hole.

'Ah, fuck!' came a groan from Germanicus. The moment of Petronius' finger stimulated the nerves along the rectum. His ass turning itchy, the slave made some wriggling movements as if by doing so he could stop the urge to scratch his rectum.

'Shit! You really like it, don't you?' Petronius asked, noticing the slave's reaction. 'You want me to keep fingering your ass?'

'Oh yes, Sir. Please, keep fingering my ass. I need it. Treat me like a whore. I deserve it, Sir,' Germanicus said subserviently. 'Please.'

'You want it? I'm gonna give it to you, slave.'

To let Germanicus know that he meant what he said, Petronius pushed another finger in. And then,another followed. Thus, three of his fingers were now ravaging the slave's willing ass. Thrusting in and out, the soldier rotated his hand several times. Mercilessly, those fingers dug into the tender fleshy surface of Germanicus' rectum. Some slimy ass juice was caught in Petronius' short nails. Lustfully, the soldier fucked his fingers steadily, making sure he filled the slave's asshole. When he looked closer, he saw how Germanicus' swollen asshole stretch. The ass ring looked as if it was about to burst.

'Germanicus loves getting fingered,' Bassianus chimed in. 'You can finger him all day long and you will not lose his hard-on. He will stay erect for you. Just look at his hanging dick.'

Curiously, Petronius bent his head down. 'Fuck! His cock is hard. He really likes getting fingered.'

'Yes, he does,' Bassianus added, squatting down. 'Feel free to touch his cock. Come on. You don't have to pretend to be prudent. Touch the slave's dick and feel how hard it is.'

At first, Petronius hesitated. Normally, thinking about touching another man's penis would make him puke. However, at that moment, all he felt was lust. Thus, against his principle, Petronius slowly brought his left hand to Germanicus' erect manhood. Again, he had an internal battle between his heterosexual side and his curiosity towards homosexuality. His fingers were so close to Germanicus' manhood, yet Petronius couldn't bring himself to touch it. Yet, the lustful urge inside him was stronger than his principle. Thus, without thinking, the soldier immediately grabbed the hardened meat and squeezed it. The spontaneous reaction he got from the slave was a gasp.

'Fuck! His cock is really hard, as hard as rock,' the soldier exclaimed, fascinated by it.

'See? You obviously enjoy touching another man's dick,' Bassianus commented. Before Petronius could pulled his hand back out of shame, the senator hastily added, 'It's very normal. You don't have to be embarrassed. I mean, look at me. I'm a Roman senator who have high rank in the government. Yet, here I am, fucking my male slave. And I'm not ashamed to declare that I love fucking with men.' Acting like a father advising his son, the senator gently placed his palm on Petronius' bare back. 'It's alright. Enjoy it. This slave is more than happy to milk your cock with his ass.'

Even though his cheeks reddened, Petronius gradually recovered from his embarrassment. He told himself repeatedly that there was nothing wrong with getting fascinated by another man's naked body. Germanicus' dick felt quite warm in his hand. Carefully, he squeezed the man meat, noticing that it felt slightly different from squeezing his own dick. Germanicus' dick had more bulging veins which ran along the shaft. The purplish veins looked as if they were about to explode as Petronius' fingers tightened around the shaft. Both of them moaned, savoring the intimate moment.

At the same time, the soldier kept fingering deeper into the slave's ass. As a heterosexual, Petronius was baffled why some men craved to have cocks up their asses. No matter how painful the anal penetration was, they seemed to love it. Deep in his thought, Petronius didn't realize that he almost pushed his entire hand into Germanicus' welcoming hole. To his fascination, the anal ring was both tight and flexible. While he continued to fill Germanicus' ass, the slave winced and whimpered. Yet, Petronius ignored him. When he looked down, he was shocked to see his entire hand was swallowed by Germanicus' ass.

'Shit! He's taken up my entire hand! How is it possible?' Petronius exclaimed, finding it hard to believe. His eyes bulging, he frantically turned to Bassianus for an answer.

Amused by Petronius' facial expression, the senator chuckled. 'Relax. There's nothing to be frightened of. Germanicus has been trained to take up large object inside his ass, including a man's fist.'

'Really?' The soldier quickly leaned over to check upon Germanicus, still somewhat afraid of hurting the senator's property. 'You alright, slave?'

'Yes, Sir. I'm alright,' came a swift answer. However, Germanicus kept whimpering, because of the excruciating pain. No matter how often he was trained, he still couldn't overcome the ache from his forcefully stretched hole.

'See? He's alright,' the senator said, positioning himself behind Petronius.

Although he had seen it with his own eyes, Petronius still couldn't believe that an ass hole could take in his entire fist. When he wriggled his fingers inside, all he felt was tender warm flesh. Slimy ass juice clung onto his digits. There was hardly any space to move his fingers in there. In fact, Petronius felt like his hand was uncomfortably squeezed. Instinctively, he tried to pull away yet his hand was stuck. A look of panic flitted across the soldier's handsome features.

'Don't worry,' Bassianus said, calming him down. 'You can only get your hand out after you stimulate the slave's ass. Try rubbing his innards. Move your fingers around. Find his pleasure spot.'

'Pleasure spot?' the straight soldier asked, confused.

'You see, every man is equipped with pleasure spot, deep in his ass. You and I have one, too. It's basically a tiny lump which was located near the base of the cock. You have to search for it carefully because it was quite small. Once you find it, the sign is unmistakably wrong. Keep rubbing it gently until the slave shoots his cum all by himself. Then his hole will relax and you can take your fist out.'

'Really?' Petronius listened, his face showing disbelief. 'If I rub the so-called pleasure spot, this slave will cum? Without touching his dick? Without fucking him?'

'Yes,' Bassianus whispered in his ear seductively. 'Try it and be amazed.' Lustfully, the naked senator stared at the soldier's broad shoulders. He gripped them and squeezed the flesh. I simply love broad shouldered men. They look big and strong. Not to mention, usually they have broad squeezable pecs. Oh, I want to take Petronius' cherry. But how can I do that?

Meanwhile, Petronius followed the senator's directions. He wriggled his fingers, searching for the tiny pleasure-evoking object. He had no idea how it felt, but he tried his best to find it. Everything inside Germanicus' ass felt the same: wet, warm, and fleshy. To reach as far as he could, he twisted his hand. At the same time, he kept hearing pleasurable groans from the slave's mouth.

'Oh!' Germanicus braced himself for the upcoming waves of ecstasy. Yet, it was so hard for him to bear the sensation. His flexing arms shook more violently until they gave up. Instead, Germanicus chose to fold his arms on the floor and rested his head on top of them. Both his haunches shuddered, still strong enough to support his lower body. Despite his loud moans, he could hear occasional gasps from Petronius. Instead of pulling away, Germanicus pushed his ass back, as if he wanted to engulf Petronius' entire arm.

'Shit! You want more?' The soldier was surprised at the slave's reaction. 'I can't believe it. You're such a slut.'

'Germanicus is well-trained, Petronius,' Bassianus commented, carefully touching the soldier's broad shoulders. 'He loves to have his ass played. Have you found his happy spot? Try to find it. And be amazed to see the effect.'

Curiously, Petronius did what he was told to. Gingerly, his fingers crawled their way up and down, twirling around. Much ass juice was deposited under his fingernails. Minutes passed until he finally found what he was looking for. At first, he didn't know what he found. Yet, the moment he touched it, Germanicus suddenly shivered and made loud noise. Wanting to confirm his finding, he touched that spot again. And he received same reactions. Thus, he knew he just found Germanicus' prostate.

'Ah, it feels so good,' the slave moaned. His hard dick throbbed up and down, teasing Petronius. 'You've touched my happy spot,' he groaned. 'Oh, fuck! Keep rubbing it. Make me cum.'

'Be careful,' Bassianus reminded, afraid about Petronius' roughness. 'Don't squash it. The organ is very delicate. Just rub it gently.'

Worried about damaging the senator's property, Petronius heeded the advice. He carefully rubbed the fleshy bump. No words could describe how he felt. It was both weird and amazing. Bending his head down, he noticed a dramatic change to Germanicus' erection. More precum leaked from its tip.

'Yes! Please shove your fist deeper. Make me cum. Please,' the slave moaned submissively. Despite the pain, he longed to have Petronius' entire arm shoved in. he was certain that it could be done, because in the past he had taken up thicker arms. Yet to the slave's disappointment, Petronius didn't seem too eager to do that. 'Have no mercy. Please, fist me deeper,' Germanicus begged, whimpering from the pain.

'You like it, huh?' Petronius asked, teasing the slave. He continued to massage the prostate, slowly and steadily. Seeing how Germanicus' dick throb, he was tempted to touch it. However, he restrained himself from doing so because he looked forward to seeing the slave shoot by himself. 'You want to cum now? Cum for me. Show me how much cum you have in your ball sack.'

'Oh! Fuck!' Germanicus cried, trying to fight the growing sensation. He couldn't describe how he felt exactly. Yet, he felt the powerful to unload his seed right there and right then. Squirming uncomfortably, Germanicus braced himself for the inevitable.

'That's it. Keep rubbing his happy spot,' the senator whispered to the handsome soldier. 'Make him shoot. He wants to cum for you.' From behind, Bassianus placed his hand on Petronius' firm chest. To his expectation, he received no resistance. Petronius is too fascinated by Germanicus' asshole. He doesn't realize what I'm doing to his body. To test his theory, he deliberately squeeze one of Petronius' pecs. As the result, he heard a low moan coming from the soldier's mouth. Perhaps I can get his ass after all. I just need to get him hooked to the pleasure of man-to-man sex.

All of a sudden, Germanicus climaxed. The orgasm came swiftly, and almost without warning. Despite his effort to hold back from ejaculation, he eventually gave up. His hardened dick throbbed as it released ropey shots of cum. The first shot was so powerful that it almost brought Germanicus' body down. It happened that the shot was aimed upward, hitting Germanicus in his face. He quickly opened his mouth and licked his cum-coated lips. While groaning, he flexed his muscles to prepare for the rest of the ejaculation.

'Damn! He is shooting his loads!' Petronius gasped, not believing what he saw. As a straight man who only knew how to fuck women, he was taken aback to see that a man could come like that.

'Yes! Oh!!' Germanicus roared like a wounded animal. The pain from his abused ass, mixed with orgasm, milked out his entire reservoir of cum. 'I'm cumming! Oh!'

'Shoot it, slave,' Bassianus ordered, encouraging Germanicus to make a mess. At the same time, he craned his head to eye Petronius' facial expression. He looks so handsome. I want him.

Shaking, Germanicus continued to unload his seed. Despite the powerful first shot, the rest turned into dribbles. Yet, the orgasm wracking his body was as shattering as ever. The muscles around the crotch were pulled, responding to the penile contraction. His heavy balls, hanging down, slapped against his thighs. To Germanicus, time seemed to pass more slowly. He really enjoyed the ejaculation. However, it only lasted for a few seconds and soon died away. When it was over, Germanicus simply slammed his body down. His stomach was pressed onto the cum-soaked mess beneath it.

'Fuck! I've never seen anything like this,' Petronius commented. 'I wonder what it's like to cum like that.'

'I can help you if you really want to try it.' Bassianus quickly seized the chance. He offered his help before Petronius changed his mind. 'Just look at that slave. You heard how he moaned. You saw how he shot his juice. Didn't it look amazingly horny?'

'I suppose so,' the soldier replied awkwardly. 'I'm not sure. I mean, I'm straight...'

'Don't say no,' Bassianus cut in. 'You haven't tried it yet.' Seductively, he circled Petronius' nipple with the tip of his index finger. The soft hair around the nipple was played repeatedly.

At then, Germanicus' hole relaxed. Upon noticing it, Petronius re-tried his attempt to pull his fist out. Carefully, he withdrew it. To his surprise, it was easier, although still somewhat tight. With bulging eyes, he watched how Germanicus' asshole was stretched. Gradually, Petronius' fist made its way out until finally Germanicus' anal ring clenched shut. Breathing hard, the soldier looked relieved that he didn't tear the slave's ass apart. When he looked closer, he saw how swollen the asshole had become.

'So what do you say?' the senator asked, eager to hear yes. 'Would you let me give you the same pleasure?'

'But my ass will be torn apart if you fist me,' he tried to reject.

'Who said anything about fist? I'd only use my finger. Come on. Don't be such a wimp. You're a soldier, aren't you?' Afraid of losing the golden opportunity, Bassianus provoked the soldier. Most men were easily challenged when they were called wimps.

'Of course, I'm a soldier, Sir. And I'm certainly not a wimp.' Petronius was a little offended. No one had ever called him a coward.

'Then prove it to me. A little pain in the ass should not scare you.'

'Fine!' Petronius suddenly said, turning his head around to get a glimpse of Bassianus' face. 'Do it.'

'Good call,' Bassianus commented, pleased to hear it.


Damn! I can't believe it. Am I really ready to try it? Senator Bassianus is gonna finger my ass. Can I take him? Petronius asked himself worriedly.

'Just relax and enjoy it,' the senator directed, after positioning Petronius' body on the carpeted base of the litter.

On four, the soldier prepared himself for the penetration. When he looked down, he saw the wet stains left by Germanicus. The smell of cum was so strong, penetrating his nostrils. For a moment, he was overwhelmed by the smell of sex, stopping him from thinking clearly. At then, his dick was still flaccid, hanging down from the bushy crotch. When it was groped by the horny senator's palm, Petronius groaned. He didn't know what to expect. Although he had seen the pleasure on Germanicus' face, he knew that pain would come first.

Germanicus meekly knelt on the grass, beside the litter. Even though he had just spilled his seed, there was another longing inside him to repeat it. It was weird, yet he clearly felt how jealous he was. Seeing his naked master touch another man's ass somehow hurt the slave's heart. He wanted to be the only one who could provide sexual pleasure for Bassianus. Yet, what could he do? He was just a slave who had no rights. A part of him told him to look away in order to ease the hurt. Yet, his horny side craved to see a sex live show.

'You don't have to be afraid. It only hurts a little bit. Then, all you'll feel is pure pleasure,' Bassianus reassured the terrified soldier. 'Remember, you're a man. You shouldn't be afraid to anal pain. You ready?'

Nervously, Petronius nodded. Although he did his best to relax, his muscles tensed up. Closing his eyes, he tried to block his senses. Yet, to his dismay, his perception increased significantly. When the tip of Bassianus' finger touched his hole, he clenched the sphincter instinctively. It took some efforts to relax the ass ring.

'Yeah, that's it. Relax. Let my finger in.'

'Oh! I can feel your finger worming in. Fuck!'

'Doesn't it feel good, huh? You like it?' Bassianus asked, teasing Petronius.

Baffled, the soldier didn't reply. Yet, a series of incoherent groans were heard. 'Ah! My ass tingles. Be careful,' he reminded the senator.

'I know what I'm doing,' Bassianus responded, trying not to sound mad. 'Don't resist me unless you want to feel the excruciating pain.'

Silently, Petronius nodded. Without being told to, he spread his legs farther. 'Damn! I can feel it slide in. Oh! Your finger is quite thick.' He admitted that it wasn't as painful as he thought it would be. Following Bassianus' directions, he pushed his sphincter out. As soon as he did it, the senator's entire digit sank in. A soft gasp soon followed. 'Is it in?'

'Yes, it is. And it looks wonderful. I wish you could see it.' The senator stroked his own erection to make sure it stayed hard. I should take this chance to fuck him. Damn! His asshole is so tight and so warm. Sweeping his eyes around his surroundings, he caught the meek jealousy from Germanicus. Yet, he ignored it. As a senator, he felt that he could do anything he wished.

'Ah!' Petronius gasped again. This time, he felt slight soreness around the asshole. Remembering what Germanicus' ass ring looked like, he shivered at the thought of seeing his own asshole turn swollen. Yet, he dared not complain. His ego as a real man was on the stake. It was very important for him to show Bassianus that he was not a wimp. Again, he winced, when Bassianus wriggled his finger.

The finger rotated and twisted, trying to reach deeper. The fleshy wall was massaged as the finger felt its way around. Much ass juice was deposited under the blunt fingernail, yet the senator showed no disgust. Expertly, he poked about, hoping to quickly find Petronius' prostate. The longer he probed the ass, the louder Petronius' groan became. Bassianus simply giggled, watching waves of pleasure take over the soldier's nude figure. It was only a matter of time before he had the chance to break the stud down completely.

'Your ass is much tighter than I expected,' the senator commented, making sure he didn't miss massaging any spot. 'Where's your pleasure spot? I can't seem to find it.'

Desperately, the soldier waited for the pain to strike. Gradually, to his dismay, the soreness grew stronger. Obviously, the constant friction between the finger and the tender ass surface caused some irritation. The glistening ass ring chaffed a bit, yet it didn't bleed. Anal pain was a new experience for Petronius. To his surprise, he was having some difficult time to cope with it. Biting his lower lip, he forced himself not to whimper.

'If you want to groan, just groan. it's perfectly normal,' Bassianus added, noticing how hard Petronius tried to hide the pain. 'I love hearing my man groan as I finger his ass. It makes me horny.'

Upon hearing that, Petronius felt relieved. Without any hesitation, he made a louder gasp. Yet, one gasp led to a yelp. 'Damn! What are you doing to my ass?' he winced, not being able to stop shuddering. 'What's that?' All of a sudden, his face flushed with ecstasy. The sensation was both familiar and foreign. The straight man could find no exact words to describe what he felt.

'It seems that I've found your happy spot. It's located deeper than I previously thought.' The senator pushed his finger deeper, thus forcing Petronius' ass ring to stretch even further. 'You like it, don't you?' Tentatively, he reached down for Petronius' dangling cock.

'Fuck!' That was all Petronius could say. His face made various expressions, from wincing to moaning. No matter what kind of face he made, he still looked dazzlingly handsome.

Blood was pumped into the veins of Petronius' dick. In a matter of seconds, the meat elongated and fully erected. The purplish cock head was still concealed inside the foreskin. However, when Bassianus began stroking it, the foreskin was retracted. Thus, the mushroom-shaped cock revealed itself. At then, the head had already been coated with precum, glistening. Bassianus had to bend his head down in order to get a good glimpse of that dick.

'You're hard. That's good.'

The soldier, deep in his intoxicating pleasure, only replied with a grunt. When he looked around, he saw his two comrades lying on the grassy ground. Two male slaves were bouncing up and down those soldiers' hard dicks. A series of erotic moans were heard as those four men raced to orgasm. Despite Petronius' heterosexuality, he thought such sight as erotic. Closing his eyes for a moment, he tried to feel the movement of Bassianus' finger. Orgasmic-like waves washed over his body repeatedly. It felt so serene and soothing. At then, he hardly felt any soreness around his swollen asshole.

'It feels great. Oh! Please, don't stop.'

'Don't worry. I don't intend to.' Bassianus looked quite excited, thrilled at his own success to ensnare the straight hunk. 'Do you feel like cumming anytime soon, huh?'

Hissing, Petronius replied, 'I guess so. I'm very horny now. My cock is aching.' Another groan was heard before he resumed, 'But it's gonna take some time before I... ah... cum... Fuck!'

I'm gonna make you cum. That's for sure. Before initializing the next phase, he made sure that Petronius' prostate was well stimulated. His finger expertly nudged the tiny object, sending more pleasure down Petronius' spine. Yeah, he loves what I'm doing to him. That's good. I want him to get hooked on the pleasure so that when I stop stimulating him, he'll beg me to continue it. Then, I can introduce my cock to his asshole. He will have no choice but to accept it.

'Fuck!' Petronius yelped at the recent ecstasy wrecking his body, his knees aching from minutes of kneeling. As he repositioned his body, he felt how hard his dick swayed. 'I'm so hard now. Please, make me cum.'

'Don't rush yourself. Enjoy this experience first,' Bassianus replied, not wanting to end his plan prematurely. 'You'll cum harder and more violently if you wait.'

'But I don't want to wait. I want to cum now,' Petronius retorted, definitely getting impatient. Sensing that Bassianus won't help him stroke his leaking erection, Petronius grabbed it spontaneously. But to his surprise, his hand was slapped. 'Hey!' Petronius protested. Yet before he knew it, Germanicus suddenly seized his hands and tied them to the back. 'What the fuck...'

The slave acted upon Bassianus' cue. And it was not the first time he had to do such a thing. Whenever his master targeted a man, Germanicus was always enlisted to help subdue that man. It was surprisingly easy to subdue Petronius because he didn't expect to get such treatment. After the hands were tied, Germanicus backed off and knelt on the previous spot. A glint of envy filled his eyes as he watched Petronius getting ready to receive Bassianus' cock.

'What the fuck is this?! Untie me now!' Petronius yelled angrily. Instinctively, he turned to his comrades, who were fucking the slaves, for help. Yet, those two soldiers, deep in their sexual rapture, ignored him. Gripped by panic, he turned around and spotted the other soldiers who refused to participate in homosexual act. To his disappointment, they pretended to look away as they didn't dare rise against the senator. 'Help! Somebody helps me!' Petronius yelled desperately. 'You can't do this to me, Bassianus. I only agreed to get fingered. What are you going to do to me? Are you gonna fuck my ass? Is that what you're looking for? My straight ass?'

'Shut the fuck up, soldier,' Bassianus barked, annoyed by Petronius' defiance. 'Remember, you're talking to a senator. Although you're a citizen of Rome, you're nothing to me.' Anger boiling, the senator almost lost his control. he really despise any low-ranked people who dared yell at him. However, he then came up with a better plan. It'd be stupid if I let myself get carried away by my rage. Instead, I'm gonna let this straight hunk struggle until he can't fight anymore. Then, I'm gonna fuck his ass and breed him.

As expected, Petronius kept struggling for his freedom. He kicked and writhed, making loud noises, as his limbs clashed against the wooden base of the litter. His mouth continued to shout out crude profanities. Negative emotions were mixed, from rage, despair, to betrayal. To Petronius, the world seemed to come to an end. Sweat immediately poured out, drenching his naked frame, as the result of his physical struggle. Several minutes later, after fighting against himself, Petronius finally stopped moving. He just laid on his side, panting and perspiring. His broad chest rose and fell, somehow its movement looking quite erotic. Once throbbing, Petronius' dick turned flaccid. Precum was smeared all over his thighs. The mighty soldier was reduced to a helpless naked man.

'You're pathetic,' Bassianus jeered, showing no sympathy. 'You can't fight me. If I want your ass, I'm gonna get it. And there's nothing that you can do.'

'Fuck you!' Petronius cursed. He might be exhausted physically but he still could use his mouth to attack the horny senator verbally. 'Do you realize what you're doing? You're a senator. I assume you know about Roman law. Although I'm just a low-ranked soldier, I'm still a citizen of Rome. You can't fuck my ass. I'm not a slave.'

'Yes, I can fuck your ass,' Bassianus replied curtly. 'You asked me to fuck you.'

'When did I ask you to do such perverted thing?' Petronius asked angrily.

'You've suffered from a short-term memory lost, I see. Didn't you want me to finger your ass?' the senator teased.

'I did, but...' Then Petronius paused, fisting his hands. 'Fuck you! You've tricked me!'

'Enough talking. Let's go on with the show.' Obviously, Bassianus didn't want to get involved in a lengthy argument. He was so horny that he could barely think straight. 'Give me your ass.'

'No, please don't,' Petronius begged, too tired to fight the naked senator. 'Stop it, please. Have mercy.' Yet, his pleas were ignored.

Climbing onto the litter, the senator positioned himself above the bound soldier. He rolled Petronius onto his stomach, thus exposing the ass. To further humiliate the soldier, Bassianus gave the ass cheeks a couple of hard slaps. A burning reddish palm print was left across the white surface. A weak whimper was heard, yet was enough to stir the senator's churning lust. Holding his erection, Bassianus slapped it against Petronius' ass. The head was quite slimy, dripping with precum almost constantly. Splattering to various directions, precum rained down on the smooth surface of Petronius' ass.

'I'm sure your straight ass is loose now. I can't wait to shove my cock into your fuck hole,' Bassianus rasped, swallowing his drool.

Like a worm, Petronius tried to squirm away. However, he later found himself pinned down by the weight of Bassianus' body. With both hands tied to the back, the soldier couldn't do anything to defend his ass. Waiting in despair, he felt Bassianus' cock head enter the ass crack. Almost easily, the ass cheeks parted, giving way to the thick manmeat. The cock head made contact with Petronius swollen asshole. Upon touching it, the cock throbbed and spilled out a drop of precum. Acting as lubricant, the liquid was spread around the ass ring.

'Please, don't do this.' Petronius decided to plead one last time, hoping for a miracle from the gods. A second later, a loud piercing groan escaped from his mouth. 'Ah!'

Being entered by a cock was totally different from being fingered. Bassianus' veined cock was certainly much thicker and longer. However, after being fingered, Petronius' anal entrance was loose. Thus, the penetration happened as smoothly as Bassianus expected. Accompanied by Petronius' cries of pain, the cock head pushed inward. The swollen asshole sank in and stretched, sending pain down Petronius' spine. Instead of feeling sympathy, Bassianus was turned on when he saw the soldier writhe in pain.

'You're very manly, not to mention handsome,' the senator whispered, running his hands down Petronius' biceps. Burying his nose in Petronius' damp hair, he inhaled the manly aroma. 'I'll enjoy fucking your ass, Petronius. I'll breed you, And you're gonna be mine, whether you like it or not.' To emphasize what he meant, he delivered a hard thrust.

'Fuck!' Petronius cried, shuddering from the pain. At the same time, he felt something blunt pierce through his rectum. He knew that Bassianus' cock had lodged itself in. Expressing his despair, Petronius made a long wail.

'Keep moaning. You're turning me on,' Bassianus teased, shoving deeper until the entire shaft was buried. 'Damn! You're tight.'

Nothing could describe how Petronius felt. The fingering didn't help much because pain still radiated from the stretched fuck hole. It was so painful that he suspected his ass might have torn. Whimpering, he couldn't help shedding tears. Against his will, tears streamed out, blurring his sight. It was humiliating because he believed that a man should have never cried, especially while enduring pain. Thus, he felt emasculated. Bassianus had ripped Petronius' dignity off him.

'It feels good, right?' Bassianus asked, almost teasing. To let Petronius know that his dick was buried entirely, he shook it. Almost instantly, a moan was heard. 'Yeah, you feel it, don't you? Now, I'm gonna plow your ass. I'm not gonna stop not until I shoot my cum.'

'Damn you!' Petronius cursed, his eyes red with tears. A loud sigh escaped his mouth, owing to the pressure delivered by the senator's dick. He felt as if his breath was literally fucked out through his gaping mouth. Almost every joint in his body ached but he couldn't move his limbs. Breathing became hard because Bassianus' weight pressed down. Wincing, Petronius bore the pain as much as he could.

'You're so warm inside. I have fucked a number of men. But yours is the warmest.'

'Fuck you, Bassianus!' Petronius whimpered, squeezing his eyelids to dry off the tears.

'Ready or not, I'm fucking your ass now. You may want to hold onto something.'

And without giving Petronius time to adjust, Bassianus began the assault. Owing to the tightness of Petronius' straight ass, the senator needed to exert more energy when he withdrew his manhood. The erect pole rubbed along the fleshy wall. At the same time, a long growl accompanied the process. Just as the cock head almost popped out, Bassianus pushed the shaft back in. Thus, Petronius' asshole was forced to stretch once more. The cock continued to drill in until it could not go any deeper, before it was withdrawn. The penetration rhythm was established.

'Take my cock. Feel how big it is. Oh yeah! I'm fucking your ass.' Bassianus panted, his chest expanding.

'It hurts. Ah! Stop it. You're killing me with your cock. Ah, shit!' His head reeling with pain, Petronius actually thought he was going to die. The pain only got worse as his asshole received more frictions. There was no sign of pleasure. 'Please, stop fucking me. My ass is torn.' At then, he almost sounded like crying.

'Are you a man or a woman? Stop whining and take it like a real man,' Bassianus retorted. 'Take this, you fuck! Maybe this will shut your mouth. And that... oh!'

Choked by the pain, Petronius clawed at the wooden base. For several minutes, the pain was wracking his body. However, being flexible, the asshole slowly expanded and adjusted itself. The cock seemed to be searching for Petronius' prostate. However, owing to its thickness, it was hard to explore the depths. Thus, it caused more pain to Petronius as his asshole was forced to stretch wide. No longer cursing, the mighty soldier whimpered and sobbed. He felt humiliated.

His whimpers only get me hornier. I really love breaking down a manly man like Petronius. Somehow, it makes me feel so powerful.

Still kneeling, Germanicus watched with mixed feelings. On one hand, he was jealous of Petronius for taking the role of the submissive sex partner, even though he clearly knew that Petronius didn't like it. Yet, on the other hand, Germanicus had been trained to think and act for sex. Watching a citizen of Rome being fucked forcibly, without doubt, caused Germanicus to lose control over his erection. Despite its ejaculation earlier, the cock easily hardened and elongated. However, as a slave, he had no rights to touch his own body without direct permission from his master. Thus, he longingly stared at his master, hoping to get the approval.

'You want to cum, slave?' Bassianus asked, panting. 'Climb up the turret and milk your cock on Petronius' face. Let him taste your cum.'

Upon receiving the order, Germanicus practically flew to the litter. He perched near Petronius' face and started to jack off. However, he didn't dare make Petronius suck his dick. First, Petronius was a Roman citizen. Second, Petronius would definitely put up a fight. The slave didn't want to have his dick hurt in any way. Hence, he simply milked his swollen manhood and planned on dumping the loads onto Petronius' face instead. Apparently, the cock nearly burst, pumped up with precum. When Germanicus pulled the foreskin all the way down, he revealed an almost perfect cock head. The glistening head glared with a thin layer of precum. From the slit, a drop of precum stretched down. No matter how hard he stroked his dick, the precum string stayed. It swayed violently as it stretched its way down.

'Hold his body, slave. I want to fuck him on his back.'

Immediately, Germanicus stopped stroking. He held onto Petronius' arms while Bassianus turned the soldier's body around. Seeing how the straight soldier struggled, Germanicus was reminded of his own experience when he was fucked for the first time. At then, he also despised what Bassianus did to him. Yet, he later embraced his fate and now he loved being Bassianus' sex slave. With his strength, it was very easy to subdue Petronius.

'Ah!' Petronius gasped when his asshole snapped back. At then, he strangely felt empty when Bassianus' cock left his ass. However, he didn't have much time to explore his true feeling because he was soon turned over. Lying on his back, he faced Bassianus. All he had was disgust. Knowing that cursing wouldn't get him anywhere, he chose to be silent. As he looked into Bassianus' eyes, he could only see pure lust in them. The naked senator then leaned over, pushing in his manhood back into Petronius' gaping asshole. The soldier cried out, not being able to do anything to stop the anal penetration.

'You're mine, Petronius. I'm horny for you,' the senator gasped, closing his eyes to savor the pleasure.

Once the dick was in, Bassianus immediately rocked back and forth. This time, it went more smoothly because the asshole had adapted to the thickness of his dick. Not to mention,a good amount of precum had been deposited inside the ass, thus lubricating the fuck canal. Looking at Petronius' wincing face made Bassianus' dick harder. He simply loved to see the expression of sexual pain. Haphazardly, his member plunged deep and hit Petronius' prostate. Once it was hit, unwanted ecstasy seized Petronius' body. Upon noticing it, Bassianus increased the speed of his thrust.

'My ass! Oh!' Petronius yelped, feeling like a slut in heat.

'You like it, don't you? Admit it. You want to get fucked. You want me to breed your ass.'

'Fuck! Oh!' Petronius refused to admit it, yet his face couldn't conceal what he truly felt. Adding to his humiliation, Petronius' dick rose up and hardened within seconds. He winced, trying to hold back from precumming. Yet, each time Bassianus' dick hit the prostate, Petronius' dick throbbed and pushed out its precum. 'I'm precumming. Oh fuck! You're fucking my ass.' At that point, Petronius was rather delirious, losing his ability to think straight. The pleasure, emanating from his stimulated prostate, practically numbed his mind and turned him into a sex animal. 'Fuck my ass. Fuck! Make me cum!'Listening to himself, Petronius was shocked. Damn! How can I beg him to fuck me more?

'Don't worry. I'm gonna make you shoot all over your chiseled stomach and pecs.' Lustfully, the senator ran his hands across Petronius' bulging muscles. 'I really love your pecs.' He grabbed those pecs and squeezed them hard.

'Fuck! I'm cumming!' Germanicus suddenly groaned.

Seeing his beloved master's naked body stirred up Germanicus' lust. Even though he was jealous, he couldn't deny that his master looked quite hot when he broke a straight man's ass. Looking down, he saw Petronius' handsome face, along with his sweaty pecs. All of those effectively stimulated the slave's visual perception. Choking the shaft of his own dick, Germanicus sped up the stroking. Louder groans escaping his mouth signaled the approach of the inevitable. Using his free hand, Germanicus milked his balls.

'Shoot your cum, slave! Shoot it. Let this straight man taste a manly slave's cock juice.' Bassianus looked very excited. It was quite obvious that he, himself, was on the verge of orgasm. Shit! I don't think I can hold on for long. I have fucked Petronius for several minutes. And watching his face contorting stirs the cum in balls.

Hearing that Germanicus would cum on his face, Petronius panicked. As a straight man, having another man's cum on his face sounded very repulsive. Not to mention, it was a slave's cum. Again, he tried to struggle. Yet, unfortunately before Petronius came up with a plan, he suddenly heard the slave's deafening roar. Everything happened very fast. The next thing he knew, warm gooey liquid landed on his face. Instinctively, Petronius shut his eyelids.

'I'm cumming, Master! Oh!' the slave yelled. 'Fuck yeah!'

More creamy man juice shot out from the slightly distended piss slit. White substance dripped onto Petronius' face, pooling up on the mouth. Some of the excess liquid flowed down the cheek. Petronius fought not to open his mouth yet he soon lost the battle. All of a sudden, Bassianus delivered a stronger thrust. The might rod lurched in and forced a groan out of Petronius' mouth. As soon as that soldier parted his mouth, a rush of warm cock juice flowed into his throat.

'Fuck! No! Ah!' Petronius yelled, choked by the goo. For a few seconds, he coughed heavily, his body convulsing. A small portion of Germanicus' cum, mixed with Petronius' saliva, spurted out. Automatically, tears streamed down from Petronius' eyes, as a part of gagging mechanism. Petronius was truly humiliated. More cum rained down on his face.

Still overpowered by orgasm, the muscular slave kept milking his dick. His entire body shook, almost like a quaking mountain. A long sigh of satisfaction was immediately heard when the orgasm died down. Absentmindedly, Germanicus slapped Petronius' nose with his dick for several times. The ejaculated cum was spread evenly across Petronius' face as Germanicus' thick meat swept back and forth. With a barely audible 'Oh!' the slave finally ended his orgasm. Drops of sweat were rolling down his massive pecs. Exhaling, he steadied his breath first before wiping off the sweat. Silently, he looked at his master.

'Get ready, Petronius. Here I come. Oh, fuck! I'm cumming for you. Ah!'

That was all Bassianus aid before he unleashed his seed and injected it deep into Petronius' ass. The thick meat suddenly shook and began unloading its content. Creamy juice sprayed out, splattering the fleshy wall. A few times, the head managed to pound Petronius' prostate. That tiny organ was coated with cum as Bassianus' cock made contact with it. Petronius of course couldn't feel the sliminess inside him. Yet, when the cum seeped out, he realized how full his ass was with the senator's juice.

The repeated pounding finally triggered Petronius' orgasm. It was his first time ever to shoot without touching his dick. To his amazement, his hardened meat throbbed all of a sudden. An overwhelming sensation washed over his body at the same time. Before he knew what happened, he was cumming! 'I'm cumming! Shit!' The pent-up cum, gathering in his balls, finally received the right pressure to spurt out. Petronius' cock juice flew and hit his chin, nearly reaching his cum-soaked mouth. Shuddering, his muscles tensed up and flexed uncontrollably. The orgasmic ecstasy was beyond words.

I've never experienced any orgasm like this. Fuck! I can't believe that man-to-man sex feels much better. Oh! The orgasm was so strong that my stomach keeps contracting. I can hardly breathe. Damn!

At that point, Bassianus just finished his ejaculation. Looking exhausted, he looked down and watched Petronius unload his seed. 'Shoot it. Oh yeah! You're cumming. Fuck! That's hot.' The senator deliberately talked dirty to encouraged Petronius. Still lodged in the soldier's ass, Bassianus' dick slowly deflated.

'Oh! Damn!' Petronius gasped, his body writhing. Convulsing violently, he surrendered to the climax. For several seconds, all he could do was to enjoy the spectacular orgasm. The rest of his cum dripped onto his crotch, staining his hairy crotch. However, to his disappointment, the orgasm didn't last long. Gradually, the pleasure waned away until it was completely gone. Panting, he lay there, not being able to move his limbs.

'That was great,' Bassianus whispered, slowly pulling his dick out. With his hand, he gestured his slave to get off the litter. Breathing hard, he threw his body down, next to Petronius. 'I love your body, Petronius, as well as your ass.' Wrapping his arms around Petronius' sweaty cum-coated torso, the senator laid his head on Petronius' shoulder. He acted as if he was Petronius' boyfriend.

Petronius didn't know how to react. He did hate Bassianus for what he just did. Yet, Petronius couldn't deny how much he enjoyed the orgasm. What he felt was quite perplexing. Damn! I need time to rethink everything. After getting fucked forcibly, I don't recognize who I am anymore.

Minutes later, not far from them, orgasmic groans were heard as Petronius' comrades finally reached climax. Without any embarrassment, those horny soldiers groaned and yelled. The slaves whom they fucked also came. Gooey cock juice was shot out, coating those naked muscled figures.

The wind carried off their sex scent, tickling Petronius and Bassianus' nostrils. The senator certainly enjoyed the smell of lust. Yet, Petronius hadn't decided if he wanted to be gay or not.


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