As of June 2011, I have finished Roman Curse until part 8. I make 8 individual sexy cover arts to describe the characters (which are viewable in my website).


A loud creaking noise boomed through the walls. Diego was awoken from his sleep, surprised by the loudness. As he opened his eyes, the bright morning greeted him light which shone in from the rectangular opening high on the wall. Still half-sleeping, he curled up in one corner. Not having any fabric to cover his nakedness, Diego shuddered from the cold. His face looked pale, as well. Knowing that he would be tortured again, the Hispanic man cringed. To his despair, he realized that there was nowhere to run. Like it or not, he had to brace himself for another perverted session of sexual torture. Three figures stepped into the room and Diego recognized them. However, Diego was disappointed because he didn't see Bassianus.

Cassius was back with his trusted centurions, Marcus and Aulus. Surprisingly, the three of them didn't bother to put on any clothes, other than their loincloths. Obviously, they expected another session of sexual fun. However, the fun only applied to them, while Diego got the pain. As military men who were trained to withstand pain, it was normal if they later developed sexual fetish towards afflicting pain to other people. General Cassius quickly sat on the chair, left there since the day before.

'Take the prisoner out, Aulus,' Cassius ordered. 'And chain him again. We're gonna question him again.'

'Yes, General,' Aulus replied, showing his evil grin. Excitedly, he approached the holding cell and unlocked the door. 'You miss me, slut?' he asked rhetorically as he walked in and pulled Diego out forcefully.

'Unhand me. No!' Diego yelled, struggling hard. 'Please don't rape me.' Still traumatized by Aulus' monstrous cock, the Hispanic man fought but he was easily subdued.

'Rape you?' Aulus asked, snickering. 'Clearly, we never raped you. You had a hard-on during the entire interrogation. And you did cum.' The sarcastic centurion laughed. 'You can't rape the willing, can you?' With all his might, he pulled Diego out, almost dragging the Hispanic on the floor.

'No! Let me go. Please! We have the same common enemy,' Diego said, trying to turn the tables on the Roman.

'You have no proof. You think we are fools, huh?' Rudely, the centurion pushed Diego down on the floor, in front of Cassius.

Seeing the bad treatment Diego received, Marcus had the urge to run forward and helped Diego. Yet, he was helpless to do anything. Standing next to Cassius, he silently threw him a glance. To his disappointment, Cassius did nothing to stop Aulus' rudeness.

'I beg you, General Cassius. Let me see the senator,' Diego pleaded. Without being told, he knelt in front of the general. It might sound easy to do but it took a lot of efforts because Diego's ass was still swollen and sore.

'I still don't believe you,' Cassius said. 'You're definitely hiding something from us. And we're determined to crack you up and make you confess the whole truth.' Turning to Aulus, he ordered him, 'Chain his arms to the ceiling and hoist him up.'

Diego had no idea what kind of torture he would face. Yet, he did know that whatever that was, he would be in great pain. Instinctively, Diego tried to avoid Aulus, yet he was too weak to fight. Like a broken doll, the Hispanic man helplessly let Aulus bound his hands together. Next, the chain was pulled until Diego's feet hung several inches from the floor. Dull ache began to bite into Diego's arms as his body hanging down from the chains. Whenever Diego made a movement, the chains rattled noisily.

Fuck! What are they going to do to me? I hate being hoisted like this. I feel so vulnerable, so helpless. My dick and ass are fully displayed.

'Talk now! Tell me what you're hiding from us,' Cassius barked, trying to look as menacing as possible. Intimidation was the only to extract confession. 'Speak or suffer!'

'I've told you everything,' Diego whimpered, almost sobbing. 'How could I convince you? I'm not your enemy.'

'General, it's clear that he will never talk. He keeps repeating the same bullshit,' Aulus said. 'I say, let's torture him. Make him talk.'

'Then do it, Aulus. Go and fetch the tube.'

Aulus' eyes widened with excitement. 'Right away, General.' The shirtless muscular centurion walked out to fetch the torture device dubbed as the tube. It took him several minutes to prepare it.

Worriedly, Marcus turned to his superior and asked, 'General, please don't use the tube on him.' The almost-naked centurion kept his voice low so that Diego couldn't hear their conversation.

'It's the only way. Don't worry, the tube is not lethal. You know it.'

'Yes, I know that. However, he doesn't deserve to be tortured like that. It's very inhumane,' Marcus argued, giving Cassius a pleading look.

'Listen, Marcus. I have no idea why you suddenly get attached to that barbarian. You've only known him for a day, yet he changes you. I don't recognize you anymore.' Cassius sighed. 'I warn you, Marcus. Don't do anything stupid. I won't be able to save you.'

Marcus, himself, couldn't explain why he felt that way. There was something different about Diego, something unseen that drew him to that Hispanic hunk. Whatever it was, Marcus was determined to unveil it. However, he disapproved of Aulus' ways.

'Here's the tube, General,' Aulus returned with a penis-shaped tube made of copper. When he saw Cassius nod at him, he brought the tube to the hanging prisoner. Looking up, Aulus gave Diego a smirk. 'You're gonna enjoy this. I'm sure.'

'What's that?' Diego asked out of curiosity, his voice wavering with fear.

'You want to know? Alright, the tube is basically just a hollow metal tube made of copper. It's deliberately shaped like a penis, to show its function. However, the fun part lies inside the tube.' Hoping to scare Diego, Aulus lifted the tube and let him take a look into its hollow side. 'The inside is coated with a thick layer of honey. In the honey, there are hundreds of big ants. Fire ants, to be precise.' The centurion pushed the hollow side of the tube closer to Diego's face so that Diego could take a better look of the inside.

'Shit!' Diego gasped, terrified by what he saw. 'Please don't do this. Don't put my cock into the tube. Please.'

Unfortunately, Diego was quite traumatized by fire ants. In his country, fire ant was known as red ant or hormiga roja. Not too long ago, he learned in the worst way how severe a fire ant's bite could be. Even until that moment, Diego could still remember how painful it was. Thus seeing hundreds of them gathering inside the metal tube simply amplified his fear. Fear almost immediately took hold of his body, cold sweat drops seeping out from the pores. Although he tried hard, he couldn't conceal his fear from Aulus.

Aulus laughed evilly when he watched Diego's pathetic reaction. 'A muscled man like you is afraid of fire ants? Wow, that's certainly unexpected. You're such a wimp!' The centurion brought the tube away from Diego's face. 'After knowing that a strong man like you fear ants, I'm gonna enjoy torturing you with the tube. And I'm gonna make you cum!'

'You're pervert! How can you make me cum using such horrible torture!' Although Diego knew that there was no escape, instinct told him to struggle. And he did. 'Don't come any closer!' Trying to defend himself, Diego was kicking wildly. The chains rattled, making loud noises.

'Marcus! Come and give me a hand.' Aulus called to his fellow-centurion. 'Hold his legs. Marcus!' he called again.

Trapped in his dilemma, Marcus was forced to choose between obeying his duty as a Roman centurion or defending Diego from Aulus. The latter choice was clearly impossible because he would become a traitor and the punishment was death. Even though Marcus cared for Diego, he reminded himself that he, too, needed to survive. After making his choice, Marcus half-heartedly did his job. I'm sorry, he said in his mind. Displaying his true strength, Marcus adeptly gripped Diego's kicking feet. In one swift motion, he locked those legs and effectively immobilized them.

'No! Let me go, Marcus! Why are you doing this to me? I thought you're the good guy.' Feeling disappointed, Diego vented out his frustration.

Listening to Diego's babble, Aulus giggled. 'You're kidding? Marcus? The good guy?' It took several seconds before Aulus gathered himself. 'Marcus, like me, is a Roman man. He's a centurion. Marcus will never betray his country. You must be mad.'

Still sitting, Cassius cleared his throat before talking. 'Aulus, just do your job.' Impatiently, the perverted general was massaging the bulge forming in his loincloth.

'Yes, General,' Aulus replied. Turning to the hapless prisoner, Aulus grabbed the limp cock and stroked it for a few times. However, Diego's shriveled manhood remained flaccid. 'Get hard for me, you scum.'

Wincing, Diego whimpered. The Hispanic man's body shook as he fought the pleasure. To his surprise, it didn't need much effort not to get hard. No matter, how diligently Aulus stroked the Hispanic cock, the meat couldn't harden. In order to evoke maximum pain to the victim, erection was a crucial part in the torture. Thus, if Diego's dick remained soft, he couldn't be tortured using the tube.

'General, he won't get hard,' Aulus announced. His voice sounded quite frustrated. 'What should we do?'

Noticing the problem, Cassius sighed. 'Damn! I think I need to actively participate.'

'General?' Aulus asked, trying to decode the meaning of Cassius' words. The, something surprising dawned on him. 'General, you mean, you'll...? But General, it's gross!'

Ignoring Aulus' protest, Cassius stood up and approached them. 'Well, do you want to do it instead, huh?'

Hearing Cassius' argument, the centurion went silent.

'I thought so,' Cassius replied. 'One way or the other, he has to sport a hard-on.' While talking, the general reached behind his own loincloth and untied it. 'And I'm the right person to do it.'

Fuck! General Cassius is going to suck another man's cock? That's gross! Some men are indeed perverts. And it happens that my fellow centurion and my general are perverts. Great!

Although Aulus enjoyed fucking men's asses, he rejected the idea of A Roman man sucking another man's dick. Much less, if the Roman man happened to suck a barbarian's dick. Such act could be considered as self-degrading act. According to Roman law, it was punishable. However, Aulus was a loyal centurion and he couldn't bring himself to betray his own superior over a trivial sex matter. Staring at the naked general, Aulus held his breath as he waited for the inevitable.

The hairy older man showed no shame when his loincloth revealed his nakedness. A throbbing manhood was proudly displayed, ready to shoot so to speak. Cassius gave his dick a few strokes, to maintain its hardness. When his hand caressed the eager meat, his hairy pecs slightly flexed. In a glance, he caught Marcus' facial expression. He wondered what Marcus thought at that moment, whether the centurion was jealous or not. However, Marcus' state of mind was the least of Cassius' concern. He had to get Diego's dick hard. And that was a priority.

Finally, I can get a taste of a Hispanic hunk's cock. Hmm... It sure looks so tasty.

Without any hesitation, the general knelt down. Diego's dick hung limp before his eyes, as if begging to be stroked. Appreciatively, Cassius held Diego's shriveled penis and brought his face closer to examine the Hispanic manmeat. He observed the perfect shape and the addictive smell. Carefully, Cassius pulled the foreskin back to expose Diego's cock head. A beautiful cock head finally showed itself, yet it was still flaccid. Using the tip of his finger, the general traced the shape of the knob.

'Ah!' Diego whimpered upon feeling the callused finger on his sensitive dick. Involuntarily, the Hispanic man shook and rattled the chains. His lower body was still immobilized by Marcus' strong grip.

'You're excited, right?' Cassius asked teasingly, looking up to get a view of Diego's facial expression. 'I'm gonna make you hard. You'll see.'

'No! Leave my cock. Stop!' Diego moaned. Realizing that he would not be able to stop Cassius, Diego was frozen with fear. I won't be able to escape this torture. There's no way I can stay flaccid if Cassius sucks my dick.

Damn! General Cassius is going to suck that man's dick. I don't understand, why some men love sucking cocks. It's disgusting. Despite Aulus' negative view on men who performed fellatio on other men's dicks, he couldn't hide his curiosity.

'Moan for me. Come on.' General Cassius stroked Diego's dick for a few times. He knew that a handjob wouldn't do the job, but he really wanted to satisfy his desire for touching another man's dick. It gave him great satisfaction. As he stroked the limp dick, he was rewarded with Diego's erotic moans.

Hanging down naked from the chains, Diego realized how vulnerable he was. Yet, he was helpless to defend himself. All of a sudden, something warm yet wet engulfed his exposed dick head. Diego's face went pale as he struggled to fight the oral ecstasy. However, pleasure spread fast, forcing his limbs to contract. The chains above Diego's head clinked, holding Diego in place. Both Diego's legs shuddered violently but he couldn't move them. Hoping to evoke Marcus' pity, Diego looked down and made eye contact. Yet, to Diego's disappointment, Marcus' eyes didn't meet Diego's.

Holding Diego's foreskin down, Cassius made sure that the Hispanic cock head was exposed at all time. Flexing the cheek muscles, the general made several loud suctions. Judging from the looks of his face, Cassius really enjoyed the taste of Diego's cock. Possessively, the tongue swept across the sensitive surface, picking up any remains of dried piss and cum. The nerves within Diego's dick, reacting to Cassius' tongue, sent ecstatic tingles up Diego's spine. Inevitably, the tingles stimulated Diego's brain. Erection was only a second away.

Fuck! If he keeps sucking my cock, I'm gonna get hard. I can't deny the pleasure. Trying to suppress the erection, Diego attempted to control his mind but was powerless to fight Cassius' superb blowjob. Damn! Cassius must have sucked a lot of cocks. He's really good at dick sucking.

Aulus noticed it, too. General Cassius looks too eager. He's really a pervert. But it raises a question. What does it feel like actually to suck a man's dick. Marcus and Cassius seem addicted to it. A bulge slowly formed in Aulus' loincloth. Blatantly, the horny centurion caressed his erection through the fabric. Out of curiosity, he craned his head to see how Marcus reacted.

Marcus stared blankly, his mind in turmoil. Various feelings wrestled with one another to dominate his mind. One feeling dealt with jealousy. Somehow, Marcus disliked seeing Cassius suck another man's dick. The other feeling involved guilt and pity. Actually, his heart urged him to free Diego but saving Diego was a suicidal attempt. Although Marcus might sound selfish, he cared for his own life, too. The other feeling was of course lust. Among all, lust was the stronger. Its effect could be observed in Marcus' tenting pole. Avoiding looking up at Diego's face, Marcus tried to suppress his guilt.

'Ah! My cock, oh!' Diego whimpered, angry at himself. Feeling betrayed by his own body, Diego thrashed about. During his struggle, his feet pushed downward and managed to yank off Marcus' loincloth.

Tightening his grip, Marcus did nothing to stop his loincloth from falling. As soon as the fabric dropped to the floor, Marcus' hard-on was exposed. The warm throbbing rod occasionally rubbed itself against Diego's legs. However, Marcus tried not to ring his dick too close, just to be safe in case Diego accidentally kicked his genitalia. However, to Marcus' surprise, after a few minutes later, Diego no longer put up any fight. The centurion reckoned that Diego was too exhausted to struggle. Nevertheless, he refused to loosen his grip.

'Oh!' Diego whimpered as his dick hardened and elongated. That's it. I've lost! I can't stop myself from getting hard. And they're gonna torture my cock with the tube. Actually, thinking of hundreds of fire ants biting into his cock was enough to deflate Diego's dick. However, Cassius kept sucking the meat, constantly pumping it to stay hard.

'Wow, look at that,' Aulus gasped, finding it hard to believe. 'He gets hard because of your blowjob. Damn!' A dirty thought entered Aulus' mind as he wondered what it was like to get blown by the gay general. 'Fuck! I'm harder than ever.' Noticing that both his superior and fellow-centurion had been naked, Aulus had no hesitation about removing his loincloth. 'That's better,' he whispered to himself, proudly showing off his erection.

Throbbing between his thighs, Marcus' dick swayed whenever he made any slight movement. The dick had reached its full hardness, hard as a steel rod. Despite his horniness, Marcus couldn't stroke his hard-on because he had to make sure that Diego's feet were secured. At times, Marcus' erect member was unintentionally rubbed onto Diego's feet when the centurion stood too close. It did feel good, considering that both Marcus' hands were occupied. 'Oh!' Marcus moaned.

Diego certainly felt the rubbing. If he wanted to, he could have easily kicked Marcus in the nuts. Yet, he didn't want to hurt Marcus. Somehow, he sensed that Marcus could be trusted. Thus, Diego stopped struggling and let the centurion used his feet for masturbatory purpose. Held by Marcus' arms, Diego's feet were pressed against each other. The position of Diego's hanging body was so perfect that Marcus' cock could comfortably slip into the narrow opening, formed between Diego's legs.

'Oh! It feels so good,' Marcus cooed, his eyes closing a second. 'Fuck!'

The centurion's cock passed through the opening, as if it was fucking an asshole. Not being able to pass, Marcus' foreskin was pulled back. His beautifully-shaped cock head was exposed as it forced its way through. At then, its sensitive surface was still dry. Marcus moaned when his sensitive dick came in contact with Diego's slightly hairy legs. Not protected by precum, Marcus's dick certainly needed some lubrication to prevent it from chaffing. Nevertheless, driven by lust, Marcus used Diego's legs for jack-off.

When Marcus' dick pushed out, its head inevitably poked Cassius' stomach. The general didn't seem to mind it. On the contrary, he was quite turned on. Cassius' dick throbbed, expressing its delight. Sometimes, the older man tried to grind his hairy stomach into Marcus' leaking head.

'You're horny, Marcus?' Aulus asked, observing how his fellow-soldier behaved. 'Too bad, you can't fuck his ass.' Somehow, his voice sounded rather sarcastic.

True to Aulus' words, Diego was hanged in such a way that his ass was too high to get fucked. Those ample ass cheeks ground into Marcus' chiseled midsection. Clearly, the horny centurion could not possibly shove his erection into the Hispanic's man's ass. Nevertheless, fucking through the narrow opening between Diego's legs provided enough pleasure. Marcus couldn't complain. Heaving for breath, the muscular centurion continued his penetration. His face wincing, he bore the pain from the raw friction.

Amazed by Cassius and Marcus' perversion, Aulus was powerless to deny his lust. Stroking his erect cock, Aulus held the tube in his left hand. The monstrous cock hardened until it reached its maximum size. Owing to the thickness, Aulus' fingers could not completely wrap themselves around the veined shaft. Heaving, the naked centurion milked his manhood as he enjoyed the live sex show before him. Squatting down, Aulus brought his face close to get a better view of his general. Not every day, Aulus could get the chance to see his superior perform oral sex on another man's dick.

'Yeah, suck that cock, General. Suck it. Oh yeah! It's a delicious juicy cock, isn't it? Suck it, General,' Aulus gasped, getting turned on. 'You know you want it. Show that barbarian how a Roman man performs oral sex. Suck his precum out.'

The general appreciatively moaned but he couldn't say anything because his mouth was jammed with Diego's dick. Aulus may be a womanizer but he can't say no to sex, even though if it involves man-to-man sex. I must say that Aulus is quite handsome, too. If only I could get him to have sex with me... The general continued to suck with much relish, enjoying Aulus' attention. To Cassius' surprise, he felt Aulus' callused palm rest on his bare back. Aulus touches my back? That's much unexpected.

'You like cocks, General? You look very eager. Yeah, that's it. Suck that big dick. Keep sucking.' Although Aulus might sound supportive of his superior, he actually mocked him. 'Does it taste good, General? You want more? Yeah, keep sucking that meat.' While talking, Aulus ran his hand up and down Cassius' back. Gently, he caressed the general's back as if he was patting a pet.

The general emitted a series of low growls, shifting his weight from one knee to the other. In his mouth, Diego's knob frequently gave up its precious precum. Cassius gratefully sucked the liquid down his throat, savoring its fine texture. Loud slurps were heard occasionally. Up and down, the general's Adam's apple bobbed. Tiny sweat beads began to form across his body as the temperature increased. One of his hands gripped Diego's shaft in order to steady the cock. The other hand encircled his own cock, stroking it repeatedly. Precum was leaking from Cassius' slit, lubricating his stroking hand.

Aulus' hand managed to wipe off some sweat drops. He noticed how Cassius' broad back felt so soft to his palm. It felt quite soothing and Aulus couldn't stop caressing his superior's back. It was actually his first time to ever grope a man's naked body like that. Usually, when he fucked a man, he didn't bother to explore the body. However, he was strangely drawn to Cassius' body. Obviously, once lust had taken over the mind, a straight man could be persuaded more easily to try some gay fun.

At first, Marcus was oblivious to what Aulus was doing. However, during his sexual frenzy, Marcus craned his head and caught a glimpse of Aulus' hand reaching to Cassius' hairy torso. What he saw confused him, because the Aulus whom he knew would never grope another man's body like that. Uncontrollably, jealousy sprouted in his mind. However, Marcus quickly reminded himself that Cassius was not his boyfriend officially, thus he had no right to get jealous. Closing his eyes, Marcus chose not to see what Aulus was going to do to Cassius' body. In that case, ignorance was bliss.

Spontaneously, the general flinched when his hairy pecs were groped. He didn't expect Aulus to go that far. What is Aulus doing? He's groping my chest? I do like it but I'm curious why he's doing it.

'You like it, General? You like being touched by a man?' Aulus asked teasingly. 'Well, I'm touching your naked body now. Are you turned on?'

Ignoring Aulus' teasing remark, the general continued his blowjob. Yet, he couldn't deny that Aulus' touch made him horny. At one point, Cassius stopped stroking his own dick. Instead, he used his free hand to trace the muscled contours of Diego's body. As he expected, he heard the chains rattle violently. Putting his fellatio skill into practice, Cassius was determined to suck Diego's cum out.

'You suck very well, General,' Aulus complimented. 'I wonder what it's like to suck another man's dick.' While talking, the centurion's hand roamed Cassius' torso downward. The fingers continued to crawl until they reached the pubes.

Finally, Cassius responded to Aulus' question. The mighty general pulled himself away from Diego's erection and turned to Aulus. 'You want to try it?'

For a moment, Aulus was speechless, not expecting such question from his superior.

'It's just a dick. Are you afraid?' Cassius challenged his so-called straight subordinate.

'Nonsense. I'm not afraid of anything. As you said, it's just a dick.' Having too much pride, Aulus hated when his manliness was challenged. 'Move aside, General. Let me show you that I can suck a dick, too.'

Gladly, Cassius moved aside and let Aulus assumed the kneeling position in front of Diego's hanging body. Without a moment's of hesitation, the centurion opened his mouth and brought the Hispanic dick in. However, his first experience of tasting another man's cock was proven to be quite overwhelming. Its taste wasn't like anything that Aulus had ever tasted. He hated to admit it, but a cock tasted much better than a pussy. At then, Diego's dick throbbed and gave up another drop of precum. Curiously, Aulus wiped his tongue across the slit and savored the liquid.

Shit! No wonder some Roman men like giving blowjob to other men. It does taste good. But how can it be? Why sucking another man's cock feels more satisfying than licking a woman's pussy?

Aulus' chiseled stomach was also poked repeatedly by Marcus' dick. At then, precum had begun to drench Marcus' sensitive head. Thus, whenever it made contact with Aulus' body, it left some of its precious precum on Aulus' naked skin. Obviously, Aulus tried to ignore it. He certainly didn't like being poked by another man's penis but he had no choice.

Squatting next to Aulus, the general observed how his centurion coped with Diego's dick. To his amazement, Aulus did a great job. Seeing a handsome muscular centurion on his knees suck a dick practically got Cassius horny. Now it was his turn to tease Aulus. 'You suck well. I'm amazed.' The general placed a hand on Aulus' back.

Being praised like that, Aulus had no idea whether to think of it as a mocking or as a compliment. As a response, he made some muffled moans. Is the general trying to get even with me? For the things I did to him earlier? Because I teased him sexually? The centurion's body squirmed, not knowing to respond to Cassius' touch. He's groping my back. His fingers crawl down to my ass! What the fuck is he going to do to me? Yet, Aulus tried to conceal his objection. The cock in his mouth pulsed harder as another stream of precum was expelled from Diego's piss slit. Fuck! I never thought that precum is quite intoxicating. I'm practically addicted to it.

'Suck the barbarian's cock. Suck out the juice. Yeah, doesn't it taste delicious? Keep blowing his cock.' Cassius made sure that Aulus' cock stayed hard, thus he kept talking dirty. Most men certainly love hearing dirty words.

Not having sucked any cock before, Aulus needed some time to get used to having one in his mouth. At times, he was almost choked. Yet, it didn't deter him. He felt the urge to prove to Cassius that another man's dick didn't frighten him. However, once he tasted Diego's dick, he couldn't get himself away from that meat! To Aulus' surprise, his monstrous dick managed to maintain its erection without being stroked.

'Your dick is hard,' the general added. 'It seems that you really enjoy your cock-sucking experience. Perhaps you also enjoy getting fingered?'

Fingered? What the fuck?! Aulus thought. But, before he could do anything to stop Cassius, he had already felt a nudge at his anal entrance. Fuck! He's fingering my asshole! Disgusted by what Cassius was doing to him, Aulus decided to confront his superior. There was a limit to his obedience. And Cassius had certainly crossed it. Yet, before he could so something to defend his manly honor, his head was pushed forward. Aulus was forced to keep sucking Diego's leaking dick. Fuck! What's he doing?

'Keep sucking, Aulus. That's an order,' Cassius barked, assuming his authority. 'Don't you dare try to defy me. You heard me?'

Silently, Aulus nodded. However, it took a lot of effort to obey Cassius' direct order. It was certainly not easy to ignore Cassius' probing finger at his ass crack. The straight centurion squirmed again, making some noises of disapproval. At one point, Diego's dick was shoved in too hard and it created an obscene bulge against Aulus' cheek. Aulus might like sucking dick, after finding out how tasty a cock was, however he couldn't accept Cassius's fingering his ass. The centurion couldn't help feeling degraded and humiliated.

Damn! General Cassius is fingering my ass. His finger slowly caresses my puckered asshole. I can feel it press in. Fuck! I don't think I can save myself from this anal disaster.

'Relax. Don't fight my finger. Be a man,' Cassius barked, clearly annoyed by Aulus' facial expression. 'This is only a finger, not a real cock. If you can't even take a finger up your ass, then you're not a man. You're a wimp!'

A wimp? What the fuck? Aulus' manly ego resurfaced. No one called me a wimp! I'm gonna show that old man that I'm not afraid of being fingered. The new determination gave him the power to endure the anal ordeal.

'That's it, Aulus. Relax and let me do the work. You just keep sucking the barbarian's cock. Do it for our beloved Rome.' While talking, Cassius began to test Aulus' tightness. 'Damn! You're tight.' Realizing that he needed to lubricate Aulus' fuck hole, Cassius spat on his finger before reinserting it into Aulus' waiting hole. 'Don't fight it. Let me come in. Embrace the pleasure.'

Pleasure? What pleasure? Fuck! All I can feel is pain. Silently, Aulus winced. His mouth might be quiet but his face was quite expressive.

'It may hurt a bit, Aulus. Hold it. My finger is slipping in. Oh!' A few seconds later, Cassius added, 'It's in!' To let Aulus know, the general deliberately wiggled his finger.

Instantly, the macho centurion groaned. His voice vibrated through Diego's manhood, stimulating the Hispanic man even further. Overwhelmed by the intense sensation, Aulus' eyes widened. The stinging pain got worse as the finger sank in. Aulus groaned again, his handsome face contorted. To his surprise, he found himself hard.

'You like it, don't you?' Cassius teased, holding Aulus' throbbing cock from behind. 'Here, let me stroke it for you. Just relax and let me make you cum.' Drawn to Aulus' muscular body, Cassius leaned in and pressed his hairy torso onto Aulus' back. 'Do you feel my hairy pecs on your back? Does it feel good?' It was actually a rhetorical question, thus Cassius didn't need to get a definite answer from Aulus. 'You're sexy. I'm horny for you,' he whispered in the centurion's ear. 'Moan for me. I'm fingering your tight asshole now. Oh yeah!'

No matter how hard he tried not to make any sound, Aulus simply couldn't help groaning. 'Ah!' Diego's thick cock jammed the centurion's throat, nearly choking him. As the result, Aulus retched several times, his eyes wet with tears. Yet, the centurion kept sucking. His head bobbed up and down, accompanied by noisy slurps. He was determined to get Diego to shoot out his cum. In his mind, he convinced himself that he was doing it for the sake of Rome.

Meanwhile, Marcus began to increase the speed of his humping. As his hardened manhood continued to bore the tight opening between Diego's hanging legs, more precum was smeared onto the skin. Precum also helped reduce the friction caused by the frantic penetration. Moaning, he tightened his arms around Diego's legs in order to tighten the narrow opening. Wincing, he looked up at the ceiling. Overwhelmed by pleasure, his mouth slightly gaped open. Fresh air rushed into his lungs when Marcus inhaled the air. Sweat beaded up his entire body, including his hair.

'Fuck! I never thought I could gain so much pleasure from fucking through your legs. Oh shit!' Marcus gasped, his body shaking. 'I'm not gonna last long. Ah!'

Dangling down from the chains, Diego was unsure what to think. His mind was filled with the images of sex. What he saw below really excited him. For a short while, he forgot about the tube. At then, he could only think of sex. Pleasure crawled up his body, emanating from his sucked dick. Although Aulus was a terrible cocksucker, Diego managed to gain pleasure from the blowjob given to him. Pulling at the chains, the naked Hispanic man growled. The pressure within his balls increased and it was only a matter of time before he blew his loads into Aulus' oral orifice.

'I'm about to shoot!' Marcus suddenly announced. However, no one paid any attention to him. 'Fuck! Here I come. Ah!' A gooey load leap forth from his piss slit. The first load hit Aulus' lower torso and coated it nicely. Marcus heard a groan of disapproval coming from Aulus. More cum dripped onto the floor. At the same time, the sweaty centurion howled with abandon. He didn't care if the other soldiers heard his lewd groan. 'I'm cumming! Fuck! Yeah!' Taken over by orgasmic force, Marcus' sturdy body convulsed. At one point, his knees buckled, and he almost fell. Holding onto Diego's legs, the horny centurion continued to milk his dick repeatedly. 'Fuck! Oh! I'm cumming, ah!' The orgasm happened for several seconds then it died away. Reeling from the incredible experience, Marcus was left panting for breath.

Cassius was deep in his anal exploration. He did hear Marcus' orgasmic growls but he chose to ignore Marcus. What Cassius cared about at then was Aulus' butt. The general's finger dug deeper into the straight ass until it nudged something. Judging from how Aulus reacted, Cassius knew that he just hit the jackpot. Deliberately, he flicked the centurion's prostate, secretly taking great delight in hearing Aulus' muffled groans. The general also tried rotating his finger, thus creating additional stimulation which drove Aulus crazy.

Fuck! What has the general done to my ass? Why does it suddenly feel so good? I feel like cumming but no cum squirts out yet. Ah! I've never felt anything so intense. I want to cum for real. The fact that he couldn't voice out his thought frustrated him a bit.

Nevertheless, although Aulus couldn't tell Cassius what he felt, Cassius knew perfectly what's going on in the straight centurion's mind. Aulus is struggling with the sudden outburst of sexual ecstasy. He looks confused but he definitely enjoys it. Damn! Aulus' cock hardens. I think he's going to cum. The general tightened his fist around Aulus' manhood, milking out a drop of clear fluid.

The kneeling centurion flinched when Cassius' callused palm accidentally scraped the exposed cock head. However, to Aulus' dismay, Cassius didn't seem to care about that. The general kept stroking the centurion's dick, hard and fast. At one point, Aulus' foreskin was forced to slide downward, thus the head was vulnerably exposed to Cassius' fist. Unexpectedly, Aulus was pulled back from Diego's dick. Covered in drool, the Hispanic dick popped out of Aulus' sucking mouth. Confused, Aulus turned to Cassius for an answer.

'His dick is hard enough for the tube. I don't want you to make him cum, yet,' Cassius explained. 'On the other hand, I do want you to cum. Cum for me, Aulus. Shoot it! Come on. Let me see your gooey loads. Oh yeah!'

'Fuck! Oh! General, you're gonna make me cum,' Aulus panted, surrendering himself to the pleasure. Without any hesitation, the naked muscled man squirmed and pushed his back onto the older man's pecs. Instinctively, the centurion reached back and held onto Cassius' thighs. 'My cock is leaking. I want to blow my loads. Oh! I'm so horny.'

'Then what are you waiting for? Shoot your loads,' Cassius rasped, increasing the speed of his stroking. 'Do it! Do it now!'

'Ah!' Aulus shouted, his body convulsing. And the ejaculation finally took place. With a deafening howl, Aulus came! 'I'm cumming!'

Milky liquid rushed out from the slit and dribbled down onto the floor. While the cum made its way out, Aulus continued to groan and convulse. His body went rigid as the muscles flexed uncontrollably. The orgasmic experience was incredible, unlike anything he ever experienced. Despite his heterosexual ego, he made no attempt to deny the sexual ecstasy given by another man. Instead, he embraced it and gave up himself totally so that Cassius could stimulate his body more easily.

'Yeah! Cum for me, my handsome centurion. Oh yeah! You're very sexy when you cum.' Breathing hard, Cassius licked one of Aulus' earlobes. His finger didn't stop fucking Aulus' asshole. Still stroking, the general made sure that he had wrung out every last drop of Aulus' juice.

'Shit! Oh!' The centurion cursed as orgasm took over his body. Temporarily, he lost control over his limbs. He simply writhed about and shot out his cream. Another long howl echoed through the walls. To Aulus' disappointment, it signaled the end of his amazing orgasm. As the last drop was milked out, the sweaty centurion slumped back and rested his back on the general's mighty torso. Overwhelmed and exhausted, Aulus was speechless. However, he let out a soft gasp when Cassius' finger made its exit.

'You've done well, Aulus. I'm proud of you,' Cassius whispered in his ear. The cum-coated hand which previously stroked Aulus' dick crawled up and rubbed Aulus' chiseled abs. The abs had already been smeared with Marcus' cum. As the general continued to grope Aulus' muscular body, he spread the goo all over Aulus' body. 'I love touching your body, Aulus. You're beyond sexy.' When he mentioned the word sexy, he reached up to Aulus' pecs and squeezed one of them.

Slowly recuperating, Aulus asked, 'What should we do to the prisoner?'

'I believe it's the ants' turn to have fun.'

Aulus flashed a wicked smile. 'I'll get the tube.'


Still naked, Cassius and Aulus gathered around Diego's hanging body. Marcus was not around because he couldn't bear watching the torture. Knowing exactly how Marcus felt about Diego, Cassius gave him the permission to leave the room. It was a good decision as Cassius didn't want Marcus to interrupt the torture in any way. Without any shame, the hairy older man stroked his penis blatantly. His eyes lustfully gazed upon Diego's muscular body. However, what attracted him the most was Diego's throbbing erection. Remembering how tasty it was, Cassius couldn't help licking his lips.

'I'm ready, General,' Aulus said to Cassius, holding the tube.

Inside, hundreds of fire ants ground their mandibles angrily. They were all trapped in a thick layer of honey. Desperately, those creatures helplessly fought to free their legs but the honey was too thick. Some of the ants were already drowned inside the honey. Yet, a large number was still alive. Irritated, they were ready to vent out their frustration and anger.

'I actually hate to see you get tortured like that,' Cassius said, holding Diego's erection with his left hand. 'Why don't you confess?' The general stroked Diego's manhood to ensure its rigidity.

You can do this, Diego. Believe in yourself. You have to be strong, for Esteban. His heart pounding, Diego told himself that he would get through the torture safely. Yet, his body shuddered uncontrollably. The traumatic experience of his last encounter with fire ants came back to haunt him. Shit! I'm very scared. Instinctively, Diego prayed but he quickly stopped himself. I keep forgetting that I no longer have a god. My so-called merciful god has killed Esteban, the only man I ever loved.

'I'll give you one last chance to confess. Tell me, what you're hiding from you. Who are you?' Cassius barked, letting go of Diego's cock.

'I've told you everything,' Diego said, not showing any effort to convince Cassius.

Cassius replied, 'You give me no choice.' The general turned to his centurion and gave him a nod.

Grinning, Aulus excitedly brought the tube to Diego's throbbing erection. 'I'm gonna enjoy this,' he whispered to himself. Looking up, he observed Diego's facial expression as he slowly shoved the tube over Diego's erect manhood. 'Moan for me. Let me hear your scream. Oh yeah.'

Closing his eyes, Diego chose not to watch what Aulus did to his dick. He might be able to block his visual perception, yet he was unable to block the pain that was about to wreck his entire body. Everything happened very fast. All of a sudden, Diego's dick was sheathed inside the tube. The thick honey immediately melted around the Hispanic man's warm dick. At the same time, the angry fire ants sank down their mandibles and bit the exposed dick mercilessly. Once the mandibles sank in, they injected Diego's cock with formic acid. Howling, Diego thrashed about and pulled against the rattling chains.

'Yes! Scream all you want! Scream!' Aulus taunted, refusing to release Diego's dick.

'Ah!' Diego cried at the top of his lungs. The pain was much worse than what he initially expected. Uncountable spots of pain formed all over his dick. The bites on the shaft were somewhat tolerable. Yet, when the ants bit Diego's cock head, the pain was unbearable. 'Ah! Have mercy on me! The ants are eating my cock. Oh! Get rid of them, please! Ah!' Tears streamed down Diego's face.

Instead of feeling sorry, the general stood in front of Diego and began masturbating. Watching Diego writhe in pain and seeing his muscles flex constantly, Cassius couldn't help getting horny. 'Damn! I need to cum.'

'You guys are crazy! Fuck!' Diego yelped, struggling with the chains. 'Ah! It hurts! Stop it! Ah!'

'Shut the fuck up,' Aulus barked. 'The fun hasn't even started yet.'

After saying that, the centurion gripped the tube and withdrew it. Yet, before the metal tube left Diego's dick, Aulus shoved it down. It happened repeatedly. Before long, a masturbatory rhythm was established. However, the ants continued to attack Diego's dick. Red itchy bumps began to appear. Aulus noticed how Diego's handsome face contorted and it got him hard again.

'Stroke his dick with the tube, Aulus. Make him feel the pain,' Cassius gasped, not being able to stop whacking off. 'Torture his dick, Aulus!'

'Ah!' And Diego couldn't stop screaming, even when his voice turned hoarse and raspy. However, the Hispanic man suddenly made a much louder groan. At the same time, his face went pale. Oh shit! An ant bites my cock slit! Ah!

(to be continued)


Hector Himeros

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