Ride It - Part Four, The Party, continues....

Nick pushed a couple of buttons and the porno switched to homemade porno. Yeah, homemade. Me, tied to the fisting bench with about five guys working me over between my hole and my mouth. "I thought you'd like to see what was happening to you so I hooked up the camera to the TV."

I turned back to the video and heard a someone yell, "Fuck his ass with that dildo, man."

Geoff was fucking me with the 9" black dildo we brought. He had this twisted look in his eyes and was really fucking me rough pulling it all the way out and shoving it all in in one stroke. His cock was below the dildo and hard as a rock.

Nick reached between my legs and started fingering my hole.

"You like?" he asked. I pulled my legs up to give him a better access.

"I thought so, pig."

The guys in the room started getting into it, too, and began making comments about the action on the screen. I looked around the room. There was this tall, lanky guy lying on the floor facing me with another guy sitting on the sofa holding his legs in the air. Nick said, "Watch this."

Someone shoved some poppers under the guy's nose and I could see the guy's hole begin to expand. The lips of his ass were opening more and more as the pink ring turned to red. At some point I swear I could see into his hole but it was blue. Blue? As his ass opened even more and a blue pool ball popped out of his ass rolling onto the floor. There was a cheer from the crowd.

Fuckin' A, now that was hot. His ass lips, which had closed a little, began to widen again and a green one started to appear. His ass sucked it back in and then out. He worked his hole five or six times like that each time letting more and more of it appear. It popped out and rolled hitting the other pool ball with a crack just like the sound you hear at a pool table. After that second ball his hole just gaped.

"Great job, Greg! That's how you work over your own hole," I heard Nick say.

Nick began lighting a pipe. He had me sit up and put the pipe to my lips. I sucked deeply and held it in. He offered the pipe to Greg and then back to me. One more time and Greg put his lips to mine and blew the smoke into my lungs.

"You want to have fun, buddy? Greg asked with a wicked gleam in his eyes.

"Sure, I'm up for it," I replied. I looked up on the screen and the guy with the camera had climbed onto a chair and was taking a shot of my ass from above. One guy after another had come up to my hole and rammed his fist in and out only to be replaced by someone else. Fuck, I was a gravy train.

Greg called another hot, older guy over to us and introduced him as Heinrich. Heinrich was German with a thick, hot accent, and had a fucking long uncut cock to match his long frame. A tall guy at 6' 5" not built big but a great body with long arms. I reached out to shake his hand. He looked at my hand, back into my eyes, took my hand, and pulled me to him shoving his tongue into my mouth. His hand was already greasy and his other reached around and fingered my hole.

"You want to shake my hand so you can feel how big it is before it goes into your hole, boy?" he asked.

"Yeah, kinda like that," I sheepishly replied.

"Kinda like that, what?" he demanded forcing another finger in my hole.

Greg whispered in my ear, "You better call him sir real fast."

"Yes, kind of like that, sir," I replied mustering my best masculine voice.

"That's better, pig. Now let me see that hole." He pushed me down on back and had me pull my legs up. He reached for a bottle of J-lube and filled my hole.

"Greg, hold his legs back so I can fuck him. While you're at it, why don't you sit your sloppy mancunt on his face?" he said in his thick accent.

Fuck, Greg straddle me pulling my ankles back toward him. His ass just dropped onto my face and his hole seemed to bloom in my mouth. He takes direction well, it seems.

"Get your tongue in there, pig! Eat his hole out good," Heinrich barked. I've learned, I take directions well, too.

"Look at you fucking his hole with your 10" German cock," Greg yelled out. "Fuck him good, sir."

"Did I ask for running commentary, pig?" Heinrich shouted at Greg. "Like I need you to tell me how to fuck? Shut the fuck up and enjoy the tongue ride I've allowed you to have, you fuckin' cunt."

"Yes, sir," Greg replied.

"I said, SHUT UP. Now, hold his legs wide and push your ass into his mouth."

My tongue was up Greg's hole and I was getting a pounding from Heinrich's long cock. Not fat, but a 10" cock is a 10" cock. Breath, I told myself. Breath through your nose. My mouth was busy.

I was lapping at that ass thinking about those pool balls that had appeared out of Greg's ass. Was there another one in there?

Heinrich said, "Enough," and pulled his cock out of my ass and Greg lowered my legs moving his hole away from my mouth.

Rats, I was really getting into eating his mancunt and, being fucked at the same time, was over the top. Heady.

Nick began to applaud as he got up from the floor where he had been watching the whole scene. He went up to the coffee table and grabbed the pipe once again. More smoke all around. Heinrich took a couple hits himself.

Heinrich laid down on the floor and put his arms up in the air.

"Grease up my arms, boys," he demanded, "and while you're at it grease up each other's holes."

Greg and I reached into the can of Crisco and grabbed out a glob and rubbed it all over Heinrich's hands and arms simultaneously, giving his forearms a massage.

"Now, each other's holes."

Nick brought over some more Crisco balls and said, "Here, use these. Heinrich will shove them nice and deep." Wow, Crisco balls felt incredibly cool in my hot hole.

"Show me your mancunts," he shouted. We each leaned forward, spread out cheeks, and showed him our holes. "Nice fucking holes."

"OK, pigs, stand up and squat down on my hands facing each other," Heinrich said. I again noticed just how thick his accent was. He could really put it on when he wanted. I was flying high from the smoke and his voice took me to the edge.

Greg handed me a bottle of poppers and I filled both lungs. I went to give it back to him and realized he had a bottle of his own. Fuck, this was going to be hot.

Nick had pulled the video camera from the TV and began filming again as Greg and I squatted over Heinrich's raised arms. He had his elbows still on the ground so just his forearms and hands were straight up in the air.

"That's it. Ride 'em, boys. Let's see just how deep you can take these arms up your ass holes. Now ride 'em good or I'll leave your holes gaping open and no one here will fill 'em without my permission," Heinrich sneered.

Heinrich's right hand slipped into my ass and it was if I was looking in a mirror as Heinrich's left hand slipped into Greg's. Hot. Greg smiled at me. "Let's go for a ride, buddy," Greg said.

I looked down for a moment to see Geoff, who had joined the action, sucking Heinrich's cock licking off the leftover grease from my ass. Holy crap. How long was he in the room?

I began to slide down Heinrich's arm. Between watching Greg fuck himself on Heinrich's arm, watching my boyfriend suck Heinrich's 10" cock, and me swallowing Heinrich's other arm in my ass, my cock was leaking so much pre-cum it looked as if I had shot my load. Heinrich's hand hit a sweet spot in my ass and even more pre-cum pushed out of my cock pooling on to his bicep.

"More poppers," Heinrich stated.

I leaned forward after taking a couple of hits just as Greg leaned forward, as well. We both were swallowing a fair amount of Heinrich's arms. More guys entered the room having heard about our hot little show.

"Yeah, fuck yourself, pigs," and "Make those holes happy," were just of the few comments I heard being aimed at us.

"Will you look at these holes taking his arms?" Nick said.

Greg leaned into me a little more and we locked lips, kissing each other right over Heinrich's chest. My tongue was down his throat in an instant.

"Did I tell you you could kiss?" Heinrich asked. "Get back and concentrate on your holes and my arms, pigs. My pleasure, not yours."

I put my hands behind me to steady myself and sucked even more of his arm in my hole. Someone pushed the bottle of poppers into my nose and said,

"Breath, pig." My ass opened.

"Shit, another inch and he'll be down to your elbow," someone said to Heinrich. "This pig, too."

I looked over at Greg and sure enough, his asslips had stretched around Heinrich's forearm and he ass cheeks were almost to the ground.

"Take it, pigs. Pull up from my arms and slide your ass all the way down. I want to feel your asses open as you swallow my arms in one stroke. Ride

'em, boys."

We both raised up not letting his hands out of our holes and looked at each other as we slide back down his arms.

"That's it. Ride those fuckin' arms, fuck your mancunts. Show me just what pigs you are."

We started really fucking ourselves on his arms riding up and down almost to the ground. Saying my ass was open would be an understatement.

I managed to look over seeing Nick push someone to the floor behind Greg. He laid down with his elbow on the ground and his hand in the air close to Heinrich's hands.

"Raise up, Greg" Heinrich stated, "but don't take my hand out of your ass."

Once the second hand was in place he said, "Now, slide back down."

I looked over to Greg to see him sliding down taking in more and more of their fingers. I could see him focused on my ass, as well. More poppers appeared under our noses and we slide further down.

"Work it pigs. Ride those fists." Heinrich shouted.

I started to feel more of a stretch on my asshole. A second guy had moved behind my and had slide his hand next to Heinrich's wrist. I got it now. That's what Greg was focused on looking at my ass.

More comments from the guys in the room who were now standing around jerking off watching the show we were putting on.

"That's it, up and down."

"Take more, pigs."

"You know you want it."

Greg grunted and two fists slide in his hole. He went deeper, yet.

"That's one. Now you, pussy boy. Show my how your mancunt is going to stretch," Heinrich snickered.

Geoff appeared in front of me and attached a tit clamp to my left tit. I yelped. He attached the other. Someone leaned into my mouth blowing more smoke in my lungs. With my focus on my tits for just those few moments, my ass opened. "Take it, pig. Open your asshole now," Geoff demanded.

Fuck, shit, my ass swallowed the second fist. Greg's eyes widened watching my asslips stretched around two wrists. He knew what I was feeling.

Heinrich smiled and said, "There you go, I knew you both wanted it. Give

'em more poppers, boys and let's watch them slide down these arms."

My legs abandoned me as my body weight got the better of my asshole causing my sphincter to stretch even more. My second ring really opened and both arms slide deeper into my hole. My legs started to really give way and I knew I had better stand soon, and I wanted more.

"OK, get off me pigs," Heinrich demanded just in time. His arms and the two other guys were yanked out of our holes. He stood, stretched, and pushed me to my knees into the sofa and pulled Greg down next to me.

"Nick, get over here," Heinrich said.

Nick handed the camera to someone and said, "Don't miss any of this. These two ass pigs are slaves now."

Heinrich grabbed for Nick's arms and started greasing his arms with the grease from his.

"Let's piston fuck these pigs together, buddy. Down to the elbow, maybe more!" he said.

Heinrich took my hole and Nick took over Greg's. We looked at each other and reached for the poppers. Heinrich shoved half of his arm up my hole in one swoop and pushed even harder. My second ring opened and his arm slide deeper into my hole. Guys were standing around commenting and egging us on.

"Take it, pig. Open that fuck hole or he'll open it for you," I heard Geoff. You know you want it. Let that pig come out and play." Geoff pulled on the chain from the tit clamps.

I felt a pop, similar to when the widest part of a hand enters my ass, as Heinrich's elbow entered my hole. His complete forearm was in my ass. He owned me as he slide out and then back in.

"Take another hit, pig," he snarled in that German accent, and began to ram his arm in and out of my ass to his elbow.

I heard someone say, "Look, they both have arms up to the elbow," and Geoff said, "Yeah, piston fuck their holes with your forearms."

I could feel my asshole being stretched even more as Heinrich pushed deeper.

"Someone grease my bicep," he yelled. A minute later he was pushing even harder and my ass opened to him. Heinrich grabbed my cock and pulled it toward him using it as leverage. He began to jerk my cock.

"Fuck, will you look at that?" I heard. "He just took another two inches. A high grease mark around Heinrich's bicep."

Heinrich pulled out and pushed in all the way back to where he had been up my ass. Two more strokes like that and I felt cum splatter my back and hit my neck. Heinrich had cum without touching himself. Another hit of cum and I realized a couple of the guys were shooting on me, as well, one aimed for mouth.

Geoff came around and shoved his cock in my mouth and blew his load down my throat instantly.

As Heinrich composed himself and pulled out everyone stepped away a little. I looked over at Greg. I got the feeling everyone had pretty much cum at the same time as Greg was covered in cum, as well. Nick and Heinrich were comparing grease marks for the camera.

Greg leaned over and kissed me deep.

"That was fun, buddy," he said breathing hard into my mouth. He shoved his tongue in and kissed me even harder.

I looked up and saw Geoff. "Yep, you're a pig, alright," and shoved a dildo up my ass. With that he rolled me over to the ground. He took Greg's handed and wrapped it around the dildo in my ass. Greg got the idea and started working it in and out of my hole while Geoff was guiding his asshole to my mouth. It looked and tasted like he had been fucked pretty good.

"Eat it, pig. You know you want it. Your fuckbuddy here is working that dildo deep up your hole and you're going to clean off mine with your tongue"

With that he pushed is asslips out even further and his hole bloomed in my mouth. With my lips around the ring of his ass I stuck my tongue in the center and cum dribbled into my mouth.

Geoff knew what was happening. He said, "Suck it. Go on, suck it out. You know you want it."

I did as I was told.

Greg pulled the dildo from my ass and shoved in his fist. Fuck. He hit the spot and I shot my load.



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