Ride It - Part Three, The Party.

Jay had barely left the house when Geoff said "You done good, pig. Your ass has really opened. Ready for more?" Not waiting for my reply, he was already heading over to mix up another booty bump for my hole. I didn't think I had a choice but then again my empty hole was twitching.

I sat down to catch my breath for a minute and Geoff walked off into the bedroom. He came back a moment later and said, "Time for Tina," waving a small 1" bag in the air.

Tina? 8am on a Sunday morning and he's talking about Tina. Who the fuck is Tina? My head was reeling.

"Who is Tina and why would I want to see her now, standing here naked, after getting my ass fucked, dildo'd and fisted for the last ten hours?" I replied.

"Not knowing that you were getting a hot birthday present of fine white powder, I called around and got a bag of crystal which most guys just call

'tina.' You thought the coke got you all piggy, wait until you try this shit!" Geoff said and began to drop some in the shot glass along with a shot of tequila. He took and ashtray and smashed some on the mirror, as well, and broke out lines with a bankcard.

"Crystal piss in your ass will take you to places you didn't think possibly, or so I've heard."

"Have you tried it?"

"Yeah, a tried a little tina at this guy's house where I bought it, and he told me about crystal piss. It was last Saturday, when I went out to run errands, to be specific. You just assumed I was out buying your birthday present, which I was. When I told you not to come along you sulked a little but then when I came home and fucked your ass silly you rose to the occasion. Remember, I puttered around the house when you went to bed and then climbed in and fucked you again in the middle of the night. Yep, flippin' horny, that's what I was. I even got online and came across Jay that night. We Skypd and I practically shot another load the minute he appeared on screen. Seeing his cock just sealed the deal, well, and his wicked-ass talk. We started to make plans for this weekend to rape your mancunt."

"So bring that asshole over her and let me fill your hole. Round three," he smirked.

Round three? Yeah, my hole was twitching big time.

I got on my hands and knees, head down, and reached back to spread my cheeks.

"Will you look at that cunt?" he said loudly. "Your asslips have this pussy quality now that you've been worked pretty good. Yeah, a manpussy."

Pretty good? Fuck, my ass could whistle.

He pulled out the injector syringe and replaced it with a butt plug.

I was really glad the injector syringe thing didn't have a needle - God I hate needles.

"We don't want that juice leaking out, now do we?" he sneered. "Now go take a quick shower. Jay gave me an address of a party that's been going all night about twenty minutes from here. Hot fucking guys with some big fists and major sloppy holes by now. I called a little earlier when Jay was working you hard and told them we'd be there in a couple of hours. Well, it's been a couple of hours and we don't want to keep them waiting do we?"

I headed off to the shower and my head was swimming with excitement. First time for a three-way tonight with Jay and Geoff and now a party with a bunch of horny guys? Normally, I had the hardest time containing myself when we had just guys over for a pool party and they were just friends running around naked. This? This was a fucking orgy.

Geoff joined me a few minutes later in the shower. He said, "I laid out some clothes for you on the bed. Don't even worry about deodorant. These guys really like it natural - no scents. Well, except poppers and there's a fresh bottle in the freezer."

Drying off, I walked out to the bedroom and noticed that the duffle bag was packed and there were clothes laid out on the bed, as Geoff had said. My leather work boots, red socks, my favorite pair of jeans along with a new red jock strap still in the packaging and white t-shirt. Oh, yeah, and a leather cock ring.

I snapped on the cock ring first and then the jock strap. It looked great, admiring myself in the mirror. I went to put on the jeans and as I started to put my leg in the left side I noticed that the seam had ripped. I looked more closely and it wasn't ripped, it had been cut clean with what looked like a razor blade. A perfect cut. WTF? My favorite pair of jeans!

"Hey, my jeans are ripped. What the hell happened?"

Geoff walked into the bedroom drying off and said, "Yeah? So what's wrong?

If you're going to have a pig hole than one needs access to that pig hole, no?" He smiled wickedly."

I heard him whisper, "Sweet," under his breath as I buttoned the last button. I walked around and went to look in the mirror.

"See? No one knows the ass seam is split unless you bend over. You can easily wear them around town. Besides, you're only going from our car to the party. How far is that? Who's going to see you? Now bend over and show me, that mancunt."

I will say, I looked good. Geoff grabbed a red handkerchief and pushed into my right rear pants pocket. "For good luck," he said. Luck? We were off to fuck! He grabbed the duffle bag and we headed out to the car. My ass felt cool on the leather seats.

We found the house easily enough but parking was a bitch. Sunday morning and this crowd wasn't the church type. Seemed like everyone was sleeping in given the lack of parking places. Geoff called the number for the party was told where we'd probably find a parking spot. We still had to walk three blocks but we had a parking spot. We were in the gay part of town and the boys were out walking their dogs. Lots of looks. I was feeling hot and flying pretty high. We walked up the stairs and rang the bell. My ass felt a cool, morning breeze through the slit.

This hot man answered the door naked. I guessed that he looked to be about forty with a hot body and nice thick uncut cock nestled on two big shaved balls. The door was secluded from the street but I'm sure people across the street could see if they were looking in the right direction. After very little small talk confirming we had been invited he pulled us into the house and offered his hand. "I'm Nick."

He had a great shake and his hand felt a little greasy. I've come to like that feeling. My ass twitched some more.

The place smelled like sex and men. It was fucking heady.

There must have been dozen or so guys all pretty much naked, maybe the occasional leather chaps like Jay wore earlier. Some guys were really quite hot and others were just guys. Fuck, a room full of men who were getting their cocks sucked and asses fucked.

Our guest offered to get us something to drink in the kitchen. I leaned into him a little. He smelled fuckin' amazing. A little sex, a little lube, and a whole lot of man.

There was a guy on the kitchen island on his back with his legs in the air. There was a black moving blanket over the island. His feet were tied to the pot rack hanging from the ceiling and a big can of Crisco was on the opposite counter. His arms were tied to the legs of the island. These guys were inventive, I will say.

There were three guys standing around him with one of them shoving his hand in and out of the guys butt hole. The other two guys were stroking their cocks and egging him on.

I felt like we had walked onto a porno set.

"Yeah, fist his hole man."

"You don't, I will," said the other guy who then shoved his cock in the bottom's mouth.

"Hey guys. New meat," pointing to us. They looked us up and down and nodded, barely taking a moment from the action. Nick handed us each a cold bottle of water and ushered us out of the kitchen. "There's time for that crowd later. First, let's get you both out of those fucking clothes!

Bypassing the living room where the party was really going on, he walked us through the front hallway and then into one of the bedrooms. Clothes were all over the bed, which I'm assuming belonged to the guys at the party. He said, "You can drop your things here that you don't want to wear. I'm cool with every guy here and everyone knows if something is missing I'll cut off their nuts and shove them up their ass."

On top of one of the dressers was a mirrored tray, a couple of small bags of white stuff, small rock looking things, and a odd looking glass pipe.

"Wanna smoke a bowl?" he asked.

Smoke a bowl? I didn't know what to say?

Geoff piped in quickly, "Sure!"

With that Nick took some of the white rocks from the mirror and dropped them down the stem and lit a lighter than looked like a small blowtorch. He moved it around under the bowl and white smoke slowly started to come out of the top. Once he had the bowl really putting off a fair amount of white smoke he offered it to Geoff, who put it up to his lips and took a deep inhale. Nick moved the torch a little more under the bowl and offered it to me. I imitated Geoff's moves and inhaled filling my lungs.

"Hold it in," Geoff said looking at me. "He's never smoked a bowl before, Nick. This is going to be a treat seeing just what a pig tina will make him."

"Shit," Nick said. "Buddy, you don't know what you're in for," inhaling a couple of good hits. He passed the pipe back to Geoff and then to me.

Nick said, "Open your mouth," and he took another hit. He moved forward and kissed me blowing the smoke into my mouth.

"Wow. I want to try that," said Geoff.

Nick took another hit and leaned into Geoff's mouth. It looked like Geoff was sucking the smoke of out Nick's lungs. With another kiss, Geoff passed the smoke off to me.

"Alright, boys. Let's party!" yelled Nick grabbing my ass and Geoff's cock. "The only rules are no stealing, no attitude, and have fun or go home. Easy enough?" I could only nod my head. I was so excited I couldn't put two words together.

Nick showed us around to a couple of the different rooms. Sucking, fucking, fisting, dildos, tit clamps, big dicks, medium dicks, white dicks, black and brown dicks, cut dicks and uncut dicks, cock rings and pierced cocks, ball stretchers, and a sling - did I miss anything thing? Oh, fuck. My ass kept involuntarily clenching to let me know that it was time to get into the play.

One room we walked into looked like it had what was a sawhorse. Actually, wider than a saw horse with two brackets on both sides. There was a well-built Asian guy laying on it chest down with his legs and arms resting on the brackets. Thick arms, meaty thighs, and ass cheeks you could crack an egg on. Nick saw my eyes get big.

"You've never seen a fisting bench before?" he asked.

"No, no, sir," I replied.

Nick walked over and pushed the top aside reaching into a can of Crisco.

"Watch and learn, grasshopper," he said and winked as he pushed a glob of Crisco into the guy's hole and greased his hands and forearms.

He pushed his hand into the guy's hole. The guy's beautiful face pulled up off the bench and his mouth gaped open. You could read the pleasure in his eyes. Another guy walked around front and aimed his cock at the guy's mouth.

"That's it," Nick said, "Open your mouth and your ass. Open wide, fucker."

Geoff put his hand into the crack of my jeans fingering my hole.

"Why don't you go grab the lube out of the bag I brought, pig? My fist is cold."

By the time I got back, yeah, I got a little sidetracked with the view;

Nick had stepped to the side and had pulled out of the guy's hole. Geoff was in to the guy's ass half way up his arm. Nick walked over and started fingering my hole.

"Geoff told me about the jeans you would be wearing when he called earlier. I couldn't wait to see them. That kind of public exhibitionism gets me hard, buddy. If you didn't bring another pair to wear home I suggest you get out of the them pronto or you're going to have one greasy ass seam to show off." I pulled out of my boots, popped the buttons, and ripped off my jeans. I tossed them in the corner.

"Put your boots back on. It's a great look for you between the boots and that red jock strap framing your ass."

Turns out the guy on the fisting bench needed a break so Nicked push me face down on the bench. He reached for something under the bench and came back with some rope tossing it to a couple of the guys in the room.

"Tie this one down guys. I hear this pig's a squealer!" he yelled out slapping my ass. I could feel my cheek redden.

With one guy on either side they began to tie my arms and legs to the bench. One guy tossed rope over my back and under the bench to the other guy. They were serious about their ropes.

I looked over and Geoff was on the couch stroking a nice big black cock on the other side of the room. It had a sweet curve to it with a nice size head. I remember what Jay had said about Max and my hole twitched some more.

Next thing I knew someone began to tie a bandana around my eyes pulling it down so I couldn't see anything.

"There's nothing for you to look at, buddy boy. I don't want you to get distracted while I open your hole. Right now the only thing you need to think about is 'who's cock can I service' and breathing into your mancunt to open it further. Got it?" Nick demanded questioningly.

The bottle of J-lube was unceremoniously shoved into my hole and I was being filled with the slick lube. I could hear someone greasing up his hand with the Crisco. It had an unusual sound I won't soon forget. Fingers started to play with my hole.

I heard some low voices and then a few minutes I felt something ice cold in my ass. Wow. What the fuck was that? And another one. I tried to say something but a cock was pushed into my mouth.

"Suck it," I heard.

'If you're wondering, those are frozen Crisco balls I just pushed into your hole. I find that they get pushed up your hole deeper than just lube or Crisco will easily go, and they don't begin to melt until their high up there really greasing up a pig's hole. Here, this will help push them along," Nick stated.

What I didn't realize is that Nick had our duffle bag brought into the room and he found the 13" dildo. Whatever was in my hole felt familiar but I wasn't really sure it was concentrating rather on a large cock my mouth.

"Will you look at the ride that pig is giving that dildo?" I heard from the room.

"Fuck, he practically has the whole thing up his ass. How long is that dildo?" someone else asked.

I found the fisting bench was a perfect angle for two things, getting face fucked and having your ass worked over good. I could just hang out there with an occasional cock in my mouth, but my body and ass were really relaxed. I want one of my own!

"Here. Take a hit of these," I was told. Poppers, really good ones. My head was flying.

"Shit, he's got the whole thing up his fuck hole!" somebody yelled out. I felt the balls of the dildo on my asshole. Well, for a moment. Nick immediately began pulling the dildo out of my ass.

"Looks to be 13 inches," Nick said.

"Damn, clean as a whistle. This pig was ready for that," and the dildo was shoved back in my hole all the way to the balls in one motion. My second ring was fuckin' open.

"Rape his ass with that dildo, man." I heard people talking in every part of the room. It was getting hot. Were there more people in the room? I thought I heard different voices from when we started.

Nick pulled the dildo out of my ass after fucking it, for what felt like, ten minutes.

"Will you look at that?" I heard as something else was being pushed into my hole. More dildo and it also felt kinda familiar.

"That's it. Push it in. Somebody load him up with poppers."

The dildo slipped in and was being pushed against the second ring.

"That's it Geoff, FUCK HIM!" Nick yelled.

"Here, open your mouth." Somebody kissed me and blew smoke into my lungs. "Hold it. Now, let it out. Open up again." Someone else, with a mustache, kissed me and blew more smoke into my lugs. My assed opened easily.

"Damn, if he doesn't have that big black dildo up his ass. Fuck him, man,"

I heard.

Nick whispered in into my ear, "Geoff told me just how good you did riding that 9" fat rubber cock earlier giving him a show, so we got out the dildo harness and strapped it onto him nice and tight. He's fucking you with that dildo. The force you feel is Geoff actually fucking you with a dildo as if it was his own fat cock, not just pushing it in and out of your ass or riding it gently like you do, pussy boy."

I'm not sure if it was what he was saying or the way he was saying it in my ear, but my cock felt like it was going to explode it was so hard. My ass felt like it was on fire being fucked hard and deep by nine, fat inches. Geoff was like an animal fucking my hole with that dildo. My ass will never be the same.

"Enough of that, Geoff. Time for the real stuff. Ready, boys? Let's fist his hole. Did I tell you he's been celebrating his birthday since yesterday? How about thirty fists, one for each year?" Nick asked slyly.

I heard shuffling and my ass was being groped by a number of hands. Squeezing my butt checks, stretching them wide, and fingering my hole.

"Open up, pig boy" I was told. "Yeah, open that fuck hole."

I felt a hand go in my ass and pull out, what felt like another, bigger hand go in my hole and was pulled out, then another longer one, and another. Fuck, I was being fisted by any number of guys and I don't even know how many!

Geoff leaned over and whispered into my ear, "Don't worry, I gave one of the guys in the room the video camera. You'll be able to see it all later. You look fuckin' hot, pig. Now. Open that hole, push it out."

Bigger, wider, faster, harder - my ass was really being raped. More poppers under my nose and commands to sniff followed over and over.

They all pulled out for a moment and my ass just gaped. I could feel the wind rush in. The fists were replaced by a cock. A big cock.

"That's it, fuck his hole." I heard.

I felt someone get on the bench with me and straddle my ass. My ass was now being fucked from above and my hole being stretched a little more. The angle of the cock hit my prostate. It felt like fingers were being rubbed around my hole next to the cock making it wider.

More poppers were pushed under my nose and one nostril was closed at a time.

"Open that hole, boy." With that my ass was being ripped open. Someone's fist had gone into my ass wrapping around the cock that was already there.

"Fist and fuck that hole, you two." Somebody yelled. I heard more voices telling them what to do, how hard to do, and for how long. Hands were all over my body and more white smoke being blown into my lungs. I could feel the fist being pulled out and being pushed back in. Hell, I could feel the cock go in and out of my hole fucking the fist in my hole.

What I didn't know until later is that a bunch of the guys were switch fisting my hole with the black cock that Geoff had been playing with. Each was jerking that cock in my hole. I felt a splash of cum hit my butt, more hit my back, and then some my face. Finally, I felt hot cum fill my hole.

The last fist was pulled from my hole and then fingers were being pushed into my mouth.

"Clean them off, pig. Taste your ass juice, lube and cum. Lick my fingers clean," Nick said. I knew his voice. It was Nick who finished pumping off the cock in my ass.

The softening cock was being pulled from my hole and replaced the fingers in my mouth.

"Suck my cock, boy," I heard the black guy say with his hand on the back of my head. "Clean it good. Get under that foreskin."

My ass, which was gaping, all of sudden didn't feel just quite so lonely.

Fingers were pulling my cheeks apart and a someone's hot fucking tongue was up my cunt hole. "That's it, lick his hole. Tongue it good, suck out that cum from his hole."

After a few minutes somebody else's cock entered my gaping asshole. My insides started to feel all warm and I realized that someone was pissing up hole.

"Tighten your ass. Don't let any drip out," Nick said. When he finished pissing he replaced his cock with the butt plug we brought. "Ten minutes. My crystal piss stays in there ten minutes," he said and slapped my ass just like he did when we started.

I could feel the ropes being loosened and the bandana removed from my head. Someone was wiping my ass and back with Handy Wipes and paper towels. With guys on both sides of me I was lifted off the bench and moved to one of the sofas in the room. I fell back. Spent.

Nick leaned over and kissed me. "Nice job, pig."

I got my bearings and started to walk around the house checking out the different scenes. I saw Geoff across the room standing in front of the sling with his hand up this Latin guy's hole. Geoff had on this cool looking, steel cock ring and the Latin's cock and balls had been tied up. His uncut cock laid over his stretched balls and Geoff began to pull them toward him making the sling swing forward and back.

The guy moaned. Geoff pulled out his hand and swung him harder forward and back punching his hand and then pulling it out aggressively. The guy's hole just gaped.

A younger guy climbed down and began to suck Geoff's cock. Geoff's head rolled back a little. I could tell he liked it.

Nick slapped my butt again and grabbed me from behind. "Come with me. You need to lose that piss and I have something to show you."

He took me into the bathroom and pushed me into the walk-in shower. His hand was on the butt plug and he pulled. Damn if that piss didn't flood out of my hole. My head began to swim.

"Why don't you rinse off?" and he turned on the water. He climbed in with me and we both washed the grease off our bodies. More Dawn in the shower. Ya gotta love it. We dried off and he led me into the den.

All the pieces of the sofa setting looked as if they had been pushed back in the room leaving the center of the room open. More black moving blankets were all over the floor and sheets were on the sofa. Porno was playing on the screen and there were a couple of guys on the ground fucking and sucking. Another guy was riding a dildo. Nick pulled me to one of the sofas and had me sit directly facing the 42" flat screen TV.

He grabbed the remote, which was wrapped in plastic wrap typically used in the kitchen. He saw the look on my face and said, "Heck, I got tired of replacing remotes that were getting gunked up with Crisco and lube," he laughed. Made sense. I told you, an inventive crowd.

He pushed a couple of buttons and the porno switched to homemade porno. Yeah, homemade. Me tied to the fisting bench with about five guys working me over between my hole and my mouth. "I thought you'd like to see what was happening to you so I hooked up the camera to the TV."

I heard a someone yell, "Fuck his ass with that dildo, man," and watched Geoff fucking me with the 9" black dildo we brought. He had this twisted look in his eyes and was really fucking me rough pulling it all the way out and shoving it in in one stroke. His cock was below the dildo and was hard as a rock.

Nick reached between my legs and started fingering my hole.

"You like?" he asked. I pulled my legs up to give him a better angle.

"I thought so, pig."

Coming soon, Chapter Four, the party continues....



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