Being ever resourceful, Geoff grabbed the bottle of Dawn from the kitchen counter and joined me in the shower. Yep, de-greaser for the pig in all of us. Do you think they know how we use and why?

He turned me around and began to wash my back lingering and fingering my hole. He whispered in my ear, "It's nice to see your inner pig come out to play."

I look around at him kinda funny and he continues, "What, you don't think I've known just what a pig you wanted to be? I'd watch you looking at every crotch that walked by. Ever since I saw you eye that 13 inch dildo at the video arcade and I gotta chance to shove it up your ass I saw the look in your eyes. Then, I noticed how you started checking out guys hands commenting on their manicure, when what you really meant to say was how short their nails were, no?"

"Really? You think so?" I replied. You might say I wear things on my sleeve.

"Yeah, really. I didn't know that it would take a birthday party with a couple of lines of coke to get you to open up, so to speak. I almost invited Tina."

Tina? We didn't know any Tina.

At this point he had three fingers my hole and stroking his dick with his other hand. I became mesmerized by the feel and lost my concentration of the conversation. Pulling his fingers from my ass he pushed on my back leaning me forward and shoved his now hard dick in my hole in one stroke.

Oh yeah, I liked that.

After all the abuse my hole just took his seven-inch hard dick in my ass felt just fine. He continued his assault on my ass, grinding his dick into my hole banging on my prostate reaching around to play with my nipples

(yep, sore nipples) and stroke my dick. The water from the shower only added to the sensations my body was feeling.

After a few minutes he started ramming his dick into me rough. "I'm not done with this mancunt tonight, you know that don't you?" he growled in my ear. "Taking my fist was just the beginning of your training. From now on you play with your ass when I tell you to and you work it just like I tell you to. Got it? Whatever you think about your inner pig is mine."

With that I could feel his cum splattering the walls of my ass. His verbal assault was somewhat humiliating, but oddly sexy. He had this ability to drop the timber in his voice and words slithered off his tongue. Got me hard. As he pulled out I started to feel his cum running down my leg. He slammed his dick back into my ass and held it there.

"Tighten your hole," he demanded covering my mouth with his hands. I started to feel all warm inside and realized he was pissing in my hole!

"That's it. Take that piss up your hole. I'm filling up your open ass with my coked up piss. You'll be flying again in just a few minutes."

"In the meantime, don't let it out," he demanded.

He stepped out of the shower for just a moment and came back with a greased up butt plug.

"Here, this will help you hold it in and keep you open at the same time. Bend over." He popped that butt plug in hard and fast.

"Now, grab that wash cloth and clean me up."

I squeezed some Dawn on the wash cloth and started scrubbing his body, the whole time being well aware of the piss in my hole and the butt plug holding it in.

As I got down to wash his legs he turned around and shoved his butt into my face.

"Wash my ass with your tongue," he said with that twist in his voice.

The water was running down his back, down his crack, and into my mouth and I tongue fucked his hole. I lapped at it.

He said, "That's enough. Let me rinse off," moving me aside. He climbed out of the shower.

He looked back, "After you've showered, you can take that butt plug out of your ass and clean out again. I want your ass squeaky clean." He walked out of the bathroom with his towel wrapped around his waist.

I sat down on the shower floor just letting the water run over my body rubbing the wash cloth here and there. After a few minutes his piss started to take affect. The water made my skin tingle even more. I leaned back, pulled my legs up, and pushed the butt plug out of my hole. His piss flooded out of my hole. Boy, it felt good. I took the hose and pushed it into my ass to clean out a little more. Cooler water this time. Felt great. My hole was on fire. I turned off the water and grabbed a towel to dry off. I reached around fingering my hole a bit. It felt puffy but oddly not sore after the onslaught it received over the last four hours. Hmmm. I started to get hard again.

I leaned over the mirror, grabbed the straw and did a short line to back up the piss that had been in my hole. It hit the back of my throat. I reached for some lube, greased up my hole, and looked through the duffle bag for another dildo. There were five or so more to choose from. We really had a nice collection going of about seven ranging in size, color, and girth. White ones, black ones, red ones. Latex and silicone. Soft and squishy or nice and rigid. Instead, I got a wicked idea in my head, grabbed the butt plug that Geoff put in my ass in the shower, and shoved it back into my hole. I went to find him.

Geoff was sitting at the computer naked with a nice hard on.

"Whatcha doing?" I asked.

"Another birthday surprise," he replied. I went over to see if he was on a site or what.

"No, pig, you just go sit there, pushing me away from the computer, or go find something to keep your hole open. I'll call you when you can come back."

I walked over and said, "You should see my hole tho'. I still have that butt plug in it keeping it open and you said, sir." Wow, I got into this.

"I told you to pull it out in the shower," he said.

With that I stood with my back to him and yanked out the butt plug. He thought that his piss was still in my ass and pulled back dramatically and yelled, "What the fuck do you think you're doing! You trying to get piss everywhere?"

OK, it didn't make him laugh.

Needless to say he didn't think it funny and got kinda snarky.

"Payback is a bitch. Wait until I get back in that mancunt of yours. Now, go amuse your hole and keep it open for me, pig."

I headed back in the bathroom, put more lube in my hole and found another dildo. Black, not quite as long as the 13 inch one but wider. Big head, nice curve to a hard shaft and a huge set of balls. It could stand on its on, and I thought, "I want to meet the man this one is fashioned after!"

Imagine getting fucked by that. I reached down and stretched my hand from the top of the head to the balls, tip of my little finger to the tip of my thumb. A perfect 9" spread. I've ridden it half way down but getting it past the next ring never quite seemed to work.

I greased up the dildo and squatted over it aiming the head right at my hole. Took a hit of poppers and started pushing the head into my ass. Ummmm. That felt good. I watched in the mirror as it slid further into my ass. Just like before only about five inches went in. Tonight, I felt, was a different story. Another hit of poppers and I felt the next ring began to open. Took a couple of deep breaths and let my body weight fall onto the dildo. Next thing I know I was sitting on the balls.

Just then, Geoff walked in. God his timing was uncanny.

"Yep, I see the inner pig has risen. Look at you down to the balls. Ride that fucker. Let me see you shove it up and out of your cunt." He grabbed the video camera and said, "Ride it almost to the head and back down. Fuck yourself on it. Go on, pig. Fuck yourself."

He kept talking me through it while he videotaped my every up and down ride on that dildo. He began to tell me about Jay, this guy he found on the internet who is into fucking, getting sucked and having his ass rimmed,

"And, oh, did I mention he's into fisting? 6'2", 220#, furry, nine inch fat dick with bull balls with big paws. Sounds like someone that could rip you open, huh?"

"Yeh, could be fun." I replied. I was somewhere between scared shitless and extremely excited. My dick couldn't lie, tho. He noticed.

"Regardless, he'll be here in twenty minutes. I'm going to mix up another batch of J-lube for your hole. Why don't you take a break?"

He stopped the video camera and poured a couple more shots. "Here's to your hole, birthday boy! Let the celebrating continue."

We went into the kitchen where he had the blender set up. "Here's how you make up a batch of J-lube," he said and tossed in some of the powder with luke-warm water. Blend it until it becomes kinda soupy like snot. I found the recipe online."

"Go get the water bottle I brought in earlier. We'll replenish that and fill another. It's gonna be a long, open night for you."

The doorbell rang and Geoff went to go get the door.

"Don't you want to put something on?" I asked.

"Why? At 3am whose going to be ringing our doorbell? If it's not Jay, then I'll just pull him and let him fuck you anyway." Made sense in some reality.

A few seconds later I heard a deep voice and a laugh. Geoff walked back in with this muscle god carrying a duffle bag. Tight jeans showing off a great bulge and round ass, a leather jacket, furry chest, killer smile, and a shaved head. Fuck. It was going to be a long night.

After a little small talk, Jay took off his leather jacket. Fuck what a killer chest. Each nipple was pierced and the hole filled with a single brad with round balls on both ends holding it in place. Next he took off his boots and slide off his jeans. He was wearing a jock strap that looked pretty well used. He put his boots back on and stood up. Hot. What a hot man. Geoff went into the other room and brought back the mirror. He offered Jay the rolled up twenty. Lines all around. More laughter.

Geoff pushed me down to Jay's crotch and stuck my face in it. "Smell it. Get your mouth on Jay's cock."

Jay grabbed my nipples and twisted. I began to melt. He stated, "These need to be pierced."

His jock smelled of piss and stale cum mixed with sweat. Geoff released Jay's cock from the jock strap which sprang out near my mouth. Jay's head went back as Geoff pushed me down on his cock.

"I hear you like dildos up your ass," he said. "Big dildos."

I just nodded still sucking his cock.

"I asked you a question, boy."

"Sir, yes sir," pulling off his cock for a moment to reply.

"Well, why don't you go get one or two and give us a little show?"

I came back with the black one I was using after the shower. Jay whistled.

"You're serious," was all he said.

I looked down and Geoff sucking on Jay's cock. What a sweet cock, I thought or did I say it out loud?

"Thanks," Jay replied. Oh, I said it out loud. Ha.

"Well, pig. You gonna give us a show?"

Jay moved over to the sofa with his legs spread and Geoff crawled in between for a bit lapping at his big balls. I grabbed for the fresh bottle of J-lube and laid back with my legs up facing Jay.

"Look at that fuck hole," he whistled. "Show it to me. Spread your cheeks."

I set the bottle down for a minute and did as I was told.

"Now, grease up that hole for me."

I shoved the bottle in my hole and squeezed.

"More," he said. "Lube up that ass. You're going to need it."

I pulled out and put it back in again. Up to a half bottle this time. I stood up and squeezed some lube on the head of the black dildo.

"You like black cock?" he asked.

"I've never had a black cock, just a black dildo. You're the first guy we've had sex with."

"Why don't I believer you? Next time I'll bring along a friend." Hmmmm. My dick sprung up. Next time? Black cock?

"Yep, you'll like Max. It will be hot to see his black dick in that sweet white hole. He's one power fucker. Now, get on the dildo. Give me that show I was promised."

Promised? What the heck did Geoff tell him?

I snorted some poppers and squatted on the dildo. The head slipped in.

"Nice," he groaned

Jay pulled Geoff off his dick and said to Geoff, "Let's watch for a bit."

They sat next to each other on the couch and stroked their cocks.

"Take it, pig. Show our guest just what you like up your mancunt," Geoff said.

"Yeah, show me. Ride it," Jay said demandingly.

The shaft slipped into my hole nice and deep.

Jay said, "Another hit of poppers, pig."

I pressed against one nostril and took a hit. Switched sides and took another hit. For good measure breathed the aroma in through my mouth.

Bingo. The shaft slid all the way in and I was sitting on the balls.

"Whoa yea!" Jay yelled. "Ride that fucker. Show us just how you like to take it."

Jay had Geoff stand up and pulled him back towards him. He aimed his cock at Geoff's hole and slide right in. Geoff's head rolled back and he slide down that fat shaft. He started to ride up and down on that cock as I was riding the dildo. Jay had a big ole smile on his face. He reached around and started stroking Geoff's cock with one of his massive paws.

"You're going to like Max, you little pig, you. Watching that black dildo go in and out of that white ass I can just picture Max fucking you. Yeah."

Jay pushed Geoff off his cock and went over to his duffle bag.

"You can get off that dildo now," he said as he looked back.

Geoff went back into the bathroom and came back with the tequila and the shot glasses. He grabbed another shot glass for Geoff out of the cabinet. He had the syringe with him, as well. He mixed up another batch and filled the syringe.

"Bend over," he said as he aimed the syringe at my hole.

Jay looked over and said, "Sweet. That pig will be flying around the room for awhile."

Geoff then poured a couple of shots of tequila and put out a couple more lines.

Jay had pulled out a few different lengths of pipe from his bad and starting screwing a couple together.

"Geoff told me just what a great ass licker you are so I brought over my portable rim chair. I'd like to give my ass a ride on your tongue," he said with a wicked smile.

He made some room and pulled a couple of pillows from the couch for under my head.

"Lay on your back with your head on the pillows." He placed the rim chair over my head.

"Take some poppers," he ordered. When I finished he proceeded to lower his ass over my face.

Fuck, what a great view of his hole. Furry cheeks. The seat spread his cheeks nice and wide to show me his pink hole surrounded by a beautiful ring of hair.

Geoff demainded, "Get your tongue in there. I told him you were great at this. Don't disappoint our guest."

It sounded like Jay was taking a hit of poppers, as well. His assed opened with the warmth of my breath and my tongue moving back and forth along his crack.

Geoff said, "Don't forget to suck it and dig your tongue into his hole, pig." Jay was moaning already.

I couldn't quite tell what was happening `cause I was in pig heaven with his sweet hole, but I saw Geoff walk over me and straddle Jay. Facing Jay he lowered himself on Jay's cock and started to ride him which just pushed Jay's ass down further onto my mouth.

My cock was so fucking hard.

Jay was tensing his hole and I kept trying to suck it. At some point it just closed and tensed up completely. He shuddered. I could tell he had just cum up Geoff's hole. I felt some cum drop onto my chest.

Geoff stood up, as well as Jay.

Jay turned Geoff around and told me to take a hit of poppers. He pushed Geoff down on the rim chair. I heard another bottle open and heard Jay tell Geoff to take a hit, as well. Geoff's hole was right over my mouth.

"Now, tongue that hole, pig," Jay demanded. "Suck it, while you're at it. Taste that sweet cum I dropped in his hole. Don't leave a drop in there."

Geoff's ass opened to my mouth. My tongue went into his hole. Up and down his crack. Geoff said, "Suck it, pig." With that, I could fell his hole bloom and cum started to run out of his hole into my mouth. I was in heaven. It filled my mouth, I could barely swallow fast enough.

I felt something happening with my crotch but kept sucking Geoff's hole until it was clean of lube and cum. Geoff stood up and removed the rim chair. I started to sit up and noticed that Jay had tied up my cock and balls. He had taken a leather strap and wrapped it around my cock and balls and then around just my balls separating them and then separating them from my cock. He slapped my balls. I cringed a little.

Geoff came back in with Victor, the big fat fire plug of a dildo and said to Jay, "Wait until you see him take this.

Jay said, "I have a an idea," and grabbed the dildo from Geoff. He set it in the middle of the rim chair and told me to sit on it. The rim chair limited me to just the head which was fucking huge. While I did that he and Geoff did another line. Jay grabbed Geoff and they walked up to me and started slapping me with their cocks

"Open up, pig," and Jay pushed Geoff's cock into my mouth. Geoff hadn't cum yet. I looked up and they were kissing as I sucked Geoff's cock. He pulled it out and slammed it back in. He face fucked me for a long time while the head of the black cock was buried up my hole like a giant butt plug. Jay had been stroking his fat cock back into full view and pushed it into my mouth. They were both trying to face fuck me! My mouth was stretched effin wide.

Geoff pulled out and went over to set up another booty bump with the syringe, which is what Jay called it. A line or so of coke with a bit of tequila, and it filled the syringe.

Booty bump. Who knew?

They got me off the chair, pulled the dildo from my ass and laid me face down, butt up. Syringe emptied into my hole. Jay was massaging my ass waiting for the liquid to be absorbed. The next thing I felt was Jay's cock laying between my cheeks. He just slide it back and forth until he pushed it into my hole. Geoff grabbed the video camera and started filming me getting fucked hard by this muscle god.

Jay pulled out and shoved some pillows under me so my butt was really in the air. He grabbed the J-lube and squeezed it into my ass and around his fist. Geoff set down the camera for a minute and pulled this full length mirror we had leaning on one wall in the hallway and set it in front of me so I could see Jay working my fuck hole.

"Yeah, look up. Watch how his fucking your twat," Geoff said.

Jay pulled out and damn if he didn't start to push his fist into my hole. Geoff came back with his jock strap soaked with poppers and shoved it into my mouth. Like I was going to scream?

Yeah, scream I did. As I gasped and breathed in poppers filled my head. His hand felt lick a huge ham hock being pushed into my asshole.

"Open that ass, fucker," demanded Jay. He pushed harder until my asslips stretched around the widest part of his hand. He held it there for what felt like ten minutes. Fuck if my ass didn't start to suck his hand into my hole. Once he was in he started pumping my ass with his hand.

"Fuck him, fist his ass good and hard," said Geoff and fist me he did. He slid it to the widest part of his hand and slammed it back in, each time pushing a little deeper. He began to work his finger around his wrist, stretching my hole further to the width of widest part of his hand. Next thing I know I'm being stretched even further with two fingers next to his wrist. He had just made his hand not only wide but long and wide using his fingers next to his wrist.

Geoff, still video tapping the assault on my ass was giving me the blow by blow.

I felt his pressure ease up a bit until my ass relaxed realizing it was just his hand in my hole. Just his hand, like that was an every day occurrence. The pressure started up again. Different this time. Jay began pushing the head of his cock in my hole alongside his fist. He was pulling back on his fist as his cock was sliding into my hole. At some point, I blacked out. I felt poppers under my nose and I was back in the room.

"Would you look at that," Geoff said loudly. "He's fist and fucking your mancunt. I looked up into the mirror and Jay had this perfectly wicked grin on his face.

"Breath," he said. Poppers filled my head again and his cock slipped easier into my hole alongside his hand. He started pushing his hand back and cock in. Back and forth. Geoff was filming it all. Jay started really pumping my ass with his cock. He had his fist wrapped around his cock in my hole.

"That's it. Own his mancunt, Jay. Fucking fill him up. Take it, pig." All on film.

Geoff pulled the jock strap from my mouth and stuck the poppers under my nose and then under Jay's and back to mine. He laid the camera down and he laid in front of me pulling his legs back.

"Suck my hole, pig, while his fisting yours," said Geoff.

Jay got turned on seeing Geoff spread his ass checks to show off his hole and me diving. He slammed his cock in and out my hole and into his hand. Fuck if he wasn't jerking his cock in my ass. Before I knew it cum was leaking out between his cock and fist down to my balls. That man shot buckets of cum. Geoff leaned forward and rammed his cock into my mouth and shot within a few strokes filling my mouth with his hot cum. Jay's other hand was on the back of my head pushing me onto Geoff's cock.

"Take it, fucker. Drain his cock."

Jay let his softening cock slide out of my ass and then yanked his fist out of my hole. He reached over and grabbed a butt plug shoving it into my hole. "Keep that in there, pig. It's my birthday present. Now, don't move. I gotta go piss."

Geoff said, "No need to go anywhere, Jay."

"Get up here pig and take care of his cock. I pissed up his hole before you arrived. I'm sure he'll have no problem swallowing your piss."

I wasn't keen on the idea but they pulled me up on my knees and Jay slipped his fat, soft cock in my mouth. He held the sides of my head.

"Don't spill a drop" he commanded.

He emptied his bladder in my mouth and I swallowed as fast as I could. His piss was hot and slightly bitter. Slightly. Fuck I was a pig.

Jay finished and sat back on the sofa relaxing for a minute. My ass was twitching with the butt plug still in my hole.

"Well, boys. This was a lot of fun but its time for me to shove off. Can I take a shower first?" Geoff showed him to the shower.

I laid back down on the floor getting my bearings. Geoff began to tell me just what a good pig I'd become recanting some of the last few hours of sex with Jay. I was stroking my dick, well aware of the butt plug still up my hole. Geoff was replaying some of the video and was stroking his cock as well telling me just how hot it was.

"What until I post these on this fisting site I found," he stated. "Those pigs are going to be begging to get some time in your hole."

Jay came back in the room toweling off with his big ole cock just swinging in the breeze.

Geoff said, "I think our pig here would like to say thank you by rimming your hole one more time. You up for it?"

Jay grinned and sat on the rim chair. I climbed underneath him and started licking his freshly washed hole, up and down his crack.

Geoff moved the mirror so Jay could get a better look. He pulled my legs up and yanked the butt plug out of my hole. I could feel Jay jerking his cock with his balls bouncing on my chin. Once he saw my stretched hole and his cum leaking out of my ass he sat up, pulled the rim chair away, leaned forward and shoved his cock in my mouth. More cum, buckets. Shit.

"Take it, pig."

It leaked out the side of my mouth. I didn't even realize that Geoff had shoved a dildo up my ass while I was rimming Jay. With my legs pulled up he shoved the black dildo down to the balls. The show was too much for Jay.

"You're both pigs, you know that, right?" he said with a grin on his face. "Max is going to love you guys."

We packed up Jay and he kissed us both before he left, tongue nice and deep.

"Next time I'll get you in the sling at my place and really fuck the shit out of you. I'm going to call Max on the way home and tell him about the two of you!"

Fuck, it was already 8 a.m. We had been going at it for five hours.

"You done good, pig. Ready for more?" Geoff asked. He was already mixing up another booty bump for my hole. I don't think I had a choice but then again my empty hole was twitching.



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