It was my 30th birthday. My lover of five years invited 25 of our friends over for a pool party and bbq. Mixed crowd, hot music, lots of laughs, and some cool gifts. It was a great birthday. Later in the day, after much sun and tequila, a straight couple came over and had me hold out my hand, dropped something in it and closed my hand around it. She whispered,

"Something for the two of you later after everyone's gone. Now go put it away. It's not for this crowd." I found out later that they had been on vacation in Mexico and while walking on a secluded beach kicked a brick of coke! It must have been tossed from a supply plane, wrapped and secured with duct tape, it was all dry. They took it back to their room and had a fucking wild week's vacation. Or, was it a wild week fucking? They were an beautiful couple and he was part of my wanking real for awhile now. Not one to throw gifts from the gods away, crazy kids that they were, they figured out places to hide the stuff on their bodies to get through customs. Yeah, pre-9/11. You gotta love flying then. They landed, got through customs and home to fill a mason jar full of coke. A mason jar.

Well, as the party was winding down, I told Geoff of the 'gift'. We went into the master bathroom, he pulled out a hand-held mirror, and rolled a twenty tight and round. "You first, birthday boy," he said with an evil grin.

We went back to the party and slowly ushered the rests of our guests out the door. Fuck, I couldn't wait until the last person left. Thank god I liked them or I might have pushed them out the door. We grabbed a bottle of Don Julio and a couple of shot glasses and headed toward the master bedroom.

We had been play with dildos now for a year or two, well, I'd been riding them and Geoff was stuffing them up my hole. Loved it. The first time I bought a big one, sometime after we started dating, I couldn't wait for him to get home and took a ride on it in front of the mirrored doors in the bedroom. Fucking hot. 13 inches, balls, and a suction cup. I took about six inches and loved the feel and look of it going in and out of my ass. I cleaned up before he came home and he absolutely loved it. "I can't wait to get this up your hole." Little did he know it had already been there.

Yeah, my bad.

So that night, after everyone left, he started pulling out the toys and told me to go clean out, but first, "Do another line." He poured a couple of shots of tequila and handed me one. "Happy birthday, butt boy!" and we downed the tequila. I jumped in the tub and starting getting the water warm watching him pull the lube, toys, poppers and dildos. We had a few more by then. He left the bathroom for awhile and came back about fifteen minutes later. "All cleaned out?" he asked. "Let me see. Do another shot of water."

The hose popped up my ass and after he was certain I was cleaned out and finished showering. He got in and said, "Now, go lube up your hole. Let me watch while I shower," he said rather demandingly. There was an aggressiveness in his voice that I hadn't heard before. I poured another shot of tequila.

We had a nice big bathroom with lots of mirrors including mirrored closet doors. It was kind of cool, 'cause you could watch from pretty much every angle. He said, "There's a water bottle on the counter with a pull top. Lay back and squeeze a bunch of it up your butt."

"But I'm cleaned out. You saw me" I replied.

"It's not water," he said. "I found this stuff called J-lube online and ordered a bottle for your birthday. It's made for horses specifically to help ranchers with anal exams. I heard it's nice and slick and makes your hole nice and sloppy. You want that, right? A nice, sloppy mancunt?"

That's a new word. Mancunt. Wow. My head was spinning a little. Was it the coke or his voice?

"Now, lay on your back. Pull your legs up and let me see you squeeze some in your hole. NOW," he demanded.

"Yes, sir," I replied.

At this point he turned off the shower, grabbed a towel, and started drying off. His dick was getting hard as he stared at my hole.

"That's it. About a third of that bottle in your butt," Geoff said.

My head was on the floor but I turned it sideways to watch in the mirror and watch him watch me. He dropped the towel, came over and straddled my chest with his legs. He grabbed my legs and held them back. "That's nice. Look at the lube go up your hole." As he said that he squatted back and demanded, "Rim my hole and lick it good." With that he lined his hole up with my mouth. "First, let me see your tongue," he said as he squatted on my mouth.

Fuck, sweet hole. Still a little damp, nice and hairy until you get right up to his hole. I lapped like a dog in heat. He moaned. "That's it, get in there pig."

Pig. Fuck, another new word he's never used before. I pulled out the bottle of lube, reached up to spread his cheeks, and licked even deeper.

"Yeah, pig. You like using your mouth on my hole. Next time I won't shower first to see just how much a pig you are." My dick got even harder. "Get in there," he shouted.

After a minute or two he stood up, grabbed the poppers, and shoved them under my nose. "Sniff. Now the other side. One more time. Now, lick my hole like you mean it," and squatted back over my mouth.

"Go one, spread my cheeks. Stick your tongue in there and suck me hole like you love it. Suck it, I said. Harder, pig."

I heard him snort some poppers and his ass lips opened up. Fuckin' A, my tongue was deep in his hole. Musky, sweet, juicy. My head was spinning just right. He stayed like that for another ten minutes switching off only to shove more poppers under my nose. His ass was creamy white with great tan lines. I could have stayed like that for another hour.

He stood up suddenly and said, "Get up off the floor, pig." He moved over to a chair and sat with his legs spread. "Get over here and suck my dick, and no teeth." With that he swatted the side of my head.

What was that? He slapped my head?

"Open up." He grabbed my head and pushed it down on his dick. "Suck it down to my balls. Get your nose into my pubic hair."

He kept pushing the back of my head down on his dick, and the head of his dick flared to fill up my mouth. After a few minutes he pushed me off, stood up, headed over to the hand-held mirror and swiped his finger across it. "Let me see your hole. Spread your cheeks wide. Wide, I said." With that he pushed some coke into my hole. "That will loosen up that mancunt."

There's that word again. My dick jumped.

He pulled his fingers out of my ass and pushed them into my mouth. "Clean them off," he said.

He shoved his fingers deep and I sucked hard. My dick was really hard now. Maybe I was a pig.

Geoff sat back in the chair and said, "Grab that 13 inch dildo and grease it up. Grease it up good 'cause it's going up your mancunt. Wait, why don't you suck it first. I'd like to see you do that. Get on your knees and lean forward. Get your mouth on it."

I could see that he was looking in the mirror and at my hole while I was sucking the dildo.

"Yeah, tighten your hole and loosen it while you suck it. Let me see you work that hole. Now, make that dildo slick with your spit. Go up and down that sides of it. I want to see it glisten." He was stroking his dick and tugging on his balls. The head flared again. Nice head.

"OK, enough of that. I want to see you straddle that dildo and squat down on it, but do another line first. Let's get you real piggy."

Damn, I follow orders pretty well. This is a new experience for me. My dick was hard and my ass was twitching for my next seat of orders. He stood up and chopped a little more. I leaned over and grabbed the straw when he was done. He did a line as well. He stood up grabbed me, stuck his tongue in my mouth, and put his hand on the back of my head pulling me into him.

As his mouth pulled back and forth he said, "It's good to see you get your pig on. Let it out. You follow my orders and make me proud. Maybe you'll get a load or two of my sweet cum, if you're good." He kissed me deep.

"Now, stand up and straddle that dildo," he demanded as he sat back in the chair across from me. "That's it, line it up with your hole." He stood up and shoved the poppers back under my nose and put his finger on the other nostril. "Snort," he said. "Now the other side." He sat back in the chair and pulled the bottle up to his nose.

"Ride it. Show me just what a pig you are. Get your ass down on that dildo."

The head popped in and it went six inches deep easily. "Work it. Work it, deeper," he said. "That's it, pig." He shoved the bottle under my nose again. Two more inches. Fuck. He pushed the bottle under my other nostril. Two more inches. Shit, I looked in the mirror and saw that three inches were left and I would be down to the balls!

"PULL UP," he yelled.

"Not the head. Leave it in. Now. Back down. All ten inches. Ride it, fucker. Work that mancunt."

He reached over and grabbed some lube and a small dildo. He started to grease up his hole and then slowly pushed the dildo in his hole while he watched me work the fucker up my ass.

"Deeper," he said and handed me the poppers. "Snort some more and take the rest of that dildo up your ass."

Three more hits of poppers and the dildo slide deeper into my ass. I was sitting on the balls. Fuck that was deep. He looked in the mirror and saw that I had it all up my hole, not that he couldn't tell by the look on my face. Holy shit that was deep. I was flying high and stuck like a pig on that dildo.

"Leave it in there, just like that. Lean forward and suck my dick."

Fuck, I had both ends filled up. My nose was down to his pubes and that dildo was 13 inches deep into my hole.

After a few minutes of sucking his dick he pulled the dildo out of his ass and grabbed some paper towels to wipe up. He got back in the chair and said, "Take another hit of poppers. Now! Both sides." As I did, he pulled his legs back and said, "Lick my ass."

His hole had opened up from the dildo and his asslips were a little puffy. "Lick around the hole," he said and pulled my head to his ass.

Fuck his hole tasted sweet.

"Work that dildo in your hole while you lick my ass and don't forget to suck it, too, pig."

He was watching me ride that dildo in the mirror as he snorted some poppers. His ass just bloomed in my mouth with my tongue deep in his hole. He pulled my head up and said, "Snort."

I got back to work on his hole and rode that dildo like a bucking bronco. My dick was oozing pre-cum and hard as a rock without touching it. He pulled my head into his ass. "Pig, suck my hole out." I pulled back a little tasting some of the lube and started to mention it. "My ass juice mixed with a little lube doesn't appeal to you," he snorted? "Tough shit, you're lucky I showered. Now get your head back in there. Just wait."

Wait, wait for what?

After a few minutes (yeah, I liked it) he pushed my head back and lowered his legs.

"Let's see you pull that dildo out of your ass," he said.

I reared up and slide the dildo out of my hole grabbing it as the head slipped out. I felt empty.

"Good boy."

"Set it aside and grease up Victor."

Fuck, Victor?

Victor was the name of one of those black dildos where my eyes were bigger than my hole. About eight inches long, with a huge fat flared head that you just new when it popped in it would suck the air out of your lungs. A fire plug. After the head flared out and it eased back a bit to the shaft which then widened to about five inches around near the base. We played with it a number of times but it was more of a novelty. That's not to say I didn't want it up my hole but poppers alone didn't get me there.

Geoff stood up and went over the to medicine cabinet. He pulled out this eye-dropper kinda syringe thing that we had. It didn't have a needle, just a tip like a small mustard bottle. I can't even remember why we had it but it was there. He dropped a line or two of coke in a shot glass, mixed it with a little tequila and filled the syringe.

"Bend over," he said. "Spread your cheeks. Let me see that hole."

With that he pushed the syringe up my ass and filled me with the concoction. I love tequila and found I had a penchant for coke. Who knew?

He pulled it out after it was empty and leaned over the mirror to do another line. Shit, we'd been playing for hours.

"Lay back down on the ground and pull your legs up over your head."

He grabbed the J-lube bottle, pushed it up to my hole and squeezed. Another third or so of the lube went into my hole mixing with the tequila and coke, not to mention my ass juice. I was flying high. He dropped my legs and said, "Let that sit for a minute." He turned around and gave me another ride on his hole. "That's it, pig. Tongue fuck my hole."

Man, I just love eating ass. What the fuck would I do under a rim chair?

He stood up and sat back in the chair. "Now, show me what you can do with Victor," he said. "Ride the fuck out of that dildo," he sneered with this perfectly demanding look in his eye.

I grabbed some lube and greased up that dildo. I squatted down on it to the point where the head was just at my hole. I looked at my self in the mirror. I looked like a fuckin' three-legged stool.

Geoff handed me the poppers. "That's it, pig. Take a couple of hits of these and ride it. Open that mancunt, boy."

Boy? How do you respond to that?

"Yes, sir. Yes." OK, I figured out how to respond.

With the aroma filling my lungs I felt my ass begin to open. I rolled my hips forward a little and it slipped in some more.

"That's it. Look at that fucker disappear." Geoff climbed down to the ground to get a better look.

I continued to drop my body on to Victor further than I had before. My asslips were stretched.

Another hit of poppers.

"Look at your cunt just opening," Geoff yelled out.

Cunt? Mancunt wasn't bad enough. Now my hole is a cunt?

With that thought my asslips opened and the head popped in. Fuck, fuck, fuck. That damn thing is huge. I was reeling.

"Wow. You fucking pig. That head is up your ass. Pull up just a little and let me see your asslips stretched around that head," he demanded.

I could barely breath least of all rise up off the dildo. Shit. My head was spinning from the new sensation.

He slapped my balls. Ouch.

"I said, rise up. Aren't you listening, pig?"

I rose up a little and heard him moan.

"Take another hit and slam your ass down."

Thank god I have strong legs. Poppers to my nose, three hits, and I dropped onto that big black fucking dildo.

"That's it. Deeper."

My ass felt like it was ripping open.

Geoff stood up and reached into the duffle bag filled with toys. I couldn't quite see what he pulled out. I was too busy looking in the mirror at Viktor up my ass. I pulled my balls up to get a better look. Holy fuck. It looked like I was two inches past the head.

"Sit steady a minute."

Crap. Geoff had pulled the alligator tit clamps out of the bag. One. Right tit first. Oh, my. Two. Left tit. He let the chain that connected them fall. Wow. What a fucking sensation. He grabbed the poppers and pushed the bottle under my nose.

"Ride it fucker. Like you've always wanted to do."

The tequila, the coke, the poppers, the tit clamps, Victor. I was feeling everything. With that Geoff grabbed the chain of the tit clamps and pulled it towards the floor.

"Deeper, I said."

He stood to the side and I looked in the mirror. It looked as if my butt cheeks were almost to the floor. I could barely see the dildo.

Geoff dropped the chain again and sat back in the chair.

"Now, ride it up and down. Fast, slow, I don't care right now. I just want to see your asslips stretch in and out.

I did ten good rides.

"Open your mouth." I did.

He reached for the 13 inch dildo that I had been riding and held the head to my mouth.

"Here. Suck this."

"What? It's been up my ass"

"Yeah, so? You're a pig, you know you want it. Now, I said suck and ride Victor."

Holy shit, no pun intended. J-lube, ass juice, that fucker slide right into my mouth. Hell, he was pumping into down my throat. Ten more good rides on Victor. Geoff's eyes were moving back and forth from my face to the mirror watching me take dildos at both ends. He finally pulled it from my mouth. He grabbed a towel and wiped the J-lube from lips.

"Can I stand for a moment?" I asked.

"What you haven't learned your place? Can I stand for a moment, ....?" With a quizzically tone in his voice.

Oh shit. "Can I stand for a moment, sir?"


"Since you didn't ask correctly the first time, I want to see you ride Victor hard." With that he shoved the poppers under my nose and closed my other nostril. "Here, now take a whiff through your mouth."

He went over to the closet and reached into the dirty laundry bin. He found what he was looking for. His dirty jock strap from the gym. He uses one three or four times before it goes in the laundry. He held the opening of the poppers to the jock strap and tilted it into the jock a couple of times.

"Open your mouth."

He shoved the jock strap into mouth.

"Oh, wait. You won't be able to ask again. Oh, well. Breath through your mouth and ride it, pig," he demanded as he sat back in the chair. "Up and down. All the way. I want to see the head pop out of your sweet little pig hole." The poppers took affect.

"That's it. Now slam your ass down on that dildo, down to the floor. Stay there until I tell you you can move."

He was stroking his dick hard. It looked like he was going to cum but I could tell he was only edging. He reached into the closet and grabbed his video camera.

"Smile for the camera. Ride that dildo and show me just what a pig you are," as he began video tapping my movements. He got down on the ground to get a close up of my asslips stretching around the head. "Take more poppers if you need, boy. Give a good show for the camera."

He sat back in the chair with the camera in hand. "Now, slowly lay on your back with your legs in the air. Don't even think about letting that dildo out of your ass until I tell you to," he demanded.

It wasn't easy but I did it. Honestly, that dildo wasn't going anywhere. The head of that was stuck in my butt.

"Now, you fucking pig. Take a hit of poppers and shit that dildo out for the camera. I want to see your asslips stretch around that hole and see just how much your hole gapes."

Holy crap. Shit the dildo out?

After a hit, I pushed hard and it popped out of my ass three feet away.

"Wow! Would you look at that fucking pig hole? I can see into your ass. That's it, keep it open. Grab your ass cheeks."

He set the camera down and reached for the J-lube. He squeezed the rest of it in and around my hole and moved his hand up and down my crack.

"Hold your legs back," he demanded. He looked into my eyes and said, "Don't move."

With that I felt some pushing at my hole. I looked away into the mirror and he said, "Stop. Look at me." More pushing. My asslips opened and I felt my ass fill up until it popped in. "Now you can look."

His hand was buried in my ass. Holy fuck.

"You know you always wanted it! I saw your eyes the first time you saw Victor. You lusted after taking that big piece of black latex up your butt, knowing that you wouldn't stop there. Really? Now, take some poppers." I did.

"Give some to me," he demanded. I reached up and closed one nostril. He sniffed hard. "The other one."

"Now you, one more time, pig." The aroma had us both flying.

I watched in the mirror as he pulled his hand almost out of my ass and then push it back in. He barely let me get used to it as he started pumping my hole with his hand.

"That's it. Open up for me. Push your ass out like you did with Victor. Pretend your shitting. I'm going to punch fuck your hole with my hand."

I looked back to the mirror. His hand was going in and out of my ass. It felt great. Full then empty. With his other hand he grabbed the chain of the tit clamps. Holy shit.

"Take another hit and look in the mirror."

His pulled his hand out of my ass. I could see my asslips and my gaping hole. He held up his hand, tucked his thumb and made a fist.

"Open up! Open that fuckin' ass to me," he demanded as he pushed his clenched fist into my hole.

I looked into the mirror to see my asslips stretch around his fist as it popped into my ass and watched him continue to push. Three inches past his fist, is what it looked like. He started pumping my ass with his fist.

"I'm going to piston fuck your pig hole."

Piston fuck? What's that? I didn't have time to answer myself. I felt it.

He rammed his fist into my ass and pulled it out. Pushed it in deep and pulled it out. Again. All the way out and deeper. His whole fist. I looked into the mirror and it looked as if he was half way to his elbow. With that he raised up a little, grabbed my dick with his other hand and started to jerk me off. I didn't know whether to shit or go blind! Unbelievable sensations wracked my body. He let go of my dick for a minute and grabbed his. Pumped a couple of times and shot on my dick and chest. A shot of cum hit my face. He reached up and pushed the cum in my mouth. He continued to pump my ass with his fist and returned to my dick. All the way in with his fist and out while pumping my dick. I shot so hard the cum splattered my face and beyond. I could barely breath.

He stopped with his fist still in my hole until our breathing slowed.

He popped his fist out of my hole.

"Happy Birthday, pig," he said as he stood up and walked toward the shower. "You know I'm not done with you or your mancunt. Now let's get in the shower and ready for round two."

Why did I think he had planned this all along...



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