In the morning, I could hear Jhonni fucking Jhon  and started to jack off imagining what it would be like to have my ass filled with such a big dick,I was also remiss in the fact I had Jhonni´s full load still in my stomach from the night before. I was sure in the future I would have the opportunity since Jhon and I shared many men that we came across. I remember one of Jhon´s black friends had came for a visit. All three of us were watching television when his friend, Anton gave a quick look at Jhon, unzipped his zipper and brought out his semi-hard black dick. Anton motioned to me to suck his cock which I did without hestitation bringing it rapidly to a hard state. Jhon told me to lay on the bed and I thought his wanted to sixty nine with me but soon I could see Anton behind Jhon´s ass getting ready to enter. He was fumbling with the rubber since it was too small for his huge cock. Finally he managed to encase  half of its length and position the head of his cock at Jhon´s hole.

   I watched intently when the head of his black cock  entered and produced a groan from both participants above. As Anton started to fuck Jhon slowly thrusting more of its length within, I could see the rubber disappear within Jhon´s ass. Anton told me not to worry that when he was ready to unleash his seed he would pull off the rubber and let me have his load of black cream. I really liked this position since I could suck Jhon´s cock while he was being fucked and also lick Anton´s balls. I first started swallowing Jhon´s cock which was being forced into my mouth by the forceful thrust of Anton from behind. At this point, Jhon was leaking a tremendous amount of slimy precum produced by the onslaught of such a big dick. Jhon soon began to produce moans which told me he was going to come soon especially having his cock sucked and being fucked  at the same time. I readied myself and when I saw Jhon´s balls separate and rise I deepthroated his entire length. I could feel the pulsations of his cock begin within my throat. Anton was fucking him hard and was covered in glistening  sweat from the fuck. I  knew Jhon was pass the point of return as he thrust his cock in and out of my gulping mouth. I tasted the first spurt which hit my throat with a tremendous  force, followed by another and another. I drank quickly, Anton above said he was almost ready. I readied myself by starting to lap the area near the base of Anton´s balls and his asshole. I even flicked my tongue and managed to hit his puckered hole. That was all it took since he abruptly withdrew and peeled off the rubber and brought his cock to my open mouth below. As it entered he had already began to come amd I received the first of many volleys of his hot cream. Anton fucked my mouth until he collapsed on top of Jhon´s back. Ever since whenever Anton visits he wants to do the same thing. 

   Jhon is always trying to ge this friend´s to do trios, but his best friend, Eduardo wasn´t open minded enough so one time after they had had sex Jhon came to my room covered with cum, both his and  Eduardo´s intermingled on his belly and chest. He asked whether I wanted to savor Eduardo´s recent emission from his cock. I jumped at the chance and proceeded to lick up all the remnants. Jhon knew what was his and what was Eduardo´s  and directed me to the puddles. Eduardo had great tasting cum and for that matter Jhon did too. The next time they had sex ,Jhon had convinced his friend, Eduardo that they would come to my room when both were ready to come and give me their loads. I waited until Jhon and Eduardo entered the room, first Jhon entered my mouth followed and deposited his load, then Eduardo´s big uncut cock was ready to explode and as he entered my mouth he made a gutteral exclamation of pleasure I felt him begin to empty his swollen  balls and had to swallow doubly fast. The next time was easier since all three of us were laying on Jhon´s bed when I proceeded to take out jhon´s cock and begin  to suck Jhon´s cock in front of Eduardo. Eduardo´s response was perfect since he pulled down his zipper and brought to my lips his cock Eduardo began to suck Jhon´s black cock , Jhon was the first to come,filling Eduardo´s mouth which brought on the orgasm of Eduardo , as he pumped his creamy load into my mouth.Eduardo was at becoming more opem-minded of  how to enjoy sex.. Now when he stays over I can always be assured during the night for him to enter my room  and expect service to his big uncut cock. Eduardo always emits that gutteral moan when I´m receiving his load tring to force as much of his cock down my throat.

   As I continue jacking off, hearing Jhon getting fucked I was sure this would be the progression of Jhonni who was totally straight ???? Jhon and I had started him with the gloryhole and in short time I would be sucking and fucking Jhonni  in the open with Jhon´s expertise in seducing straight men. I could hear below that they were almost finished with the indications from their moans and how they abruptly stopped. I let loose a huge deposit of my cum all over my chest, thinking about it.

Back to the task at hand, John´s brother,  Chucho had called and said Andres,his stepson wanted to pay us a visit. Jhon said it would be alright. Andres had been raised by Jhon´s brother,Chucho. Jhon had said many times that he had the opportunity to see  Andres´s cock while drinking with his brothers in the Mayorista, Andres had gone to the bathroom and Jhon followed curious and wanting to see what Andres had between his legs. Jhon said when he saw it he was astonished by the size of it still in its soft state. As they were both pissing , Jhon started to get hard just thinking about what it would be like to savor Andres´s cock. Andres was white in a family of black men, each with huge cocks, and he too wasn´t a disappointment in the cock department.

Andres arrived with a friend of his to my dismay and we all started to drink since it was a Friday night, Dismay because I thought there would be no opportunity to see or for that matter service his big cock. I was pleasantly surprised when Jhon offered to show Andres the house since he hadn´t been at the house before. I was left to converse with his friend, Juan below. After about ten minutes,, we both pondered what was taking Jhon and Andres so long upstairs. Both of us climbed the stairs to the third floor as we neared my room, we could see Jhon  busy sucking Andres´s cock. At which point, he friend Juan I had noticed was getting excited by the scene before him. I touched his still covered cock and asked whether he wanted the same treatment Jhon was giving Andres. Juan unzippered  his zipper and unleashed a respectable nine inch cock which I started to suck emulating Jhon with Andres. 

   After Jhon had gotten Andres to the point he wanted to empty his balls Jhon asked whether Andres and Juan wanted to try out something new. We went to Jhon´s room and uncovered the gloryhole. Jhon asked who wanted to be first, Andres said he was ready. Jhon and I entered the closet and waited. Jhon said that I had to try Andres´s cock. As it entered I was ready and let it slip between my lips. I could taste thte saliva from Jhon and the slimy precum intermingled. Andres started to thrust his cock in and out until I relinquished his member to Jhon since my mouth ws fatigued from being stretched by such a huge cock and also knowing Jhon had worked hard for Andre´s load of cum. I would be satisfied with Juan´s hot cream. As Jhon took over Andres began to mutter phrases like ¨No woman has ever sucked his cock so good.¨Andres also said  whoever was sucking his cock was going to get a heavy load since his balls had been full for a week without release. 

   Abruptly, Jhon stopped sucking this immense cock and asked Andres whether he wanted to fuck his ass throgh the hole. This would be a first since we had only sucked off cocks through the hole before. Jhon positoined his ass to the hole and I could tell when he tensed up suddenly Andres was within him. Jhon´s cock was rock hard and offered it to my mouth. I eagerly let it enter savoring  the start of precum beginning to emit from his cock slit. I could hear and feel the thrusts of Andres against the door as he fucked Jhon´s insatisable ass. I  continued to suck Jhon´s cock til he rewarded me with a huge load while having his ass filled with the leche of Andres. It was so much cum hat as Andres withdrew copious amount leaked out of Jhon ´s battered hole and hit the floor in puddles on the floor. 

   Next it was my turn with Juan who wanted to get his cock sucked off. He nine inches was almost a relief to suck after sucking Andres´s big cock. In no time I was again rewarded by another load of sweet come. Both Andres and Juan loved the experience and said in the future that they wanted to do it again.  

   About two weeks later while Jhon was away I got a call from Chucho wanting to stop by and have a drink. I could sense there was another motive but i dismissed it. Chucho was the only brother of Jhon´s who I had not sucked off to completion. Once he had come to the third floor extra bedroom which was next  to mine. Chucho motioned to me to get high with him . I said that when I smoked pot I got all hot and horny. He laughed and said it did the same to him. Intrigued I entered the other bedroom with him . He made sure the door was locked . I remember he was busy smoking the joint when he unbuckled his belt, undid the snap to his jeans and let them fall to his ankles. Chucho ´s cock was real hard and had a cock  about two inches smaller  then his brother , Diego. I could hear  other members of Jhon´s family on the first floor talking so I thought we´d be safe. Chucho offered his cock to me and I didn´t resist. I knelt before him and started sucking his black cock. I got the urge to taste his sweaty balls before I went back to suck his cock. He had just  started to tremble so I knew he was near but then there was a knock on the door. Chucho asked who it was and it turned out to be Diego wanting to join him in smoking a joint. Chucho quickly pulled his jeans up and opened the door. Both he and I made it appear we were smoking a joint and nothing more. Later Chucho had told me I had just missed getting his load cause he came when he pulled his jeans up. 

   When Chucho rang the doorbell I was glad he was alone, maybe this time I had the chance to finish sucking his cock and receiving his load. I gave him a beer, followed by another. He said he wanted to smoke a joint so he lit up. He said he had been talking to Andres and that he wanted to experience the gloryhole. We went to Jhon´s room and I removed the mirror covering the hole . Chucho had stripped totally naked  and waved his member at me saying this time I was going to get the load I had lost before. I knelt inside the closet as he brought his cock to the hole. As it came through I let it pass within my lips until he balls were up against  the door. He started to fuck my mouth, each time his cock would hit the back of my throat and start down to be encased by my throat muscles.  Chucho wasn´t a quick comer like his other brothers so I really had to work his cock to empty his balls. All at once I could feel i thcken within my lips. I released his cock so only the head of his cock was resting just inside my mouth as he began to fill my mouth. His cum tasted just like his brothers and his father´s for that matter. I made sure I had gotten his  entire load. Chucho was so hot that day i managed to suck him off two more times until he fucked my ass til it was raw.





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