Jhon´s nephew, Santiago was doing very bad in his present environment, living in a poor neighborhood of Andes, Jhon´s sister had asked Jhon whether Santiago could come to live with us. I was apprehensive about the idea since it would put a wrench in our fun with the gloryhole. At this point, we had many cumers and goers who would show up for service to their cocks.

   Finally I agreed,but warned Jhon we would have to be extra careful with our sexual encounters in the house especially with his nephew around. Santiago,his nephew arrived and took the bedroom next to mine. This was done so we could still service the many men who wanted to experience the thrill of getting sucked off by two guys anonymously. At this point, Jhon and I had a system where whoever wanted service to their cocks would meet Jhon first so he could screen them for safety since the city was full of theives and unsavoring men. Jhon would pick them up at the Metro and check them out ,both in appearances and how big their cocks were. Most times it was young guys who just wanted theirs balls emptied by two expert cocksuckers. Other times it was men Jhon knew from his home town of Andes including some close family members.

   We had even serviced Santiago´s father once or twice. Santiago´s father´s name was James and Jhon had the first opportunity with James after James´s brother, Carlos had spilled the beans about fucking Jhon when Jhon was living still at home in Andes. Carlos was a hot buck in the neighborhood who was totally straight but couldn´t resist Jhon´s ass. Jhon said one day there was a knock at the door it turned out to be Carlos. John said hello to the brother of his brother-in-law and let him in. No one was at home and  it was a innocent visit at first but ended with Jhon´s ass being filled with Carlos´s hot load. Jhon said during their conversation, Jhon had offered him a drink of juice., at which point Carlos offered Jhon the opportunity of trying his juice. Carlos stood in front of Jhon already having a hard on which tented his shorts. Carlos put his fingers in the waistband of his shorts and eased them down exposing his turgid member, Jhon got on his knees in front of Carlos´s ready cock and began to suck him off. Carlos had a nice fat cock about nine inches in length and Jhon had always wanted to suck his cock. Carlos was enjoying Jhon´s greedy mouth and began to groan with pleasure knowing his was finally going to fill Jhon´s mouth with his creamy load. Jhon was filled with temor and fear that his mother or another family member would arrive. John not only wanted to savor his cream but want his ass filled with Carlos´s cock. Jhon mentioned to Carlos about his fear and said to finish sucking him off and after that they could go some place more private. Jhon increased his vigor of  sucking  Carlos´s til the point of no return for both of them. Carlos suddenly grabbed Jhon´s head with his hands so Jhon had to take his cum no matter what. Carlos´loved filling a guy´s mouth with his hot cum and he wouldn´t be denied even by Jhon. Carlos´s cum in his balls started to churn and started the journey from his big balls to Jhon´s waiting mouth. The first spurt filled Jhon´s mouth completely and he had to swallow knowing the next wave of cream was coming. After finishing swallowing all Carlos had to give they both went to the coffee groves so Carlos could fuck his ass.

   After Carlos´s encounter, Carlos had mentioned to James his brother that Jhon was a great cocksucker and fuck. James made it a point that he would have to experience Jhon personally when the opportunity arose. James had approached Jhon in Andes and asked Jhon to suck his cock but Jhon tolsd him that he felt uncomfortable doing it since James was married to his sister. It wasn´t that Jhon hadn´t been curious since his James brother, Carlos had a big nine inch cock. James had bragged to Jhon that he was bigger than Carlos . James got the opportunity when he came to Medellin for a doctor´s appointment and stayed overnight with us. James knew both of us liked cock and always sported a woody during his short stay with us, Time was fleeting so someone had to make a move. It was James who had just taken a shower and had a towel wrapped around his waist. Jhon and I were watching a soccer game as James entered the room. James innocently let the towel fall to the floor exposing a ten inch cock already ready for service.Both of us looked at each other and motioned James to lay between us , We shucked our clothes quickly and Jhon began to suck his cock while I licked his hairy cum filled balls. After a few minutes Jhon laid next to James and John let James suck his teats while I savored his cock. From my position I could see Jhon and James begin to kiss fervently. James was jacking Jhon´s black cock. All at once Jhon mounted his waist getting into position to take James´s cock up his ass. I watched in astonishment as James grabbed his Jhon´s ass from behind and brought Jhon´s cock to his lips and it disappeared within  his mouth. I continued to suck his huge cock. I took the iniciative knowing that Jhon´s ass needed to be readied so I started eating his ass. I didn´t know it but when I touched Jhon´s hole with the tip of my tongue that was all he needed and started to shoot his white seed inside Jame´s mouth. As Jhon was coming I heard james say to suck his cock cause he was ready to cum, I deep throated his ten inch cock to his balls and waited, in no time my belly was being filled by his hot cum. After resting about half a hour James was hard again and wanted to fuck Jhon´s bubble ass. I decided to watch and jerk off to the scene before me. John wanted to get fucked by James bareback and after lubricating his hole he eased down over Jame´s thick cock. I watched as Jhon rode his cock up and down,enjoying the fact that his ass was full of his brother-in-laws´s cockfinally after many opportunities wasted. I could see Jhon´s cock begin to drip strands of precum so I got next to them both and was able to suck Jhon´s cock while I jerked my cock. My head was resting on James´s belly receiving Jhon´s cock with every thrust of Jame´s cock Jhon began to moan and get real hard, forcing more of his cock inside my mouth. When I started to shoot  my load, my cum covered both their bodies with my load. I started to suck Jhon´s cock with more intense sucking until he told me to get ready. James said to Jhon that he wanted to come together at the same time. All at once they both started to come Jhon filling my greedy mouth and James filling his Jhon´s ass,

   Since then James has been a frequent visitor  wanting service to his cock, Jhon and I had mentioned to him when he was visiting that we had something he had to experince, We told him about the gloryhole and he said he wanted to try it having gotten a woody when describing it to him.So he started to undress while I uncovered the hole, James was dripping precum from the end of his monster cock ,Jhon and I got inside and waited for his cock to enter. I had told Jhon that James had great tasting cum and agreed to let him have his load. I started to suck James first knowing he would come when Jhon took over. I had sucked James for about two minutes where upon my mouth got tired and Jhon took over, James upon feeling a new mouth said to suck his big cock, James started to bang his groin against the door and he exclaimed whoever was sucking him was to get ready for a huge load. Jhon hearing this slurped his cock even harder forcing James over the brink. Jhon began to drink his cum but there was too much so I took over since Jhon´s belly was full. I managed to swallow the rest and finished emptying james´s balls.

   When Santiago  came to live with us James said we would have to be more careful when he came to visit. James said at least he had an excuse to come to our house since his boy lived with us.Santiago was fouteen at the time and had just began to jerk off whenever he could. I knew it was´a fact since at times his underwear was damp and encrusted with his semen.Santiago was a late sleeper so Jhon and I would have sex in the mornings. One morning I was sucking off Jhon and had noticed his nephew sitting on the stairs watching us. I let him watch since he evidently was enjoying watching  me suck his Uncle´s big black cock. I dont know whether Jhon  was aware that Santiago was watching us or if he was he was too busy enjoyng my sucking him off. He had left the door wide open which I thought was stupid but he enjoyed the chance of getting caught even by his nephew.As I was nursing Jhon´s cock I would watch out of the corner of my eye what Santiago was doing. I could see him fisting his already cock which was large for his age. He watched intently as I took Jhon´s load and swallowed my reward. Santiago would then retreat upstairs before his Uncle knew he had been watching us.As Jhon went to shower I went upstairs behind Santiago and noticed a puddle of cum on the floor. I couldn´t resist so I licked up the puddle of just spent cum. It was delicious having the same nutty taste of his father´s cream.

   During the first year Santiago was with us I would find cum stains  on my bed linens. I knew they were from Santiago since Jhon and I would always have sex in his bedroom on the second floor. Jhon and I continied to have sex in the mornings with his door open, thinking Santiago was sleeping. At times I would catch him watching us and exposing his eight inch cock to me. Santiago would always cum when we both shot our loads. I was always rewarded with his young cream left in a puddle for me. At one point he even caught me slurping up his creamy load which I knew he enjoyed immensely. I had given him some rubbers knowing soon he would be fucking his girlfriends,He began to leave more of his spent cream sometimes in rubbers or sometimes in the bathroom sink, knowing I would find them . Then it happened......... 






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