As I mentioned before, Luis, the father of Felipe  came back for service to his cock  without his son. Luis didn´t know that Felipe had been coming back  for the same service and had even begun to suck Jhon and I off through the gloryhole. It all started when we were sucking his cock he withdrew his cock and  wanted to try sucking a cock. Felipe evidently leaned toward the bi or gay side. Jhon, my friend being more than accomodating to a client. sent his big black cock through the hole.

   There was a moment that I thought Felipe had changed his mind ,but then there was a moan from Jhon lips that let me know his cock was getting his cock sucked. It started off very slow with Felipe savoring the taste of Jhon´s black cock. I could see the lips of the newbie surround its ebony shaft and then he would back off to relish all the precum he had produced from his first cocksucking experience. I could tell Jhon was enjoying it immensely having this curious young kid  begin his cocksucking by sucking him off. Jhon had presented his nappy haired balls through the hole and Felipe who was busy trying to swallow Jhon´s cock to no avail,  eased off Jhon´s cock to give serivice to Jhon´s huge black balls. After bathing and savoring Jhon´s sweaty balls ,it was my turn. I took Jhon´s place and eased my cock through the hole to be received by Felipe mouth. He evidently was pleased by the change since my cock though big wasn´t as immense as Jhon´s to suck.The kid actually swallowed my cock to my hairy balls in one gulp.

   The young Felipe started his own rhythm going back and forth on my shaft. The kid had a natural talent for cock sucking,I could tell this by the way he would curl his tongue around my cock head and let me glide my cock along its surface. I knew I wouldn´t last too long with my cock being serviced so well. I asked Felipe whether he wanted me to cum in his mouth, but he didn´t answer. He kept sucking my cock until I knew it was too late to prevent it. I felt the churn in my balls as my load started its journry from my heavy balls to this kid´s mouth. Felipe started to choke at first but then he adjusted his timing of swallowing my load to the intermittent spurting of my cock. After finishing I told him it was a great blow job.

   I was alittle taken aback that he remained kneeling at the hole. Felipe evidently was ready to finish off Jhon who had been jacking his black cock off waiting his turn. Jhon eased his leaky swollen shaft through just in time because with one thrust of his hips he had buried his spurting cock inside Feipe´s mouth. The kid managed to swallow his cream alot easier maybe because Jhon´s cum was much thicker and easier to accomodate.My cum is  more liquid and has much more force usually surprising the reciving mouth til the point they are unable to keep up. When Jhon cums its heavy gobs stuck together.Jhon let the kid suckle his shaft until no more came from the cockslit.

   Felipe wanted to know how he did and we both agreed he had a future talent. Then Felipe stood up and asked about his swollen cock. Jhon after shooting his heavy load would lose interest in reciprocating so it was my job to finish Felipe off. Felipe eased his cock through and I knelt to receive it. It always had that fresh bathed taste of soap. At times when we were sucking his father Luis´s cock it would have the same taste. I let Felipe fuck my mouth until he rewarded me with an enormous load perhaps the reason he had such a big load was because he had just sucked off two cocks in a row.I remember when he came the first time with his father that he almost faintd while coming and his father had to hold him up so he wouldn´t collapse. As I was taking his cum he said he felt light-headed from the excitement and the force of his orgasm.

   After he withdrew his cock  and pulled up his shorts he wanted to ask a favor.I kind of knew what it was since his father had asked the same favor. Felipe said he had always had the fantasy of sucking his father´s cock and that he wanted to make the fantasy come true with our help. Felipe wanted to know if we could arrange it. I told him I wasn´t sure but we would do our best. He asked whether we thought bad of him wanting to suck his father off. I said no. Felipe explained that it all started when he was younger and his parents had separated and were in the process of divorcing. He would have to spend the week with his mother and the weekends with his father. He said he father would always sit on the sofa in his briefs while watching soccer. And he could see the overflowing bush of his father coming out from the sides of his underwear. He said he could also see the  dark outline of his semi-hard cock and balls nestled within and at times his father would move his legs just right and give him a view of his cock and hairy balls.He said he would get so hot that he would have to  go upstairs and have to jack off since his father made him so hot. He didn´t want his father to know that that seeing his father in his skimpy briefs always gave him a hardon so he always wore a sport athletic supporter with its cup  to prevent his Dad from seeimg that his own Dad´s basket was turning him on.

   After jerking off he would come back downstairs all flushed and red faced and continue watching the soccer game. What Felipe didn´t know was while he was upstairs his father was jacking off below on the sofa hoping his son would catch him in the act and make the first move. I thought to myself both father and son wanted the same thing so let´s make it happen at least for one.

   After thinking about it for a week I hatched a plan where both would be pleased with the outcome. I had Felipe come to the house early and take his position knowing his father, Luis had requested a blow job later in the day by Jhon and I. I timed it just right since Luis had just missed seeing Felipe entering our house.I had always given Luis a temporary security code to enter since he got off on the fact that he didn´t know who was sucking his cock . Luis didn´t know Jhon was away so Felipe and I would suck his cock. I heard the security system being accessed and told Felipe to keep quiet and let this happen like he wanted. Luis entered the room and he quickly undressed until he was in his white briefs. I had told Felipe that I would start and then he could take over. As Luis neared the hole I already could see that his cock was rock hard. I took the head of his cock within my lips with a loud groan from the other side of the door.After sucking his cock for two minutes Felipe took over. He started to suck his father´s cock like he wanted and his father was receiving the blowjob from his son like he wanted. I was pleased how everything had turned out since it was aliitle complicated to arrange. Felipe had been sucking his father´s cock for about four minutes when Luis said to suck his balls. Felipe didn´t need any egging and took each one inside his mouth. Felipe had taken out his cock and was jacking off . As he went back to suck his father´s cock, Luis said whoever was sucking now was doing such a good job that he warned he was about to come.¨¨ And he did with one great thrust Felipe was finally enjoyng his father´s load. All at once Felipe had reached  his own climax while fisting his cock  and his cum spurts struck the door panels inside.He kept sucking and swallowing his father´s cum til Luis´s balls were empty. Luis got dressed and left and shortly thereafter Feipe left. 





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