Santiago, Jhon´s nephew had been living with us for over a year and a half.He has proven to be as horny as his Uncle. We still talk privately how I was able to arrange his sucking of his Uncle´s black cock throuh the gloryhole without his Uncle knowing he had swallowed his nephew´s hot load. and then Santiago receiving his Uncle´s. Both of us have kept this secret from his Uncle since it ocurred.

Jhon went away for a long weekend, leaving Santiago and I  to fend for ourselves. It was late at night and Santiago came to my room while I was watching the soccer game...he said he was bored, as I glanced at him I noticed he wasn´t just bored but also evidently real horny since the shorts he was wearing were tented with a huge hardon. I asked what he had in mind to end his boredom, He asked whether I would be open to suck him off through the gloryhole. The soccer game wasn´t going anywhere since the game had been tied for over an hour. I switched off the tv and told him I would get everything ready, feeling the desire in my loins to suck him off and hopefully get my balls emptied at the same time.

Santiago had  many girlfriends but he turned out to be very open about having sex with a man. He said he liked to fuck girls but enjoyed getting sucked off by guys since they knew how to suck his cock and would always swallow his spent cum from his balls.Santiago said as a guy was sucking him, he wouldn´t let on that he was ready to cum, as he shot his load he would force his cock down their throats and hold their heads so they had no choice but to swallow.

Santiago and I eased off the sex between us since I had sucked him off when he came to live with us. I wanted him to seek out his own sexual path without my interference. This night would be different since both of us wanted the same thing, to unload  our balls of their contents. When I had everything ready I told him to come down to his Uncle´s bedroom where Jhon and I had the gloryhole located. Santiago didn´t know, since he was sleeping how many times strangers would come to have their balls emptied by us. Jhon and I made it a game, each one had two minutes and then the other would take over. Whoever was sucking the cock at the time they came would get the load of cum, Colombian cocks are huge so one´s mouth tires rapidly. This night I was alone and didn´t have Jhon´s help. I knew Santiago didn´t come fast so I needed all my talent to get him to come quickly since he had a huge cock and my mouth would tire rapidly. The gloryhole wasn´t big enough to caress his heavy balls and ease out his load. Santiago´s cock just fit within the opening snuggly. As Santiago entered the room  I viewed him coming toward the hole with his cock sticking out of his boxers with his big hairy balls resting below. As he entered the hole I realized just how big his cock had grown since the last time I had see it up close. It was immense .

As I perused it´s lenth and girth, I extended my tongue to savor the pearly clear precum dribbling from the slit. I heard him moan deeply as I let him enter stretching my lips around his member. He didn´t stop until his balls were resting against the bottom edge of the opening. Santiago´s cock head had passed my tonsils and was lodged down my throat. I started working my mouth back and forth feeling his foreskin follow my stretched lips, each time he emitted more precum to make my job easier. I started to suck his cock with more vigor and was surpised when he withdrew his cock from the hole abruptly and said to stick my cock through. I didn´t need any egging since my balls were heavy with my cum, I almost came as my cock entered his warm gullet. Santiago started to suck me with the same vigor I done to him. I was thinking who would get a load of cum first. 

Santiago was a talented cocksucker no doubt honing his ability with his many male friends who came to visit after school. One time I knocked on his door when a classmate was visiting. I swear I could him someone getting their cock sucked off. I dismissed it completely until he opened the door and his friend was rearranging and zipping up his pants. I asked him and his friend whether they wanted a drink and Santiago said he wasn´t thirtsy and he asked his friend whether he was thirsty, both eyed each other and laughed. I knew the reason since both had sucked each other off and had quenched their thirsts with fresh young cum,

Santiago stopped sucking my cock and entered the hole again with a much harder cock then before. As I eased his member between my lips he murmured and then the flood of cum began. It struck the back of my throat burning and thick. I started to swallow quickly knowing he came alot. He continued to feed me his load til he cock began to shrink in size. As he withdrew I sent my cock through just in time to enter his mouth to receive my cum. He swallowed my load as he swallowed his Uncle´s a year and a half ago. As he stood up his cock was hard again and he wanted more. I had no choice but to suck him off again amazed with his stamina and amount of cum he had to offer. It was great Friday night at the gloryhole.

Santiago and I still had Saturday night to contend with. I mentioned to him whether if he had any friends from school who would enjoy experiencing the gloryhole. Santiago said he had a black friend with a huge cock. Santiago said the first time he saw it was when they were showering together after soccer practice. He said the other student caught him staring at it and asked whether he wanted to suck him off. Santiago and him waited til the other students showering had left the showers and were alone. Santiago said as he kneeled, the other student cock had grown erect to around 19 centimeters. I quickly converted this measurement into inches and thought to myself this student had a ten cock. I asked Santiago if he could contact his friend and set it up. I told him we both would suck his friend´s cock off, but that I wanted to get his cum. Santiago said no problem that his friend had enough cum for both of us. He said that when he sucked his friend´s black cock in the showers he couldn´t swallow the whole load and most of it fell to the wet shower floor to be lost down the drain. I told Santiago this time not a drop would be wasted. Santiago said good since his friend was mad that he couldn´t swallow all of it.

Santiago´s friend showed up around eight  o´clock that evening. I immediately reconized him because he was the spitten image of his father, a black guy that Jhon and I had sucked off. I remember because his father had a huge black twelve inch cock who fucked Jhon after Jhon and I had serviced him at the gloryhole. This guy´s father had so much cum, Jhon and I had a hard time swallowing it. I told Santiago that I would pretend to leave to do an errand but really went to the closet to wait. It wasn´t long til both entered the room. Santiago opened the door,leaving his friend outside. His friend, unzipped his zipper and undid the button to his jeans and let his jeans fall to his ankles. Santiago´s friend then pulled his white briefs down exposing a succulent uncut black cock already drooling heavy amounts of precum. As he brought his cock to the hole, I positioned myself to receive it first. I savored its musky taste as it slid into my mouth, hearing an audible moan from outside from its owner. I started to suck his member with abandonment, seeking the contents of his balls. After about two minutes, Santiago took over, I could see how its girth stretched Santiago´s small mouth and lips as he engulfed his friend´s cock. Santiago kept still and let his friend start to face fuck him with long thrusts. Santiago got so heated up that he let his own cock out and started to jerk off. I stood and watched as this hot scene developed between them. After what seemed to be an eternity, I took over again, letting his friend continue to fuck what he thought was Santiago´s mouth. I heard his friend say to Santiago whether this time he would be able to swallow all of his load. Santiago murmured to his friend um um pretending to have his mouth full of cock. The thrusts of his friend´s cock  started to increase hitting the outside of the hole with his swollen balls. I could hear the moans from inside ,knowing it wouldn´t be long til I had his friend´s cum. Santiago´s friend started to shout suddenly releasing the pent up load in his balls. I made myself ready til I tasted the first heavy spurts of cum. I thought to myself like father like son. He continued to fill my mouth til I couldn´t swallow anymore. Santiago was ready and received the remaining remnants of his friend´s load, continuing to jerk off his own member. After his friend´s cock had started to shrink he abruptly released it and stood up. I knew what he wanted so I kneeled and let him unload his balls into my mouth. I could taste the mixture of his friend´s cum and his, all at the same time. I heard his friend outside say it was the best blow job he had ever had. Santiago couldn´t answer his friend since he was in the throes of his own orgasm. Santiago finally answered him telling his friend it was the biggest load he had ever swallowed. As his friend was pulling up his briefs and jeans he said he  would know where to come when he needed to empty his balls. That night I jacked off reliving in my mind what had happened earlier that night. In the morning, Santiago knocked on my door,as he opened the door, he had a huge hardon. Within minutes I had his load enjoying how his thick liquid flowed down my throat.

It was Sunday morning, I heard the doorbell ring once,as I peered out the to see who it was, as luck would have it ,it was his friend´s father.I told him to wait until I got dressed, I quickly went upstairs and woke him up,asking whether he wanted to help me with his friend´s father cock. Santiago jumped out of bed and hid himself within the closet. After a few minutes, I answered the door and let the black man in. I knew what he wanted since it was´nt the first time he had come to have his big cock serviced. As we entered the room on the second floor I went and entered the closet. Both Santiago and I were viewing the man from the dark recesses of the closet, he had shucked his jeans and stood  rubbing his cock through his white briefs, We could make out the outline of his enormous member since it was dark as coal. As he came toward the hole, he snaked his cock and balls through the opening of his briefs. Santiago was taken back by the size of it and positioned himself at the opening of the hole. The only light inside the closet was from the gloryhole and was soon pitch dark since the cock had filled the hole. Santiago eased himself forward and sought the ebony shaft in the dark. I heard his friend´s father moan knowing Santiago had found his target. I could hear Santiago begin to suck this turgid black shaft , all the while waiting my turn. My eyes had adjusted to the darkness of the closet and could see Santiago´s mouth being filled,each time the man thrust his cock from outside. 

It reminded me how Jhon had sucked my friend off who to this day never jnew Jhon had received his entire load of cum. I had warned Jhon that my friend, Carlos  could fill an entire condom to the brim with his seed. I knew this because once I let him fuck me and was astonished to see the condom filled to almost the point of overflowing. I still remember when Carlos shot his load into Jhon´s mouth there was so much cum to swallow but Jhon attempted and suceeded. To this day, Carlos said it was the best blow job he had ever had. I think he had an inkling it was Jhon since each mouth is different in technique. I had sucked him off many times and I knew he might have noticed the difference since I would always deepthroat Carlos´s cock as he came. Where as Jhon went up and down this spurting stalk as he came.

Santiago was doing his best with this uncut black monster. I decided to watch and enjoy the scene since i had sucked this cock many times. The man on the outside started to bang the door with his huge balls. I knew it wouldn´t be long til Santiago had his heavy load. I could hear the man start to gasp and start to murmur in Spanish ¨Eso Eso Asi Asi¨Listo para mi leche¨I bent down to watch as the cock increased in size and saw the pulsations of his cock begin, Santiago was receiving his load  and letting the hot liquid fill his stomackh. After a bit, Santiago had quenched his thirst so I took over receiving the remains. As hi cock shrunk I continued to nurse out his cum, savoring it´s heavy musky taste. We waited til the man put on his pants, and I exited the closet, leaving Santiago within. I let the man out , I went back to the room and noticed Santisgo´s cock protruding from the hole. I kneeled and enveloped it length just in time to receive his creamy load. We had made it through the weekend with great memories to savor. Of course, we would keep all this secret from jis Uncle.




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