Jhon had told me how he had sucked his own father´s cock off as a teenager. He said his father´s black cock was at least 15 inches of stiff ebony  and huge balls encased in a fury covered scrotum. Jhon said he had done it only once but from talking to his father one day when Jhon was gone I got the real low down. 

   Jhon had told me that he had become obsessed with his father´s huge black cock ever since he caught Jose, his father jerking off one day. Jhon said he entered the house and heard the obvious noise of someone jerking off. He was well aware of how this sounded since he had heard his three brothers make the same noise when they jerked off. Jhon said he had never seen his father´s cock when it was fully erect. He had seen his father´s cock swinging back and forth within the shorts  that he would wear around the house. He had even seen its head outlined within the almost transparent darkness of his foreskin exposing itself when he sat down. So Jhon quietly put his ear to the door and listened until his father was cumming. Jhon opened the door just as the first volley of cum was leaving the huge head of his cock. Jose,his father was lost in the moment as huge heavy thick spurts of cum landed on his chest and belly. His father´s only reaction was to keep fisting his black shaft until he had emptied the semen from trembling  balls below. After he father had regained his his composure he grabbed his underwear to wipe up the flood from his orgasm. Jhon thought to himself what a waste of cum, Cum that he wanted to taste and savor, Jose yelled at him to always knock before entering  a room. After his father went to work he went back and picked up the underwear still wet from his father´s load. Luckily his father´s cum was so thick and rich that he could lick up up the cum still laying on the surface of the white cotton briefs. Jhon´s cock started to get hard so he took his cock out to jerk off while still savoring the thick ball juice.He knew then that he had to find some way to suck off his father´s cock and to savor his cum directly as it left his cock.

He said his father worked night so during the day, he father would sleep. Jhon was always alone during the day with his father since everyone else were working. School had let out for the day, as Jhon entered the house he could hear his father snoring. He decided this was the perfect opportunity to get an up close look at his father´s huge cock. He was  almost overcome with the fear but this was soon replaced with an overpowering urge to make his fantasy a reality.

   Jhon said he entered his father´s room and got into the bed  bringing the bed covers over his head. After his eyes adjusted to the darkness he could see his father´s black uncut cock  resting on his huge balls. Jhon said it was huge in its soft state Jose ,his father was snoring so he got the nerve to get closer wanting to smell the aroma of his father´s balls and cock. As he edged close his father turned his body facing him. Jhon said saw that his father´s cock had fallen onto his left thigh. After a bit his father was snoring again and Jhon positioned his young head scant inches from the object of his obsession. All at once he got brave enough to start to lick his father´s ballsack. Jhon noticed right away that his father´s cock had started to lengthen in size. Jhon said the taste of his father´s musky balls were intoxicating to him. He said he tryed to fit one of the balls inside his small mouth but it was too big. Jhon said his ears were perked to the sound of his father´s snoring and deep breathing making sure his father was still asleep.

   John could see the opening of his father´s  loose foreskin had started to drip a clear slimy liquid. As he took the loose skin into his mouth he was rewarded with an abundant amount of his father´s precum which he swallowed letting it lubricate his mouth and throat since he was so nervous that his mouth was totally dry. After gently nursing on his father´s foreskin he could just feel the head of Jose´s cock emerging from the foreskin and was entering his lips. He let his tongue touch the head  and he let his tongue search out the slit where this slimy liquid was coming from. As he speared his tongue within the slit he swore  his father fed more of his cock within his lips. He laid still letting his father´s cock which was growing by the second to fill his mouth. At this point Jhon had around five inches within his lips and he could see down the entire length of his father ´s cock still outside his mouth covered by the raised veins.

   Jhon continued to nurse on the few inches that had managed to fill his mouth and used his tongue to swirl the top  of his father´s glandular head.  Jhon began to move his head back and forth on the shaft within his mouth. All at once he noticed a change in his father´s breathing almost hearing a moaning sound. He was sure that he was still asleep  and was probably having a dream. Jhon´s small mouth was being stretched by the huge member. It had reached the back of his throat and had no where to go but down his throat. It was getting hard to breathe, but he found that if he breathed  through his nose this task before him was possible.

   All at once he felt his father calloused heads grab hold of his head in a vice like grip. Soon he felt the head swell and even noticed a thickening of the diameter of his father´s  cock. Just as the cock withdrew with the head resting on Jhon´s tongue he tasted the first flood of semen which had conceived him years before. Jhon knew he had to swallow since his head was being held tightly and he had no escape. This wasn´t the first taste of a guy´s cum since he had tasted the cum of the many boyfriends of his sisters.The thing that surprised him was the amount that he had to swallow and how fast it was filling his gullet ending up in his belly. 

   After a while he felt his father´s gently relax his tight grip and still having his father´s cock within his lips he could take his time savoring the taste of the cum still flowing from his father´s cock. After it had shrunk in size he let it slip from his mouth and waited til his father was snoring again. At least once a week he would do this dirty deed til his father one day pretended to awake fully to discover his son sucking him off. Jhon thought his father was going to get mad but was surprised to find that his father sat up up after removing the blanket  and just watched him  finish sucking his cock. Jose knew his son was addicted to his cum by this time and each time he would try to feed him more of his huge cock into his son´s sucking lips. Jhon got so good at it that he was able to swallow at least eight inches of 15 inch cock. 

   Even when Jhon left to live in Medellin when his father visited he was sure to get a reward of his father´s cum. Jose at times would fuck his ass which he did the first time when he and Jhon were picking coffee at a farm. After feeding him liquor one day, Jhon was so drunk that his father took the opportunity to fill his young ass with his big cock. At times he he would visit us I could  hear Jhon sucking his father´s cock off and then end up being fucked until they were both satiated in their mutual desires.

   I made up my mind that I had to try his father´s cock out since I would always get so hot hearing all their sexual escapades. I had sucked his cock one weekend when Jhon was away. I even managed to take his cock up my  my ass. Now I wanted to see Jhon suck his father´s cock through the gloryhole. I told him to approach his father with the idea when he came to visit. Jose arrived for a visit and after plying him with a few drinks he wanted to try it. I had been hiding within the closet for at least an hour waiting to see if Jose was open to the idea. They both entered the room and Jose was visibly drunk. Jhon undressed his father leaving his white briefs on. 

   Jhon entered the darkened recess of the closet and we both watched as his father approached the hole. I could see he cock growing with every step. All at once he put his thumbs in the waistband of his briefs and exposed his immense cock already stiff and ready. Jose peeled back the foreskin of his cock and I saw he had already started to produce the precum Jhon and I had savored. As he slid his cock within the hole Jhon was ready and engulfed nearly his whole length. I watched as his son started to receive the thrusts from his father´s hips each time banging his heavy balls on the outside edge of the hole. Jhon stopped after a few minutes waiting to make this last as long as possible. Jose withdrew his saliva coated cock and jhon sent his cock through the hole. I watched as jose knealt and captured his son´s stiff cock to disappear within his lips.It wasn´t long til Jhon muttered that he was coming. I watched in awe how his father drank his entire load of cum. Jose then stood up and direted his cock through the hole again,this time into my waiting mouth. I sucked the huge shaft lubricating it with my saliva. I could feel the head exit the foreskin to spew its precum into my mouth.

    I told Jhon I wanted to see him drink his father´s entire load. As I was sucking the thrusts became more rapid and I let Jhon take over knowing his father was close. I could hear his father start to grunt and then I watched his son´s  cheeks chipmunk as they filled with the luscious cream from his father´s balls. Jhon swallowed most but kept the last mouthful to share with me. Jose´s cock began to shrink  and he withdrew his shrinking dripping cock. Jhon left the room with his father completely satisfied having his balls emptied. They went back to drinking I was so hot from the scene between father and son that I started to jerk off. Before I could finish they both entered the room and I watched intently as Jhon laid on the bed with his legs raised. Jose started to eat out his son´s ass From inside the closet I could see his father´s ass with his huge stiff cock and balls. I continued to jerk off and watched his father direct the huge head of his cock to the well lubricated hole of his son. I watched as his cock entered his son´s stretched hole trying to accomodate such a huge shaft. I was astonished that Jhon was able to take his father´s cock til only his balls were visible. Jose started to piston his member making Jhon moan and gasp each time his sent the length of his black cock in to the hilt. Jhon started to fist his cock in unison to his father´s thrusting. I was nearly ready to shoot my load when I heard his father shout that he was coming. I could just see between his father´s legs when white spurts of liquid were leaving Jhon´s own cock. As his father finished and withdrew his shrinking cock I could see his cum leaking from the streched hole of his son. At the sight of this and the overpowering semen smell that filled the room I shot my load all over the inside of the door. After they fell asleep, I quietly left the closet and went upstairs to bed.




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