There is a need to list this gloryhole  encounter under a new heading  ( First Time and Beginnings ) since it turned out be an unique experience for us and the particpants. I am rapidly coming to the conclusion that most Colombian men are bisexual in nature for societal reasons and for the fact of their horniness. I am amazed at the number of men answering our internet ad to get their balls emptied by us. It seems it doesn´t matter whose mouth or asses they are filling with their hot loads of cum.

   I received a message from a father who wanted to have his son experience how it was like to have his young cocksucked off through a gloryhole. It is a known fact that getting head from another guy  is better than getting head from a woman. What is better than getting the chance to experience two guys sucking your cock battling for your hot load.

   Luis, the father contacted me and after answering various questions from him, we set a date and time to make this happen. Luis wanted to know whether it was discrete  with no filming or pictures taken. I assured him there was none of that going on. He also wanted to know whether we swallowed our not , I said always. This evidently pleased him to the point he sent  blood test reslts showing that he and his son were safe. He also wanted to make sure everything was anonymous so his son wouldn´t know he was getting his blown by two guys. He also sent me photos of his son´s cock and his. They both had cocks just over nine inches with hairy bushes which pleased me  and low hanging balls. There cocks looked alike but Luis´s seemed alittle more worn with age and use. i presented this unusual encounter to my cohort Jhon and he was keen on the idea.

   I had never had the opportunity in all my cock sucking experience to suck a father and son at the same time. I did suck off  jhon ´s father and for that matter all of Jhon´s three brothers. I remember his father, Jose coming for a visit while Jhon was away on business. I didn´t think nothing of it until he entered my room during the night and rubbed his precum laden black cock head agaist my lips. I awoke with a startle not only for what was happening but also for the enormous black cock Jose was trying to force between my lips. It was the biggest cock I had ever seen. It was still in the semi-soft state which I liked since I could swallow its entire length until it got fully erect. After two minutes ,it had grown to its full length. I wanted to make this experience  with such a huge cock last so I started with his nappy furred balls. I tried to take both of his balls within my lips but it was to no avail, so I savored each globe separately  loving the salty taste and musky only a black cock posesses.

   As I licked and sucked his balls he exclaimed ¨suck my balls real good and you can have what they contain. This spurred me on even more sucking each ball harder. Soon I noticed them rising up and separating telling me it would be soon. I started to  lick up and down his black shaft enjoying the journey to the top. I engulfed his cock head and let him try to feed me his entire length. It was impossible but I did my best to accomodate it. Jose had such a big head that it would get lodged  in my throat with every thrust. I changed my position  letting my head fall over the edge of the bed. Jose stood back and brought his member straddling my head with his thighs. In this position I could take a few more inches but I had to breathe through my nose since my mouth was stretched by his size. Jose wanted to known whether it was the biggest cock I had ever sucked  as I was trying to ready myself for each thrust. As he withdrew I answered him that it was the biggest cock I had ever seen for that matter sucked off. Jose said he had been waiting for a chance to fuck my mouth ever since his son introduced us. Jose said it was not only the biggest cock I would suck in my life but he said wait til he emptied his balls. He started to tremble so I grabbed his legs and he withdrew his cock til only the head rested on my tongue. That´s when the flood gates opened from his balls to my mouth. I tasted the first salty spurt  and opened my throat for the next. He proceeded to empty at least a cup of cream into my mouth  and  I let it drain down my throat and fill my belly. Jose jacked off the remaining spurts making sure I swallowed it all. I suckled his now shrinking  member until he withdrew it from my sperm coated lips. That weekend was when I got to suck the biggest cock,the biggest load , and the biggest cock in my ass. Jhon to this day doesnt know what his father and I did that weekend.

   I sent Luis a security code so he and his son could enter. I told him where to find the gloryhole and that we would be waiting. As they arrived I could hear the security system being accessed and footsteps coming up the stairs and finally entering the room. I made sure our side what pitch black so his so couldn´t see our faces as per Luis´s request. Luis was wearing jeans and his son nylon shorts. They both looked at the hole in the door and I could see Luis unbuckling his belt and peeling his jeans down over his muscular hairy thighs. He was wearing a black jockstrap which hardly contained his now erect cock. Luis lifted the side of the jockstrap and let out his cock and peeled back his foreskin exposing its head and glistening slit. As he approached the hole his son Felipe was watching his father intently.I could see his shorts tented out with his own arousal of his cock. Luis held his cock in his hand and slowly entered the hole.I was the first to suck it and he gasped with a moan as it went into my warm mouth. Luis told he son that this was going to be a life changing experience for him. I sucked his hard cock, letting him thrust it within my lips. Luis had unleashed his balls and forced them through along with his cock for service.Jhon started lapping and sucking his hairy balls while I continued to give his cock service. 

   After a few minutes Luis exclaimed to his son that he had to feel what it was like. Luis withdrew his cock slowly and stood to the side motioning Felipe to take his place. Felipe had pulled down his shorts  brought his young cock to the hole. As it entered Jhon was ready and let it slide between his moist lips. Felipe said he was in heaven as Jhon began to suck his turgid cock. I could hear Felipe begin to  moan and start to thrust more of his cock into Jhon´s mouth. Jhon was an expert at sucking cock even though he relished getting fucked in the ass more. I started to suck Luis´s sons balls which tasted of soap from a recent shower. After a few minutes his father said to take it easy and make it last. They changed places and the father´s cock entered to be consumed by Jhon. Luis gasped with ectasy. I went to his sperm bloated balls and was happy to find out he hadn´t taken a shower and that they had the masculine musk of a man´s sweaty balls after exercising at the gym.

   Luis said to his son to watch while he fed his load to whoever was sucking him off at the time. Jhon hearing this relinquished his cock to me since he wanted the young stud´s load of cream. As I let Luis´s cock enter my mouth I started to chew his loose foreskin stretching it with my teeth. That was all it took because I was soon rewarded with a heavy load from his balls. As he was cumming Jhon was sucking his balls to make sure I got every drop. I felt Luis´s cock start to shrink and soften to the point it was real sensitive and he withdrew showing his spent cock to his son.

   Felipe took his father´s place and eased his swollen cock through the opening along with his hairy nuts. Jhon was ready for this young stud´s fresh spunk. I watched as Jhon took its entire length forcing Felipe to shout with pleasure. He told he Dad this was the best present he had ever received from his father. I went to sucking his balls as Jhon waited for his cum. Felipe started to thrust his groin against the opening wanting more of his cock to be swallowed by Jhon. At this point, we were experts of getting guys to come when we wanted. I could tell Felipe wouldnt last much longer since I could feel his balls rise and fall in my mouth. Í tried to pull down on his balls with my mouth knowing this would hinder his release. It seemed to make matters worse since Felipe started to breathe in quick gasps. I looked above at Jhon sucking and could see his cheeks swell with the load Felipe was giving him. I watched as Jhon´s adam apple moved with the unison of each spurt.Felipe was shooting into his mouth. Felipe told his father that he felt light headed ready to collapse and I could see his father holding and stabilizing his son´s limp body from behind  until his orgasm was fully over. As his cock shrunk Jhon eased off on his cock and shared the remaiming cum with me. At this point jhon rose and wanted to have his cock sucked after such a hot experience. I obliged him hearing Luis and his son getting ready to leave. Luis approached the door and slipped some bills within which dropped to the floor. I had told Luis our service was totally fee but I guess he was so pleased he wanted to give us a tip. I didn´t at the time bother to look at them since I was busy  with sucking Jhon off. He was so hot from the experience that I had his load within two miutes . As I turned on the light I looked down and noticed Luis had given us a $250.00 tip with a note attached. It said thanks and told us to go out to dinner which we did.Luis never brought his son back to us but he would come now and then for our service. 





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