A friend of mine, Jhon who shares a house with me in Evigado , a suburb of Medellin, Colombia, had always wanted to have sex with a good friend of mine,Carlos. Once while Carlos had come over for a blowjob and a fuck I presented the offer of having sex together with jhon and I. Carlos, being real close- minded wasn´t keen to the idea so I didn´t pursue it. I told Jhon that Carlos wasn´t interested  and I felt bad since Jhon on many occasions had shared his partners with me. I was surprised with Carlos ´s refusal since Jhon is a very good looking black guy with a nice nine inch cock. Jhon like most of us are  size queens always searching for that big cock to suck or get fucked by. Carlos has a eleven inch thick uncut cock with the biggest balls I have ever since on a guy. He is able to have sex multiple times and is a real stud.

   I wracked mine brain trying to come up with ideas in which  Jhon could enjoy Carlos´s big cock . I finally came up with a brainstorm about having our own private gloryhole in the house. Carlos is always willing to try new things with me such as having sex in other parts of the house such as on  the stairs or on the kitchen table. Luckily, I´m very handy with jobs around the house and have all the tools to accomplish every task that comes up. I drilled a three inch hole in Jhon´s closet door and covered it with a dressing mirror. When it was ready I told Jhon let´s try it out so I got inside the closet and told him to stick his cock through the hole and I would give him head. It was really a hot scene since I could see his member begin to grow inside his pants. I watched him snake his cock from his zipper and stood close to the hiole. As Jhon´s cock entered, I engulfed the head and in no time was drinking a nice load of cream from his balls. He said it was very exciting since his imagination could run rampant thinking about faceless guys sucking him off. 

   I told Jhon, we could utilize our private gloryhole for our many sexual escapades. He mentioned how he had just fucked a young guy in a movie house and he had even taken a pìcture of this guy´s cock. It was huge, almost a big as Carlos.I said I couldn´t believe he had the balls to fuck a guy in a movie theatre and said  ¨that they had gone to the rear row where most people didn´t sit and the guy straddled his lap and fucked him. He said the guy liked to do dangerous things in public and was very open to things. I asked whether Jhon had his number and if he would arrange with him to come to the house inventing a story about he had a friend from his town who was curious about sucking a big cock, and that his friend, didn´t want anyone  to know that he did it so he would suck the guy off through the gloryhole.  Our plan was to have me inside  waiting when Jhon and him would arrive at the house to have sex. The guy would get sucked off by the the curious straight guy while Jhon fucked him from behind. 

   So Jhon went ahead and told his friend what was going to happen and the guy was really into the scene. He said he was hot just thinking about a faceless straight guy sucking his cock. He asked whether the the guy from Jhon´s town was going to suck him all the way off and would swallow his load as he came. Jhon said he didn´t know since it was going to be his first cock sucking experience with another guy. Jhon said he would ask his friend if he was willing to eat the load of cream when his friend came.His friend acknowledged that he would try and asked whether the guy came alot or alittle and asked Jhon what it tasted like. Jhon said a guy´s cum tasted salty and sweet at the same time and really didn´t taste bad. Jhon said the guy came alot and that when he did, let it fill your mouth and quickly swallow after he was finished coming.

   The night arrived for our escapade and I hid in the closet in no time both had entered the room . I could see his friend eye the hole in the closet door. Jhon and him started to make out and soon both were stark naked. I could see Jhon´s friend cock fully erect  and both approached the closet door. Jhon told his friend to put his cock through and soon it emerged through the hole and I immediately had it between my lips. His friend let out a gasp of excitement as I began to nurse his member. All the while Jhon is getting ready to fuck his ass. Jhon´s friends cock was so big that it actually fit the diameter of the hole so I couldn´t watch jhon fucking him from behind,but I knew what was happening and so was rewarded with my first taste of precum from his friends cock´s slit. I could hear Jhon´s friend  moaning from getting fucked and sucked at the same time. I continued to suck his thick member letting it enter and withdraw from my lips, enjoying completely what I was doing. I felt his body being slammed against the door as Jhon was tearing up his ass from behind. Each time Jhon sent his cock imto his friend´s ass  it forced his cock down my throat. I felt its girth enlarge and he shouted that he was going to shoot his load. At that point, I deep throated as much as I could and received his reward of thick cum. I continued to suck his cock til he was spent and after Jhon had filled his friend´s ass. John´s friend withdrew his cock and quickly dressed and left. It was a success in every sense of the word which pleased both Jhon and I.

   I had spoke to Carlos, telling him that Jhon would be away for the weekend and that he could come over to have sex with me. I had John hide in the closet and told him how it was going to go down. I told him I would tell Carlos that I had found this hole in Jhon´s closet door and that Jhon probably used it to get sucked off or vice versa. I said I had discovered it while cleaning Jhon´s room. I would then tell Carlos if he wanted to get sucked off by me through the hole that I had found. Carlos arrived and we both when up to Jhon´s room and I showed him the hole and he said that he wanted to get sucked off through it. I entered the closet which was pitch black. As Carlos entered the hole with his tremendous cock Jhon would take my place and service his cock. Jhon was a great cock sucker and that in no time Carlos would be emptying his huge balls down Jhon´s throat. As Jhon began to suck Carlos´s cock, Jhon had pulled his cock out for me to suck at the same time. Jhon´s cock was already leaking precum and from below I could watch Jhon suck this huge cock. Carlos had begun to piston his cock in and out of the hole with increased voracity.I could hear him grunt and moan and hear Jhon slurping his cock.Jhon had finally got to enjoy my friend´s cock and was in heaven sucking such as big organ. I continued to suck Jhon, relishing in the fact soom  he would be rewarded by a huge load of cream. 

   All at once Carlos shouted  almost as if in pain and began to come into Jhon´s mouth. At the same time ,Jhon had begun to fill my mouth with his load which I drank greedily. I continued to watch Jhon´s cheeks bloat with the enormous load from Carlos and could feel the drops of cum falling from Jhon´s lips to coat his cock from above. I kept sucking Jhon´s enjoying the taste of cum from two guys at the same time. After Carlos had stopped and withdrew his spent cock from Jhon´s mouth,  I had Jhon hide again and I opened the closet door and asked Carlos if he had enjoyed it or not. Carlos said it was the best blow job he had ever had in his life. As we left Jhon´s bedroom to go to my room to fuck,I was happy Jhon had finally had the chance to enjoy Carlos´s cock. I know in the future we will make good use of this hole whenever the opportunity arises. I spoke to Carlos during the coming week and he said that he had never cum so much from a blowjob and was saving all his cum for the next time.I mentioned this to Jhon and said his load was the most he had ever swallowed from a guy´s balls. Jhon said each spurt filled his mouth and after tasting how sweet and salty it was he decided to swallow Carlos´s load. Jhon said his stomach had never been so full of cum. After Jhon had finally  got to enjoy Carlos´s big uncut cock, Jhon and I had sex at least twice everyday no doubt from the left over excitement of sucking off Carlos.




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