I have come to the conclusion that the telling the truth from the start is always  best  since it always finds someway to surface into the sunlight. After  Luis and his wife  finalized thier divorce, Luis took a job with a bank in thte states.Felipe, his son would stay with him during the months of recess from college. At various times, Luis would come to Medellin on business and make it a point to set up a date with us to enjoy the gloryhole and our talented mouths. Luis was a closeted gay for reasons of his job and so his son wouldn´t find out that he swung both ways,but more toward sex with men. 

   The last time he made a visit to have his cock sucked off  and after having emptied his balls to the winner which turned out to be me. I must admit I have more talent at cocksucking than my friend, Jhon, maybe for the fact I enjoy it more. Jhon enjoys getting his ass filled by a big Colombian cock or fucking a young Colombian´s ass with his big black cock.

   After I had swallowed Luis´s big load of cream he told me what had happened while Felipe was on college recess. Luis said that he had found a gloryhole at a rest stop near his house. And that he would frequent it when he felt the need to unload and empty his balls of his cum. One time he had the need and stopped at the highway rest stop on his way home from work. Luis said he entered the bathroom which empty  except for someone who was using the farthest stall toilet. He knew the gloryhole was in the middle stall and figured he was might get lucky. Luis said the lighting was dim as he entered the stall and he unzipped  and fished out his semi- erect cock. He said he noticed a finger touching the edge of hole and knew luck was with him. He turned toward the hole and and stuck his cock and balls through. He said he didn´t have to wait long until his cock was within the lips of the guy on the other side. The guy started to suck his cock and knead his hairy balls. The guy turned out to be a real talented cocksucker with the ability to take his length with no problem all the way to his balls. The guy´s sucking  technique felt strangely  familar like  he had been sucked off by the same guy before in the past but he dismissed this since he had recently found this gloryhole. 

   After a few minutes  not wanting to come too quick he had the enormous urge to reciprocate and suck the guy´s cock too. Luis withdrew his cock and ran his finger on the hole´s edge  letting the guy know he wanted to suck his cock too. Soon the other guy´s cock filled the hole and Luis sat on the toilet and took the cock within his lips. Luis had never sucked a cock before but he had always had a hidden curiosity but dismissed it before just wanting to get his rocks off. He said  as he began to suck this stranger´s dick he realized he really enjoyed it especially how it started to emit its sweet precum. Luis said the cock he was sucking resembled his in size , both were uncut  and over nine inches. The guy on the other side had begun to thrust his cock into Luis´s mouth and started to moan which told Luis he was doing a good job with his first maiden attempt at sucking cock. Luis said he felt the guy´s cock begin to thicken and at first didn´t want to have him cum in his mouth, but he was lost in the moment. A moment too long since the guy had already stared to fill his mouth. He let the cum fill his mouth until he had to swallow or spit, so he swallowed,Luis thought at the time  it wasn´t as bad as he would have imagined. Luis said he waited til the guy finished and Luis stuck his cock through the hole so he could unload. As his cock entered the other guy´s mouth he said ¨I´m so hot from sucking you off I about to come.¨ The guy on the other side abruptly stopped and Luis thought the guy didn´t want to finish him off, but then all at once the guy swallowed his cock to his hairy nuts to the point his cock was lodged down the guy´s throat. Luis said the guy began to suck his cock with such vigor that it was turning out to be one of the best blow jobs he had ever received in his life. He said he grunted and started to unload his cum down the guy´s throat. After cumming for what seemed at eternity he withdrew his now softening cock from the hole pleased with what had transpired this night at the rest stop. 

   Luis said the guy was such a good cocksucker that he wanted to know who had sucked him off. He could hear the other guy leaving the stall and was washing his hands at the lavatory sink. There was a slight crack between the door and the stall and he peeked. Luis was dumbfounded since it turned ou to be his son , Felipe. He had sucked his own son´s cock and swallowed his cum and his son had did the same. Luis stayed until his son had left and thought about what had happened.

   Upon arriving at the house, Felipe was upstairs taking a shower. Luis said he made dinner for them both and couldn´t help staring at his son.especially the mouth that had taken his cum after sucking his cock.Luis said he got a woody just thinking about it and had to wait til it went down before he got up from the table. Later that night he found himself jacking off twice reliving the blow job from his son. 

   Luis said in the days that followed he was obsessed with having his son suck his cock again, but he was afraid to approach Felipe since he didn´t want to expose what had happened between them. After Luis telling me what had happened I decided to tell him the truth how it wasn´t the first time his son had sucked him off, It was the second, Luis exclaimed that  the way the guy that had sucked his cock was so familar to the time  when he came to our house one time to get his cock sucked. He said it was the best blow job he had ever received until  having this guy suck him off at the rest stop.I confessed that his son wanted to suck him off and after many pleadings from his son, I made it happen for him. 

   All at once , there was a distinct change in Luis, from worry to outright happiness. In the back of my mind, I said wait til Felipe spends the next college recess with his father. And I was right, Felipe would be on recess from college soon and coming to stay with his father. Luis had planned what he was going to do from the time I told him Felipe had sucked him off at our house. Luis picked Felipe up at the airport. Luis eyed his son thinking he had developed into quite a handsome young man. Luis felt his cock stir thinking how hot Felipe was at his young age of eighteen. When they arrived at the house  he said that his son had to bunk with him for a few nights since the painters were painting the spare bedroom. Luis hugged his son and said you don´t mind sleeping with your Dad do you? Felipe was in heaven having the chance to be in the same bed with his father. He knew his father slept nude and was savoring the chance to view his father´s big cock and balls while laying next to him.

   They had a late dinner and watched some television. Luis told his son he was going to take a shower and hit the sack. He told Felipe too take the left side of the bed when he turned in. Felipe heard the shower spigot open and waited until it had stopped and he knew his father was in bed. Felipe quietly went upstairs and entered his father´s room. He heard the distinctive  snoring of his father and got undressed until he was nude also. Felipe peeled back the bed covers and viewed the semi-erect cock of his father,laying over the hairy balls which produced him eighteen years earlier. . He eased himself in not wanting to disturb his father so he pulled the covers up over his body ,his father changed his position and turned toward Felipe´s side drapping his arm over his son. Felipe froze for a second until his father´s breathing had returned to normal.

   Suddenly he felt something hard against his asscrack and pushed his ass back against it. Felipe knew it was his father´s hard cock. He could feel a wetness which he knew was the precum coming from his father´s cock head. Felipe had never thought about taking his father´s cock up his ass but now his mind was filled with the thought. Felipe´s cock was hard also and starting to leak its slimy precum. All at once Luis turned over  and brought his hairy ass against the thigh of his son. Felipe turned his body  facing his father and felt his cock rub against his father´s ass. Felipe could swear his father´s ass was pushing up against his hard cock, but he thought it was his imagination taking over. Felipe managed to bring his cock lower and felt some type of sticky lubricant surrounding his father´s assbud. He felt the head of his cock directly against what he thought was his father´s hole. Felipe eased forward using part of the lubricant and felt his father´s hole opening up alittle allowing his cock head to partially enter. He listened to his father´s breathing which hadn´t changed. Again he swore he could feel his father pushing his ass against his cock head, this time with more force and intent. All at once his head went inside the muscular anal ring of his father. Felipe was in heaven and wanted more inside, but he had to make sure this was happening. Felipe reached over his father under the covers to see whether his father was aroused or not. At this point his father had only the head of his thick cock inside his ass. As Felipe found his crotch and brushed his fingers against his crotch,  he was pleased to find his father´s cock was rock hard. This is when things began to happen. He found the nerve to fondle his Dad´s erect cock and as his fingers surrounded its turgid  flesh he sent more of his cock within his father´s hole until his balls hit his father´s ass. At this point, there was no turning back so he started to ease his cock in and out establishing a rhythm feeding his member to his father´s ass. 

   Suddenly he heard is father say ¨he had been waiting to get fucked by his son for a long time.¨When Felipe heard this all bets were off  and he started to fuck him with more force.After a few minutes his father wanted to change position and have Felipe fuck him missionary style so he could take more of his cock inside his ass. Felipe was over him now thrusting his swollen cock more into the depths of Luis´s ass. Felipe had surrounded his father ´s legs with his muscular arms raising his father´s legs high in the air. He pounded his father´s ass until his father shouted ¨fill me with your hot cream son¨Upon hearing this Felipe felt his cum start to surge from his balls. As the first spurt scalded the insides of his father´s ass he was in total ectasy. He had such a huge orgasm that as he withdrew his cock from his father´s hole his cum started to leak out. Felipe collapsed at the side of his father exhausted for the moment. After a few minutes he had regained his composure and laid on his back. Luis was jacking his hard cock thinking his son was too tired to do much more. Luis was pleasantly surprised when Felipe edged himself down next to his father´s erect cock. Felipe opened his mouth and Luis groaned knowing this surely was the mouth that had sucked him off. As Felipe was going down on his cock,all the way  to his balls Luis said ¨Suck me off like you did in the rest stop. Felipe looked at his father and said ¨That was you¨his father said yes. Whereupn Felipe started to suck him with the same hunger he had shown the stranger´s cock in the bathroom stall at the rest stop. Felipe had Luis bucking under his oral ministrations forcing more of his cock down his throat. Luis said¨ that´s it here it comes. Felipe mouth began to fill with his father seed and he swallowed every drop. He stayed down between his father´s legs intil the cock had softened,but he kept his lips surrounding i,not wanting to reliquish it. 

   They spent a sleepness night  enjoying each others cocks to the fullest. At one point through exhaustion they both eased off to sleep in each other´s arms. 







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