After Jhon and I had toyed with various friends of ours, I decided to step it up a little bit. I knew of a classified ad internet site who published ads for everything including sex with men of all types. I penned an ad which read ¨two men are looking for men from 18 to 50 who would like to experience having their cocks sucked off by two anonymous guys through a gloryhole.¨

   I was astonished at the response to my ad from various men, all wanting to have balls emptied, not knowing who was sucking them or whose mouth they were filling with their loads. I made it a point to have them tell me their age and if they wanted to they could send a photo of their cocks. Since Colombian men are very proud of their cocks or vergas  usually because they are oversized compared to other men of the world. It has to do with genetics, I´m sure the reason is that most men in Colombia have genes in their DNA from black slaves who were traded in Colombia during the 17th and 18th centuries.

  The first man who answered our ad was a local bus driver, one I knew as a driver, who I saw many times. I said to myself afterwards¨what a small world, who would ever imagine we would be sucking his cock.¨The bus driver´s name was Raul and I remember him distinctly, because he was always hitting on the young women who entered his bus. He was very attractive with that dark shadow beard visible  and in very good shape for a man of 55 years old. Raul answered the ad and was very curious about all it had to offer, He forwarded a photo of his erect uncut cock which was a white stalk of man flesh about 10 inches in length, covered by heavy blue veins running along its outer skin. I showed Jhon, my friend and we both agreed he would be a great candidate. I was also glad he was totally hairy since most Colombian men shave their pubic areas. The older men still think it is more macho not to shave their hairy bushes, and I have always been attracted to hairy men.

   Raul left his phone number so at the first opportunity I called the number he had left. His voice was very masculine and deep which added to the attraction too, since I really didn´t want to suck off gay guys who had plumas¨ as we call it in Spanish or men that have feminine qualities. I´m just not into that scene, I would drather suck off a straight guy anytime. I gave Raul the address and told him he would see the face who might suck his cock through the gloryhole but only one since there would two  on the other side. I explained someone had to answer the door and it couldn´t be helped. He understood the quandry, but agree that it wasn´t a problem. I told him he would never know for sure who was sucking his dick whether it was one or both of us. Raul said he knew the address since it was on his bus route. We agreed on the time when he and us were available.

   Raul arrived earlier at our door and rang the doorbell. I answered the door while Jhon remained hidden behind the closet door with a 5 inch diameter hole  about three feet from the floor cut into it. As we entered the dark room, I watched Raul´s expression and response, both on his face and at his crotch. There was a wicked grin on his face and the huge  outline of his cock at his crotch. I went inside the dark closet and locked the door. 

   When the gloryhole is not in use, it is concealed by a long dressing mirror since Jhon and I didn´t want to have to explain the reason for a hole in his closet door to anyone visiting. I had already had explain to his brother ,Diego who had spotted it from within while borrowing some jeans from Jhon, his brother. Jhon was out of town at the time and since I had sucked Diego off many times, he was intrigued to experience it. I said yes and removed the outside mirror ; I went inside ,knelt and waited til he unleashed his big black cock from his jeans. I stayed inside the closet and locked the door ,and kneeled and waited. It wasn´t long til he slipped his 13 inch black mamba through the opening. As i engulfed the head. he moaned and said ¨suck my verga like you always do.¨Diego´s friend, Costeño was watching the soccer game downstairs and Diego made such noises that  his friend came upstairs to investigate. As Costeño entered the room he saw Diego with his cock thrusting through a hole. And he asked what was going on, Diego said he was getting sucked off and said to his friend quick take your cock out so he could experience it also. I was really sucking Diego´s cock,¨waiting for the big load of cum which I always received from his balls. Diego withdrew his member and it was replaced by Costeño´s big cock, semi- erect. I had always wanted to suck Costeño´s cock again since the first time we were interrupted by his wife ringing the doorbell looking for her husband. I just didn´t have enough time to be rewarded by his load. Costeño had been in the neighborhood, he was a friend of Jhon´s brother, Diego who by the way I was at present sucking off weekly. Costeño came inside and I offered him a drink . After finishing his drink, he said he had to take piss. I showed him the bathroom and he went inside, but didn´t close the door. I was waiting til I heard his stream of urine, but it didn´t come. I glanced inside and Costeño was holding his erect cock in his hand. He looked at me and said he wanted me to suck his cock like I sucked Diego and eat his load. I had asked  Diego many times before if Costeño had a big cock and he said it was 3 inches shorter than his.but he had huge balls. As I went inside the bathroom, I sat on the toilet and started to suck him off. He was almost ready to give me his load when the doorbell rang, Costeño said it could be his wife who was visiting some friends in the neighborhood also.  Sure enough when I answered the door,it was his wife. He told his wife he would be right out that he had to use the bathroom. As he left he said he had left a present in the bathroom sink for me.After he left, I checked the bathroom out and he had evidently jacked off and left me a huge puddle of his cream.  I took my cock out and started to jerk off while scooping up his semen and eating it. It was delicious ,thick like I like a guy´s load. This time,however there would be no interruption. 

  Costeño ´s uncut cock was a good nine inches and real thick and as it entered the hole , I had it hard within seconds. Costeño groaned with pleasure and started to thrust his member in and out of the  lips within. After about three minutes, it was replaced by Diego´s cock again. I started sucking his cock like a calf sucking his mother´s teat searching for milk. I indeed was searching for milk, Diego´s ball milk and was soon rewarded a full load of rich thick cream. After Diego had emptied his balls, Costeño cock came through the hole again and was determined to have his cum. All at once, Costeño shouted and began filling my mouth til the point I had to swallow several times. I never told Jhon what had happened with his brother, Diego and Costeño  because deep down he was attracted to his brother, but considered it a sin and always fought this temptation to act upon his desire.

   Raul left outside wasted no time in unleashing his big cock. Jhon and I positioned ourselves within  kneeling and waiting for his cock to appear through the hole. As It did, Jhon´s lips encircled its huge head and started to suck.After about three minutes it was my turn, Jhon taking  time to rest his mouth. Jhon and I would always make it a contest when sucking a cock together to see who would receive a guy´s load. I started sucking Raul´s cock with abandon surely I would get his load first before Jhon. After sucking his cock using my every talent ,it was Jhon´s turn again. Jhon engulfed  Raul´s cock almost swallowing six inches. All at once, Raul was banging the door with his body slamming his cock through the hole. I heard Jhon mutter Um um um and actually saw his cheeks swell from within . Jhon had won the contest and the reward. Luckily, after Raul had stopped coming , he withdrew his cock from Jhon´s lips and Jhon proceeded to share Raul´s cum with me. It tasted as I expected rich , both salty and sweet at the same time. Raul put his cock away , I exited the closet and led him to the door. Raul asked whether he could use it again and I said anytime. I said sucking his big cock was a real treat and we would relish it again.

   The next guy, to answer the ad was somewhat of a nerd in appearance but he had a cock to die for. Somewhat  like Raul´s but thicker  and had a foreskin that almost covered his cockhead  when erect. Jhon for some reason didn´t want to suck him off but I did. I respected Jhon´s wishes knowing there would be cocks that didn´t turn me on to suck off. The guy´s name was Ramon and Jhon picked him up at the Metro, a elevated train system  that served Medellin. Ramon was 18 years old and was real curious about the gloryhole. Jhon said as they drove to the house, He could tell Ramon wanted Jhon to suck his cock since Jhon was black and very good-looking. I waited within the closet til they arrived. Jhon and Ramon entered the room and Jhon joined me within. I could see Ramon taking his erect cock out  and came toward the door. I started to suck him off ,all the while Jhon was stroking his own cock watching me feed on Ramon. All at once , Ramon withdrew his cock and kneeled. Jhon stuck his cock through and Ramon started to suck his cock. It was a hot scene since I hadn´t expected one to reciprocate. In no time,Jhon filled Ramn´s lips with his load which Ramon greedily swallowed. After Jhon´s  orgasm had subsided. It was time again for the nursing of Ramon´s stalk which was rock hard and dripping lots of precum. He was indeed ready  for the release he surely needed. I wasn´t disappointed by his response to my sucking. I felt the flood of cum splash the back of my throat as he bucked uncontrolled til i had emptied all his balls had to give. When he finished cumming and withdrew his member, jhon exited the closet wiping his mouth pretending he was the one who ate his load. Jhon took him to the Metro and that was it. 

   As fate would have it,  after sucking off the nerd, Ramon, jhonni,  a friend of Jhon´s dropped by for a visit unexpected. He had recently been released from prison  for selling drugs, and having paid his punishment, Jhonni was now trying to put his life on a better path. 

   Johnni was from a family famous for having huge cocks. He and his brothers had grown up with my friend, Jhon  in Andes. Jhon had a history with Johnni´s father and even with several members of his family. I didn´t know it at the time, but Jhonni´s unexpected visit was planned by Jhon all along. Jhon offered Johnni a beer and we after a bit we were all drinking beer together eventually going to the harder stuff, Rum and Aguardiente. While we were drinking, Jhonni mentioned he was having trouble with his present girlfriend who was very jealous of Johnni´s two young boys.She wouldn´t accept them since they were from a different relationship. I told Johnni,¨Don´t waste your time with her since there would be trouble for him in the future between her and his young boys.¨Johnni was torn between her love and the love he felt for his boys. I told him it was an easy decision since the boys were his responsibility and couldn´t turn his back on them.

   During our conversation, I noticed Jhon was glancing at his basket many times during his visit. Johnni was getting real drunk, eventually I said it was getting late so I bid them goodnight and went to bed. As I was falling asleep, I heard them drinking and playing music , reliving old times together. In the back of my mind, I knew Jhon wanted to know whether find out whether Johnni had the received the famous family jewels or not.

   Jhon had told me when he was a teenager, he had the unexpected pleasure of running into Jhonni´s father in the coffee groves of Andes. Jhon said he was taking a short cut home one day through the groves after school when he noticed a guy taking a piss against a tree. Being the curious cat as Jhon , he positioned himself so he could see the man´s cock as he took a piss. The man noticed his stare and motioned Jhon over so he could have a closer look. No one was around and since he was at the time just starting to jerk off whenever the opportunity arose. Jhon approached the man who was now stroking his cock to erection. Jhon said it had to have measured at least fifteen inches. He said it was the biggest cock he had ever see in his young teenage years. As he got closer, he realized the man was Mr Parra, the father of a classmate at school. Mr. Parra asked Jhon whether he wanted to touch it. He said ¨Don´t worry no one would know since they were deep in the coffee groves where no one ventured.¨ Jhon couldn´t resist and was drawn to such as huge cock. As he touched it, it seemed to have a life of its own., pulsating. After fondling this Mr. Parra  cock. Mr Parra dropped his pants lower exposing his crotch with his  huge balls to the young Jhon. Jhon at this time had never had any experience with another man , but found himself getting an hard, just touching another man´s cock. Mr. Parra asked Jhon whether he wanted to suck his cock and as Jhon knelt in front of this huge organ he noticed it had started to leak a clear slimy liquid. Jhon had the urge to taste it since when he jerked off he would also emit the same. As he let the head of the man´s cock enter his mouth, he made sure this liquid hit his tastebuds. Jhon like d the taste and started to take more of the cock into his mouth, but it was so large it was impossible . So he sucked only about three inches until Mr. Parra asked jhon whether he had ever been fucked by a guy before. Jhon answered no. Mr. Parra  told Jhon to take his shorts off  which Jhon quickly did, wanting to experience this huge cock more. 

   Mr. Parra noticed Jhon was hard also and knelt before the young teenager and engulfed his young black cock between his lips. In an instant, Jhon was almost ready to shoot his load, never had been sucked before. Jhon urged him to stop but Mr. Parra continued to suck his cock, at times all the way to his young balls. Jhon started to thrust his young cock between  Mr. Parra lips with savage force until he filled his mouth with his young seed. After his orgasm had subsided and his cock was shrinking, Mr. Parra let his cock go. Jhon felt he needed to return the favor of such a experience so when Mr. Parra said to turn around ,he did. Mr. Parra had used his spit to lubricate his cock´s head and put the head to Jhon´s asshole . Jhon felt the huge head finally enter with force with much pain, but after a bit got used to the first penetration. Mr. Parra was gentle inching more of his cock inside the virgin hole til he was halfway inside. Then with one swift thrust he buried his entirety inside. Jhon wanted to get away at this point cause of the extreme pain, but couldn´t break the grip of Mr. Parra. 

Mr. Parra started to fuck him with more vigor until Jhon was pleading for him to fuck him harder.Mr. Parra didn´t need any egging on since his massive cock  was encased within such a tight hole. He had been fucking Jhon standing up and wanted to change position, so be withdrew  his cock and after laying down he motioned Jhon to straddle his cock facing him. As jhon lowered himself upon this huge spear,he found he was able to take all  Mr. Parra´s cock til he was embedded to this man´s heavy balls. Mr. Parra told Jhon to raise he ass up and down as he thrust his cock within from below. Again Jhon felt again a hidden fear and tryed to get away but Mr. Parra held him tight to his fiery cock. Jhon could sense the man´s cock growing in thickness and even felt his urge to come again. Mr. Parra let out a moan and with the last thrust buried himself within Jhon´s ass. Jhon could fill the pulsation of the cock within, knowing he was being filled with the guy´s cream. All at once he shot his young load splashing  his own semen  on to the face of Mr. Parra. Mr. Parra had his mouth open while cumming and much of Jhon´´s seed managed to enter his mouth which he eagerly ate. After it was over, Jhon was hooked on big cock, even seeking out younger menbers of Mr. Parra ´s family who had the reputation of having big cocks. Jhon had personally had one of Mr. Parra sons and several nephews.

   Back to the present quandry, whether Jhonni  had a big cock for Jhon to add to his list. During the night, the sounds from the second floor became muted. I had to take a leak and as I was I could hear the distinct slurping noise of someone sucking a cock. I quietly went downstairs, and Jhon´s bedroom door was open. By the light of the television, I could see Jhon sucking Jhonni´s cock.It seems Jhon hadn´t been disappointed by the size of Jhonni ´s cock since it resembled his father´s cock in length and girth. Jhon was busy sucking this immense cock with the intent I had never seen. I sat on the stairs, watched and listened until Jhonni shouted to Jhon that he was cumming. I could see Jhon deepthroat Johnni´´s cock and hear him receiving his reward. After a bit I retreated to my room and jacked off, reliving the scene that I viewed from the stairs. The next morning ,Jhon came to my room and showed me photos of Jhonni´s cock, him not knowing I had witnessed it personally.

   Jhon said in the morning he noticed Johnni had a huge hard on and started to suck his cock. This time ,however, Jhonni wanted his ass and got jhon on his back and fucked his brains out. The next week evidently. Jhon had made a great impression on Johnni and he arrived at the house again. This time I was aware of Jhon´s plans and he had said I needed savor this huge cock. We started to drinlk and sure enough he had gotten real drunk. I had exposed the gloryhole earlier in the night, hoping it would be utilized. 

   At one point , Jhon and Jhonni went for more liquor at the store. This was also planned and I positioned myself and waited inside the closet. I could hear them arrive back at the house. They both entered the room, Jhonni although real drunk noticed the hole in the closet door. Jhon asked whether he wanted to try it out. Curiosity got the best of him and he said sure. Jhon entered the dark closet and motioned me to come closer to the hole All at once a huge cock was entering through the hole filling its total diameter.I let the huge member enter my mouth and sucked as much of its length within my throat. Jhon was watching me suck this huge cock, relishing in the sharing of such as huge find. I continued to suck this already thrusting cock until his cream expoded inside my mouth. What a load. it was immense like Jhon had said he had received. I swallowed what was given and as he withdrew, he fell exhausted on the bed unconcious and oblivious to everything . He still had his cock out ,which had shrunken in size. As I left the room, I told Jhon enjoy his fuck in the morning, he laughed and said sure enough. I went to bed with a full stomach of Johnni ´s semen . It was a true pleasure to suck a huge cock. 





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