'You must prove you will never flake on another guy again. So you must make penance for teasing other guys and then just signing off like you do.' He said.

I thought this seemed to be an impossible thing for someone to prove but then again, this whole experience had seemed to be impossible.

I mean I am lying with a spreader bar attached to my legs, my wrists are bound to the bed, I have a blindfold on, and I'm gagged with an open mouth gag. I have also been slipped some Viagra so now I am rock hard and have no underwear on anymore because he cut them off. I also have two holes in my undershirt where he cut it to make a window to my nipples which he clamped clothespins to in the very beginning of it all. How could it possibly get worse?

Never ask yourself that question. It always does, and most certainly will, once you do.

Then I feel his hands make their way to my stuffed ass and he removes the plug. He is going to fuck me and I am helpless to stop him. I should preface that I do not have anal sex very often so my hole is very tight, a treat for any Dom.

But instead of feeling a dick I feel just his hands as he ties up my dick and balls and then straps a prostate massager into my ass restraining it. And, though this is a bit of a relief from the fear of being fucked, I am still confused as to how I will prove I have learned my lesson.

Suddenly another pair of hands makes their way down my arms to my nipples. The clips are removed and my sensitive nips are played with while the finishing touches are done on the massager and cbt bondage.

'The flaker is all yours warden.' The man says to the other.

I hear the sound of pants hitting the floor and the gag pulled out. My mouth is suddenly filled with cock invading every possible space.

As my mouth is fucked I feel the vibrator turned on and my dick is reminded of how hard it is. My dick is teased and slapped and rubbed but never letting me cum. It is agony that it should be this hard and not given some release.

The cock slides in and out of my mouth like a battering ram. And when one cock would leave to check on teasing my balls and cock some more the other cock would follow.

I thought this would never end. Tears were streaming down my face under the blindfold. My jaw ached and my mouth tasted of nothing but the precum I was forced to eat from my captors dicks. Then in what I thought was a moment of kindness, the cock in my mouth slowed it's bucking. Without any warning what-so-ever, there was an eruption of cum. I could feel the head of this dick swell with pride as it shot thick, warm, and long ropes of liquid protein down my throat. I tried to avoid as much as I could but this was one load I was taking all the way home. He kept his rock hard cock lodged in my mouth till everyone of his seven jets of fury was completely digested. When he pulled out of my mouth all that was left of his load was a filmy reminder of what had entered moments before along with a tense jaw muscle trying to recover from being lodged open for nearly an hour.

But then that laugh returned. That laugh, that told me there was yet more to endure.

I instantly was placed back under the restraints of the gag. I could feel my cock issuing precum in immeasurable amounts. It was as though I was cumming without the relief. A hand wiped my cock head clear of the mess I was making causing me to groan loudly under my gag. I thought I might cum at any second. Then there was a sharp quick sting that hit my cock. I jumped. There it was again, and again, and again. I realized it was hot wax. It was covering my dick, balls, and head. I was sealed up like a hard treasure with no room for me to blow my load in. I tried to defend myself but there was no use. I was now sealed like a surprise for someone to find later. The wax even found its way to my nipples making them look like chewing gum had been placed over them. Everywhere the wax had touched seemed to be covered completely, my skin becoming more and more sensitive as time passed.

I was truly a prisoner. My dick is raging hard, tied up to a vibrator lodged in my ass, covered and sealed in wax, and I have no way of releasing myself without the aid of my captors.

I feel the hands of the two men running over my body. I squirm a bit, but I quickly stop knowing that that would only entice them to more forms of torture.

Then my ankles are released from bondage. I begin to move my legs around but I am unable to kick or fight the men off because of the duration they have been tied. I am exhausted and just as helpless as though I was still tied. I feel hands grab my thighs and I am pulled so my legs are in the air while someone else places pillows below my back to raise my ass up. Then in a quick and care free manner the vibrator is pulled from my ass. But because of the wax it is still attached to my cock. It is then turned and restrained so the vibrator is on the outside of the wax. I am in hell/heaven at the same time.

Then a cock, it could be nothing else penetrates my ass with no warning or regard to me in the least. The pain was instant and overwhelming. The scream surly would have informed the neighbors had it not been for the gag. My insides were filled with more dick than had ever found its way into my ass before. Then a man whispers into my ear, 'Eight and a half inches hurts a little doesn't it?'

He was kind enough to slowly thrust. He knew, from how tight my hole was that I was telling the truth about not getting fucked often. He quickly began to speed up however. Faster and faster he trusted into my helpless ass. As he did this the other pair of hands unceremoniously ripped the wax from my nipples and tweaked them so that I was in a euphoric state. Endorphins were surging through my body. My mind was spinning out of control. Then, just as I had felt in my mouth, the head of this man swelled and hard yet deliberate thrusts were used. I could feel my insides as though they were the only part of my body to get a fever. Hot liquid poured through my intestines. I felt him leave a load that would have killed me had it gone in my mouth. So much cum came from him that while he was still inside me I could feel it run out of my ass and onto my pillows. He thrust and thrust till he went soft inside me and slid out. Then he removed the vibrator from my dick and shoved it in my ass with his cum. I think I must have came because liquid of some kind was flowing from the sealed wax down my choad. But because of the Viagra my dick was still rock solid. The vibrator reminded me that I was still not truly relieved and my dick quivered for some real attention.

I could hear the men getting dressed. Finally I would be free and could relieve myself from this painful hard on. Then I hear the door to my apartment open. My roommate has come home! I hear the two men whispering together and so softly that I cannot hear what they are saying. My hope is for them to release me and then they would be in my power to do with as I pleased. But then like all my plans for the day, they open the door to my bedroom with me still tied. I hear them talking outside with my roommate. What are they saying to him? Are they going to capture him too so that they have two prisoners helpless to them? Are they creating an excuse and leaving?

None of these questions were on the right track.

Suddenly I hear my roommate laughing inside my room. He is standing over my body laughing and repeating over and over, 'How the fuck did you let this happen to you?'

I am humiliated. I was at least thankful that I had a blindfold on and couldn't look him directly in the eyes. I think that would have been too much.

Then the guys returned to my room and the other guy, whose voice I had never heard says, 'So, do we have a deal?'

My roommate says, 'Oh most definitely, DEAL!'

And then while my mind is searching for what could possibly be the deal that had been made between my straight roommate and these men I hear the sound that changed my life forever.

There was a click and ding.....of a CAMERA.

Picture after picture was taken of my body strapped helplessly to my own bed. Cum coming out of my ass, the wax casing of my balls and my shirt with holes for my nipples. My mouth is gagged and there is a blindfold on me. I am revealed for all to see when these pictures get out. I am mortified.

Then the man says, 'We will keep these pictures between us. Have a good time on him.' I assume he meant that the good time was on me. Then the man says, 'Here this should cover it. Oh hey dude, we took your credit card so your roommate can have fun at a hotel tonight. I hope that's ok with you.'

My roommate says, 'Yeah thanks roomie. Have a good night and we'll see you tomorrow.'

TOMORROW!!!! Have I been sold with my own money for the night? Then the guy says that he has a few friends who would love to make an honest man out of me coming over. They hate flakes too.

'Get ready to become a bondage bukkake!' he says.

Then I hear that laugh from the other guy as my roommate and salvation walks out the door with my wallet.



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