I, like many young and naïve gay boys, wanted to explore sexually. And in this exploration I made a lot of discoveries. Bondage was something I was really curious about but I had a hard time finding guys who didn't find it crazy. But my desire to find myself helpless constantly got me hard.

Well, one day, when I was about 22, I discovered that there were guys who met other guys online. This sparked my interests instantly. The idea of meeting someone just for a hook up was really hot to me. But, I guess I was just stupid, but I didn't really think that these men actually met up. I figured, you talk about what you like sexually and everything, you jerk yourself off, and then you shut the computer down. Even when guys would send me pictures and I would send them one, I just figured it was because I didn't have a camera on my computer and this was the closest thing to getting a visual.

So one day I was on some website or something and I see this guy advertise for a bondage sub. In the add, he had said that he was looking for a young white male to become a total helpless prisoner that would be forced to do anything he wanted. My dick jumped to attention at that.

The idea of being a prisoner for someone was so hot. I had so many thoughts about bondage and what it was like in person that the idea being tied up would get me to start pre-cum. I had, by this point, looked up a lot of pictures, videos, and did some internet research. Turns out there is a huge community that is into all of this stuff. But I was new to it all, and although the idea of being helpless was hot, the idea of actually going through with it was a bit scarier.

But I was curious about what it would feel like. So much that a few weeks before I found this add I had decided to try some things out on myself. I bought some rope, a butt plug, some clothes pins, ace bandages, tape, and some scissors. I would often tie myself up and wrestle around when my roommates were sure to be gone. I found it so hot that on the very first time I tied myself up, I came without touching myself. It was so hot.

So I see this add. And I'm thinking, this is just like the other guys but he wants to talk about kink. I was so down. I messaged him that I was interested and he messaged me back with the usual stats question. I told him I was white, 5'7', 34 waist, slightly hairy, and 22. He said it would be hot to get a prisoner like me helpless so he could watch as I struggled and whimpered before he shoved his cock in my helpless mouth.

I had told him that cum didn't appeal to me and I didn't like to swallow, nor did I intend do. He said that was fine but then ended with, 'But then again, you'd be helpless to stop me from doing what I want.' This really got my dick hard. And all I could think about was getting myself in some bondage and getting off. We talked a bit more about him making me beg to cum, gagging my mouth, and spanking my ass. I thought all of this was hot. I even told him of my self-bondage and how this conversation was probably going to get me off when I'm tied up the next time. We then exchanged names and then he asked for my location. I told him the apartment complex I lived in but didn't tell him which one. I mean I liked to flirt but I just didn't want some guy coming over.

He of course realized that I hadn't given him the apartment number and said that he would find me and that I would then really become his prisoner. I thought, yeah right. I mean what guy is going to find me. I figured he lived across town and would never even find my complex much less where exactly I lived.

But I was still raging hard. I wanted to get off. My roommate had just left for work about an hour before we started chatting so I knew that I had the place to myself for about 5 hours. So I told the guy that I was going to jerk off and signed off.

I quickly went and closed the blinds throughout the apartment. I checked to make sure the other bedroom was empty, just to be sure as my roommates didn't know that I was into bondage and such, and then I went into my bedroom. I took out my black back and began to get out my materials. I stripped out of my pants and was left in just my white briefs and my undershirt. I have been into briefs for a long time now. They are the most attractive underwear on a man I think. I began to tie my legs down to the bed spread eagle. Once I was sure they were secure and I couldn't just kick my way out of them, I took a bit of the rope and tied my cock and balls under my underwear. I thought this would be hot after all the talk me and that guy had had about cock play and edging and stuff. Then I took some rope and tied my hands together. Then, with the little movement of my hands I stuffed a sock in my mouth and tapped over it. I yelled into the gag several time to make sure that it was really secure and that it worked properly. Not a peep was going to come out of my mouth. I then added a blindfold that slipped off a lot so I secured it with an ace bandage. Then I felt for my scissors and placed them by my side for my release, and I tied my hands to the bed. This wasn't done super well but I used tape so I would definitely need the scissors to get free. Once this was done I was rock hard. I tried struggling for a little big and decided to just sit in my captive state and dream of the guy from the email chat.

Now I have a two room apartment and my door was shut, but I was a bit startled to hear the front door open. I hadn't expected my roommate home from work so soon and certainly didn't want him to find out that I was into all this stuff while being helpless. The torment I would receive from him would have been relentless and horribly embarrassing. So I quickly reached for my scissors. But because I was panicked I knocked them off the bed and I could hear them hit the floor.

'FUCK!!!!!' I thought. Now I am so totally screwed because he knows that I am home and if he walks in my room I will be doomed. Sure enough, the moment the thought had passed through my mind, I heard the door to my room open. I exhaled through the gag and awaited the wrath of taunts that would soon follow. But there were no taunts. In fact there was no sound whatsoever. I tried to ask for some help so I could explain but because of the gag there was only a muffled whimper to be heard from me.

Then I heard a laughter that I didn't recognize. And a man said, 'I see my prisoner has been found.'

The man from the internet was in my room!!!! How had he found me? I couldn't believe that he was really in my house. I could hear him walking around my room and I could hear the sound of a bag opening and things being removed from it. But because of my blindfold I couldn't see anything, and I couldn't yell for help because of my gag. I was really his prisoner.

But there was hope. My hands hadn't been tied to well because I had done it backwards and blindfolded so I began to work at the tape with my fingers hoping beyond hope that he wouldn't notice. I could hear him working something out with his bag at the other end of bed. So I worked as hard as I could to free my hands so I could escape. Then I felt a strap attach itself to my right leg, then my left leg. I could tell there was a bar between the two straps because it pushed against my legs. Then I felt the binds that I had made on my own legs get cut off. But he had secured the bar to the bed before he had done so, so I could kind of move my legs a little but they were also being held apart and down by this bar.

More and more I tried to get the tape off my wrist and free myself. But the moment that it looked like I was about to feel some bit of freedom my wrists were held and strapped apart being restrained to the bottom of my bed. I have a futon so there are a lot of places to tie a person down.

I heaved a groan and a plea but nothing could be heard through my gag. Every once in a while, he would just laugh and make that naughty sound teachers make when they want you to know you're in big trouble. And I was in BIG trouble.



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