I was in big Big BIG TROUBLE! How could I have gotten myself in this position? And there I am in my white briefs, undershirt, with some kind of bar strapped to my legs keeping them apart and hindering me from kicking or blocking anything that may come to my exposed body as well as my hands are strapped down and tied to the bed. And I can't call for help because of the gag, I insisted upon making perfect, that I put on myself and I can't see due to the blindfold I restrained on myself as well. I was a helpless target. And I'm thinking over and over how this man could have found me?!?!?

I think he could sense my wonder and fear and he laughed a little bit more saying it was so lucky for him that the door was left unlocked.

'Damn it!' I had made sure everyone was gone but I hadn't checked the door.

But I still couldn't figure out how he had found me. And like a mind reader he says...

'I bet your wondering how I got you here.'

'Yeah,' I whimper through my gag.

'Well,' he says, 'I live in this apartment complex. I can actually see your apartment from my own, and every once in a while I find you drawing all the blinds but because I'm watching I know there is nobody in your apartment but you.' He laughs a bit more. Then I feel his hands begin to travel over my legs, arms, chest, and stomach making their way closer and closer to my dick. And to my horror my dick is betraying me with gobs of pre cum as it stands solid and proud waiting for release. 'I see you like this.' He laughs.

Then before he touches my dick he stops and continues his story.

'I love to watch people from my window. And I never expected that you were into all of this but when you sent me your picture I knew it was the same boy I had watched from my window just a bit earlier. I even took my dog for a walk so I could get up to your windows and peak in to see if you would be tying yourself up.' He said.

My blinds were crappy and if you came up to the window of my bedroom you could see into it. But it was a very slight chance anyone would actually do this, I though. Boy was I wrong.

'So,' he said, 'I went back up to my apartment and grabbed some tools from my place and came over. I waited till you had tied yourself up and then I checked to see if the door was unlocked. It was, so I thought I would just let myself in.'

Then with that he grabbed my dick. I thought I was going to cum right there, but this guy was good. He laughed and took his hand off. He had had his share of prisoners and didn't want the fun to be over quite so soon. He took some scissors, cut my undershirt so my nipples showed and then he clamped some clothes pins on them. This hurt but not in a bad way. He then told me that he was going to give me a drink of water. I had been tied up and gagged for a while now, and he said that he was not looking to harm me. He cut my gag off but my mouth was dry. I was also afraid that if I called out for help, especially as helpless as I was, well, I thought it would be a bad idea so I played nice. He gave me some water like he promised. Then he said he was going to put a gag back in. I wasn't looking forward to the sock anymore so I pleaded.

'Wait, please stop. I'll do anything just don't put the sock back in my mouth.' I begged.

'Ok,' he said. And he put a rubber gag in my mouth instead. It had a hole in the mouth so I could breathe better. He said this way if I was loud he would just plug the whole but if I was good he would give me more to drink. I nodded and he began to give me more water. Then he giggled a bit more. I could hear him taking his pants off and his shirt. He walked up next to me and rubbed his underwear and cock on my body. He said he wished I could see myself. He also said he was wearing white briefs and that we were like twins. He was into self bondage when he was a kid, though he never got himself caught like this he added.

I could feel my underwear being tugged and then the feel of metal ridding up my leg. With a few snips my underwear was cut from my body. I was now exposed and helpless. Then he began to figure my ass hole. I moaned. So he plugged up the hole so I couldn't make any noise. He said the neighbors would be able to hear and he didn't want to be caught either. Then I felt some pressure on my ass hole and my butt plug was pushed into my ass. He moved it in and out for a while before leaving it in and securing it somehow. Then he jerked me off and forced the biggest load of cum I have ever felt right out of me. It was amazing. But then suddenly the plug in the gag came out and I could taste the slimy salty cum I had just delivered to him slide in my mouth. I instantly tried to stop it but he covered the gag and waited for me to swallow every drop. This was how I was to be reminded that I was his prisoner and not there for pleasure.

After he was sure every drop had been swallowed he took his hand off the gag. He laughed a little at my predicament and then waited for me to notice. My dick was rock hard still. I couldn't believe it. I didn't like cum, and I just given a huge load to myself it seems, but still I was raging. He slapped it a couple of times and then says, 'Next time you take a drink of water make sure there's no Viagra in it.'

I was helpless to the bondage, helpless to this man, and now completely helpless to my own dick. And everyone knows what it feels like to cum and get hard again. The second round is always sore. My dick was in a kept point of agony and ecstasy at the same time.

Then he says that I need to convince him to let me go. This was my parole hearing and if I didn't want to be left for my roommates to find me I needed to work to please my jailer so I could keep my dirty secret.

'How?' I said.

'Well, in a real prison,' he said, 'they have to make sure the person is not a danger to society. So you need to prove that you will never flake again.'

'How?' I said again.

'By honoring your commitments.' He said



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