I can't believe my roommate would leave me like this. I am completely helpless to the mercy of these men, who clearly have no mercy to give, and they are ready to bring over a group of guys to bukkake me! This is all topped by the fact that my roommate is using my credit card to pay for his night out while I'm helpless to these men.

They have me tied spread eagle on my bed. My underwear has been cut off and my balls are tied up along with hot wax that has now encased my raging dick in a prison. I was forced to drink water with Viagra in it and now I'm at the mercy of anyone who wishes to use me. My eyes have a blindfold on them and the gag is tightly in place so nobody can hear my pleas of help. My undershirt is the only clothing I have on but there are two holes that have been cut into it revealing my nipples and in the void of the holes are clothespins causing my nipples to ache. And the prostate massager has still been raging on causing my body to shake. I just want release.

But almost as though the men in my room can hear my thoughts I hear, 'You are ours for the night. Get used to it, although if you want to put up a fight, ha ha, we might be up for that too.'

I am left for a few minutes and then my gag is released. But before I can yell or call for help a new gag is put in place. This gag forces my mouth open. Air is able to pass through, but it's as though I am breathing through a tube. I can feel something a bit heavier at the end. Then the gag slumps over from the tube. It's a funnel gag! They are going to force things down my awaiting throat!

Then I hear the clinking of glass and bottles. What are these guys doing? They let me in on their secret all too quickly. Suddenly a powerful burning and strong taste hits the back of my throat. I try and spit it out but there is no escape. And it's all too clear what it is; Jack Daniels. I had just been force fed at least two shots. I would hear a clink of glasses and then feel the burn and taste the Jack slide down into my stomach. This went on for a few minutes till I heard one of them say, '10!' Had I done 10 shots? My mind was reeling. I knew I was drunk. I could hardly feel the bondage anymore that had been placed on me for hours at this point. But I was still very aware that my cock was raging. Then I heard a knock at the door.

'They're here!' exclaimed one of the men.

I could hear talking and laughing as they entered my house. These men were no guests of mine. They were my captor's friends. They had come to make me prove that I would never flake on another man again.

They came into my room. And one by one I heard sounds of jubilation and approval.

'So, how did you get this little bitch to agree to this?' one of them said.

'Oh, we were invited a while ago, but then he thought he could flake on us. We found him tied up in some self bondage. I guess he thought he could just cyber with us, get off, and then leave us in the back of his mind.' said another.

'Not to smart are you kid? These guys always find their bitches when that happens.'

I am so drunk now it's even a little funny. I couldn't stop these guys even if I wasn't tied up at this point. And I think they knew it. I could feel hands all over my body. They were inspecting their prize for the night. In the end I felt what must have been 5 or 6 guys touching me.

'Has he cum yet?' said one.

' A bit but it has all been on his own. Nothing has been forced out of him if that's what you mean.' Said the other.

'GREAT!' the group said together.

Suddenly I heard a bag hit the ground and the sound what must have been tools. My cock was being peeled of the hot wax very quickly. I could feel the air hitting my newly sensitive cock. I wanted to cum so badly. Then my legs were untied and my anal plug was pulled out. I could feel the men tie up some rope behind my head and between my hands. Then the rope was tied to my ankles again and my legs were pulled back. I was tied so that my ass was in the air. This must have proved to be too much for a few of them because the moment my ass was available I felt smack after smack after smack. Laughing and jeering came as they spanked me bare handed all over my ass. There was nothing I could do to stop it.

Then slowly the alcohol had taken its full effect. I began to roll in and out of consciousness. I could feel the fingers of curious probing hands invade my stretched hole. It was there's now. Then a pain shot up my back. They had begun to tag team my ass. I could feel the sliding in and out feeling of pressure build up and release as cock after cock made its way into my body.

While the fucking continued I awoke in time to hear someone ask where the bathroom was. The laughing began again and all too soon I found that I was the toilet for the evening. While still gagged with the tube I began to be force fed the piss of the men in the room. I was so drunk I didn't even know I was doing it but one of the guys said, 'He's pissing himself now! HAHA!'

I knew they tried to get as much of it in my funnel as possible but I could still feel the warm liquid running all over my stomach. Then more warm liquid seemed to be coming out of me. MY ASS! They had been fucking me bareback and my ass was now a cum station for all these men. Every now and then a guy would take his load to my helpless face or body but load after load made it to my awaiting hole.

I felt so dirty. Covered in cum, piss, lube, and tied helpless. I was truly a sad sight to even imagine.

Then in my black out state I could hear guys leaving. FINALLY! It seemed this had been going on forever. It must have been 6 hours of more of constant abuse and attention from these men. As they left they took their turn spanking my ass. I could hear them laugh, 'He may not feel it now...but just wait till he wakes up! HA HA!' I was their prisoner bitch. And there was nothing I could do to stop it.

Then the ropes when lax and again I was returned to a spread eagle formation. The two men waited for a while and told me that everyone but the original captors had been left. Not that this was any more comforting as having the group. Again I could hear the tools being played with. The gag had been lifted from my mouth. I think they might have been a bit worried that I would vomit and so they wanted to cover their bases and didn't want me to choke on anything they hadn't plan. Dick being of course ok for them to gag me with. I could feel lube on my dick and something slide on it. Then as the finishing touches to this machine were put in place I hear one whisper:

'Now you get to have some fun!'

The machine was turned on and in mere seconds I grunted and yelled as my very own load was finally released. I cam and cam and it seemed to go on for the longest time. But there was a problem. I wasn't getting soft and the machine wasn't stopping! The machine continued to work me over gaining load after load. My balls began to throb and I began to thrash only to have a gag put back in my mouth. It was obvious now I wasn't going to puke. I could hold my liquor...and piss as it seemed.

More and more the machine continued on till finally the effects of the Viagra lifted and my cock was left soft and useless feeling as though a dull throb would be with me for the rest of my life.

The bondage was lifted and the gag was taken off. I awoke in the morning to the sticky sensation that crawled over my whole body. As I stumbled to the bathroom to clean the stink and sex off of me I saw written on the bathroom mirror:

'We will see you soon! But next time you won't get off so easy!' signed Flake Task Force.



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