David's workday had been anything but pleasant. He was glad to be home.

He strode into the study where Paul sat at the computer finishing the last of his accounting homework. He ruffled the young man's hair and leaned in to kiss him lightly on the lips.

"How's the studying going buddy?"

"Good Dad, just finishing up. I would have been done already, but Ryan got me a bit distracted." He said with a grin.

David's cock swelled as he imagined what his two son's had been up to while he was at work.

"I bet he did." Paul's handsome father replied, flashing that sexy smile that Paul found so appealing.

"I'm gonna hit the shower. I've been working hard today and am sure I stink."

Paul stood up and hugged his father close, burning his face in the nape of his dad's neck and inhaling the musky scent of man sweat brought on by physical labor"

"Need some help getting clean?" Paul asked with his thick cock straining down the left leg of his jeans.

"Not right now partner. I know how you can make a shower drag on and I need to eat. I'm starving. But hold that thought for later." David kissed Paul on the mouth deeply, letting his tongue slide into his son's mouth, knowing this would just make the boy hornier." David enjoyed the sexual power he held over his son. He got a bit of a sadistic thrill out of making the younger man wait for his dick.

Paul gave his father a bit of a disappointed look, and lightly massaged his father's thick cock through the faded denim of his jeans.

"I'd rather hold this, but if you leave me that sweaty shirt of yours, I am sure it will keep my mind on you while you clean up."

David stripped his grimy t-shirt over his head, revealing his hairy muscular chest. Paul licked his father's nipples as the man peeled the shirt off, tasting the salt left behind by the man's work sweat. Paul took off his own shirt and quickly replaced it with his father's. Paul loved wearing his father's shirts. His thin frame swallowed up in the fabric of the double XL garment. He especially loved wearing a shirt ripe with his father's masculine scent.

"No jerking off boy. You save that for daddy." David admonished.

"Yes sir!" Paul replied enthusiastically anticipating servicing his father's thick cock.

Paul looked at the sculpted musculature of his father's back as the man walked out of the room. His eyes drifted down to father's ass and Paul's mouth watered, his tongue eager to probe between the cleft of the firm rounded globes.

David emerged from his bedroom, freshly showered, his hair glistening with dampness as he walked into the living room. Beneath the bottom of the knee length white terry cloth bathrobe his hairy muscular legs caught Paul's attention.

David plopped himself down on the couch.

"Where's Ryan?"

"He went to the mall, said he'd be back by 9:00."

"Well that gives us some time alone, doesn't it boy? Why don't you go get daddy a beer and one of my cigars, I need to unwind."

Paul returned with a cold bottle of beer and one of his dad's 7 gauge cigars. As David fired up the stogie, Paul sat down on the couch next to him and lowered his mouth to his father's crotch.

David took a swig of beer and then placed the stogie firmly between his teeth as Paul buried his head between the folds of his father's robe and sought out his thick cock.

David was casually channel surfing as he smoked his cigar, letting the thick pungent smoke fill the room as Paul slowly sucked his now rock hard cock. David enjoyed these relaxing moments, his cock being attended to in Paul's warm mouth while he simply kicked back and enjoyed it. David made no move to either encourage or stop Paul. He simply let the boy feast on his thick cock meat and the steady flow of precum that oozed from it.

Occasionally he directed his cigar smoke down to the boy's head as he channel surfed.

David took in a sudden sharp breath as Paul accidentally scraped his cock with his teeth. It almost never happened, but Paul knew a cock scraping was one sure way to piss of his father and he suddenly pulled back and began to stammer his apologies.

"I'm sorry dad, I...I...."

Paul's father grabbed him by the hair and yelled into his face.

"You little fuck. You just completely ruined my mood! WHY THE FUCK CAN'T YOU BE MORE CAREFUL WITH MY DICK?" He yelled.

Paul had real fear in his eyes.



Please daddy, please don't, I'll do it right, I promise!"

Paul begged, but knew it was useless. His father always followed through on his threats.

Paul's father stood up and dragged Paul by his hair to the bedroom where he handcuffed the boy face down on the bed. The same bed, he had used when he first raped Paul's cherry ass. Only now, the metal cuffs restrained Paul.

"How many cock scraping teeth you got in that mouth boy?"

"Twenty eight sir!" Paul replied.

Twenty-Eight? What happened to the other four?

"I had my wisdom teeth taken out."

"Then with all that extra room in your mouth you have no excuse for scraping your daddy's dick do you boy? Twenty eight teeth means twenty eight straps of my belt across your ass!"

Paul's father produced a thick black leather belt from somewhere out of Paul's line of site. He gently caressed Paul's ass with the leather, telling him how he was going to stripe his ass red with it. He briefly considered making Paul count them out, but he knew the boy would be sobbing too hard to maintain the count.

David doubled the belt over and showed no mercy as he brought down the belt with the full force of his might. Immediately an angry bruise rose on Paul's ass, speckled red by the broken capillaries beneath the skin.

"AHHHHHHHHGGGGG!" Paul screamed.


David grinned that sadistic grin that Paul had grown to fear. It told Paul that no matter how much he begged or pleaded, his father intended to continue his punishment.

Paul heard the belt cut through the air and the loud crack as his ass was suddenly set on fire again. The sting was unimaginable. Paul gasped and screamed again.

The third swing of the belt landed on his upper thighs and Paul reflexively curled into a fetal position as best he would with his hands cuffed together at the headboard. Paul's body contorted and twisted with pain as tears streamed down his face.


Paul trembled on the bed and begged his father to stop.

Suddenly fire ripped through his side as the belt crashed down on him.

Then another across his back. The belt was tearing at his flesh. His thighs, his ribs, his back. No part of his body was safe from the sting of the leather. David tried to scramble on the bed. Panic overtook him as the belt tore at his flesh. On the twenty-fifth stroke, David aimed for his ass and when the belt connected with Paul's balls hanging between his legs, Paul gasped sharply and blacked out.

Infuriated, David continued to beat his unconscious body until the twenty-eighth blow had landed. He uncuffed Paul. Sweating and panting from the fury of his rage he looked at the battered body below him. His cock ached for his release.

He mounted Paul roughly, feeling the heat emanate from the stripe marks on Paul's ass and thighs. He sank his cock in to its full nine and a half inches in one stroke and brutally raped Paul's ass. Paul regained consciousness to his father's rough use of his bruised body. He ached all over. He trembled from the pain and abuse he had been through. He felt his father's cock pounding in and out of him. There was no love here.

Only anger and vengeance as his body was completely dominated by his father. David used his cock as a weapon to further punish the boy.

"Please daddy, no more...." Paul moaned quietly. "Please daddy, I'm hurt, really hurt...." Paul lost consciousness again. He was lost in the darkness as David fired his hot cum deep into Paul's ravaged ass. He never felt David collapse on top of him and never heard him panting as he struggled to regain his breath.

Paul woke alone in darkness. He struggled to stand. Every part of him ached. Only his face remained untouched by the twenty-eight lashes. He supposed as he twisted and turned to avoid each blow, it only provided his father with fresh areas of his body to abuse. He felt as if his father had almost killed him. Something in his father had snapped. He had lost complete control. Paul was terrified. But suddenly, Paul realized one thing. He realized he would gladly give his life for his father's pleasure. It was the ultimate submission.

Paul stumbled into the living room where his father and Ryan sat talking.

The look on Ryan's face told Paul that Ryan had no idea what had transpired. No clue at all.

"Holy shit! WHAT THE FUCK DID YOU DO TO HIM?" Ryan screamed at David.

"It's ok Ryan, I, I deserved it...its between me and daddy."

"That is some fucked up shit!"

"You hold your tongue boy unless you want some of the same!" David warned.

Something in David's voice caused Ryan's blood to run cold. He knew better than to argue.

"Come on bro, let me take care of you." He said as he glared at David.

The two boys walked to Ryan's bedroom where Ryan held Paul against him, determined to protect him from whatever rage might still linger in his father.

David knew he had lost control. He knew he had hurt Paul far worse than he intended. But he also now knew, without a doubt, Paul was his forever.

He knew Georgia was only a memory. He had won.

It was several weeks before their home returned to normal. As Paul's bruises faded, so did the tension between them. David and his son's resumed their sex games, and several months later, when Paul earned another ass whipping, Ryan was there to make sure it didn't get out of control. The men had found a balance in their love for each other.

Domination and submission, balanced by love and discipline. Not for everybody, but for these incestuous men, it seemed to work.



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